Lux Research: question is when--not if--a diesel ban will happen

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Lux Research compiled a non-exhaustive list of major global cities that have either called for a ban or are introducing restrictions to limit the number of diesel vehicles—a step we believes will eventually move towards a ban. Diesel Emissions Engines Fuels Policy Regulations

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Reports of diesel's death are greatly exaggerated

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The fallout from the Volkswagen diesel scandal has cost the fuel plenty of not-so-great headlines, but the idea that diesel will soon die off entirely for passenger vehicles simply isn't true. A report in The Car Connection compiled the proof to show diesel is far from its deathbed. There remain more diesel vehicles on sale today than there have. Diesels diesel fuel


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CA should use VW mitigation funds for cleaner diesel trucks to cut NOx: diesel lobbying group

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California is set to receive a lump sum of funds from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust following its diesel emission scandal. One diesel lobbying group believes. Diesel emissions Trucks California Volkswagen diesel scandalWith $423 million at the state's discretion, groups are lobbying hard to ensure the funds are used to have an immediate and positive impact on the environment and air quality.

VW engineer gets 40 months in jail, $200K fine, for diesel cheating role

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Former Volkswagen employee James Liang was sentenced in Detroit on Friday to serve 40 months in prison and pay a $200,000 fine for his role in the global Volkswagen diesel-emission cheating scandal. Diesel emissions TDI crime VW VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandalIt was a stiffer sentence than expected for an engineer who helped to create software that controlled exhaust emissions only when Volkswagen and.

Germany investigates possible Audi diesel emission cheats

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Just as the Volkswagen Group begins to wind down its diesel scandal in the United States, things may be ramping up in Europe. Both V-6 and V-8 powered Audi A8 diesels—built between 2009 and 2013—were. Diesel carsA German government task force discovered a new type of defeat device in Audi vehicles, which allows the cars to cheat emission tests.

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Audi introduces Q7 e-tron quattro diesel PHEV SUV at Geneva; 138 mpg US

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in hybrid drive system, and the first diesel plug-in hybrid with quattro drive in its segment. Together with the diesel engine, the car can cover a total distance of 1,410 kilometers (876.1 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers (138.4 Diesel Hybrids Plug-ins

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Study shows renewable diesel from crude tall oil is a high quality drop-in fuel for off-road engines

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A team from the University of Vaasa (Finland) and UPM-Kymmene Corporation has examined how the blends of fossil and renewable diesel produced from crude tall oil (CTO) affect the performance and exhaust emissions of the modern common-rail off-road diesel engine. The study, published in the journal Fuel , used four different fuel blends of low-sulfur fossil diesel fuel oil and CTO renewable fuel, UPM BioVerno (HB): HB10, HB20, HB50, and HB100.

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What Ordinary Germans Think About VW’s Diesel Emission Scandal

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The revelation last fall that Volkswagen had intentionally covered up the true emission levels of several diesel-powered cars, including some sold under premium brands Audi and Porsche, came as a shock to many--not least those of us in the media. Green TDI VW VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandal

VW Diesel Cheating An 'Open Secret' In Engine Group: Report

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emissions laws was widespread knowledge within the diesel-engine group at Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. emissions EPA TDI VW CARB VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandalA German newspaper has reported that the use of "defeat device" software to cheat on U.S. And, it said, one whistleblower involved in the deception had alerted a senior manager outside the department as far back as 2011.

Audi Produces e-Diesel Fuel From Water, CO2, Renewable Energy

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That''s especially true when it comes to diesel, where the loose "biodiesel" category is being expanded to include a new variety of synthetic fuels. These experimental diesel alternatives are chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel--meaning they can be used. Biofuels Carbon Footprint biodiesel renewable diesel fuel Cars are getting more efficient, but the fuels that power them may soon change too.

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When will electric cars cost no more than equivalent diesels? VW says 2025

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Diesels costs VW Group plug-in cars Volkswagen diesel scandalThe point at which electric cars will become truly cost competitive with internal-combustion cars is a subject of vigorous discussion by advocates and skeptics alike. But could tougher emissions standards help push the cost of electric and internal-combustion powertrains toward convergence? Even if the cost of electric cars doesn't drop.

German shareholders sue VW over diesel emission scandal

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Volkswagen has another lawsuit on its hands related to the ongoing diesel-emissions scandal. TDI VW lawsuit Volkswagen diesel scandalIn addition to suits filed by hundreds of disgruntled customers and dozens of regulatory agencies in various countries, VW shareholders in Germany are now suing the company. They claim Volkswagen violated German capital-markets law by not reporting.

'Near-zero' diesel cheaper way to cut NOx than electric cars, says diesel lobbying group

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A prominent lobbying group believes environmental remediation funds from Volkswagen diesel settlements should be spent on new "clean" diesel vehicles. emissions plug-in cars Commercial vehicle Volkswagen diesel scandalThe settlement for 2.0-liter TDI cars approved last year requires VW to pay $2.7 billion into a trust, managed by a third party. Volkswagen agreed to put an additional $225 million into the trust.

Every diesel brand in Europe emits more than VW, says new report

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Volkswagen used illegal "defeat device" software that allowed its diesel cars to cheat emissions tests. The VW diesel scandal may be just the beginning, though. Europe emissions EU Study Volkswagen diesel scandalIt's been a year since the U.S. Because while Volkswagen continues to negotiate with regulators and customers in the U.S., it seems that.

Diesels Still Needed For Truck Fuel Economy Despite VW Scandal: Advocate

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He's executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel, and technology. With the Volkswagen diesel-emission scandal soon to enter its sixth month with no signs of resolution, Green. pickup VW CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy Truck Volkswagen diesel scandalAllen Schaeffer probably doesn't have the easiest job these days.

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What will VW do with TDI diesel buyback cars? It's not what you think

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Within weeks, Volkswagen and Audi will starting buying back thousands of 2.0-liter diesel cars sold between 2009 and 2015. So what will the company do once it's legally taken possession of those vehicles, the first of close to half a million caught up in the VW diesel emission scandal?

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New 1.6L diesel in 2018 Chevrolet Equinox related to Opel’s 1.6L CDTi Whisper Diesel

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The new 1.6-liter diesel engine to be offered in the US in the 2018 Equinox ( earlier post ) is similar to Opel’s 1.6L CDTi Whisper Diesel ( earlier post ) in Europe, and is derived from a common Italian-German-American medium diesel engine design, according to GM. NO x emissions are controlled via a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) after-treatment system that uses urea-based Diesel (Emission) Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Diesel Engines

VW Group cars had highest recall rates, even before diesel scandal

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosed Volkswagen's use of illegal "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests. VW Volkswagen diesel scandalIt's been over a year since the U.S. But VW had another dirty little secret waiting to come to light. That is its recall rate: cars from its Volkswagen and Audi brands have had the highest rate of recalls.

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Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 expands testing; green diesel blend, energy harvesting windows, 3D-printed flight deck component

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Boeing announced the next phase in ecoDemonstrator 757 testing today, including its first flight with US-made “green diesel” ( earlier post ) and two new environment-related technologies. The process produces diesel fuel as well as light (naphtha) hydrocarbons.

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What will VW do with 400,000 dirty diesel cars it buys back?

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After nine long months, the details of the VW diesel emission proposed settlement are out—hundreds of pages of them in at least 18 documents. TDI VW youtube Volkswagen diesel scandal

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UK to ban diesel, gasoline car sales by 2040; follows France, Norway, Holland bans

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The United Kingdom will follow in the footsteps of some European countries as it announced plans to ban the sale of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars by the year 2040. Gasoline Europe Diesels emissions zero emissions UK fossil fuelsThe initiative closely follows a similar announcement from France, which also declared 2040 as the year it will phase out fossil-fuel vehicles Norway and the Netherlands have also.

What can VW diesel owners buy now? Perhaps a Chevy Cruze diesel?

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diesel market. That means current Volkswagen diesel owners not put off by the. General Motors TDI Volkswagen diesel scandalFollowing the revelation that it used illegal "defeat device" software to cheat on emissions tests, Volkswagen has essentially walked away from the U.S. The company has indicated that it will not return to selling its TDI models here in large numbers anytime soon.

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Mercedes-Benz introducing new diesel family in E 220 d this spring; new OM 654 with 13% lower fuel consumption; diesel “indispensable”

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Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new family of diesel engines, starting with the new all-aluminum four-cylinder OM 654, which will make its world premiere in the new E-Class E 220 d in spring 2016. Features of the engine include: First all-aluminium construction of a four-cylinder diesel engine.

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ICCT: New RDE regulations not enough to control diesel car NOx fully; additional actions required

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However, taking specific actions beyond those mandated in the regulation—such as introducing spot checks for randomly selected vehicles and expanding the range of driving conditions covered by RDE testing—could reduce new diesel car NO x emissions to 96 mg/km—just 1.2

UMTRI study finds total cost of ownership of diesels in US often much less than gasoline counterparts

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Though there are some exceptions to these positive results for some of the diesel versions of vehicles from a total-cost-of-ownership perspective, the overall direction of the results supports the idea that diesel vehicles are competitive within the U.S. Average diesel take rates.

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How Do Modern Diesel Engines Work? VW Explains It On Video?

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Since it was revealed in September that the company installed "defeat device" software on diesel cars that allowed them to cheat on emissions tests, VW has been slow to discuss what it plans to do with the affected cars. Green VW Videos Volkswagen diesel scandal

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Where VW Fights Its Diesel-Cheating Lawsuits Matters.A Lot

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After admitting to installing "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat emissions tests, Volkswagen will go a through a long--and expensive--process to rectify things. In addition to paying to fix the affected diesel cars, it will likely face criminal penalties from regulatory bodies in multiple countries. Detroit California Volkswagen diesel scandal

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PSA Peugeot Citroën: tests confirm environmental performance of BlueHDi SCR technology for diesel NOx control

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At the same time, diesel engines maintain their advantage of 15% lower CO 2 emissions and 20% greater fuel efficiency. The system was then gradually added as standard equipment on all Euro 6-compliant diesel models. Diesel Emissions Regulations Vehicle Systems

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VW To Release Diesel Cheating Report At April Annual Meeting

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As it continues to fight a losing public-relations battle over the ongoing diesel-emissions scandal, Volkswagen is preparing to release the results of an internal investigation of the matter. emissions TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandalThe report on the use of "defeat device" software to cheat on emissions tests will be released at the company's annual shareholder meeting on April 21.

Continental showcases “Super Clean Electrified” connected, optimized 48V mild hybrid diesel; post-Eu6d

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At the 38 th International Vienna Motor Symposium this week, Continental is showcasing a 48-volt hybrid diesel vehicle which meets very stringent RDE (real driving emissions) limits on CO 2 and NO x. The Continental engineers implemented the clean diesel in several stages.

Ignore VW Diesels, Make Company Sell Electric Cars: Tesla CEO Musk, 44 Others

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It will cost a huge sum, likely billions of dollars, to make Volkswagen fix all of the 482,000 TDI diesel vehicles it has admitted use "defeat device" software to ignore emission laws. TDI VW California Air Resources Board CARB Volkswagen diesel scandalIndeed, it may not be practically possible for VW to modify 325,000 of those cars--and it would cost the company less simply to buy them back and scrap them.

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Bosch reaches $327.5M settlement agreement for 2.0L and 3.0L VW diesels in US

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Bosch has entered into a settlement agreement with private claimants in the US in order to settle the most substantial part of the civil law proceedings pending in connection with Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles that were sold in the US. The agreement would settle the claims of consumers and dealers of used vehicles against Robert Bosch GmbH, its affiliates, employees, and directors concerning Volkswagen and Audi diesel vehicles with 2.0L

Study suggests GTL blending could increase overall US refinery efficiency by improving diesel efficiency

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Impact of GTL diesel blending (5% penetration relative to refinery crude input) on US average overall refinery efficiency. Impact of GTL diesel blending (1%, 3%, and 5% penetration relative to refinery crude input) on product-specific efficiency.

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VW Buybacks, Payments For Hard-To-Fix Diesels Will Cost Billions

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Hundreds of thousands of diesel-VW owners are waiting to find out how their cars will be updated to meet emissions standards, once modifications are approved by regulators. Green TDI VW VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandalAnd Volkswagen Group has clearly been tarnished by the emission-cheating scandal, which affects 11 million cars worldwide. But the costs of the entire affair remain to be.

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Blue Crude synthetic diesel fuel cuts carbon by 85 percent

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Fuels produced from plant feedstocks are touted by many as a viable and lower-carbon alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel. That's where a new type of diesel fuel. emissions Germany Norway synthetic fuel synthetic dieselBut the need to dedicate large swaths of land to growing crops for fuel, and the need to ensure all vehicles are compatible with these "biofuels," has limited their practicality.

'Clean Diesel' Is Dead Forever: Bob Lutz On VW's Culture Of Fear

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That would be, of course, the ongoing Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. emissions Bob Lutz Ferdinand Piech Volkswagen diesel scandalFormer General Motors product czar Bob Lutz has never been shy about sharing his opinions on the industry he's worked in for decades. So it's not surprising that he has a few thoughts on one of the biggest news stories of the past month. DON'T MISS: Former GM Product Czar.

Modified European VW diesels 'undrivable,' say some owners

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Most of the Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars sold in the U.S. That's not the case in Europe, where the impacts of the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal are still playing out. Roughly 11 million cars with TDI diesel engines were. Europe VW VW Group Volkswagen diesel scandalfrom 2009 through 2015 are likely to be bought back from their owners, probably leaving fewer than 100,000 on U.S. roads.

VW pleads guilty to felonies in diesel emission scandal

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On Friday, Volkswagen pleaded guilty to three criminal charges related to its use of illegal "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests. Entry of the plea is the latest step toward resolving the criminal aspect of Volkswagen's diesel scandal in the U.S. TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandalA settlement between VW and the U.S. Justice Department was announced.

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VW diesel settlement details: buybacks, payments, modifications, fines, more details

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More than nine months after the Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal came to light, the full details of the proposed final settlement between VW and the EPA were released this morning by Judge Charles Breyer. Owners of the TDI diesel vehicles from Audi and Volkswagen fitted with "defeat device" software between 2009 and 2015 must now decide what to. emissions TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandal

Audi V-6 TDI Diesels May Require Only Simple Fixes: CEO

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While Volkswagen has submitted details of proposed fixes for its 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI diesel models to the EPA, no details of the changes required have emerged. But for the other set of VW Group diesel engines, the 3.0-liter V-6 TDI units used in Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles, Audi's CEO says the fix may be simple. Green TDI Volkswagen diesel scandal