Japan, China researchers develop plasma-assisted MnO2 filter that produces zero-NO2, -SO2 diesel exhaust

Green Car Congress

The researchers expect the findings to be widely applicable in the purification of exhaust from diesel engines using sulfur-containing fuels. Catalysts Diesel Emissions

2019 134

Researchers find two strains of diesel-eating bacteria in Antarctica

Green Car Congress

Researchers have identified two strains of diesel-degrading bacteria in pristine Antarctic soil and their optimal working conditions. Pollution from petroleum hydrocarbons such as diesel, which is widely used for heating, transportation and power generation poses a threat to wildlife in Antarctica. Then, they analysed the conditions required to maximize the bacteria’s ability to consume diesel. The results show that strain ADL36 is better at diesel biodegradation.

2019 87

Diesel lawsuit proceeds against Mercedes-Benz

Green Car Reports

While Volkswagen has reached a historic settlement and had to buy back hundreds of thousands of its diesel cars in the U.S., it isn’t the only automaker to be investigated for cheating on diesel emissions. Diesel emissions air pollutionFiat Chrysler recently agreed to recall its Ram and Jeep EcoDiesels and pay owners for misleading advertising claims. A third case.

2019 69

Germany fines BMW over diesel emissions

Green Car Reports

German automakers have been under a microscope when it comes to emissions from their diesel cars, which were formerly bestsellers in Europe. After Daimler, Volkswagen, and German supplier Bosch paid billions in fines and several Audi managers have been arrested over installing diesel-emissions cheat devices, German prosecutors have handed down a. Diesel emissions

2019 60

EIA: Renewable diesel increasingly used to meet California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard; 10.1% of total diesel supplied in 2Q18

Green Car Congress

Renewable diesel net supply to California’s fuel market has increased since the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program went into effect in 2011, reaching 100 million gallons during the second quarter of 2018, or 10.1% Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Fuels LCFS

2018 122

ADAC testing finds new diesel cars cleaner than required; Euro 6c and 6d-Temp vehicles well below the permissible NOx limits

Green Car Congress

In the test, the cars were not only significantly below the tolerance value of 168 mg/km for diesel cars, which is applied in the road test (RDE method), but also below the current Euro 6 WLTC limit of 80 mg/km. Our measurement results show that diesel technology can have a future.

2019 138

Next-generation Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel first in class to deliver 1,000 lb-ft of torque

Green Car Congress

turbo diesel engine featuring a first-in-class 1,000 pound-feet (1,356 N·m) of torque. Overall, the new Cummins Turbo Diesel weighs more than 60 lbs. turbo diesel engine alongside the latest turbocharging, filtration, and light-duty aftertreatment technology.

2019 142

US light-duty diesel sales climb in 2018 to 500,000 units; 3% of sales

Green Car Congress

Sales of diesel light-duty vehicles (Class 1-3) in the US in 2018 reached their highest annual level, coming in at more than 500,000 units—just over 3% of total vehicle sales—according to figures by Baum & Associates provided by the Diesel Technology Forum.

2019 111

Mercedes-Benz Vito gets OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is expanding Vito van range with enhancements including new high-torque four-cylinder diesel engines for the Vito Tourer with passenger car approval. Diesel Emissions Engines

2019 88

Caterpillar-Argonne team to pursue improved diesel engine combustion systems under HPC4Mfg program

Green Car Congress

and the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory are teaming up to research heavy-duty diesel engines. The organizations plan to build and test heavy-duty diesel engines that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Caterpillar Inc.

2019 100

Audi’s performance SQ5 diesel features electric compressor with mild hybrid system

Green Car Congress

The new Audi SQ5 TDI diesel features a powerful V6 engine with a mild hybrid systems and an electric powered compressor to ensure that maximum torque is available to the sporty SUV at just above idle. The V6 diesel accelerates the sports SUV to highway speed in 5.1

2019 122

JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

Green Car Congress

The analysis covered 23 markets in Europe and found a direct correlation between diesel car registrations and average CO2 emissions. At the same time, the sales growth of diesel cars fell from +7% to +1%. g/km, and an 8% drop in demand for diesel cars. Diesel Emissions Europe

2019 105

Ford Europe bringing 48V mild hybrid tech to Tourneo van; new diesel engines

Green Car Congress

Ford Europe will introduce more powerful and fuel-efficient 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engines, new 48V EcoBlue mild Hybrid powertrains; and driver assistance technologies including Active Park Assist in the enhanced Ford Tourneo Custom people-mover from mid-2019. 48V Diesel Engines Hybrids

2019 108

Renewable Energy Group launches REG Ultra Clean Diesel; blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel

Green Car Congress

Renewable Energy Group launched REG Ultra Clean Diesel, at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach. REG Ultra Clean Diesel, among the lowest emission diesel fuels on the market today, is a patent-pending fuel made of a proprietary blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel.

2018 89

Mercedes OM 656 diesel now available in G-Class in G 350 d

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz has expanded the powertrain line-up of its new G-Class with an efficient diesel variant. l/100 km; combined CO 2 emissions: 259-252 g/km) is equipped with an OM 656 diesel( earlier post ). Diesel Engines Fuel Efficiency

2018 127

Two new V6 engines with 48V mild hybrid system for Audi Q8; gasoline and diesel

Green Car Congress

The second new engine is an additional version of the three-liter diesel. 48V Diesel Engines HybridsAudi is expanding the engine line-up for its luxury SUV, the Q8—as well as its roll-out of its 48V mild hybrid system ( earlier post )—by adding two V6 engine versions.

2019 108

Mercedes begins sales of new 6-cylinder GLE diesel; first SUV in its class to meet Euro 6d

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz has begun sales of two diesel models of the new GLE SUV which already comply with the coming Euro 6d emissions standard. The OM 656 six-cylinder diesel engine comes with 243 kW (330 hp) and 700 N·m of torque in the GLE 400 d 4MATIC (combined fuel consumption: 7.5-7.0

2018 136

Euglena completes demo-scale algae biorefinery for renewable jet and diesel

Green Car Congress

Japan-based biotechnology company euglena ( earlier post ) has completed the construction of its demonstration-scale biorefinery in Yokohama for the production of renewable jet and diesel fuels from algae and waste oil. Algae Algal Fuels Aviation Bio-hydrocarbons Biorefinery Diesel Japan

2018 115

Neste submits three pathways for California LCFS for renewable diesel produced at Porvoo refinery

Green Car Congress

Finland-based Neste has submitted three new Tier 2 Pathways for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) for renewable diesel produced at its Porvoo, Finland refinery. The Porvoo renewable diesel (RD) plant uses mixed feedstocks to produce RD, naphtha, and a propane-rich off-gas.

2018 100

New Jeep Gladiator pickup will offer 3.0L diesel with stop/start and 8-speed

Green Car Congress

Diesel EnginesJeep unveiled the 2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

2018 139

2020 Tesla Model Y reveal, more VW diesel charges, Audi reuses batteries: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed new charges against Volkswagen, related to its diesels. Volkswagen diesel scandalThe 2020 Tesla Model Y officially broke cover Thursday night in LA. And Audi has found a unique way to reuse battery packs from its upcoming e-tron SUV lineup. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla held a big reveal party to show its.

2019 59

Cummins unveils next-gen emissions control concept for diesel at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Other innovative technologies under development by Cummins to reduce friction and parasitic losses will also continue to make the diesel engine even more productive and energy efficient. Diesel Emissions

2018 126

Ford introduces two new taxis: diesel and hybrid

Green Car Congress

Transit Connect Taxi , when equipped with available 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine, is targeted to return an EPA-estimated Highway rating of at least 30 mpg. The 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel on 2019 Transit Connect will be available to order soon. Diesel Hybrids

2018 108

European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

Green Car Congress

Diesel vehicles posted their lowest market share since 2001, as demand fell by double digits in 20 of the 27 markets included in JATO’s analysis, with the biggest drops in the UK (-30%), Scandinavia (-22%) and Benelux (-22%). Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Sales

2019 95

FCA US reaches settlements on diesel emissions at estimated cost of $800M

Green Car Congress

FCA US has reached final settlements on civil, environmental and consumer claims with US federal and state agencies as well as private class actions to resolve differences over diesel emissions requirements. Customs and Border Protection to pay approximately $400 million in civil penalties to resolve differences over diesel emissions requirements. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performed enhanced screening on diesel vehicles sold by all manufacturers.

2019 100

NYC DCAS to expand use of renewable diesel in city vehicles

Green Car Congress

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) will expand use of renewable diesel fuel, a 99% petroleum-free alternative to traditional diesel fuel. This move is part of the City’s efforts to phase out its use of regular diesel. The City plans to bid a long-term contract to purchase renewable diesel following a successful six-month demonstration period in which the City tested nearly one million gallons of renewable diesel in City fleet vehicles.

2018 85

German authorities uncover emissions-cheating collusion among diesel automakers

Green Car Reports

New documents revealed in a German investigation into diesel emissions cheating show that German automakers, including Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz may have colluded to limit the amount of emissions-cleaning AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid the cars used. Diesel

2018 70

Volkswagen customers in Germany ordering more diesel vehicles; share of 43% in 2018, vs. 39% in 2017

Green Car Congress

Customers of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand in Germany are once again placing more orders for diesel vehicles. In 2018, the share of incoming orders for vehicles equipped with the latest diesel technology as a proportion of the overall vehicle portfolio was 43% compared to 39% in 2017. Demand for diesel cars was particularly strong among private customers, where the share almost doubled from 15% in 2017 to 27% last year. Behavior Diesel Emissions Sales

2019 83

NEXT Renewable Fuels and Shell Trading (US) enter renewable diesel purchase and sale agreement

Green Car Congress

NEXT) and Shell Trading (US) Company (Shell) have entered a long-term purchase and sale agreement for the purchase of renewable diesel from NEXT’s planned Port Westward, Oregon facility. In November 2018, NEXT announced its selection of Honeywell UOP’s Ecofining technology to convert renewable feedstocks into renewable diesels and related co?products. generation advanced biofuels, including renewable diesel, renewable propane and renewable naphtha to supply contracted off?take

2019 73

California trucking firm switches fleet of 600+ trucks to Neste renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Ecology, a transportation and logistics company in California, has switched its fleet of more than 600 trucks to run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel and is reporting cleaner fuel filters, fewer maintenance problems and reductions in tailpipe emissions. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a low-carbon fuel produced from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials, primarily wastes and residues. million tons, Neste is responsible for the majority of total renewable diesel production globally.

2018 91

Mercedes-Benz gets its own diesel emission cheating questions now

Green Car Reports

models of Mercedes-Benz sold with diesel engines have found software, possibly illegal under EPA rules, that helped them pass emission tests. Such software may be similar to that notoriously used in 580,000 vehicles sold by VW, Audi, and Porsche from 2009 through 2015 in what became the Volkswagen diesel emission. Diesels emissions EPA Daimler Volkswagen diesel scandalInvestigators probing U.S.

2018 65

Renault Trucks Optifuel Lab 3 aims to reduce heavy-duty diesel truck fuel consumption by 13%

Green Car Congress

Renault Trucks is continuing its research into improving the energy efficiency of diesel trucks. Diesel Fuel Efficiency Heavy-dutyEarlier post.)

2018 125

Kia unveils upgraded Sportage with diesel 48V mild-hybrid powertrain

Green Car Congress

The Sportage’s advanced new EcoDynamic+ 48V diesel mild-hybrid powertrain ( earlier post ) is the first to be launched as part of the brand’s global powertrain electrification strategy. 48V Diesel Hybrids

2018 94

Reports of diesel's death are greatly exaggerated

Green Car Reports

The fallout from the Volkswagen diesel scandal has cost the fuel plenty of not-so-great headlines, but the idea that diesel will soon die off entirely for passenger vehicles simply isn't true. A report in The Car Connection compiled the proof to show diesel is far from its deathbed. There remain more diesel vehicles on sale today than there have. Diesels diesel fuel

2017 60

Mazda gets California approval for CX-5 diesel

Green Car Reports

In response to our story earlier this month about why Mazda's promised diesel engine for the CX-5 still hasn't made it to the U.S. market, reader sent in evidence that the diesel has just been certified for sale (PDF) in California starting Apr. DieselsDedicated Green Car Reports readers keep us going. While that doesn't guarantee that Mazda will.

2018 63

DARPA awards additional $2.5M to LiquidPiston for development of 30kW X4 rotary diesel engine prototype

Green Car Congress

to LiquidPiston for development of 30kW X4 rotary diesel engine prototype. million to continue development of its 30kW X4 rotary diesel engine prototype, bringing DARPA’s total funding of the engine technology to $6M. Diesel Engines Fuel EfficiencyDARPA awards additional $2.5M

2018 124

Cummins issues diesel emissions recall larger than VW's

Green Car Reports

Diesel-engine giant Cummins agreed this week to the largest diesel recall in the history of the EPA, according to a Reuters report. The recall affects about 500,000 medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines in vehicles produced between 2010 and 2015. DieselsThe engines were installed in everything from big rigs to so-called "vocational trucks," such as.

2018 64

Kia upgraded 2018 Sportage features new 1.6L diesel, 2.0L diesel 48V mild-hybrid technology

Green Car Congress

Kia Motors’ upgraded 2018 Kia Sportage ( earlier post ), the brand’s global best-selling vehicle, offers a 2.0-liter diesel engine now available with Kia’s new eight-speed automatic transmission, and—in certain markets—48-volt mild-hybrid power ( earlier post ).

2018 78

US EPA awards $9.6M in DERA grants to reduce harmful diesel emissions in California

Green Car Congress

million in Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) grants to public and private partners in California. The funds will be used to retrofit and replace old, polluting diesel vehicles and equipment, including school buses, heavy-duty trucks, tractors and port equipment. City of Los Angeles Harbor Department (LAHD), Port of Los Angeles received $279,750 to replace four older Tier 2 diesel engines on two tugboats operating in San Pedro Bay, with cleaner Tier 4 engines.

2018 95

Latest generation diesels power 36% of US commercial trucks

Green Car Congress

Thirty-six percent of all commercial diesel trucks on US roads are now powered by the newest generation of diesel technologies (MY 2011 and newer), up from 30% in 2016 and 25.7% in 2015, according to analysis by the Diesel Technology Forum of operation data from 2017 of vehicles (GVW 3-8) provided by IHS Markit. Some states have the new diesel technology in more than two-thirds of their fleets. increase in savings, despite higher average diesel prices.

2018 69

Volkswagen Group rolls out diesel swapping program throughout Germany

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group rolled out a new diesel swapping program in Germany. Environmental incentives for scrappage of Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicles of any make are again being offered by some of the Group’s brands throughout Germany. These premiums will be paid in addition to the vehicle’s residual value when trading in a Euro-4 or Euro-5 diesel vehicle of any make. million low-emission new Euro-6 diesel vehicles took to the roads in Germany, replacing old vehicles.

2018 68

Audi CEO arrested in Germany over diesel scandal

Green Car Reports

VW's diesel scandal is far from over. German authorities cited concerns that Stadler could obstruct their ongoing investigation into the diesel emissions cheating scandal. Volkswagen diesel scandalIn the latest move on the political chessboard, German authorities arrested the head of VW's luxury division Audi at his home Monday morning according to a Reuters report.

2018 67

Toyota phasing out diesel in passenger cars in Europe, keeping diesel for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Buoyed by strong European customer demand for hybrid versions on its core models, Toyota will phase out diesel engines from all its passenger cars in 2018. In contrast, Toyota’s diesel mix on passenger cars was less than 10% in 2017. However, Toyota will continue to offer diesel engines in commercial vehicles (Hilux, Proace and Land Cruiser) to meet customer needs. Toyota’s HEV mix in passenger cars already equalled our diesel mix in 2015. Diesel Europe Hybrids

2018 72