Uber to bank London surcharge toward electric vehicles for its drivers

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Uber announced Tuesday that it will levy a surcharge for its ride-hailing passengers in London. Apps London Uber ride hailingThe goal: to get 20,000 drivers to go all-electric by the end of 2021, on the way to make every car using its ride-hailing app an electric vehicle in the smog- and congestion-prone city by 2025. The surcharge, which is part of the company’s.

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London's Black Cabs To Be Range-Extended Electrics, With Chinese Help

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Few vehicles are more iconic than London's black cabs, but that doesn't mean they have to stay the same forever. While the styling will remain recognizable, London taxis are about to get a significant overhaul--with help from a Chinese benefactor. The London Taxi Company (LTC) unveiled its new model last week, and announced a major investment by. Geely taxi plug-in cars London Range-Extended Electric Vehicle fleet

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London Taxi relaunches as London EV Company; order for 225 vehicles from The Netherlands

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London Taxi Company (LTC) has relaunched as London EV Company (LEVC), marking the next stage in the company’s transformation. LEVC expects strong demand from its launch market in London once the order book opens on 1 August 2017.

Uber to go all electric or hybrid in London by 2020, ban diesels, add clean-air fee to rides

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Uber has announced it will require its 40,000 drivers in London to switch to hybrid or fully electric cars, and ban diesel vehicles from its fleet, by the end of 2019. Uber said it will use only electric cars within London by. emissions England plug-in cars London ridesharing UberBy the end of 2021, it will extend that policy throughout the United Kingdom, where it presently operates in 40 cities.

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Hybrids lose London privileges two weeks from today: here's why

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Now the city of London is ending its affection for hybrids. incentives UK congestion England plug-in cars LondonSooner or later, it can happen in a romance: the two parties decide they're just not that into one another. The state of California dumped hybrid-electric vehicles on July 1, 2011, when it ended the rule that allowed them to use carpool lanes on freeways even with just one occupant.

London to phase out diesel buses; all new single deckers for central London to be zero emission

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The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently committed to phasing out purchasing new pure diesel buses from the capital. No more pure diesel double-deck buses will be added to the capital’s fleet from 2018 and all new single-decks for central London will be zero-emission. At least 20 new hydrogen buses will be delivered to London as part of a £10-million (US$12.6

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Plug-in hybrid London taxi plant opens in U.K., owned by Chinese firm Geely

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Few vehicles are as iconic as the London black cab, known the world over for its upright shape and ubiquity (although many of them aren't black any more). The London Taxi Company recently completed a U.K. Europe Geely UK taxi plug-in cars LondonBut under the stewardship of Chinese automaker Geely, the black cab is about to get a green makeover. factory that will build a new version of.

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Uber to lose its license in London

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Transport for London (TfL) has informed Uber London Limited that it will not be issued with a private hire operator licence after the expiration of its current licence on 30 September. TfL said that it has concluded that Uber London Limited is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence. The Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 includes provision to appeal a licensing decision within 21 days of it being communicated to the applicant.

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London to charge all pre-2004 cars $27 to enter on weekdays

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For more than 13 years, London has collected a stiff charge from motor vehicles entering the congested core of the city during weekday business hours. Europe emissions EU London smog air pollutionKnown as the congestion charge, the fee of £11.50 a day, or $14.50 (£10 with automatic payment, or $12.50) is levied from 6 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday except holidays. First.

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First all-electric London double-decker bus in service; made in China by BYD

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When it comes to buses, few are more recognizable than London's iconic double deckers. Transport for London (TfL), the British capital's transit agency, is placing five electric buses into service as the city continues to look for ways to reduce air pollution. DON'T MISS: London's Black Cabs. mass transit BYD plug-in cars London Buses Public transportAnd now these distinctive vehicles are going electric.

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Toyota joins London Hydrogen Partnership

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Toyota Motors has joined the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP), the first major automaker to do so. The LHP was set up in 2002 to develop a network of hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) stakeholders in the capital and help develop HFC technologies in London. We are pleased to participate within the London Hydrogen Partnership and add our support to its ambitions to develop and enable clean, sustainable hydrogen fuel cell transport for the capital.

London study finds Low Emission Zone has contributed to modest NOx reduction, with little effect on lung health of children

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The introduction of the low emission zone (LEZ) in London, UK, has only contributed to modest reductions in exposure to NO x from diesel vehicles, and these improvements appear to have little effect on the lung health of children, according to an open-access observational study published in the journal The Lancet Public Health. Early in 2019, London will introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone, which is predicted to deliver major improvements in air quality.

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Bespoke higher power version of GKN eAxle for London Taxi range-extended EV

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A bespoke development of GKN’s coaxial eAxle powers the rear wheels of the LEVC (London EV Company, formerly known as London Taxi Company)’s electrified TX model.

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Ford to test plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van in London

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Before its planned 2019 production launch, one of those vehicles will soon begin testing in London. Europe Plug-In Hybrids UK Prototype plug-in cars LondonEarlier this month, Ford announced a host of new electrified vehicles, including prototype and production hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric models. It's a plug-in hybrid version of the Ford Transit Custom van, designed for commercial use.

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London Calling: Congestion Charge Recharges Electric Cars

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London could soon replace California as the electric car capital of the world. Thanks in large part to Mayor "Red Ken" Livingstone, who enacted London's much criticized congestion charge policy in 2003. nk Global views London as a first market when it relaunches the Th!nk

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Wholesale changes to London Congestion Charge: Hybrids and EVs to have to pay

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Wholesale changes to London Congestion Charge: Hybrids and EVs to have to pay

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Hyundai joins London Hydrogen Partnership

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With its ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle (pictured) set to be leased in 2015, Hyundai has signed up for the London Hydrogen Partnership: bringing its fuel cell expertise to the capital.

London taxis to run on hydrogen power

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With the 2012 London Olympic Games edging closer, a new project has introduced 15 hydrogen powered London black cabs and five hydrogen powered Suzuki Bergmann scooters into the city. Green cars Hydrogen cars Hydrogen fuel Latest news 2012 London Olympic Games green taxis hydrogen taxis hydrogen-powered taxis HyTEC Consortium london London taxis Mayor of London

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Five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles joining London hydrogen project

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Five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell models ( earlier post ) are joining the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LNHE) project. The work of the London Hydrogen Partnership and other projects has really catapulted London towards the forefront of the move to a hydrogen future.

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UPS to deploy 35 ARRIVAL purpose-built lightweight electric delivery vans in London and Paris

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UPS is working with UK-based technology firm ARRIVAL to develop a pilot fleet of 35 electric delivery vehicles (EVs) to be trialed in London and Paris.

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Mayor of London: all new London taxis will need to be zero-emission capable from 2018

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced plans that would require all new taxis presented for licensing in the capital to be zero-emission capable from 1 January 2018, with the expectation that they will automatically operate in zero-emission mode while in areas where the capital’s air quality is at its worst—such as parts of central London. The cleaner, greener vehicles I’ve seen today are proof that the evolution of the great London cab is well and truly underway.

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London's black cabs go plug-in hybrid; maker Geely issues bonds to fund work

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The project to build plug-in hybrid versions of the iconic London black cab is about to receive a significant new dose of funding. The company that makes the cabs, London Taxi Company (LTC), is now owned by the Chinese carmaker Geely. DON'T MISS: London's. Geely Plug-In Hybrids taxi plug-in cars London fleetThat company—which also owns Volvo—has already provided cash and design input.

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London adding 51 more all-electric buses to operating fleet

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Transport for London (TfL) announced that two additional bus routes, the 507 and 521, will operate entirely with electric single-deck buses from autumn next year. By 2020, as part of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, TfL is committed to ensuring all 300 single-decker buses operating in central London are zero emission (e.g. Mayor of London Boris Johnson also announced a world-first trial of a purpose built pure electric double-deck bus that will begin in October.

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Hyundai joins London Hydrogen Partnership

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Hyundai Motor Company has joined the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP). The LHP has initiated more than £50 million (US$76 million) worth of hydrogen projects, attracting and rolling-out new hydrogen buses, taxis, scooters, refueling stations, materials handling vehicles and fuel cell Combined Heat and Power units to London. The London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP) is a public-private partnership that accelerates the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in London.

UK Auto Industry Backs Diesel After Parking Surcharge In London Neighborhood

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Green Europe London UK air pollution diesel particulate filter (DPF) emissions transportation policy Diesel cars have dominated Europe for decades, but recently a major backlash against them has started to brew. Politicians and advocacy groups in several European countries are taking strong steps to limit or eliminate older, dirtier diesels, over concerns of negative health effects from their particulate emissions. MORE: UK Official Says.

Car2go smart car club heads to London

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London has become the latest city to benefit from the rising phenomenon which is the car2go car club. Green credentials car club Car2go London UKThe city becomes the first place in the UK where the club will operate, at first running from just three boroughs in the capital.

Electric Pedicabs - future for London's transport

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London belongs to one of the largest cities in the world. London's undergrounds is one of the most developed in the world but also one of the oldest in the world counting over a 100 years. These were on the streets of London for the past 10 years however they were running only on the pedal power. The illegal pedicabs were running for period of around two years in the London's west end until this day arrived. It's transport also belongs to the one of the most developed.

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Four Optare electric buses enter service in London

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Four British-built Optare MetroCity single deck electric buses are currently being trialed on route H98 in London, which operates between Hayes and Hounslow. This brings the total number of electric buses now in service in London to six.

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Toyota confirms support for London Hydrogen Partnership

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Toyota has pledged its support to the London Hydrogen Partnership and will work with the group to put together a roadmap for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refuelling station rollout. Toyota London

London’s driveways become new electric charging network

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London homeowners aren’t just offering their driveways as somewhere for commuters to park, but are now also offering them up as somewhere for EV drivers to charge their cars. Electric cars charge points Chargemaster electric car ParkatmyHouse Source London SSE

London welcomes 300th hybrid bus

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Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Boris Johnson green buses hybrid bus London Transport for LondonThe capital city has hit another landmark in its push towards green transport: by introducing its 300th hybrid bus (pictured). Now in service on route 211 between Hammersmith and Waterloo, the 300th hybrid bus is just part of 1,000 that are set to be introduced during the next four years. It is believed that a [.].

BYD electric cars coming to London

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As London continues in its ambitious efforts to make every minicab and taxi in the city a zero emission model by 2020, one of the leading electric car makers in China will be introducing its vehicles into the capital.

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Nissan, Metrocab Work On 2018 London Zero-Emission-Taxi Target

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Starting in 2018, all new taxis in London will need to be capable of running as zero-emission vehicles--a policy recently announced by Mayor Boris Johnson.

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London proposes ban on all but lowest emitting vehicles

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London could become the first city in the world to impose a ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’, where only very low and zero emission vehicles would be allowed to operate. Latest news air pollution EV hybrid London low emission

London cyclists on the increase

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Green cars are one thing, but perhaps the most environmentally friendly mode of transport (walking aside) is to get on your bicycle – which is why it’s so encouraging to see the level of cyclists surging in London. According to new figures, the number of cyclists along the first two Barclays Superhighway routes in London, [.]. Green credentials Latest news Barclays Cycle Superhighway cycling in London London cycle lanes London cycle routes Mayor of London Transport for London

Nissan teams up with Uber for London electric vehicle trial

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Nissan LEAF LondonNissan is to provide a fleet of 20 Leafs to the car hailing service Uber as part of a trial that could eventually see Uber running an all-electric fle.

London congestion charge changes could hit ‘low emission’ cars

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Motorists have less than two weeks left to respond to a public consultation into proposed changes to the London congestion charge, which could see the thousands of drivers previously exempt from the charge, having to pay up. Green credentials congestion charge London Transport for London UK

London Taxi opens £300M plant for range-extended EV taxis; announces second model, an LCV

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The London Taxi Company (LTC) officially opened the UK’s first car plant dedicated solely to the production of range-extended electric vehicles. The all-new electric taxi goes on sale first in London in Q4 2017, and then globally in early 2018.

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Ford running 12-month trial of 20 plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vans in London

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Ford is launching a multi-million pound project designed to help improve air quality in London. Teaming up with our London partners, we will also be able to trial software and telematics with enormous potential to reduce emissions and costs in the city.

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London transport operator Go-Ahead adds two Irizar electric i2e buses to fleet after successful operating results

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Based on the success of two Irizar 100% i2e electric buses that have been operating in London since June 2015, London’s largest transport operator, Go-Ahead, is incorporating the buses into its fleet and has signed an agreement with Irizar that includes service and maintenance.

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Ford makes GoDrive car-sharing available to public in London

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Ford Motor Company will begin making its London-based GoDrive car-sharing service available to the public. Ford is exploring the opportunity for car‑sharing services, working with Londoners to better understand their mobility needs and travel and parking patterns.

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New Range-Extended Electric London Cab A 'Masterpiece,' Says Mayor After Test Drive

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London has some of the worst inner-city pollution of any city in Europe, but legislators and automakers are now working hard to correct that. Mayor of London Boris

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London tightens Congestion Charge and kicks diesels out

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It’s been confirmed.75g/km is the new 100g/km CO2 …for the London Congestion Charge… as the Mayor of the city, Boris Johnson commits to changes to exemptions that should deter drivers of diesel cars out of the capital. Green credentials congestion charge London