Mayor of London launches England’s first hydrogen double-decker buses

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched England’s first hydrogen double-decker buses. The 20 new buses are the first of their kind to be launched in England; the new hydrogen fuel cell double decker buses are first being introduced on route 7 between East Acton and Oxford Circus.

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London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone to expand

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ULEZ expansion could cover whole of Greater London by 2023


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Study finds lead from leaded gasoline persists in London air despite ‘90s ban

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Lead levels in London’s atmosphere have dropped significantly since lead additives in gasoline were phased out, and currently meet UK air quality targets. However, despite this drop, airborne particles in London are still highly lead-enriched compared to natural background levels, according to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

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UPS to test Gaussin autonomous-enabled EVs to move trailers at London hub

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UPS has begun testing the suitability and durability of Gaussin electric vehicles, which also have autonomous driving capability, to move semi-trailers and containers on the grounds of UPS’ advanced-technology London Hub.

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Nissan and Uber partner in London: 2,000 LEAFs

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Launched in January 2019, Uber’s Clean Air Plan aims to tackle air pollution by helping drivers upgrade to an electric vehicle through the introduction of a Clean Air Fee: 15p a mile is added on to all London journeys which will help drivers with the cost of adopting an electric vehicle.

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Lead from Leaded Petrol Persists in London Air Despite ‘90s Ban

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The post Lead from Leaded Petrol Persists in London Air Despite ‘90s Ban appeared first on EV Obsession. Air Pollution Imperial College London Lead London

London cab maker claims world's first electric camper van—but there's still a tailpipe

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London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has turned its range-extended electric London taxi into a camper van. European deliveries are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Survey finds 65% of Londoners changed their usual mode of transport for the ULEZ

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Motorbike insurer Bikesure recently surveyed 1,000 commuters in London to find out how the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has impacted them. The designated Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced in central London on 8 April 2019. will drive/ride in London less than they do now.

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Toyota joins London Hydrogen Partnership

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Toyota Motors has joined the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP), the first major automaker to do so. The LHP was set up in 2002 to develop a network of hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) stakeholders in the capital and help develop HFC technologies in London. We are pleased to participate within the London Hydrogen Partnership and add our support to its ambitions to develop and enable clean, sustainable hydrogen fuel cell transport for the capital.

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London to phase out diesel buses; all new single deckers for central London to be zero emission

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The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently committed to phasing out purchasing new pure diesel buses from the capital. No more pure diesel double-deck buses will be added to the capital’s fleet from 2018 and all new single-decks for central London will be zero-emission. At least 20 new hydrogen buses will be delivered to London as part of a £10-million (US$12.6

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Transport for London orders 20 Wrightbus hydrogen double-decker buses

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Transport for London (TfL) has ordered 20 hydrogen double-decker buses as part of its drive to make London’s transport zero-emission. The environment-friendly vehicles will be introduced on routes 245, 7 and N7, with people traveling to Wembley Stadium, or from west London to the West End, able to hop on the new green buses for a smoother and quieter journey. We all have a role to play in cleaning up London’s toxic air and I’ve always said that TfL should lead from the front.

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Tesla vehicles are being added to Uber’s scheme to accelerate electrification of its London fleet


Tesla vehicles are being added to Uber’s new scheme to accelerate the electrification of its London fleet through “a clean air fee.”

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A fleet of Tesla Model 3s is going to be deployed for Uber drivers in London


London announced that it is providing funding to deploy a fleet of Tesla Model 3 vehicles through a vehicle subscription service to be available for private hire drivers such as Uber.

London black cab spawns range-extended electric delivery van

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The company that made London's iconic black cab greener is now doing the same with delivery vans. London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is using its extended-range electric taxi as the basis for a new van.

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100 Tesla Model 3 vehicles offered to private hire drivers in London


The Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF) is providing funds to service provider Breathe for 100 new Tesla Model 3 vehicles. “At They Tesla cars will replace internal combustion engine vehicles, reducing air pollution in London.

Formula E holds world’s first indoor-outdoor race this weekend in London


Formula E returns to London this weekend for another doubleheader, but at a new venue. This time, the race will be held in and around London’s ExCeL convention center in a unique track layout which Formula E says is the first indoor-outdoor race in motorsport history.

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Uber to lose its license in London

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Transport for London (TfL) has informed Uber London Limited that it will not be issued with a private hire operator licence after the expiration of its current licence on 30 September. TfL said that it has concluded that Uber London Limited is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence. The Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 includes provision to appeal a licensing decision within 21 days of it being communicated to the applicant.

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London mayor commits to all-electric buses moving forward, 100% zero emissions by 2034


Following a Zero-Emission Bus Summit in the UK, London mayor Sadiq Khan announced that all new buses ordered by Transport for London (TfL) will be electric moving forward.

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London’s largest taxi firm to go fully electric by 2023 with 4,000 EVs


Addison Lee, a London-headquartered private hire taxi and courier company, and the UK’s largest private vehicle hire firm, today announced that its entire fleet will become fully electric by 2023.

Equipmake and Beulas partner with London’s largest bus operator to provide double decker electric buses


The companies recently announced that Go-Ahead London, the largest bus operator in the capital, has joined as a partner. Go-Ahead London will begin in-service trials of the Jewel E electric buses on London streets beginning early next year.

Equipmake & Beulas partner with Go-Ahead London for in-service trials of double-decker e-bus; up to 300 miles with 543 kWh pack

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Equipmake, a commercial vehicle electrification specialist, and Spanish coachbuilder Beulas, are joining forces with Go-Ahead, London’s largest bus operator, to start in-service trials of the new Jewel E double-decker electric bus on the capital’s streets in Q1 2022.

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ExxonMobil, Georgia Tech and Imperial College London publish joint research on potential breakthrough in membrane technology for oil refining

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Scientists from ExxonMobil, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Imperial College of London have published in the journal Science joint research on potential breakthroughs in a new membrane technology that could reduce emissions and energy intensity associated with refining crude oil.

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Mayor of London: all new London taxis will need to be zero-emission capable from 2018

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced plans that would require all new taxis presented for licensing in the capital to be zero-emission capable from 1 January 2018, with the expectation that they will automatically operate in zero-emission mode while in areas where the capital’s air quality is at its worst—such as parts of central London. The cleaner, greener vehicles I’ve seen today are proof that the evolution of the great London cab is well and truly underway.

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Hyundai joins London Hydrogen Partnership

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Hyundai Motor Company has joined the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP). The LHP has initiated more than £50 million (US$76 million) worth of hydrogen projects, attracting and rolling-out new hydrogen buses, taxis, scooters, refueling stations, materials handling vehicles and fuel cell Combined Heat and Power units to London. The London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP) is a public-private partnership that accelerates the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in London.

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Mayor of London launches international study on effect of air pollution on children’s health: CHILL

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More 3,000 primary school children in polluted areas of London and Luton will have their lung health monitored over a four-year period in a new international study launched by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The CHILL study (Children’s Health in London & Luton) will test whether policies to improve air quality, such as London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), are associated with improved growth of children’s lungs and reduced chest symptoms.

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London adding 51 more all-electric buses to operating fleet

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Transport for London (TfL) announced that two additional bus routes, the 507 and 521, will operate entirely with electric single-deck buses from autumn next year. By 2020, as part of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, TfL is committed to ensuring all 300 single-decker buses operating in central London are zero emission (e.g. Mayor of London Boris Johnson also announced a world-first trial of a purpose built pure electric double-deck bus that will begin in October.

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Nissan becomes vehicle sponsor for 2021 London Marathon

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Japanese carmaker Nissan has announced it has become official automotive supplier for the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon. The automotive carmaker also provided vehicles for the elite 2020 London Marathon race.

London Taxi relaunches as London EV Company; order for 225 vehicles from The Netherlands

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London Taxi Company (LTC) has relaunched as London EV Company (LEVC), marking the next stage in the company’s transformation. LEVC also revealed the final version of the new London Taxi—the TX—and its eCity technology comprising an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small gasoline generator. LEVC expects strong demand from its launch market in London once the order book opens on 1 August 2017.

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World’s largest V2G site: A London double-decker electric bus garage

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London already has the largest electric bus fleet of anywhere in Europe. And now it’s hosting the trial site of the world’s largest vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial site.

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London congestion charge discount for PHEVs scrapped

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PHEVs no longer exempt from congestion charge

Tesla Added To Uber London To Increase EV Uptake


Uber drivers in London can now purchase or lease a Tesla as part of a new program that aims to promote electric vehicles

Teslas added to Uber in London in bid to boost electric vehicle adoption


Starting this Wednesday, Tesla’s electric cars will be available for Uber drivers in London who are looking to purchase or lease a sustainable vehicle. It should be noted that over 4,000 Uber drivers have already switched over to electric vehicles in London.

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London City Commuting: Why an EV makes sense

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It almost seems as though London is against us mere motorists. With some great transport links to take advantage of, having a car in London isn’t always necessary or practical. Why are EVs best for London? So, if you drive in London this is why you should be considering an EV.

London Ultra Low Emissions Zone expansion looms as EV supply dips

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London ULEZ expansion due in October 2021, but demand for EVs is outstripping supply

London study finds taxi drivers face highest levels of black carbon compared to other professional drivers

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The research was presented by Shanon Lim, a research assistant and PhD candidate at King’s College London, UK. It was a collaboration between researchers at King’s and researchers at Queen Mary University of London. The researchers recruited 140 professional drivers from a range of occupations working in central London. During the same period of time, researchers found that pollution levels at a busy London roadside (Marylebone Road) were 3.1 ?g/m

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Uber to bank London surcharge toward electric vehicles for its drivers

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Uber announced Tuesday that it will levy a surcharge for its ride-hailing passengers in London. Apps London Uber ride hailingThe goal: to get 20,000 drivers to go all-electric by the end of 2021, on the way to make every car using its ride-hailing app an electric vehicle in the smog- and congestion-prone city by 2025. The surcharge, which is part of the company’s.

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London study suggests PHEV vans a practical, accessible solution for cleaner air in European cities

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Three months since the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London, results of a year-long trial in the capital suggest that plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) commercial vehicles could present the most practical, readily available option for businesses trying to meet clean-air targets in cities. During the trial, 75% of the fleet’s mileage in Central London and 49% in Greater London was completed using pure electric power.

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Report finds one-third fewer polluting vehicles entered central London during ULEZ’ first four months

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An analysis of the early impacts of London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) found that in the first four months of its operation (March – July 2019) there was a reduction of 12,524 older, more polluting, non-compliant vehicles detected in the zone—a reduction of more than one-third. The Central London ULEZ started on 8 April 2019 and operates in the existing central London Congestion Charge Zone.

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Five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles joining London hydrogen project

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Five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell models ( earlier post ) are joining the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LNHE) project. Hyundai Motor, as a supplier to the LHNE project, will join the existing consortium of companies with expertise in hydrogen transport infrastructure and operation, working to establish the UK’s first hydrogen transport network covering London and south east England. These are early days, but I am tremendously excited by the prospects of London’s hydrogen future.

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London's Black Cabs To Be Range-Extended Electrics, With Chinese Help

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Few vehicles are more iconic than London's black cabs, but that doesn't mean they have to stay the same forever. While the styling will remain recognizable, London taxis are about to get a significant overhaul--with help from a Chinese benefactor. The London Taxi Company (LTC) unveiled its new model last week, and announced a major investment by. Geely taxi plug-in cars London Range-Extended Electric Vehicle fleet

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Technology Leader Everrati to Make Global Debut at London Concours with New 500bhp EV ‘Signature’ Wide Body Model

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The post Technology Leader Everrati to Make Global Debut at London Concours with New 500bhp EV ‘Signature’ Wide Body Model appeared first on EV Obsession. Electric Vehicles Concours EV technology Everrati Signature Honourable Artillery Club lawns [link] London Concours

Thriev adding 20 BYD e6 electric cars to London fleet

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Thriev , a company offering zero-emission, chauffeured cars to corporate and private users in London, is adding 20. Part of the deal with BYD is that Thriev will equip its facility at Edgware Road, west London, with BYD’s purpose-designed charging equipment, which allows fast charging of the e6 in just two hours. Last month, the Mayor of London announced that from 1 January 2018, all new taxis would have to be zero-emission capable in order to gain an operating licence.

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Mayor of London backs diesel car scrappage scheme; London ranked 9th best world city in new air quality study

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The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has renewed calls for scrapping the most polluting diesel cars and giving drivers cash incentives to switch to cleaner vehicles as part of the evidence he gave to the Environmental Audit Committee today. Charging more-polluting diesel cars is a key part of the Mayor’s proposals for an Ultra Low Emission Zone, which will be introduced in central London from 2020 (subject to consultation).

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