Is Rooftop Solar Just Like Energy Efficiency?

Energy Institute at HAAS

Here in California, rooftop solar has been in the news quite a bit lately, as net energy metering and other … Continue Reading Is Rooftop Solar Just Like Energy Efficiency? Uncategorized electricity energy efficiency featured renewable energy solarSort of.

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Rooftop Solar Inequity

Energy Institute at HAAS

California’s distributed solar policy hurts the poor. California regulators and legislators are diving back into Net Energy Metering (NEM) policies, debating how much customers with … Continue Reading Rooftop Solar InequityIt really is that simple.

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Sono Motors and MAN Truck & Bus to analyze applications of solar technology in commercial electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

MAN Truck & Bus and Sono Motors have signed a Letter of Intent to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of integrating Sono Solar technology into MAN’s eTGE electric transporter. Example of solar integration on a MAN eTGE. Electric (Battery) Solar

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DTE Energy partners with Ford on new rooftop solar installation and battery storage

Green Car Congress

DTE Energy has commissioned a new solar array at the Ford Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The solar array, the third DTE has constructed with Ford, can generate 1,127 MWh of clean energy. million solar panels.

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Researchers propose testing standards for particulate photocatalysts in solar fuel production

Green Car Congress

Utilization of renewable solar energy is crucial for addressing the global energy and environmental concerns and achieving sustainable development. Efficiency accreditation and testing protocols for particulate photocatalysts toward solar fuel production.

Lightyear One solar EV: 440 miles, with less battery than any Long Range Tesla

Green Car Reports

The Lightyear One solar-supplemented EV was driven 440 miles on a test track on a single charge of a 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack, Lightyear claims. youtube solar

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Electrify America increases access to solar-powered EV charging for rural Californians with 30 stations

Green Car Congress

Electrify America, the nation’s largest public ultra-fast charging network, has added 30 solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with two Level 2 chargers each to its network in the state of California. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Solar

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Teijin and Applied EV develop polycarbonate solar roof for future mobility

Green Car Congress

Teijin and its joint development partner Applied Electric Vehicles have developed a polycarbonate solar roof for future mobility applications. The new solar roof uses Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate resin glazing for its surface. Solar roof. Blanc Robot with solar roof.

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Rice U team creates low-cost, high-efficiency integrated device for solar-driven water splitting; solar leaf

Green Car Congress

The platform developed by the Brown School of Engineering lab of Rice materials scientist Jun Lou integrates catalytic electrodes and perovskite solar cells that, when triggered by sunlight, produce electricity. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2020 219

Georgia gets first solar roadway in the US

Green Car Reports

The city of Peachtree Corners, Georgia, has unveiled what it calls the first solar roadway within a city in the United States. solar Green Life

2020 170

Aptera shows how its “never charge” solar EV performs

Green Car Reports

Aptera Motors’ says that most drivers will never need to charge its three-wheeled, solar-powered car—offering a driving range of up to 1,000 miles—and that it will be “the most efficient vehicle ever made available to consumers.” youtube solar

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Audi Hungaria starts operation of Europe’s biggest solar roof installation

Green Car Congress

This solar energy park, covering an area of approximately 160,000 square meters, consists of 36,400 solar cells and provides a maximum performance of twelve megawatts. Emissions Lifecycle analysis Manufacturing Market Background Power Generation Solar Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 330

Electrify America acquiring 30 Envision solar-powered EV charging stations for rural California

Green Car Congress

Electrify America is investing $2 million in solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in rural California that are not tied to the electrical grid. Electrify America is sourcing the chargers from Envision Solar, a San Diego-based sustainable technology company.

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Will Investing Big in Distributed Solar Save Us Billions?

Energy Institute at HAAS

But distributed solar benefits are an elusive prize Policy makers, power companies, and a majority of Americans are coming around to the idea that the … Continue Reading Will Investing Big in Distributed Solar Save Us Billions A new study says yes.

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Tesla solar and battery storage deployments tripled year-over-year in Q2 2021


In Q2 2021, energy storage and solar deployments tripled year-over-year, hinting at strong demand for products like the Powerwall and the Solar Roof. Solar Roof demand remains strong as well, per Tesla’s Q2 2021 Update Letter.

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GM Spring Hill to run on 100% solar power by 2022

Green Car Congress

General Motors expects its Spring Hill Manufacturing plant will be powered by 100% solar energy beginning in late 2022. The energy will be supplied by a solar farm in Lowndes County, Mississippi, currently under development by Origis Energy.

2020 335

KAUST team finds Fe2O3 makes excellent co-catalyst for GaN solar H2 production

Green Car Congress

Finding photocatalysts that can efficiently use sunlight to produce clean hydrogen fuel from water is one of the most sought-after applications of solar energy. Nitrides can absorb most of the energy in the solar spectrum, but gallium nitride is a flawed water splitting photocatalyst.

2020 247

AMPLY Power and Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions collaborate on bus fleet electrification and solar-powered overhead charging

Green Car Congress

AMPLY Power is working with Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions to expand fleet electrification offerings, including the first commercially available combination solar canopy and overhead electric vehicle charging solution covered by a power purchase agreement (PPA) leasing and financing model.

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Tesla’s Solar Roof and Solar Panels to be sold exclusively with Powerwall batteries


In recent comments on Twitter, Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s Solar Roof and traditional solar panels would now be sold only as an integrated product with the Powerwall, the company’s popular residential battery system. Solar power will feed exclusively to Powerwall.

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BMW Group sourcing aluminum produced using solar energy from EGA

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group will begin sourcing aluminum produced using solar electricity with immediate effect. The use of solar electricity is therefore an effective lever for reducing the CO 2 emissions associated with aluminum smelting.

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Dept of Interior approves plan for largest solar project in US; 690 MW Gemini Solar with 380 MW battery system

Green Car Congress

The Department of the Interior (Department) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have approved a proposal to construct and operate the largest solar project in United States history. The authorized solar facilities include 34.5 Record of Decision Gemini Solar Project.

2020 226

DSM and Lightyear to scale the commercialization of integrated solar roofs for EVs

Green Car Congress

High-tech mobility innovator Lightyear and Royal DSM will jointly scale the commercialization of Lightyear’s unique solar-powered roof for the electric vehicle market. The integration of a solar roof is expected to be a good investment in multiple EV market segments.

2020 252

Lightyear One solar car will be made by Finland's Valmet

Green Car Reports

Dutch startup Lightyear has selected Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive to build the Lightyear One solar-supplemented electric car. Prototype builds are scheduled to start in January 2022, followed by full production in summer 2022, Lightyear said in a press release.

Tesla outlines its policy for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation


Tesla has released new details that outline its policy for the Removal and Reinstallation of its solar panels on its website. Home Remodel : For this type of R&R, we will remove your solar system before you remodel your home and reinstall it once you’re done.

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Lightyear tests solar roof tech on a Tesla Model 3

Green Car Reports

Dutch startup Lightyear plans to launch an electric car powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries. That car isn't quite ready for production yet, but Lightyear is testing its solar tech on modified Tesla Model 3 sedans. youtube solar Green Life

2020 151

Linköping researchers working to produce renewable fuel from carbon dioxide with solar energy

Green Car Congress

The method is currently at a research stage, and the long-term objective of the scientists is to convert solar energy to fuel efficiently. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar Solar fuels

2020 237

Lightyear ‘One’ solar-electric car ranges 710 km

Electric Vehicles India

Lightyear ‘One’ solar-electric car ranges 710 km. Lightyear a solar electric vehicle maker has recently tested its Lightyear One prototype car which can provide a range of 710 km on a single battery charge. Lightyear ‘One’ solar-electric car.

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Aptera solar car claimed to need no charging starts at $25,900, arrives in 2021

Green Car Reports

Aptera Motors now claims its updated electric three-wheeler will be able to run entirely on solar power, with no charging required for daily use. Specifically, Aptera claims its solar. solar

2020 161

Lufthansa, ETH Zürich, Climeworks & Synhelion to cooperate on Sustainable Aviation Fuels; CO2 capture & solar thermochemical conversion

Green Car Congress

Synhelion was founded in 2016 at ETH Zurich and is working on bringing solar fuels to the market. Synhelion uses solar heat to convert water and CO 2 into synthetic fuels. Aviation Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar Solar fuels

2020 237

Tesla launches new 420-watt solar panel, setting ‘high’ mark


Tesla is launching a new 420-watt solar panel, one of the most powerful residential solar panels on the market right now. more… The post Tesla launches new 420-watt solar panel, setting ‘high’ mark appeared first on Electrek.

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Tuning electrode surfaces to optimize solar fuel production

Green Car Congress

Scientists have demonstrated that modifying the topmost layer of atoms on the surface of electrodes can have a remarkable impact on the activity of solar water splitting. Choi and Galli, experimental and theoretical leaders in the field of solar fuels, respectively, have been collaborating for several years to design and optimize photoelectrodes for producing solar fuels. Fuels Hydrogen Production Solar fuels

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Swiss haulier acquires Renault Trucks electric truck with solar panels to power refrigeration unit

Green Car Congress

As part of this approach, the Swiss haulier has also fitted solar panels onto the body of its electric truck to power the refrigeration unit. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty SolarSwiss haulier Rhyner Logistik has just acquired a Renault Trucks 26-ton D Wide Z.E.

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US DOE to award up to $100M over five years for solar fuels research

Green Car Congress

DE-FOA-0002254 ) The funding will support the establishment of one large or possibly two smaller DOE Energy Innovation Hubs: integrated multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research teams aimed at accelerating the fundamental scientific breakthroughs needed to enable solar fuel production.

2020 237

Solar tonneau cover charges electric pickups, provides portable power

Green Car Reports

Adding solar panels to tonneau covers seems not only like a natural next step, but a natural complement to the numerous fully electric pickups arriving over the next. youtube solar Green Life

2020 150

Stanford team sets record for solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of solar water splitting: >30%

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Stanford University have demonstrated solar water splitting by photovoltaic-electrolysis with a solar-to-hydrogen (STH) efficiency of more than 30%—a new record. The system consists of two polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzers in series with one InGaP/GaAs/GaInNAsSb triple-junction solar cell, which produces a large-enough voltage to drive both electrolyzers with no additional energy input. Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2016 239

KU Leuven team creates solar panel that produces hydrogen from moisture in air

Green Car Congress

Bioscience engineers at KU Leuven have created a solar panel that produces hydrogen gas from moisture in the air. Twenty of these solar panels could provide electricity and heat for one family for an entire winter. A traditional solar panel converts between 18 to 20% of the solar energy into electricity. The KU Leuven bioscience engineers solved this problem by designing a solar panel of 1.6 Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2019 258

Put the EV in the garage: Solar driveways could power entire households

Green Car Reports

Electric cars and solar power are a perfect combination. Charging an electric car from a solar array reduces its overall carbon footprint. Now a Hungary-based company is bringing these two technologies even closer together with solar driveways. renewable energy solar

2020 167

Rio Tinto to build first solar plant in Western Australia to power iron ore mine; 12 MWh Li-ion system

Green Car Congress

Rio Tinto approved a $98-million investment in a new solar plant at the new Koodaideri mine in the Pilbara, Australia, as well as a lithium-ion battery energy storage system to help power its entire Pilbara power network. Batteries Manufacturing Materials Power Generation Solar

2020 288

Solar-cell efficiency could double, research prototype suggests

Green Car Reports

Solar cells produce electricity without carbon emissions, but the low efficiency numbers leave a lot of room for improvement. Petersburg, Russia, have created a prototype solar cell using. solar

2020 149

DOE to award $20M to advance perovskite solar photovoltaic technologies

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $20 million in funding to advance perovskite solar photovoltaic technologies. ( When used to create solar cells, they have shown potential for high performance and low production costs. Market Background Materials Power Generation SolarDE-FOA-0002357 ) Perovskites are a family of materials with a specific crystal structure, named after the mineral with that structure.

2020 168

Japan team evaluates battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy

Green Car Congress

The joint research team designed an integrated system capable of adjusting the amount of battery charge/discharge and the amount of electrolysis hydrogen production in relation to the amount of solar power generated. System capable of adjusting the amount of battery charge/discharge and the amount of electrolysis hydrogen production in relation to the amount of solar power generated. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar

2019 318

Toyota and DIFFER partner on direct solar production of hydrogen from humid air, rather than water

Green Car Congress

The Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research ( DIFFER ) is partnering with Toyota Motor Europe (TME) to develop a device that absorbs water vapor, and splits it into hydrogen and oxygen directly using solar energy. The research at DIFFER covers both the conversion and storage of sustainable energy in solar fuels, and the generation of clean, safe and abundant power through nuclear fusion. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2019 266

Electrify America launches 8 solar-powered EV charging stations in rural Fresno County

Green Car Congress

Electrify America (EA), the largest open DC fast charging network in the US, is increasing access to sustainable electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure for rural Californians with the deployment of eight new solar-powered, off-grid charging stations across Fresno County.

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