Electric Car Battery Comparison

Electric Cars are for Girls

How does the Energizer EGC2 battery compare to the Trojan T-105? Hi, James - It depends on what you value. I asked around a little bit, and the consensus

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Electric Car Performance Comparison

Electric Cars are for Girls

What is the horse power of these AC motors in comparison to a gas engine in relation to size? Example, to have an electric motor replace a 5.7L engine

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Tesla comparisons, Jaguar I-Pace and Chevy Bolt EV drives: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which self-driving system didn't rank well in the latest study? What car has given us range anxiety at least once? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending March 22, 2019. This week ended with lots of announcements from automakers planning to amp up their investments in electric. General Motors GM The Week In Reverse Tesla Autopilot

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Hybrid Vehicle Comparison Tools

Hybrid SUV Blog

There comes a time during the research process when you’ve narrowed your options to two or three hybrid vehicles and you simply want to see them in a side-by-side comparison. You can also create a comparison between vehicles built in differing years.

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Tesla Model S Vs BMW i3: Electric-Car Efficiency Comparison Test

Green Car Reports

By comparison, my 2013 Tesla Model S with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery is rated at only 89 MPGe. The EPA has dubbed the all-electric 2014 BMW i3 the most efficient production car sold in the U.S., with an impressive 125 MPGe rating--the best of any electric vehicle. That''s a hefty 39-percent efficiency advantage for the i3, at least on paper. DON''T

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'Quietest, Slowest' Comparison Ever: 6 Electric Cars Tested By Car And Driver

Green Car Reports

Oh, to have the resources available to Car and Driver, which published in its March issue a lengthy comparison test among six battery-electric cars. They are the Chevrolet Spark EV, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit EV, Nissan Leaf, and Smart Electric Drive Cabrio. MORE: Electric Cars'' Secret Advantage: They''re Just Nicer To Drive The tone

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2014 BMW i3 Vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Luxury Electric Car Comparison

Green Car Reports

This summer, buyers will have the option of two electric cars that on the surface, offer very similar attributes. Both are from Germany, for a start. Each has a very similar price tag. Each offers four doors and a liftback-style luggage area. Those cars are the 2014 BMW i3 and the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive. And since we''ve driven

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Mercedes-Benz Actros wins more than 90% of 1000 fuel-consumption comparison tests in Europe in the Fuel Duel

Green Car Congress

The “Fuel Duel” fuel-consumption comparison test of Mercedes-Benz Trucks takes place in 22 countries in Europe, with 90 Actros trucks are on the road—predominantly tractor units of models 1842 LS and 1845 LS with Euro VI emission control technology. The first fuel-consumption comparison test got under way in the Netherlands about two and half years ago. Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks have won more than 90% of 1000 Fuel Duels in Europe.

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2013 Ford Escape Vs. 2013 Mazda CX-5: Crossover Comparison

Green Car Reports

It's no surprise that crossovers are having such a surge in popularity right now. By offering the sort of chunky styling and high driving position that draws people to SUVs, with gas mileage and driving characteristics more in common with regular compact cars, they offer the best of both worlds for many drivers. The two making all the headlines at

Steel industry unveils design tool for material comparison in automotive applications

Green Car Congress

WorldAutoSteel, along with the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, has introduced a new tool that enables vehicle designers to quickly and accurately evaluate material selection tradeoffs, including mass, cost and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, for automotive applications.

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Nothing comes close to Tesla: 2018 Q3 plug-in sales

Green Car Reports

Even with solid increases, other electric-car sales paled in comparison with numbers from Tesla in September and for the third quarter of 2018. By comparison, Tesla announced it sold 55,843. The next highest sellers, were the Chevrolet Bolt EV, with 3,949 sales from July to September, and the Nissan Leaf just behind with 3,767 for the quarter. sales

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Tesla Autopilot ranks next-to-last in study of self-driving systems

Green Car Reports

In independent comparisons, though, other autonomous driving systems keep coming out ahead. Tesla, its owners and fans, and its CEO Elon Musk crow a lot about the capabilities of its Autopilot self-driving system. The latest is from Navigant Research, an automotive consulting firm, and the results aren't rosy for Tesla's Autopilot. It rated second. self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

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Top five reasons the Volkswagen Up GTI is the most fun car for years

Green Cars News

It seems you can’t escape talking about the new Volkswagen Up GTI without comparisons being made with the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

Featured EV Video: Living with an EV part 4

DIY Electric Car

BIts of interest from this video include the Curtis and Kelly controller size comparison as well as a fantastic 2 minute video showing Gav's conversion in totality from start to finish. Gav's EV Conversion - Living with an EV - IV from Gav on Vimeo.

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The Patient has Arrived

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Ian suggested we get some baseline numbers like 0-60 time and curb weight before we start so that we can do an accurate comparison. My colleague Ian and I picked up the '92 Civic today. It rattles a bit, but overall is in good condition.

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Lithium vs Lead; the Great Cost Debate.

DIY Electric Car

I've decided to try and work out the cost comparisons for a Lithium pack vs a Lead pack for a set range and a set number of years. I’ll be using Australian prices since I’ve already researched them, but the comparison is probably close in other countries too. Is Lead Acid actually cheaper or does is just seem that way up front? This article aims to find that out.

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2019 Jaguar I-Pace gets official range, MPGe ratings

Green Car Reports

For comparison. Now that it has finally delivered the first retail example of its I-Pace, Jaguar has released official range and MPGe estimates for this new luxurious electric crossover. As we reported on Monday, the I-Pace is rated at 234 miles of range, a little short of the 240 that Jaguar indicated it was aiming for in earlier press drives. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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10,000 StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles now in service

Green Car Congress

By comparison: Germany currently has merely 20,650 public and semi-public charging points across the country, according to the Bundesverbandes der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft (BDEW - the German association of energy and water industries).

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Volkswagen Group fined $1.2B by German authorities for diesel scandal

Green Car Reports

The sum pales in comparison to the billions Volkswagen has paid in the U.S., The fallout from a global emissions cheating scandal keeps falling. This week, German authorities fined Volkswagen AG nearly $1.2 billion for selling more than 10 million cars with emissions-cheating software. which has totaled more than $24 billion so far, but is one of. VW Group

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The Real Reason for USA based Economic Recessions.

DIY Electric Car

This was mild in comparison to the prior two recessions however there was still high unemployment and raising interest rates. The True Cause of Recessions: OIL. By Douglas A. Stansfield. Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the annual Pennsylvania Energy Festival ( [link] ) back in September of this year. I was asked to speak about the economic impact of our oil dependency and so I began researching this topic to see if I could draw some insightful conclusions.

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Toshiba claims 6-minute recharge for new electric-car battery cell

Green Car Reports

Electric cars pale in comparison to gasoline or diesel-powered cars when it comes to the time presently required to add energy for more driving distance. Although automakers have begun to curb "range anxiety" with longer-distance electric cars, battery charging times on lengthy road trips remain a hurdle for many buyers. The fastest "quick. Batteries battery pack plug-in cars charging Fast Charging

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Slow-selling Infiniti Q70 Hybrid quietly axed for 2019

Green Car Reports

The car debuted in 2011 as the M37 Hybrid, but sales of the hybrid version always paled in comparison to the gas V-6 and V-8 versions of the big luxury sedan. The Infiniti Q70 Hybrid won't make it to 2019, the automaker announced last week. Infiniti dropped the full-size, electrified luxury sedan from the lineup after 2018. Although it was renamed

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Do Hybrids Save Money? FuelEconomy.gov Site Helps You Decide

Green Car Reports

To make the comparisons easier and more accurate, the FuelEconomy.gov site has launched a new comparison tool that provides a "Years to Payback" number based on the manufacturer's quoted base prices and the EPA Hybrid vehicles cost more upfront than comparable gasoline models, but get better fuel economy. So will you save money in the long run?

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2019 Jeep Cherokee gas mileage review

Green Car Reports

While plug-in electric cars are steadily growing in sales, they still pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of compact crossover utility vehicles sold each year by virtually every major carmaker. In 2017, Toyota's most popular vehicle became the RAV4 small SUV, supplanting the Camry mid-size sedan that had occupied that slot for two. Fuel Economy

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GM 200-Mile Electric Car, Accord Hybrid Shortages, Volt Vs BMW i3 REx, : The Week In Reverse (VIDEO)

Green Car Reports

Friday, we published a comprehensive driving comparison of the two main range-extended electric cars on the U.S. Why is Honda''s Accord Hybrid still in such short supply? And how much do we really know about GM''s mythical 200-mile electric car?

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Greenius Declaration of Human Rights

Creative Greenius

All other human rights abuses will pale in comparison to willingly failing to respond.

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Self-Driving Tesla, New Prius Details, Big Electric VW Coming: The Week In Reverse (Video)

Green Car Reports

Which new electric car is generating comparisons to the hated HUMMER? And, what eagerly awaited new green car has had dribs and drabs of information trickling out for weeks now?

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DOE: Growth in US vehicle-miles of travel and number of vehicles outpaces population growth

Green Car Congress

Population and vehicle growth comparison, 1950 to 2017. Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the US was seven times higher in 2017 than in 1950, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2019 108

Hydrogen Council report finds cost of hydrogen solutions to fall sooner than previously expected

Green Car Congress

For comparison, support provided to renewables in Germany totalled roughly $30 billion in 2019.

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Time to Get a Larger Hammer

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Here's a comparison of the FET's I'm using. After two days of running perfectly, I found yesterday morning that the amps were down and the FET had blown again. This really stumped me because I thought I had done everything to keep it cool and out of the switching region.

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The 80-20 Rule

Plug In Partners

The proper comparison between vehicle types is the “wells-to-wheels” basis, where the pollution from extracting the raw materials, shipping, transformation (e.g. O ften when I talk about Plug-Ins , I say that PHEV's are a perfect embodiment of the 80-20 rule.

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Getting a Baseline on 0-60 times

Open Source Civic EV Kit

I consider this a good baseline for comparison with the final electric vehicle. My friend Jonathan was in town this weekend, so we took some time on a traffic free Sunday morning to get some 0-60 times from the original Civic. The first run took 12.70 seconds, but we agreed that I wasn't pushing the car much. The second run was goofed by slow traffic. The third was fairly indicative at 10.33 seconds.

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VOLAR-e Electric Supercar: 1,000 HP McLaren-Beater

Green Car Reports

But the fact we can make the comparison at all--and to Okay, so perhaps "McLaren-beater" is a bit of an exaggeration.

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2017 Chevy Bolt EV video, Tesla Model S sales, Mercedes C-Class diesel nixed: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we have a video review of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car, a look at Tesla Model S sales in comparison to other luxury sedans, and news that the Mercedes-Benz C300d diesel luxury sedan won't come to the U.S. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Learn all about the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV with our video review of the 238-mile. Today in Car News

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Study finds damage due to premature mortality from PM2.5 decreased >20% from 2008 to 2014

Green Car Congress

This critical normalization of pollution damage facilitates comparisons of the pollution intensity of output across time within sector and across the economy within a time period. In a new study of PM 2.5

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2017 Toyota Prius Prime real-world gas mileage, electric range review

Green Car Reports

It proudly flaunts its eco-friendly credentials, yet its factory-rated 25 miles of electric range simply pales in comparison to the 53 miles advertised by the Chevrolet Volt. The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is an automotive enigma. I hopped into a Titanium Glow (think beige) 2017 Prius Prime for a three-day visit to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas. toyota prius prime

2017 70

2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car: First Photos From Test Drive

Green Car Reports

The Prius comparisons came regularly during a day of presentations yesterday, and then again this morning during a one-hour test drive of the new The 2016 Toyota Mirai is getting a major launch just before this week''s Los Angeles Auto Show. It''s clear Toyota considers this a vehicle every bit as seminal as its very first Prius hybrid of 1997.

2014 85

Heatsink replaced

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

I'll try to do some temperature comparisons next week, but with the increase in temperature just over the weekend it may be hard to get any reliable results.? I got some time yesterday and installed a new heat sink that I think will be more efficient while driving.

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2018 Leaf vs Bolt EV packs, electric motorcycle guide, CA defiant, Model 3 first drive: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got our long-awaited drive report on the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range, a battery comparison for the Bolt EV and new Nissan Leaf, some California defiance, and our annual electric-motorcycle buyers guide. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Over the weekend, as we do every seven days, we ran down last week's most important. Today in Car News

2018 63

Audi e-tron electric SUV appears in camouflage at Geneva show, on city roads

Green Car Reports

The Geneva auto show was expected to offer the first head-to-head comparison between the first two all-electric SUVs models from European luxury brands, both starting deliveries later this year. It didn't quite work out that way. The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace did indeed debut last Friday, before media days at the show, but the 2019 Audi e-tron didn't. Geneva Motor Show Geneva Auto Show plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) youtube

2018 63

Hybrid Cars Can Cost Less To Own: Here Are Eight Examples

Green Car Reports

RELATED: Ford Fusion Vs Hyundai Sonata: Mid-Size Sedan Gas Mileage Comparison According to Hybrids and other green cars often come with a higher purchase price, meaning their improved efficiency may be offset by a higher cost of ownership. But that''s not always the case. Sometimes, hybrids actually cost less to own than comparable gasoline models.

2014 84

Electric-Car Study Controversy, Diesel Ownership Costs, Tesla P85D Drag Race: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today we''ve got a study that--despite headlines to the contrary--doesn''t say "electric cars aren''t green," a comparison of diesel and gasoline-car ownership costs, and video of a Tesla Model S P85D trouncing a Ferrari in a drag race. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Imagine electric-car charging stations every 25 miles. France could have

2014 BMW i3 Vs. Mercedes B-Class: Car And Driver Tests Electric Cars From Germany

Green Car Reports

Maybe it''s increased consumer interest, or maybe the fact that there are now enough widely-available models to warrant comparisons, but electric cars are starting to show up more in the pages of enthusiast "buff books." It''s taken awhile, but electric cars are finally getting some serious attention from the mainstream automotive press.

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