See Tesla BEV Sales Comparison With Other OEMs (2017-2020)


Tesla: "With few exceptions their actual global deliveries of EVs increased only marginally

Global 107

Tesla vs Jaguar vs Audi battery pack comparison reveals stark differences


The post Tesla vs Jaguar vs Audi battery pack comparison reveals stark differences appeared first on TESLARATI. Automotive engineer Sandy Munro surveyed the Ford Mustang Mach-E’s battery pack in his latest video.

Audi 112

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Ather 450X Vs Mark 2 – Detailed Comparison

Get Electric Vehicle

The following table shows the comparison of Ather 450X and Simple Energy Mark 2. The range comparison with Ather 450x doesn’t make much sense because the range test conditions are completely different. Ather 450x is one of the best electric scooters available in the Indian market.

Tesla FSD Beta vs Mercedes-Benz DrivePilot comparison shows big difference in tech


The post Tesla FSD Beta vs Mercedes-Benz DrivePilot comparison shows big difference in tech appeared first on TESLARATI. Tesla typically catches flak among critics because its Autopilot system and FSD Beta are still classified as SAE Level 2 driver-assist systems.

Electric Car Price Comparison For US: Cheapest To Most Expensive


All the models currently available (and multiple upcoming ones) sorted from from the most affordable to the most expensive

Comparison Of Source Codes Proves Xpeng Didn't Use Tesla IP


XMotors and the former Tesla employee at the center of the allegations both issue statements

Tesla 110

Cadillac Lyriq vs Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: Features, price, and tech comparison


Below is a comparison of the Cadillac Lyriq, the Ford Mustang Mach-E (both in SR and ER variants), and the Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD. . In comparison, the Mach-E has a length of 186.0

Tesla Model 3 Vs Polestar 2: Side-By-Side Comparison


"Two of the best EVs fight it out

Tesla 83

UK's first EV energy tariff comparison site goes live

Discover EV

Whilst there is no shortage of price comparison sites out there, as a new entrant to the market, Rightcharge is a dedicated resource for those who have, or are looking to buy, an EV.

2020 54

Tesla Model 3 LR Vs Hyundai Ioniq 5: Fast Charging Comparison


It's time for an in-depth, fast charging analysis of the titans

Electric Car Performance Comparison

Electric Cars are for Girls

What is the horse power of these AC motors in comparison to a gas engine in relation to size? Example, to have an electric motor replace a 5.7L engine

2010 89

Electric Car Battery Comparison

Electric Cars are for Girls

How does the Energizer EGC2 battery compare to the Trojan T-105? Hi, James - It depends on what you value. I asked around a little bit, and the consensus

2010 98

Ford Mach-E Vs Tesla Model Y: Suspension & HV Wire Comparison


Is it different and if yes, is it better

Ford 83

Tesla Model Y Performance VS Ford Mustang Mach-E GT: Comparison


Let's take a look at a few main factors: range, acceleration, efficiency and price

Price 87

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Vs Ram 1500 TRX: 0-60 MPH Comparison


The slowest Model 3 versus the fastest Ram truck

MPH 83

Mercedes-Benz Actros wins more than 90% of 1000 fuel-consumption comparison tests in Europe in the Fuel Duel

Green Car Congress

The “Fuel Duel” fuel-consumption comparison test of Mercedes-Benz Trucks takes place in 22 countries in Europe, with 90 Actros trucks are on the road—predominantly tractor units of models 1842 LS and 1845 LS with Euro VI emission control technology. The first fuel-consumption comparison test got under way in the Netherlands about two and half years ago. Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks have won more than 90% of 1000 Fuel Duels in Europe.

2015 183

Tesla Model S Vs BMW i3: Electric-Car Efficiency Comparison Test

Green Car Reports

By comparison, my 2013 Tesla Model S with an 85-kilowatt-hour battery is rated at only 89 MPGe. The EPA has dubbed the all-electric 2014 BMW i3 the most efficient production car sold in the U.S., with an impressive 125 MPGe rating--the best of any electric vehicle. That''s a hefty 39-percent efficiency advantage for the i3, at least on paper. DON''T

2014 131

Jaguar I-PACE vs Tesla X Comparison

Discover EV

With the arrival of the I-PACE, the Model X is no longer the only player in the premium electric crossover field

2019 40

Steel industry unveils design tool for material comparison in automotive applications

Green Car Congress

WorldAutoSteel, along with the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, has introduced a new tool that enables vehicle designers to quickly and accurately evaluate material selection tradeoffs, including mass, cost and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, for automotive applications.

2013 200

'Quietest, Slowest' Comparison Ever: 6 Electric Cars Tested By Car And Driver

Green Car Reports

Oh, to have the resources available to Car and Driver, which published in its March issue a lengthy comparison test among six battery-electric cars. They are the Chevrolet Spark EV, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit EV, Nissan Leaf, and Smart Electric Drive Cabrio. MORE: Electric Cars'' Secret Advantage: They''re Just Nicer To Drive The tone

2014 124

Newly launched Porsche Taycan fails to impress in comparison with Turbo S

EV Report

The post Newly launched Porsche Taycan fails to impress in comparison with Turbo S appeared first on EV REPORT. Above – Porsche Taycan. Porsche Taycan, being first of the Porsche series of electric cars does impress among its series.

2020 52

Ola App Scooter VS Simple Mark 2 

Electric Vehicles India

Ola App Scooter VS Simple Mark 2 . Three is no doubt that the entire EV industry is waiting for two electric scooters in India, Simple Mark 2 and Ola App Scooter. The main reason for the long waiting for these two electric scooters is due to affordable pricing and promising range.

India 52

Simple One Vs Ola S1 & S1 Pro electric scooters

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Scooter Electric Scooters Electric Vehicles comparison Electric Vehicles India Electric Vehicles News electric vehicles electric vehicles in india electric vehicles latest update electric vehicles news EV india ev news Simple One Vs Ola S1 & S1 Pro

Price 87

Tesla comparisons, Jaguar I-Pace and Chevy Bolt EV drives: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which self-driving system didn't rank well in the latest study? What car has given us range anxiety at least once? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending March 22, 2019. This week ended with lots of announcements from automakers planning to amp up their investments in electric. General Motors GM The Week In Reverse Tesla Autopilot

2019 77

Feature: Should You Drive a Car or a Motorcycle?

Clean Fleet Report

Electric Motorcycles Featured car and motorcycle environmental comparisons car/motorcycle comparison choosing between a car and a motorcycleEnvironmental Impact Is a Big Part of the Debate. This article may contain affiliate links.

2014 BMW i3 Vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Luxury Electric Car Comparison

Green Car Reports

This summer, buyers will have the option of two electric cars that on the surface, offer very similar attributes. Both are from Germany, for a start. Each has a very similar price tag. Each offers four doors and a liftback-style luggage area. Those cars are the 2014 BMW i3 and the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive. And since we''ve driven

2014 129

EQC vs I-pace SUV

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Cars Electric Vehicles India Electric Vehicles News EV Comparison electric vehicle latest update electric vehicle news electric vehicles electric vehicles india EQC vs I-pace SUV EVIndia EVnewsEQC vs I-pace SUV.

SUV 85

Ford Fusion Vs Hyundai Sonata: Mid-Size Sedan Gas Mileage Comparison

Green Car Reports

When it comes to mid-size sedans with multiple options for green powertrain, the 2015 Ford Fusion and 2015 Hyundai Sonata are fairly well matched. Both offer base naturally-aspirated engines, two turbocharged engines of similar displacements, and hybrid models. Ford and Hyundai have also both eschewed V-6es, using only four-cylinder engines, in

2014 108

Hybrid Vehicle Comparison Tools

Hybrid SUV Blog

There comes a time during the research process when you’ve narrowed your options to two or three hybrid vehicles and you simply want to see them in a side-by-side comparison. When you are researching hybrids, there are several comparison websites that can make the process a little easier. You can also create a comparison between vehicles built in differing years. You can try out the comparison tool at this address.

2009 40

2013 Ford Escape Vs. 2013 Mazda CX-5: Crossover Comparison

Green Car Reports

It's no surprise that crossovers are having such a surge in popularity right now. By offering the sort of chunky styling and high driving position that draws people to SUVs, with gas mileage and driving characteristics more in common with regular compact cars, they offer the best of both worlds for many drivers. The two making all the headlines at

Tesla: Model 3 Is The First EV Priced On Par With ICE Equivalents


The comparison concerns only the premium segment

Price 90

Watch Detailed Tesla Model S Plaid Overview


Includes a comparison to an older Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla 83

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Matches German EVs In Bjørn Nyland's Noise Test


See a comparison of dozens of models tested over the last few years

Top 5 used electric cars under £10,000

Discover EV

Comprehensive comparison of five used electric vehicles

2019 52

2021 Auto Shanghai: First Live Look At The Toyota bZ4X Concept


It appears bigger than the Toyota RAV4 Prime in a side-by-side comparison

Auto 83

Tesla saves more range at 0% than other EVs, test finds

Green Car Reports

This range buffer is more than just a few miles in Tesla models, though—and considerably more than those of other makes—Edmunds found in a recent comparison test. When an electric car's range estimate reads zero miles, there's often still a few miles of range left.

Miles 160

Nothing comes close to Tesla: 2018 Q3 plug-in sales

Green Car Reports

Even with solid increases, other electric-car sales paled in comparison with numbers from Tesla in September and for the third quarter of 2018. By comparison, Tesla announced it sold 55,843. The next highest sellers, were the Chevrolet Bolt EV, with 3,949 sales from July to September, and the Nissan Leaf just behind with 3,767 for the quarter. sales

2018 131

New iron-based superelastic alloy capable of withstanding extreme temperatures

Green Car Congress

A comparison of the stress-strain curves of the new iron-based SEA in comparison to Nickel-Titanium alloy.

2020 377

Polestar 2: Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2021 finalist

Green Car Reports

The Polestar 2 is probably the closest comparison to the Tesla Model 3 yet—although probably to the delight of many, it’s a.

2020 146

Tesla Autopilot ranks next-to-last in study of self-driving systems

Green Car Reports

In independent comparisons, though, other autonomous driving systems keep coming out ahead. Tesla, its owners and fans, and its CEO Elon Musk crow a lot about the capabilities of its Autopilot self-driving system. The latest is from Navigant Research, an automotive consulting firm, and the results aren't rosy for Tesla's Autopilot. It rated second. self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

2019 131

Irizar manufactures LNG long-distance coach with range of more than 1000km

Green Car Congress

In comparison with CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG takes up less space (600 times less), it has an energy density 1.4 Irizar has manufactured a liquid natural gas (LNG) i4 model coach with a range of more than 1000 kilometers (621 miles) for intercity or short distance routes.

Tesla Model S vs. Model X: The two veteran EVs compared


Below is a thorough comparison of Tesla’s Model S sedan vs. its Model X mid-sized SUV. Of the four electric vehicles currently available in Tesla’s fleet, its Model S and Model X sit as the two longest in production.

SUV 84

Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y: The latest generation basics compared


While not exhaustive, this side by side comparison of the Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y should help you get a basic idea for how these cars differ… more… The post Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y: The latest generation basics compared appeared first on Electrek.