Researchers at Japans AIST Propose a Rechargeable Ni-Li Battery with Hybrid Electrolyte; Ultrahigh Theoretical Energy Density Plus High Power Potential

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Key components, cell voltage, and cell capacity of Li-ion battery (a), Ni-MH battery (b), and the proposed Ni-Li battery (c). Credit: ACS, Li et al. The proposed Ni-Li battery offers both a high cell voltage (3.49 The theoretical energy density calculated using only the active electrodes and cell voltage for the Ni-Li battery is 935 Wh/kg. Li et al. Li et al. Li et al.

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New Nickel-Lithium Battery Has Ultra-High Energy Density

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Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have succeeded in making the world's first Ni-Li battery, a formulation that holds more than 3.5 times the energy of Li-ion batteries and doesn't run the risk of catching fire. By including a membrane made of the recently developed glass-ceramic

Researchers discover how nickel may inhibit charge/discharge rate in Li-ion batteries

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Simulated zone projection image based on LMNO crystal model with 20% Ni/Li disorder corresponding to blue rectangle. Simulated zone projection image based on LMNO crystal model with 10% Ni/Li disorder corresponding to white rectangle. Lithium transition-metal oxides have been widely used as the cathode for Li ion batteries. For example, a layered composite based on lithium nickel manganese oxide Li 1.2 Ni 0.2 Image of LMNO surface layer.

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