Electric Bicycle Conversion

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Interview with Don Otto about his electric bicycle conversion, how much it cost, and how long it took to put it together

Researchers develop efficient single-atom Ni catalyst for conversion of CO2 to CO

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A competing reaction, called the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) or “water splitting,” takes precedence over the CO 2 conversion reaction. In addition to the unique energetic properties of single atoms, the O 2 conversation reaction was facilitated by the interaction of the nickel atoms with a surrounding sheet of graphene. However, we found the individual nickel atoms were distributed uniformly, which accounted for the excellent performance of the conversion reaction.

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Electric Car Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

The electric car conversion is the world's best kept secret! You can buy them already done, or you can do it yourself

Berkeley Lab copper catalyst yields high-efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion

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What we know is that this unique structure provides a beneficial chemical environment for CO2 conversion to multicarbon products,” he said. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Climate Change Fuels

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Honda Goldwing Conversion

DIY Electric Car

I am doing an electrical conversion of an 88 Honda Goldwing. I wll try to post here frequent enough to show progress and share useful information. Attached Thumbnails

New plasma synthesis process for one-step conversion of CO2 and methane into higher value fuel and chemicals

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Instead of using H 2 , direct conversion of CO 2 with CH 4 (dry reforming of methane, DRM) to liquid fuels and chemicals (e.g. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Natural Gas

2017 90

China team develops efficient multifunctional catalyst for conversion of CO2 to gasoline-range hydrocarbons

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This catalyst exhibited 78% selectivity to C 5 -C 11 as well as low (4%) CH 4 at a CO 2 conversion of 22% under industrial relevant conditions. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts FuelsA research team led by Dr. Jian Sun and Prof.

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U of I study: synthetic fuels via CO2 conversion and FT not currently economically & environmentally competitive

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The potential WTG CO 2 emission reduction with low carbon grid electricity indicates the potential role electrochemical CO conversion can play in low carbon liquid fuel when the electricity grid is highly renewable or decarbonized. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Diesel Emissions Fuels

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ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

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The researchers’ initial analysis suggests that the spiky textured surface of the catalysts provides ample reactive sites to facilitate the carbon dioxide-to-ethanol conversion. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Ethanol

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Electric Car Conversion Kit (for beginners)

Electric Cars are for Girls

Which electric car conversion kit is best for beginners? Answer: These pre-made kits from Canadian Electric Vehicles are just about plug and play

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Austin Heally EV Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

The car is dismantled and ready for a conversion My son and I have decided after two overhauls to our Austin Heally 3000 MKIII to convert it to an EV.

Light over heat: UV-driven rhodium nanoparticles catalyze conversion of CO2 to methane

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Duke University researchers have engineered rhodium nanoparticles that can harness the energy in ultraviolet light and use it to catalyze the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane, a key building block for many types of fuels. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Solar fuels

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A Conversation

Revenge of the Electric Car

Below is an interview with Director Chris Paine and Journalist Robert Steadman with UK-based Blue and Green Tomorrow : ROB: Was it difficult to gain behind the scenes access to the auto industry after the first film? Was there a level of distrust among the execs? CHRIS: Yes. It took time and there was distrust on all sides at different times. We knew we were vulnerable to car industry PR efforts and they knew they couldn't control what we did editorially.

UCR team demonstrates use of earth abundant elements in spin-mediated thermoelectric energy conversion for waste heat recovery

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Now, researchers led by Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Sandeep Kumar, have reported achieving significant thermoelectric energy conversion using a combination of a nickel-iron alloy and silicon.

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Duke's Garage: Electric Car Conversion Shop

Electric Cars are for Girls

Duke's Garage is an electric car conversion shop, but my favorite thing they've been doing lately is not a conversion. It's a brand new car

Public Charging Stations and EV Conversions

Electric Cars are for Girls

Can you get a battery charger for a conversion that will work with commercial EV car chargers currently being installed throughout the country? Hi, Jeff

Argonne team finds copper cluster catalyst effective for low-pressure conversion of CO2 to methanol with high activity

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Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have identified a new material to catalyze the conversion of CO 2 via hydrogenation to methanol (CH 3 OH): size-selected Cu 4 clusters—clusters of four copper atoms each, called tetramers—supported on Al 2 O 3 thin films.

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EV Conversion: Electric Reverse

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I've noticed with EV conversions there is mention of electric reverse being used. Doesn't the manual transmission have reverse gear already? Am I missing

Consortium moves ahead with HESC pilot for conversion of Australian coal to LH2 for transport to Japan

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The Australian, Japanese and Victorian governments and a consortium of companies have launched the pilot of an innovative supply chain that will deliver liquefied hydrogen from the Latrobe Valley in Australia to Japan.

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EV Conversion Calculator

Electric Cars are for Girls

Is there an EV conversion calculator somewhere where I can figure out how much motor output I will need for my desired performance? Hi, Andy - Yes

VW Beetle EV Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

I am thinking of undertaking a VW Beetle electric car conversion. The mid 60's cars are not too expensive, and weigh around 1600 lbs. I figure the engine

Electric Hot Rod Conversion

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Traditionally, street rods have been powered by fire breathing, and belching, large displacement V8's. Recently, Ford has supplied its Ecoboost engine

Cost for Jeep Cherokee EV Conversion Kit

Electric Cars are for Girls

How much does the full conversion kit and batteries cost for a 1994 jeep cherokee? Hi, Greg - The answer is: it depends on the conversion kit components

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Comparing Conversion Costs with Paul

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Paul Pancella (see link at right) put together a great spreadsheet comparing his Civic conversion costs with mine. There are a few minor updates, but things are very close for the most part.

Georgia Tech team develops highly efficient multi-phase catalyst for SOFCs and other energy storage and conversion systems

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The catalyst is also readily applicable to other energy storage and conversion systems, including metal-air batteries, supercapacitors, electrolyzers, dye-sensitized solar cells, and photocatalysis.

2018 90

Elemental boron effective photothermocatalyst for the conversion of CO2 for fuels and chemicals

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Our study confirms the highly promising potential of a photothermocatalytic strategy for the conversion of CO2 and potentially opens new vistas for the development of other solar-energy-driven reaction systems. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Emissions FuelsResearchers in Japan and China developed an efficient method for CO 2 reduction over elemental boron catalysts in the presence of only water and light irradiation through a photothermocatalytic process.

2017 60

Analysis finds air-quality justification for CNG vehicle conversion in developing cities, despite negative climate impact

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An analysis by a team in Bangladesh found large air quality and associated health benefits accruing to the residents of Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) as a result of the rapid conversion of the motor vehicle fleet to CNG. Considering CO 2 , the conversion policy is mildly beneficial (i.e.,

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Electric Land Rover Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

I need a SUV for work, but feel guilty about the gas mileage. Thinking about buying a used Land Rover and converting it myself. I've seen on the Internet

Durango Electric Car Conversion

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I have a 99 Durango I was thinking about converting to electric. I need the parts and if you know where can I get them. Hi, Claricio - I wouldn't recommend

UC Santa Barbara team develops catalytic molten metals for direct conversion of methane to hydrogen without forming CO2

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Bi 0.73 ) achieved 95% methane conversion at 1065°C in a 1.1-meter bubble column and produced pure hydrogen without CO 2 or other by-products. Under these conditions, the equilibrium conversion is 98%. When the temperature was reduced to 1040 °C, the CH 4 conversion decreased to 86%.

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Arc 1 Conversion Journal 3/3/2012

DIY Electric Car

My professional life has kept me busy, but I still have made good progress on my conversion. First, someone on the forums has offered to sell an adapter from one of their former conversions. It has been about 5 months since I posted my first blog about converting my car to electricity. Winter 2011-2012: Engine Bay and Under-car: The car is now completely gas-less. No engine, no fuel tank, no alternator, pumps, radiators, exhaust pipes, or muffler.

Electric Car Conversion 101

Electric Cars are for Girls

What is the best way to start my first electric conversion? I've got a compact pickup. I read about DC Motors, then AC motors AC

The ?Automatic? Solution for EV Conversions

DIY Electric Car

Some time ago we were approached by a City Municipality that was in the process of doing a fleet conversion of their gas vehicles to electric. The following links cover both of these transmissions: Heavy Duty AODE (4R70W) Non Lock-up- Electric Motor Conversions.

Cheap Electric Car Conversion Possible?

Electric Cars are for Girls

What would it take to convert a Saturn SC2 to electric? The information on web sites is all over the place. Some want $5,000.00 for a kit while another

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UI, Argonne develop catalyst for more efficient solar-powered reduction of CO2 to CO for conversion to fuel

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Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Emissions Solar fuels

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US Navy demos recovery of CO2 and production of H2 from seawater, with conversion to liquid fuel; “Fuel from Seawater”

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Researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division have demonstrated novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of CO 2 and hydrogen from seawater and their subsequent conversion to liquid fuels.

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AC Electric Motors for Conversions

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There's a new breed of AC electric motors for cars, this time for lower voltage systems. Takes a curvy fiberglass Speedster replica, it really flies

SOLAR-JET project demonstrates solar-driven thermochemical conversion of CO2 and water to jet fuel

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The solar-to-fuel energy conversion efficiency, defined as the ratio of the calorific value of CO (fuel) produced to the solar radiative energy input through the reactor’s aperture and the energy penalty for using inert gas was 1.73% averaged over the whole cycle.

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Global Bioenergies and SkyNRG to collaborate on ASTM-certification of bio-isobutene feedstock and conversion for sustainable aviation fuel

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Global Bioenergies (GBE), the company developing a process converting renewable resources into isobutene via fermentation ( earlier post ), and SkyNRG, world market leader in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), will collaborate to accelerate the commercialization of Global Bioenergies’ approach to process isobutene into a jet fuel blending component.

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Electric Semi Truck Conversion?

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I'd like to know your opinion of using an 3-phase electric motor that is mounted inline to the transmission, run by a generator, that is run by a 2.2