Three-part catalyst study advances conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

The efficient conversion of carbon dioxide, a major air pollutant, into ethanol or higher alcohols is a big challenge in heterogeneous catalysis, generating great interest in both basic scientific research and commercial applications.

UCLA team proposes non-photosynthetic biological conversion of CO2

Green Car Congress

Most of us naturally associate biological CO 2 conversion with photosynthesis in plants and algae. Furthermore, the maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion by photosynthesis is 5%, while typical solar panel efficiency reaches 20%.

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MIT researchers boost efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems

Green Car Congress

Researchers at MIT have developed a method that could significantly boost the performance of carbon capture and conversion systems that use catalytic surfaces to enhance the rates of carbon-sequestering electrochemical reactions. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar fuels

DoD to prototype commercial hybrid conversion kits for tactical vehicles; XL Fleet and Volta Power

Green Car Congress

The US Army’s Project Manager Transportation Systems (PM TS), part of Program Executive Office for Combat Support & Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS), has partnered with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) to prototype a hybrid conversion kit for tactical vehicles.

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Researchers report one-pot catalytic conversion of cellulose to methanol

Green Car Congress

Now, a team of researchers in China reports a novel approach for the sustainable production of methanol from the catalytic conversion of cellulose over a series of non-precious Cu-based catalysts, including Cu-TiO 2 -Al2O 3 (Cu-TiAl), Cu-ZnO-Al2O 3 (Cu-ZnAl), and Cu-ZrO2-Al 2 O 3. wt% during catalytic conversion of cellulose at 250 °C and 1Mpa H 2 for 10 h.

AirCapture, OCOchem and partners win $2.93M DOE grant for direct air capture of CO2 and conversion to formic acid

Green Car Congress

Carbon dioxide capture company AirCapture and carbon dioxide conversion company OCOchem, along with other partners, have won a $2.93-million grant from the US Department of Energy to design and engineer an integrated carbon dioxide capture and conversion plant co-located at Nutrien’s Kennewick Fertilizer Operations plant in Kennewick, Wash. The proposed CO 2 capture and conversion plant will be instrumental in helping the company meet these goals.

Stanford engineers develop catalyst strategy to improve turnover frequencies for CO2 conversion to hydrocarbons by orders of magnitude

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Stanford University have shown that porous polymer encapsulation of metal-supported catalysts can drive the selectivity of CO 2 conversion to hydrocarbons. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Market Background Plastics

ULEMCo to deliver 20 hydrogen-fueled vehicles for Glasgow; largest hydrogen dual fuel conversion to date

Green Car Congress

ULEMCo has found a market for its hydrogen dual fuel conversions in heavy duty back-to-base utility vehicles, where the practicality and cleaner performance are readily apparent. This is the first set of conversions for gritter lorries and is the company’s largest volume order to date.

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Wärtsilä to launch 2-stroke future fuels conversion solution; partners with MSC for technology demonstration

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä will commercially launch its Two-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion platform during the first quarter of 2022. Integrated solution of Wärtsilä Alternative Fuels Conversion platform for two-stroke engines with Wärtsilä Fuel Gas Supply system in a container vessel.

Galp and Northvolt select Setúbal for Aurora advanced lithium conversion unit

Green Car Congress

Galp and Northvolt selected the port city of Setúbal, Portugal (southeast of Lisbon on the northern bank of the Sado River estuary) as the location for their Aurora lithium conversion plant ( earlier post ), which aims to become a steppingstone for the development of an integrated lithium-battery value-chain in Europe. The plant will use a proven conversion process, leveraging recent process improvements and technologies to increase its sustainability and efficiency.

New process uses localized surface plasmons for room-temperature conversion of CO2 to CO

Green Car Congress

The conversion normally requires significant amounts of energy in the form of high heat—a temperature of at least 700 ?C, Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels

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ACIA Aero Leasing LOI with Universal Hydrogen for up to 30 regional aircraft conversions to hydrogen power

Green Car Congress

ACIA expects to place 10 firm orders for Universal Hydrogen’s ATR 72 conversion kits with additional purchase rights for 20 more conversion kits of various turboprop types. The conversion consists of a fuel cell electric powertrain that replaces the existing turboprop engines.

Hydrostatic tractor conversion

DIY Electric Car

Hydrostatic tractor conversion. New project! I have been asked to convert a farm tractor to electric. The tractor is a Russell 3-D tool carrier with hydrostatic drive. It is a 1970's 'improvement' on the David Brown 2-D which is similar to the Allis Chalmers G type tractor.

Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Cars are for Girls

Wondering where the best places are to get electric car conversion kits? Here are a few of my favorites

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Blue Biofuels achieves full conversion (99%+) of cellulosic material to sugars on repeatable basis

Green Car Congress

reports that it has achieved full conversion ( 99% + ) of king grass cellulosic material to water soluble sugars on a repeatable basis. This conversion occurs with a reaction time of less than one minute. Blue Biofuels, Inc.

Stable boron-copper catalyst for CO2 conversion; stabilization with zinc

Green Car Congress

A new boron-copper catalyst for the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) into chemicals or fuels has been developed by researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Electrofuels EmissionsThey optimized already available copper catalysts to improve their selectivity and long-term stability.

ULEMCo signs MoU with ENGV Pty Ltd to open the market for hydrogen conversions in Australia

Green Car Congress

Additionally, by providing a low-risk option for fleetwide conversion, it can provide demand for investment in hydrogen refueling infrastructure that can accelerate the overall take up of hydrogen technologies globally. Conversions Diesel Engines Fuels Heavy-duty Hydrogen

Love Your Gas Car But Hate Emissions? Time for an EV Conversion

EV Club of CT

Batteries Blog Electric Vehicles Events Lifestyle News Connecticut EV companies custom EV conversions EV batteries EV conversions how to convert an ICE car to electric ICE conversion to EV Inductive AutoworksBy Analiese Mione But I love my car.

Brown team develops new catalyst for highly efficient conversion of CO2 into C2+ products

Green Car Congress

This work shows that efficient conversion of CO 2 to C 2+ products requires a Cu catalyst with a high density of defect sites that promote adsorption of carbon intermediates and C–C coupling reactions while minimizing roughness. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels

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Researchers develop titanium and copper heterostructured photocatalyst for conversion of CO2 into CH4

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, have developed a novel heterostructured photocatalyst using titanium and copper, two abundant and relatively inexpensive metals, for the conversion of CO 2 into CH 4. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels

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Peking U, SINOPEC team develops method for direct conversion of isopropanol to C6+ high-octane blendstock

Green Car Congress

Wei Zhou, Zirui Gao, Meng Wang, Genghuang Wu, Junfeng Rong and Ding Ma (2022) “Direct conversion of isopropanol to C 6+ branched compounds as high-octane gasoline blendstock” Green Chemistry doi: 10.1039/D2GC01200F.

Tax credit for conversions

DIY Electric Car

Any chance anyone knows whether there is any kind of tax benefit you can get from an EV conversion? Hi all, new member here and trying to figure out my budget. Thanks! New Member Introductions

Conversion of Volkswagen Emden plant for EV production underway

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen has begun conversion of its Emden, Germany plant to support the production of Evs; the first electric cars are to roll off the production line there from 2022.

2020 324

Looking to do a Ev Conversion on my Mazda B2200

DIY Electric Car

Looking to do a Ev Conversion on my Mazda B2200. All EV Conversions and BuildsI have an extra b2200 laying around and looking into potentially converting it into electric. After seeing this video on youtube. I've decided I want to take this idea and run with it.

BMW i Ventures invests in Prometheus Fuels; CO2 air-capture and conversion to carbon-neutral gasoline

Green Car Congress

The conversion of CO 2 to fuels in these inexpensive water-based systems has shown high faradic efficiencies for reduction of CO 2. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Fuels Vehicle ManufacturersBMW i Ventures has invested in Prometheus Fuels ( earlier post ), a company removing CO 2 from the air and turning it into zero-net carbon gasoline that it will sell at gas stations, at a price that competes with fossil fuels, starting as early as this year.

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Voltabox to supply battery systems to e-troFit for conversion of diesel buses to electric

Green Car Congress

Voltabox AG secured a long-term framework contract with e-troFit GmbH as the preferred supplier of high-performance battery systems for e-troFit’s conversion solutions for diesel buses. Batteries Bus Conversions Diesel Electric (Battery

2020 247

1996 chevy s-10 conversion (part 2)

DIY Electric Car

1996 chevy s-10 conversion (part 2). All EV Conversions and BuildsAfter a long summer break, it is time to get back to my project. I feel like the old build thread had a lot of pre-amble before I even got to any building, so I am going to start a fresh topic. For anyone who has not been following along, I thought I would summarize the progress to date. Jan 2020: Bought my donor vehicle, a 1996 chevy S-10. Feb 2020: Bought a Tesla/Mercedes battery pack.

90 CRX Si - RWD EV Conversion

DIY Electric Car

90 CRX Si - RWD EV Conversion. All EV Conversions and BuildsThis project started just over a year ago and has been slow going but bit by bit I am making progress. I am going to slowly post all the work on it and catch anybody interested up. This was the car as I bought it. Wasn't running but for what I had planned. I got a steal for sub 1k. Oddly before pulling anything apart I fixed the motor first. Needed a new.

Phillips 66 progressing its conversion of California refinery to renewable fuels

Green Car Congress

In April, the company completed the diesel hydrotreater conversion, which will ramp up to 8,000 bbl/d (120 million gallons per year) of renewable diesel production by the third quarter of 2021. Subject to permitting and approvals, full conversion of the refinery is expected in early 2024.

Toshiba develops new magnetic material that delivers improved motor energy conversion efficiency

Green Car Congress

Toshiba’s new material greatly boosts motor energy conversion efficiency when it is used as the wedges in a motor, particularly in a medium to large induction motor.

2020 390

Evonik and Siemens Energy commission pilot plant for conversion of CO2 to chemicals

Green Car Congress

Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Market BackgroundEvonik and Siemens Energy commissioned a pilot plant—sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)—that uses carbon dioxide and water to produce chemicals.

2020 227

Lufthansa, ETH Zürich, Climeworks & Synhelion to cooperate on Sustainable Aviation Fuels; CO2 capture & solar thermochemical conversion

Green Car Congress

Aviation Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar Solar fuels

2020 244

Drop-in electric conversion kit for Land Rover Defender: Make your own electric SUV

Green Car Reports

The conversion kit comes from Electrogenic, a United Kingdom-based company that specializes in electric conversions of classic cars. The current-generation Land Rover Defender doesn't offer an all-electric powertrain, but it's now possible to convert older models to electric power.

NSF awards $2M to Rice U collaboration to explore direct conversion of CO2 into fuels

Green Car Congress

We intend to build an electrochemical modular system as a platform for a continuous conversion process of simulated flue gas to pure liquid fuels. Experiments and simulations will be integrated in each of the project’s components, creating what Wang calls “a systematic feedback loop to accelerate design and understanding of carbon dioxide capture and conversion systems tailored for small-scale distributed chemical manufacturing.”.

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Hero Splendor EV Conversion Kit launched at Rs 35k by GoGoA1

Electric Vehicles India

Hero Splendor EV Conversion Kit launched at Rs 35k by GoGoA1. This EV conversion kit is approved by the RTO. GoGoA1 a Thane based electric vehicles startup has launched the Hero Splendor EV conversion kit.

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Compass Minerals confirms successful conversion testing of Great Salt Lake lithium brine resource to battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Green Car Congress

The company engaged Veolia Energy, an established technology provider, to conduct lithium chloride to lithium hydroxide conversion testing utilizing a proven, commercially viable conversion process.

ReactWell licenses ORNL catalyst for direct conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

ReactWell , LLC, has licensed a novel waste-to-fuel technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve energy conversion methods for cleaner, more efficient oil and gas, chemical and bioenergy production. ReactWell will bring ORNL’s electrochemical process, which converts carbon dioxide directly into ethanol ( earlier post ), into the company’s existing conversion solution known as the ReactWell process.

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Stanford team develops efficient electrochemical cells for CO2 conversion

Green Car Congress

1 ), low cell voltages, and high single-pass CO conversion, leading directly to concentrated product streams. Our results suggest that CO GDE electrolysis is viable for C 2+ synthesis and highlight a substantial advantage of CO over CO 2 GDE electrolysis, where high rates have required low single-pass conversions. Prior to this work, the combination of a high electrolysis rate, high CO conversion, and concentrated product streams had not been achieved.

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Classic Range Rover get Lunaz electric conversion

Discover EV

Classic Range Rover get Lunaz electric conversion

2020 82

Novozymes launches Fiberex platform for conversion of corn fiber to ethanol

Green Car Congress

As part of the platform announcement, Novozymes launched the first Fiberex products: Fiberex R1, a technology specifically designed to provide maximum ethanol in separate fiber-to-ethanol processes; and Fiberex F1, a cellulase enzyme designed to provide fiber conversion for in-process technologies.

2020 344

Electric-powered Classic Mini Conversion that is Light & Kind to the Wallet & Environment launched in UK

EV Obssesion

The post Electric-powered Classic Mini Conversion that is Light & Kind to the Wallet & Environment launched in UK appeared first on EV Obsession.

Bosch electric car conversion kit – “eAxle”

Electric Vehicless

If you are searching for electric car conversion kit , you can not miss “Bosch”. Bosch electric car conversion kit fitted in Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Here you can find a conversion of a Maruti suzuki baleno with Bosch electric conversion kit.

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Eccentric electric: Citroën DS EV conversion translates a French icon

Green Car Reports

The Citroën DS is an icon of French automotive design that has now gone electric, thanks to United Kingdom-based Electrogenic, which specializes in electric conversions of classic cars.