Abengoa to begin building municipal solid waste to fuels plant for Fulcrum

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Abengoa has received Notice to Proceed on Fulcrum BioEnergy’s plant that will produce biofuels from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the United States with gasification technology. Abengoa will be responsible for the engineering, design, construction and commissioning of the project. The plant will be located in the State of Nevada and will have the capacity to produce 10 million gallons of biofuels per year, to be used in the aviation sector.

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Rotterdam proposed location for Enerkem waste-to-chemicals plant

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A partnership comprising AkzoNobel, Van Gansewinkel, Air Liquide, AVR and Enerkem is proposing to build a waste-to-chemicals plant in Rotterdam in collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam, the province of South Holland and InnovationQuarter.

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ARPA-E issues RFI on lower-grade waste heat recovery technologies; focus on solid-state systems

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) has issued a request for information ( DE-FOA-0001607 ) on lower-grade waste heat recovery technologies. quadrillion BTU of energy was wasted mainly in the form of heat. Q of waste heat. ARPA-E Waste Heat Recovery

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LanzaTech collaborating with Swayana to convert waste gases from ferroalloy production to ethanol

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South African engineering company Swayana has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LanzaTech to collaborate on developing projects for the production of ethanol and higher value products from waste gases in the ferroalloy and titania smelting sectors.

Mercedes trials agricultural waste-based fuel

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Working in partnership with Clariant and Haltermann, the carmaker will trial the use of a fuel called sunliquid20, a super grade fuel consisting of 20 per cent cellulosic ethanol, produced from agricultural waste such [.].

BMW provides an update on waste heat recovery projects; Turbosteamer and the Thermoelectric Generator

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The company says that some of the most promising projects are the Turbosteamer ( earlier post ); the Thermoelectric generator (TEG) ( earlier post ); engine encapsulation; and a waste heat exchanger for oil heating. Thermoelectrics Waste Heat Recovery

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Dearman-led consortium awarded $3.1M to develop waste-heat-recovery system using liquid air engine

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The Dearman project is to deliver a production-feasible waste-heat recovery system for urban commercial vehicles, which offers life-cycle CO 2 savings of up to 40%; fuel savings of 25%, with the potential of up to almost 50%; and potential payback in less than three years. Ambient or low grade waste heat is used as an energy source with the cryogen providing both the working fluid and heat sink. Engines Vehicle Systems Waste Heat Recovery

Suzuki GB achieves zero waste to landfill

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A coordinated programme for managing and recycling waste has seen Suzuki GB reach its target of eliminating waste to landfill within two years of the strategy being launched. Furthermore all waste that is thrown away is helping to generate energy for the local community. Tags: Suzuki landfill waste

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Nuclear Waste Could Offer Carbon-Free Energy, Scientists Suggest

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In the 1950s, U.S. scientists and policymakers were excited about a new form of carbon-free energy--although not one that''s generally considered green today. It was nuclear power. Multiple accidents and concerns over long-term disposal of radioactive fuel essentially killed nuclear-power development in the U.S., but some researchers believe it''s

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Waste coffee grounds: the next sustainable biofuel source

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Waste coffee grounds are being mooted as the latest sustainable source of biofuel.

Gasoline Substitute Made From Plant Waste Developed By UC-Davis

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Chemists at the University of California, Davis think they''ve cracked it, though, using a new technique to make "biogasoline" from plant waste. Plant-based diesel has been available for many years now but making a true gasoline-like hydrocarbon from plant oils has proven a lot more difficult. Biodiesel will be familiar to many readers

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Southwest Airlines Will Use Renewable Jet Fuel From Forest Waste

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In the U.S., there isn''t a lot of enthusiasm for automotive biofuels these days. Concerns over the potential impact on food supplies, the growing sales of practical electric cars, and other factors seem to be keeping most biofuels out of the mainstream. Yet the use of biofuel in aircraft may be really starting to take off (pardon the pun).

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Ricardo and QinetiQ to evaluate novel diesel fuel reforming system using microwaves and waste heat

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Ricardo will lead a feasibility study project—HeatWave—in which it will work with QinetiQ to evaluate a novel diesel fuel reformation concept that uses microwaves and waste heat from a heavy vehicle’s exhaust to reform the incoming fuel, increasing its calorific value and hence reducing net carbon dioxide emissions. Vehicle Systems Waste Heat Recovery

Enerkem in partnerships to build waste-to-biofuels facilities in China

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Canada-based waste-to-biofuels company Enerkem has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Shanghai Environmental Group Co. a municipal solid waste management company and a subsidiary of Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co. to develop a project partnership to jointly build municipal solid waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facilities in China. In the partnerships, Enerkem will license its technology to convert local urban waste and a variety of waste feedstocks.

Tetrahedrite-based tech could save waste heat from cars

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Whenever you run a car, a lot of the energy in the fuel you used is lost as waste heat. The result is that combustion cars are typically no more than 38 per cent efficient in their fuel use when you combine energy losses through heat and friction.

It’s no waste to reduce fuel consumption by 14 per cent

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If you think that eco driving is a load of old rubbish, then think again – because a new study suggests it could save waste-hauling fleets (pictured) as much as 13.9 The study, from SmartDrive Systems, which provides intelligent driving solutions, looked at 193 waste hauling trucks in multiple [.]. Green cars Green credentials Latest news eco-driving fuel consumption green trucks SmartDrive Systems waste

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Waste to biofuel industry could help ‘slash transport emissions’

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Europe has huge untapped potential for producing new advanced, low-carbon biofuels from waste products for use in transport, if it sets up a strong sustainability framework to support the industry, a new report finds.

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Natural Resources Canada invests $800K in G4 Insights project to convert forestry waste to renewable natural gas

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for the development of technology to convert forestry waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) that can be distributed through existing natural gas pipelines in Canada. Natural Resources Canada is investing $800,000 in G4 Insights Inc. G4 is developing and commercializing a proprietary PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation (PCH) process to produce a renewable drop-in replacement for fossil natural gas.

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HSBC joining Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech in waste-gas-to-ethanol-to-jet-fuel effort

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The UK’s largest bank, HSBC, is joining Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech in supporting the preparation for a world-first flight using a low-carbon, synthetic jet fuel kerosene produced from industrial waste gases. LanzaTech is leading the development of the process that captures waste gases from industrial steel production and ferments them to ethanol, which is then chemically converted for use as jet fuel.

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U.S. Vehicles Now Have Average Age Of 11.5 Years (Waste Not, Want Not)

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The cars on U.S. roads are older than they've ever been. A recent survey found that the average age of U.S. vehicles is now at a record high of 11.5 years. That means the average passenger car on the road today was built for the 2004 model year--and that there's a long tail of cars stretching well back into the 1990s around you in daily traffic. Study Reliability

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Why North Dakota Is Like Iran, Iraq, Nigeria & Russia: Wasted Natural Gas

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An editorial in The Forum of Fargo-Moorehead blasted the North Dakota natural-gas industry for wasting valuable resources through flaring What does North Dakota have in common with Iran? If North Dakota were a country, it would rank fifth behind Russia, Nigeria, Iran, and Iraq on the list of worst natural-gas wasters, according to the World Bank.

Enerkem launches full-scale waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility

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officially inaugurated its first full-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Enerkem Inc.

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Project LIBERTY cellulosic ethanol plant comes online; corn waste as feedstock

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POET-DSM’s long-anticipated Project LIBERTY , the US’ first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant to use corn waste as a feedstock ( earlier post ), began production today. In 2013, INEOS Bio’s Indian River BioEnergy Center in Vero Beach, Florida, began producing 8 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year from vegetative, yard, and municipal solid waste.

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Siemens researching thermoelectric waste heat recovery for lower grade exhaust; industrial and mobile application

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Siemens is researching technologies that would allow waste heat from vehicles and industrial facilities to be used efficiently. The chemical industry, as another example, uses waste heat from reactions in order to preheat other substances, for example. To date, exhaust gas has generally only been used if it was hundreds of degrees Celsius hot.

Alphabet Energy introduces PowerModules for modular thermoelectric waste heat recovery; partnership with Borla for heavy-duty trucks

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Compared to other waste heat recovery systems, the E1 requires only minor up front engineering scope and no operation by the customer. It has long been our goal to be known as the ‘Intel Inside,’ or in our case, the ‘Alphabet Inside’ of waste heat recovery.

Penn State researchers develop thermally regenerative ammonia battery (TRAB) for efficient waste heat recovery

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To “recharge”, the TRAB uses low-grade waste heat from an outside source. 2 through acid addition to the regenerated catholyte to decrease pH and dissolve Cu(OH) 2 precipitates, suggesting that an inexpensive acid or a waste acid could be used to improve performance.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Calls Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars "Waste Of Time"

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Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is not a man to mince his words. We already know he''s not a fan of other electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt, he doesn''t really like plug-in hybrids, and he''s quick to step in and defend his company whenever there''s a hint of negative publicity.

Tenneco/Gentherm showcasing prototype of thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery; targeting 5% fuel economy improvement

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Tenneco and Gentherm (formerly BSST/Amerigon) are part of a US Department of Energy (DOE) consortium actively developing a thermoelectric generator (TEG) for capturing waste exhaust heat in vehicles and converting it to electrical energy to be used to power electrical systems within the vehicle. Gentherm is supplying modular, cylindrical-shaped thermoelectric cartridges that convert waste heat from the exhaust into electricity. TEG component (cartridge) and TEG architecture concept.

MIT/Stanford team refines TREC battery for harvesting low-grade waste heat

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In May, researchers at MIT and Stanford University reported the development of new battery technology for the conversion of low-temperature waste heat into electricity in cases where temperature differences are less than 100 ?Celsius. Batteries Waste Heat Recovery

MIT team finds chemical functionalization can lead to efficient graphene-based thermoelectric materials

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Graphene Thermoelectrics Waste Heat Recovery

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NEC, NEC TOKIN and Tohoku University develop spin-Seebeck thermoelectric device w/ 10x better conversion efficiency

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Thermoelectric conversion technology that converts energy abandoned as waste heat back to electric power is strongly anticipated to be used for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Materials Thermoelectrics Waste Heat Recovery

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New Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Impala runs on food scraps and waste

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Running your car on table scraps and leftovers; it sounds like something which is still the reserve of films like the classic Back to the Future and the time-travelling DeLorean car. But now for Chevrolet Impala CNG that dream is a reality.

SUEZ Environnement and Déinove partner on R&D to convert urban waste to ethanol with Deinococcus bacteria

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SUEZ Environnement and Déinove ( earlier post ) are collaborating on an R&D program to explore the development of a process to convert organic urban waste into ethanol using Deinococcus bacteria. This organic waste is currently mainly recovered via composting and methanization. For the past six months, Déinove has already been collaborating with SUEZ Environnement, which is making various sources of waste from its operating units available to the company.

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DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office updates Multi-Year Program Plan; focus on wet wastes

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The latest version of the MYPP presents a merged conversion R&D section; the renaming of the demonstration and market transformation area; and emerging work in wet waste-to-energy feedstocks. BETO says that wet wastes represent an underused feedstock and an emerging pathway to advanced biofuels that has the potential to greatly contribute to BETO’s near-term and long-term advanced biofuel and bioproduct goals.

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Total and Waste Management invest in waste plastic to synthetic crude startup Agilyx

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Agilyx Corporation, a startup commercializing a waste plastic to synthetic crude oil technology, has closed a $22 million Series B round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and joined by new strategic investors, Waste Management, Inc. Agilyx’s patented waste plastic conversion technology—Anaerobic Thermal Reclamation (ATR), developed by Kevin DeWhitt, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Agilyx—converts ground waste plastic into synthetic crude oil.

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Delivery matching service saves millions of wasted road miles

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A website designed to match people who want goods moving with available delivery companies already making similar journeys, says that it’s service has successfully saved more than 10 million otherwise wasteful road miles since launching in 2008.

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Enerkem raises C$59M in latest financing round; Valero Energy joins, Waste Management increases investment

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Waste to biofuels and chemicals company Enerkem announced the closing of C$59 million (US$60 million) in financing. joins existing investors Waste Management, Rho Ventures, Braemar Energy Ventures and Cycle Capital, who have each invested in the new equity round. With Valero joining Waste Management as a strategic investor, Enerkem becomes one of the very few renewable products companies that is aligned with industry leaders from both upstream and downstream parts of the business.

Researchers developing free-piston linear generator for exhaust waste heat recovery

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Researchers in China have developed a novel free-piston linear generator (FPLG) to recover exhaust waste heat efficiently from a vehicle engine. Engines Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems Waste Heat Recovery

SUTD team proposes low-temperature thermionic converter with graphene cathode; about 45% efficiency

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If realized, an efficient, low-temperature TIC could provide a supplementary or an alternative approach to thermoelectric devices for waste heat recovery using low grade waste heat—i.e, Graphene Thermoelectrics Waste Heat Recovery

2015 31

Zero Waste Energy breaks ground on organic waste to CNG fuel facility

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Zero Waste Energy, LLC (ZWE) broke ground on an anaerobic digestion facility in South San Francisco, CA that will convert organic waste into compressed natural gas (CNG) and compost. The Blue Line Biogenic CNG facility will convert 11,200 TPY of food and green waste into 100,000+ diesel equivalent gallons of CNG fuel. and Zero Waste Energy, LLC. The project addresses numerous AB 32 requirements, diverting almost 95% of the organic waste feedstock from landfills.