Honda premiers BRIO urban commuter car in Thailand

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HATC), Honda’s automobile production and sales subsidiary in Thailand, has unveiled the BRIO urban commuter car. Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., The starting price will be 399,900 baht (US$13,300), with an annual sales plan of 40,000 units. The BRIO. Click to enlarge. The BRIO is equipped with Honda’s 1.2-liter 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine delivering 90 hp (67 kW), with fuel economy of 5 L/100km (47 mpg US). Emissions from the Brio meets Euro 4 emission standards.

Honda Electric Micro Commuter Car To Begin Testing In Japan

Green Car Reports

America''s wide open spaces have never been conducive for small car sales success, but the story is quite different elsewhere. We already know how popular the tiny kei-class cars are in Japan, for example--but some automakers are exploring even smaller vehicles to meet future transportation needs. Honda is the latest carmaker to confirm testing of


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Toyota and Aston Martin Collaborate on iQ-Based “Cygnet” Luxury Commuter Car

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and Aston Martin are collaborating on the “Cygnet”—a new luxury commuter car based on the iQ platform ( earlier post ) that will be exclusively built for and sold to Aston Martin owners. The commuter car will be tailored specifically to customer requirements at Aston Martin’s global headquarters in Gaydon, the United Kingdom.

Honda CEO: Honda Studying Battery Electric Commuter Car, But Holds Fuel Cell Vehicle as the Ultimate Eco-car

Green Car Congress

Honda is currently conducting research on a short-distance battery electric vehicle as a “ city commuter car. ” ( Earlier post.). But we’re studying the US market with a view to introducing this commuter car in the future. A fuel cell car is a full electric vehicle.The development cost must come down and there must be a major expansion of the hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

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2012 Hyundai Accent SE: Quick Drive Report--Commuter Car Test

Green Car Reports

Contrary to the practice in much of the rest of the world, subcompact cars are rarely the sole household vehicle in the U.S. They're more likely a second or third car, often used for commuting--and rarely occupied by more than a single person. With that in mind, we tried to assess our two and a half days in a 2012 Hyundai Accent SE hatchback from

Study finds economic losses due to health burdens caused by in-car PM2.5 exposure inversely proportional to per capita GDP

Green Car Congress

Some of the world’s cities suffer disproportionate economic losses because of the health consequences of in-car air pollution, according to a new study by an international team led by researchers at the University of Surrey (UK). in-car exposure against its GDP per capita.

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New electric vehicle models available now

Plug in America

From a truck that can handle any terrain to a luxury car with more than 500 miles of electric range, read more about these stunning new EVs, sorted by the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. .

Built to compete with the best of them

Electric Auto Association

The cars have come a long way since we purchased the original LEAF, which was a simple commuter's car; now the whole industry is moving into futuristic transportation. The car’s sensual curves are breathtaking.

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Honda delivers first Fit EV to California customer

Green Car Congress

The couple was the very first registrant to sign up to lease the Fit EV and plan to use their vehicle as a daily commuter car. Matt and Becky Walton have a long history of owning Honda vehicles, beginning with a Honda N600 sedan and a Honda Z600 coupe in the 1970s and now a Honda Odyssey which will be used as a secondary car. American Honda Motor Co., delivered the first all-electric 2013 Honda Fit EV to a couple in Southern California.

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Mercedes-Benz to test car-to-X communication as means to reduce the risk of accidents on icy roads

Green Car Congress

In the coming winter, in cooperation with the district of Zollernalb, Mercedes-Benz will test how safety on wintry roads and the efficiency of municipal winter services can be improved with car-to-X communication. Car-to-X is the term used to describe communication between vehicles and the transport infrastructure. Mercedes-Benz passenger cars equipped with car-to-X technology, whose owners have activated the Live Traffic Service, will provide the necessary data for the pilot tests.

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UK study links being a car commuter with obesity to a 32% increased death risk

Green Car Congress

New research presented at this year’s European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow, Scotland (28 April - 1 May) shows that individuals with obesity who commute by car have a 32% higher risk of death, from any cause, compared with those individuals with a normal weight and commute via cycling and walking. However, the risk of heart disease was still increased by 82% in active commuters with obesity compared with normal weight active commuters.

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Proposed Changes to Federal EV Tax Credit – Part 2: End of the Manufacturer Sales Phaseout

EV Adoption

At that amount, the Bolt becomes an extremely attractive commuter car or second car for those who don’t care about super fast charging, amazing styling and technology, or fast performance.

Op Ed: Getting a Head Start

All Cars Electric

Earlier this week, while I was researching a piece about the three-foot-wide Tango commuter car, I noticed that their website and brochure promote it as a traffic-beater, stating that "Where lane splitting is permitted? a Tango or motorcycle can travel in 20 seconds the distance that a car travels in 20 minutes."

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Riversimple introduces Rasa prototype two-seater fuel cell vehicle; 300 miles on 1.5kg H2; production version in 2018

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unveiled the Rasa, a road-legal engineering prototype of its first two-seater hydrogen fuel cell road car, built for full European type approval. Riversimple plans to offer the car to motorists through a “sale-of-service” model. Customers will simply exchange or return the car at the end of the ownership period. Its lines were styled by Chris Reitz, one of Europe’s leading car designers. City car Fuel Cells HydrogenRiversimple Movement Ltd.

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Top 15 Nissan LEAF markets in US in 2013

Green Car Congress

Driving habits in Chicago also are heavy with suburban to urban commuting patterns. The enhanced driving range of the 2013 LEAF—partially enabled by the energy-efficient hybrid heater that is an especially important feature for Chicago—has helped make the EV a viable commuter car in this huge car market, Nissan said. Worth, which has a healthy charging infrastructure in the state that is home to NRG’s eVgo, which provides car charging services.

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Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Concludes Knockout Qualifying Stage; 15 Vehicles from 12 Teams Continue On

Green Car Congress

Edison2 Very Light Car #97 (Charlottesville, VA) Internal Combustion Engine. Edison2 Very Light Car #98 (Charlottesville, VA) Internal Combustion Engine. Commuter Cars, Tango (Spokane, WA) Battery Electric. Edison2, Very Light Car #95 (Charlottesville, VA) Internal Combustion Engine.

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Rinspeed To Present an Intelligent Mobility Concept Based on “UC?” Electric Car at Geneva Show in March

Green Car Congress

Swiss-based concept powerhouse Rinspeed, which converts and manufactures prototypes and limited series vehicles, will unveil an intelligent mobility concept that integrates electric commuter cars, rail and the Internet at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. which stands for “Urban Commuter” or “You see?”. —it’s a new and highly emotional web-based car world that interweaves individual and public transport in an intelligent way. AkzoNobel Car Refinishes.

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EV Charging at Work Helps Employees Get Back to the Office

EV Connect

That includes the way workers commute, when they commute at all. That means that climate-conscious commuters will pursue other eco-friendly travel methods and speed up the inevitable transition to electric vehicles.

Scion iQ EV arrives in US for campus and urban car-sharing programs

Green Car Congress

The iQ EV is a battery-electric four-seater city commuter car designed for car-sharing programs, in urban and campus environments; Toyota is targeting around 90 units for these applications. Toyota developed the iQ EV specifically as a city commuter, for use in an urban environment, where driving distances are likely to be short, charging opportunities numerous, and its compact proportions beneficial. 2013 Scion iQ EV. Click to enlarge.

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You Can't Do That!!! (the day the dreamers "grow up")

DIY Electric Car

car, recycled batteries, recycled wires and recycled dreams." A couple weeks ago deer hit me on the way to work and destroyed our car, we were going to replace the car with another "beater" as a commuter car but thought this would be a perfect time to realize our dream and convert a car from gas to electric. We started looking more intently for a car which would make a ideal donor car and found Brian.

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Arc 1 Conversion Journal 3/3/2012

DIY Electric Car

It has been about 5 months since I posted my first blog about converting my car to electricity. Winter 2011-2012: Engine Bay and Under-car: The car is now completely gas-less. I was also able to strip a good 2/3rds of the wiring from the car as they were directly related to ICE components. The bay and belly are now clean of all grease; estimated 2 gallons of crud stuck to the bottom of the car that is now gone. " motor that is typically used in smaller cars.

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That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

Creative Greenius

Having the world’s greatest car is nice. Steve Westly knows the Tesla Roadster is the hottest car ever introduced to the maketplace all by itself and Tesla’s General Manager, Jeremy Snyder knows much better than Steve how the success of the Tesla Roadster made the Tesla Model S car possible which in turns makes the Tesla commuter car coming next down the line something that’s actually going to happen.

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New Study Outlines Pathway to 76% Reduction in UK Transport Sector CO2 Emissions By 2050; Road Transport Becomes Carbon Neutral

Green Car Congress

Measures for Spatial Planning include: Pedestrian-oriented design: urban car VKT reduced by 10%. Road space reallocation: urban car CO 2. High occupancy only vehicle (HOV) lanes: urban car VKT reduced by 1.4%. Workplace car parking charges: CO 2 emissions from commuting by car reduced by 12%. Thus, assuming 25% of total car CO 2 emissions are due to commuting, this equates to a 3% reduction in total passenger car CO 2.

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BCG Report Expects Battery Costs Will Constrain Widespread Market Adoption of Fully Electric Vehicles, Absent a Technology Breakthrough; Forecasts 26% of Major Market New Cars in 2020 To be Hybrid or Electric

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Despite this cost challenge, however, the report projects steady growth for hybrid and electric cars—including mild- and full-hybrids; plug-in hybrids; extended range electric vehicles; and fully electric vehicles. Under the most likely scenario of the industry’s evolution, BCG estimates that 26% of the new cars sold in 2020 in the major developed markets (China, Japan, the United States, and Western Europe)—or approximately 14 million cars—will have electric or hybrid power trains.

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New diesel Volkswagen Golf GTD heading for the US; first driving impressions

Green Car Congress

Since the A-pillar has migrated towards the back of the car, the hood looks longer and the car has a premium “cab backwards” look. The ESC can also be activated and de-activated by settings in the CAR menu as well as by the button on the center console. The lower steering ratio in the center means that the car responds more quickly when entering a turn and also reduces the amount of effort needed to turn the wheel at extreme steering lock, such as when parking.

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Reflections on Converting a 914 to an EV

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The conversion car came from and had very little rust and good structural integrity. This made the car much easier to drive (similar to an ICE vehicle). The AC motor also provides regenerative braking for free, which also aids in stopping the car with the heavier battery weight. The critical parts needed to complete the car took eight months for delivery. The transmission on the original 914 was bad and rattled the car violently.

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Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDI-S road test

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Likely to appeal to many motorists from newly qualified young drivers looking for something with serious street cred to those looking for an economical and environmentally friendly commuter car or just run-about town small car. When admiring glances are forthcoming at the supermarket car park, you will be glad you opted for this little gem. Suzuki Swift lease prices Suzuki Swift new and nearly new car prices.

Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

Green Car Congress

early technology adopters and relatively affluent urban consumers interested in a “green” commuter car). Early Adopters vs. Mainstream Car Buyers. Mainstream car buyers are careful about investing in new technologies that are not fully understood.

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Profile: Li-ion Battery and Pack Supplier Valence Technology

Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress had the opportunity recently to have a discussion with Mark Donaghy, the Global Marketing Manager for Valence Technology, Inc., Valence is trying to persuade OEMs to consider vehicles with a maximum range of 30-40 miles which would still cover the majority of commutes while minimizing battery investment. Valence sees future families having two cars: a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for longer trips and an all electric commuter car.

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Reva: A little company with big ambitions. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

Slow, clunky, even potentially “life-threatening” – these are just a handful of the insults that have been thrown the way of electric car maker REVA and particularly its G-Wiz model. Despite being a pioneer in the electric car field, the firm saw its image tarnished particularly by safety concerns when a test by Top Gear Magazine, following Euro NCAP specifications, found that occupants could suffer “serious or life threatening” injuries in a 40mph crash.


Rav4 EV

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

This car has half the power, substantially more battery capacity, and similar range to the EV1. Much of the car is identical to the ICE counterpart. The BIG advantage of this car (besides the fact that nobody can take it away from us!) This is the car that we take on family trips, and it is also the daily commute car now that the EV1 has been returned to GM. It took over a month for my car to be delivered AFTER my charger was certified.

MIT Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Electric Cars : Gas 2.0

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

MIT Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Electric Cars Written by Andrew Williams Published on March 12th, 2009 7 Comments Posted in Batteries , Electric Cars (EVs) Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed battery cells capable of charging in under a minute, an astonishing 100 times faster than a regular rechargable battery. The tango (commuter cars) says they only need 50 million to become profitable.

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Plug In America - Links and Resources

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car? Prop 87 Missed Opportunity RAVs to Keep Rolling in LA Holiday EVangelism ZEVTech Saving RAVs Holiday EVangelism Who Killed the Electric Car? nk City Electric car Documentary about electric cars, hybrids, hydrogen and the future of transportation. Who Killed the Electric Car?"

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Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Home » Transport Stocks » Alternative Energy , Autos Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms 16 comments by: James Rickman April 24, 2009 | about stocks: ENON.OB / F / GE / GM / MMTOF.PK / NSANY / POR James Rickman 17 Followers 1 Following You are currently following James Rickman Stop Following You are no longer following James Rickman About this author: James Rickmans articles on Seeking Alpha Visit: Sustainable Virtual BiZ, Inc. Electric cars a still a joke.

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