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2018 130

2013 Ford Focus Electric Test Drive

Electric Cars are for Girls

"After a spin around FedExField in the new Focus EV, I think Ford has definitely upped their game." - Eric Caldwell

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Ford makes $500M minority investment in Rivian; next-gen Ford EV on Rivian skateboard

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company has made a $500-million minority equity investment in electric vehicle maker Rivian ( earlier post ). As we continue in our transformation of Ford with new forms of intelligent vehicles and propulsion, this partnership with Rivian brings a fresh approach to both.

2019 112

2013 Ford Escape Review

Hybrid SUV Blog

2013 Ford Escape. Ford is increasing its commitment to fuel-efficient SUVs by discontinuing the production of the Ford Escape Hybrid, one of the most popular hybrid SUV’s on the market. Hybrids accounted for 22 percent of Escape sales at their peak, according to Ford.

Review: 2018 Ford Focus ST-Line

Green Cars News

The Ford Focus

2018 57

Ford Starts EV Test Drives

Revenge of the Electric Car

Ford is starting EV trials in Germany. For more details, follow the link … Ford Plans to Start Electric-Car Tests in Germany Next Month. “Ford Motor Co. The 25 vehicles will be driven under normal traffic conditions in Cologne, where Ford’s European division is based, said Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, director of the Center for Automotive Research at Germany’s University of Duisburg-Essen, which is overseeing the 15 million-euro ($22 million) study.

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Ford Transit Connect Electric

Electric Cars are for Girls

Ford Transit Connect Electric: Interview with Chris Abarca from Azure Dynamics about the TCE

Ford will use VW platform to build an electric car for Europe

Green Car Reports

Ford and Volkswagen announced jointly on Friday that VW will share its MEB affordable electric car architecture with Ford, while VW will join Ford's Argo self-driving effort. In addition to its own efforts to build electric cars, Ford will build a new electric car for the European market based on Volkswagen’s mass-market MEB platform.

2019 64

A brief history of… the Ford Focus

Green Cars News

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t always a sight for sore eyes, yet he was there at just the right time when something broke in an early Ford Focus gearbox during testing on the car’s international launch in 1998

2019 66

Ford and Volkswagen expand global collaboration to include EVs, invest in Argo AI

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen AG are expanding their global alliance to include electric vehicles—and will collaborate with Argo AI to introduce autonomous vehicle technology in the US and Europe. For Ford, using Volkswagen’s MEB architecture is part of its more than $11.5

2019 109

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid will carry a price tag over $50k

Green Car Reports

Although Ford plans to woo electric-vehicle fans—and attract a new crowd to plug-in vehicles—with its upcoming, Mustang-inspired all-electric crossover, arriving next year, it’s the fully redesigned Explorer that will probably continue to do the heavy lifting for Ford on the family-vehicle front. ford explorer

2019 65

Ford C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi owners still waiting for cooler charge cords

Green Car Reports

Six months after Ford issued a recall over a fire risk and its charge cords, some drivers of Ford plug-in vehicles still don’t have the peace of mind of a new charge cord. The recall, issued last August, affected or the 120V AC “convenience charge cord” that Ford supplies with more than 49,000 U.S.-market charging Home charging 2013 Ford Fusion Energi

2019 59

2020 Ford Escape to offer hybrid and PHEV variants

Green Car Congress

Ford has revealed the 2020 Escape; the small SUV will make its first public appearance at the New York International Auto Show. Titanium models are available with an all-new heads-up display, a first-for-Ford in North America. To date, Ford has sold more than 4.5

2019 132

And Ford makes three

Plugs and Cars

In Congressional testimony last week, Alan Mullaly, head of Ford, committed the company to developing plug-in cars. Next month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we will discuss in detail Ford’s accelerated vehicle electrification plan, which includes bringing a family of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles to market by 2012. Tags: Ford plug-in hybrid battery electric car

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Lightning Systems introduces Generation 2 model of its battery-electric Ford Transit powertrain

Green Car Congress

Lightning Systems introduced a longer-range, higher-speed, Generation 2 model of its Lightning Electric system for the Ford Transit. The full-electric system is available for the Ford Transit Passenger van, Cargo van, Cutaway and Chassis Cab models.

2019 125

Ford approaches 1 billion pounds of aluminum recycled; 900M pounds back into Ford products

Green Car Congress

By end of this year, Ford will have recycled approximately 1 billion pounds of aluminum (currently approaching 900 million pounds of aluminum recycled back into Ford products).

2018 103

First drive review: Ford Edge

Green Cars News

If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘that car looks quite American’ then you won’t be surprised to learn that the Ford Edge has been sold in the US. Ford First Drive Edge Reviews Editors Picks

2016 63

Ford reveals EV+ for electric only driving

Green Cars News

That’s because Ford has revealed EV+, designed to help drivers of hybrid cars and [.]. Electric cars Ford Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-in Hybrid Ford C-MAX Hybrid Ford EV+ Ford Fusion Hybrid green cars

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How Ford got back in the EV game

Plugs and Cars

Ford has done it's share of electric cars, including the Ranger EV and Th!nk Of course Ford needed some plan to deal with last year's high gas prices. The surprise appearance at the Detroit Auto Show last month of an electric Focus may be evidence of a new day (again) at Ford.

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Ford electric SUV could meet 300-mile target, and then some

Green Car Reports

Ford has been teasing—even promising—a new Mustang inspired high-performance electric SUV, perhaps called Mach E or Mach 1, that it says will have a 300-mile range. DON'T MISS: 2021 Ford Mach E: What we know Now the company has announced that the model has earned a 370-mile range rating in the generous European WLTP driving cycle.

2019 84

Former Ford CEO suggests electric-car “reckoning” as US adoption lags

Green Car Reports

Many major automakers, including Ford Motor Company, have changed their tune on electric cars, and stepped up targets for EVs and electrified vehicles over the past several years.

2019 89

Driven: Ford Focus Electric

Green Cars News

Ford has been astonishingly quiet when it comes to electric cars, which is surprising for a company professing to be one of the biggest in the business. Electric cars Ford Editor Pick

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2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid: Key points of modular system due in many more models

Green Car Reports

Ford has a lot of catching-up to do with respect to hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The Ford Escape Hybrid held onto what was a strong hybrid niche for Ford, and the introduction of hybrid and Energi (PHEV) versions of the C-Max and Fusion seemed like the start of

2019 80

Justice Department investigating Ford emissions certifications

Green Car Reports

Some 2017 and newer Ford vehicles may have illegally polluted more than the company claimed during emissions certifications, and the company admitted Friday that criminal investigators were looking into the matter. Department of Justice began investigating the Ford vehicles in February was made during the company's.

2019 60

Ford Model T: what was its fuel economy, really?

Green Car Reports

In a recent video posted to YouTube, environmental advocacy group The Sierra Club dialed up production values to call out Ford's lobbying efforts to roll back fuel-economy standards. The video showed a man getting into a modern-day Ford, starting the engine, then noting the shift lever had an array of reverse gears but no forward drive. History Fuel Economy Ford Model T

2018 66

New Ford Fiesta Van tops fuel economy charts

Green Cars News

It’s not often we talk about vans on however, when it comes to green vans there has arguably never been a more attractive option than the new Ford Fiesta Van (pictured).

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2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid first drive review: Muscle over mpg

Green Car Reports

Such is the case with the hybrid system Ford Hybrid systems aren’t all tuned for the highest possible fuel efficiency.

2019 77

Ford introduces hybrid version of new 2020 Explorer

Green Car Congress

Last week, Ford unveiled the new 2020 Explorer, featuring lighter, leaner and stronger construction with its broadest model lineup to date, equipped with more powerful and efficient EcoBoost engines.

2019 110

Ford, VW Ante Up

Plug In Partners

Ford to bring back ESCORT in 2010 with 100 mpg Hybrid Next Energy News Sept. 2007 Ford Motor Company has embarked on a bold mission to bring back the Escort name in a revolutionary new Plug-in Hybrid vehicle. Ford is invested in the U.S. M omentum for a Plug in Future continues.

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XL launches PHEV Ford F-250; 50% improvement in fuel economy

Green Car Congress

XL unveiled its plug-in hybrid electric Ford Super Duty F-250 pickup truck ( earlier post ) at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The XLP F-250 has no effect on Ford factory warranties, and requires no special maintenance procedures or charging infrastructure enhancements.

2019 112

Ford takes 3D approach to sand printing

Green Cars News

Additive manufacturing is being embraced by Ford with many components of the Ford EcoBoost 3.5litre engine [.]. Ford Green cars Latest news Ford 3D sand printing Ford EcoBoost green cars sand printing

2013 74

Ford plans to revamp Michigan plant for 2023 electric car production

Green Car Reports

Ford Motor Company yesterday announced a plan to build future electric vehicles at a Michigan plant that currently makes the Ford Mustang. Ironically, the plant won’t be where Ford will ramp up production next year of its Mustang-influenced all-electric performance SUV; but the move represents an important shift for Ford.

2019 80

Ford sets sights on top spot with Focus – EcoBoost success

Green Cars News

The Ford Fiesta is on track to be this year’s top selling global car on the B-platform: and now Ford wants its Focus model (pictured) to take the overall top-selling global nameplate prize too. Ford Green cars Latest news ecoboost Ford EcoBoost Ford Fiesta Ford Focus green cars

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Ford spins-out autonomous vehicles organization

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company has created Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, a new organization charged with accelerating Ford’s autonomous vehicles (AV) business to capitalize on market opportunities.

2018 85

Ford Mustang Hybrid: Oughta have a V-8?

Green Car Reports

The Ford Mustang, despite the company's announcements that it will be offered as a hybrid, may not be one of them. According to new patent filings from Ford, revealed by AutoGuide, the Mustang may In an era of spreading electric cars and more stringent fuel-economy and emissions standards, some muscle cars are losing their signature V-8 engines.

2019 63

Ford Edge Follows

Plug In Partners

Ford is now getting the word out that the Ford Edge crossover platform gives the company "the ultimate in flexibility in researching advanced propulsion technology" and thus could easily use a small gasoline or downsized diesel engine in lieu of the fuel cell.

2007 130

Ford extends Transit Plug-In Hybrid Van trial to Cologne

Green Car Congress

Ford will begin commercial trials of the plug-in hybrid Transit Van in Cologne, Germany. Ford recognizes Cologne as a city of strategic importance regarding future mobility. —Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of the management board, Ford of Germany.

2018 106

Review: Ford Mondeo Vignale

Green Cars News

Ford’s decision to launch the luxury Vignale sub-brand was always going to be a bold move. Ford Mondeo ReviewsBreaking into a market segment that’s already dominated by.

2016 41

Ford Escape Hybrid Update For 2011

Hybrid SUV Blog

The 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV continues to offer superior fuel economy as its past years’ models. The Ford Escape Hybrid has been available for about five years. And Ford c laims it is the most fuel-efficient SUV in America. Ford Escape

Have you heard about the Ford Focus Electric?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Ford is coming out with a 240 volt electric version of the Focus at the end of the year. It's got a portable charging system, fast charging (3-4 hours), and a "Value Charging" application from Microsoft so you can charge up when it's cheapest

2011 182

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Available

Hybrid SUV Blog

The Ford Escape is Ford’s best selling SUV ever. Offering a hybrid version potentially could have both good and bad implications for Ford. On the plus side, the popularity of the gasoline-only version gives Ford a leg up in promoting the hybrid vehicle. Ford Escape

Lightning Systems Gen 2 electric Ford Transit named in CARB executive order; new NMC batteries for longer range

Green Car Congress

Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emissions drivetrains for commercial fleets, has had its longer-range, higher-speed, Generation 2 model of its Lightning Electric system for the Ford Transit ( earlier post ) named in an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

2019 101

Ford invests $500M in Rivian to tackle Tesla, future electric vehicles

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicle company Rivian announced on Wednesday that Ford has invested $500 million in it, in return for Rivian's help developing a new electric Ford model. Rivian recently took $700 million in investment from Amazon and others. Rivian reportedly held talks with General Motors earlier in the year. Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe told Bloomberg at. F-150 Rivian

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