Umicore inaugurates CAM plant in Poland; complete battery materials value chain in Europe

Green Car Congress

This makes Umicore the first company in Europe with a complete circular and sustainable battery materials value chain. With this gigafactory, Umicore is leading the way in battery materials in Europe offering key ingredients for a responsible and sustainable value chain for electric transport.

Poland 248

NIO Power Europe plant to commence operation; support for battery swapping and R&D

Green Car Congress

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Hungarian Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Hui Zhang, Vice President of NIO Europe Office, jointly announced that NIO Power Europe Plant in Pest megye, with investment from NIO, will commence operation in September. Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe

Europe 284

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Toyota Europe establishes Fuel Cell Business Group

Green Car Congress

To maximize the opportunities for hydrogen in Europe, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has established a Fuel Cell Business Group to oversee its hydrogen activities across the region. Europe Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 345

Energy crisis slowing NIO's expansion in Europe, says William Li

CN EV Post

Soaring energy costs are an obstacle to NIO's rollout of battery swap stations in Europe, and slower-than-expected planning approvals are also hindering the rollout. The post Energy crisis slowing NIO's expansion in Europe, says William Li appeared first on CnEVPost.

Europe 114

Volvo Trucks had 42% market share of heavy-duty electric trucks in Europe in 2021

Green Car Congress

New statistics show that Volvo Trucks was the market leader for heavy all-electric trucks in Europe 2021 with a market share of 42%. The countries in Europe with the most electric trucks registered (?16 Electric (Battery) Europe Heavy-duty Sales

Europe 369

Toyota, Air Liquide and CaetanoBus partner to accelerate the development of hydrogen mobility in Europe

Green Car Congress

Air Liquide, CaetanoBus and Toyota Motor Europe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of developing integrated hydrogen solutions. Bus Europe Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Storage

Europe 341

Iveco Group chooses HTWO (Hyundai) fuel cell systems for the next generation of hydrogen buses in Europe

Green Car Congress

We have already started submitting public tenders for hydrogen-powered buses and will continue in the coming months; as we go on playing our leading role in the energy transition of Europe’s mass passenger transport segment.

Europe 356

Mazda2 Hybrid to be introduced in Europe; OEM model supplied by Toyota

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will introduce the Mazda2 Hybrid in Europe from the spring of 2022. Europe Hybrids Market Background

Europe 329

T&E: Europe burns 19 million bottles of sunflower and rapeseed oil every day in cars

Green Car Congress

A new analysis by European environmental NGO Transport & Environment finds that Europe burns more than 17,000 tonnes of rapeseed and sunflower oil every day—the equivalent of 19 million 1-liter bottles. Ukraine accounts for 40% of the global sunflower oil exports and is also Europe’s largest supplier of rapeseed oil. In recent years, Europe put 58% of all rapeseed and 9% of all sunflower oil consumed in the region into its cars and trucks.

Europe 274

SK On secures US$2B for battery business in Europe

Green Car Congress

in Europe currently under construction in Iváncsa, Hungary. Korea Trade Insurance Corporation and the Export-Import Bank of Korea held SK On’s battery business in Europe in high regard in terms of its contribution to the national interest. Currently, SK On new plants are under construction in the United States, Europe, China, and more. Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe Manufacturing

Europe 190

NIO's William Li shares what he's doing in Europe

CN EV Post

The post NIO's William Li shares what he's doing in Europe appeared first on CnEVPost. NIO NIO EuropeNIO's bosses checked out the construction of the company's NIO House and its first battery swap station in Germany as they are on a 10-day road trip in an ET7.

Europe 114

EIA: US, Qatar and Russia provided almost 70% of liquefied natural gas received in Europe in 2021

Green Car Congress

In 2021, a large share of Europe’s supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) originated in the United States, Qatar, and Russia. In January 2022, the United States supplied more than half of all LNG imports into Europe for the month. Europe LNG Market Background Russia

Russia 343

Toyota Motor Europe starts transporting vehicles by cross-channel rail freight to reduce emissions

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has started transporting new cars by cross-channel rail services between its Valenciennes Vehicle Logistics hub in France and Toton (UK). Emissions Europe Freight Manufacturing Market Background Rail Vehicle Manufacturers

Europe 330

Get H2 partners propose green hydrogen pipeline in Europe

Green Car Congress

Seven companies from the GET H2 initiative in Europe want to build a cross-border pipeline for green hydrogen. Europe Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Infrastructure

Europe 356

Honda unveils new Civic hybrid in Europe: Civic e:HEV

Green Car Congress

In Europe, Honda has unveiled the all-new Civic e:HEV, the 11 th generation of its iconic global compact car. The all-new Civic will arrive in Europe from Autumn 2022. Europe Hybrids Vehicle Manufacturers

Stellantis and Toyota Europe expand partnership with new large-size commercial van including electric version

Green Car Congress

and Toyota Motor Europe N.V. Stellantis will supply TME with the new large-size commercial van for sale in Europe under the Toyota brand. The large-size LCV announcement deepens the collaboration enabling Toyota to complete a full LCV line-up in Europe, while allowing both companies to benefit from development and production cost optimisation. Electric (Battery) Europe Vehicle ManufacturersStellantis N.V.

Europe 264

Ford to introduce 7 new electric cars and vans in Europe by 2024; plans for new battery plant

Green Car Congress

Ford will offer a new generation of seven, all-electric, fully-connected passenger vehicles and vans in Europe by 2024. The acceleration in Europe supports Ford’s goal to sell more than 2 million EVs globally by 2026 and deliver company adjusted EBIT margin of 10%.

Europe 350

Mazda unveils CX-60 crossover in Europe; e-Skyactiv PHEV, 48V MHEVs

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Europe unveiled its new crossover SUV, the CX-60. Mazda dealerships in Europe started accepting pre-orders for the model on 8 March and sales are due to begin in summer 2022. 48V Europe Hybrids Plug-ins

Mazda 310

EEA reports sharp decrease in CO2 emissions of new cars in Europe in 2020

Green Car Congress

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its provisional data about the CO 2 emissions of newly registered passenger cars and vans in Europe in 2020. 2020 car registrations by fuel type in Europe. million new vans registered in Europe in 2020 with average emissions of 157.7

2020 356

Shell to start building Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant: Holland Hydrogen I

Green Car Congress

subsidiaries of Shell plc, have taken the final investment decision to build Holland Hydrogen I, which will be Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant once operational in 2025. Europe Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Market BackgroundShell Nederland B.V.

Equinor, RWE join Europe’s biggest green hydrogen project: NortH2-project

Green Car Congress

Equinor and RWE have joined the NortH2 project, which aims to produce green hydrogen using renewable electricity from offshore wind off the coast of Netherlands of about 4 gigawatts by 2030, and 10+ gigawatts by 2040, kickstarting the hydrogen economy in Northwest Europe.

2020 287

Daimler Truck and TotalEnergies partner to develop hydrogen ecosystem for transportation in Europe

Green Car Congress

The two companies remain fully committed to working with the consortium, a key vehicle to support the rollout of hydrogen-powered transport in Europe in the coming decade. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Infrastructure Market Background

Europe 328

BMW introduces iX3 electric SUV; destined for China and Europe

Green Car Congress

China Electric (Battery) EuropeBMW unveiled the iX3 electric SUV ( earlier post ), offering full electric mobility in a BMW X model. Electric power consumption combined in the WLTP test cycle is 19.5 – 18.5 kWh/100 km.

2020 361

Volkswagen Group and bp launch strategic partnership for rapid roll-out of EV fast charging in Europe

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen and bp have launched a strategic partnership that will boost the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe, unveiling their first charger in Dusseldorf, Germany. Electric (Battery) Europe Infrastructure Market Background

Europe 292

NIO seen transporting ET7 sedans across Europe

CN EV Post

The post NIO seen transporting ET7 sedans across Europe appeared first on CnEVPost. NIO NIO ET7 NIO EuropeTrailers transporting the NIO ET7 have been seen driving on the roads in the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.

ACEA publishes interactive map showing hydrogen truck refueling stations needed in Europe by 2025 and 2030

Green Car Congress

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) has published an interactive map showing the number of truck-specific hydrogen refueling stations required in Europe (the 27 EU member states plus the UK) by 2025 and 2030 for each country.

Europe 322

Volkswagen introduces ID.5 electric SUV coupé in Europe

Green Car Congress

In Europe, Volkswagen has launched a new ID. GTX will launch in Europe in early 2022. By 2030, at least 70% of Volkswagen’s unit sales in Europe are expected to come from electric-only vehicles—that is equivalent to more than one million vehicles.

Europe 364

Toyota Motor Europe invests in EODev to expand hydrogen solutions

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has become a direct shareholder in EODev ( Energy Observer Developments ). EODev—along with its partners—is positioning itself as a leading European designer, assembler and distributor zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale.

Europe 419

Mercedes-Benz simplifies charging rates for Mercedes me Charge in Europe

Green Car Congress

From June 2022, there will be a new tariff system for the approximately 300,000 charging points in the Mercedes me Charge network in Europe. Mercedes me Charge offers customers access to more than 850 charging point operators in Europe. Electric (Battery) Europe Infrastructure

Europe 239

Volkswagen Group and bp to partner to expand ultra-fast electric vehicle charging across Europe

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group and bp intend to work together on extending and speeding up the deployment of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities at bp retail sites across the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Electric (Battery) Europe Infrastructure Market Background

Europe 330

Hyundai ships 10 XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck to Europe for commercial use

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor is developing a long-distance tractor unit capable of traveling 1,000 kilometers on a single charge equipped with an enhanced fuel cell system with high durability and power, aimed at global markets including North America and Europe. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2020 390

Constellium planning aluminum recycling investment in Europe

Green Car Congress

Aluminum maker Constellium SE is in the advanced planning stages of an investment to increase its recycling capacity in Europe. This project will be focused on using recycled material to provide slabs for Constellium’s automotive and packaging businesses in Europe. Europe Manufacturing Market Background Materials Weight reduction

Europe 189

NIO to hold local NIO Day event in Europe in Q4, president says

CN EV Post

For NIO, it will see greater competitiveness in Europe than in China, said Qin Lihong. The post NIO to hold local NIO Day event in Europe in Q4, president says appeared first on CnEVPost. NIO NIO Day NIO Europe NIO Sub-brand

Europe 114

Toyota moves mobility services in Europe under Cologne-based KINTO Europe

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has started KINTO Europe GmbH, a limited liability company with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. KINTO Europe is headed by CEO Tom Fux. In addition to hosting Full Service Lease activities, KINTO Europe GmbH will also accommodate other KINTO-branded mobility services developed by Toyota. The roadmap includes market-by-market deployment of KINTO-branded services across Europe.

Europe 184

Toyota’s diesel line-up in Western Europe to be made compatible with HVO100 diesel fuel

Green Car Congress

Toyota’s toughest, body-on-frame models in Europe are to be made compatible with HVO100 diesel, a non-fossil fuel made from 100% renewable sources such as waste cooking oil. HVO100 fuel pumps are becoming more common at filling stations in Europe, with around 1,000 already in use across Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Europe Fuels Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

Diesel 175

Jeep to introduce four electric SUVs in N America and Europe by end of 2025

Green Car Congress

Jeep will introduce four all-electric SUVs in North America and Europe by the end of 2025. The Jeep Recon will be sold in major markets around the world, including Europe. It will be sold in major markets around the world, including Europe. Jeep Avenger arrives in Europe in 2023.

Jeep 248

Hybrids represented 52% of all Toyota Motor Europe sales in 2019; 63% in West Europe

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe reported 2019 sales of 1,089,422 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of +5.2% The new RAV4 plug-in hybrid will be the flagship of Toyota’s hybrid lineup in Europe. Europe Hybrids Sales Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 227

Update: NIO sends first ET7s to Europe on three vessels, instead of one

CN EV Post

It appears that some NIO ET7s have already arrived in Europe and have been seen in Oslo, Norway. The post Update: NIO sends first ET7s to Europe on three vessels, instead of one appeared first on CnEVPost. NIO NIO ET7 NIO Europe

Norway 107

NIO said to be sending first ET7 sedans to Europe for local sales

CN EV Post

Referring to the time it took to ship the NIO ES8 to Norway last year, the first NIO ET7s may not arrive in Europe until mid-October. The post NIO said to be sending first ET7 sedans to Europe for local sales appeared first on CnEVPost. NIO NIO ET7 NIO Europe

Norway 114

Eurocell EMEA to build Gigafactory in Western Europe; NCM cathodes, graphite-silicon composite anodes

Green Car Congress

Now we are planning to rapidly expand in Europe, supplying the energy storage and automotive industries with our market-leading technologies that last longer, perform better and are 100% safe. Batteries Europe Manufacturing

Europe 228

Phillips 66 and H2 Energy Europe form JV to build European network of hydrogen refueling stations: JET H2 Energy

Green Car Congress

Phillips 66 and H2 Energy Europe have closed on a 50-50 joint venture to set up and operate a network of hydrogen refueling retail sites in Germany, Austria and Denmark. JET H2 Energy Austria GmbH (JET H2 Energy), the joint venture between subsidiaries Phillips 66 Limited and H2 Energy Europe SA, will combine the retail expertise of Phillips 66 and the hydrogen expertise of H2 Energy and be well positioned to boost the development of hydrogen in Europe.

Europe 175

Chinese electric vehicles make presence felt in Europe

The Driven EV News

The post Chinese electric vehicles make presence felt in Europe appeared first on The Driven. Electric Cars EV News BYD China Europe MG Polestar saicChinese automakers make steady inroads into European car market with an increasing number of high-profile and popular EVs.

HEI study in Europe finds evidence of health effects at lower levels of air pollution

Green Car Congress

In the report, the investigators describe the development of new exposure models for all of Europe for four pollutants: fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ), black carbon (BC), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), and ozone (O 3 ), as well as PM 2.5 Emissions Europe Health Market Background

Europe 260