Hyundai ships 10 XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck to Europe for commercial use

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Hyundai Motor is developing a long-distance tractor unit capable of traveling 1,000 kilometers on a single charge equipped with an enhanced fuel cell system with high durability and power, aimed at global markets including North America and Europe. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2020 154

Hybrids represented 52% of all Toyota Motor Europe sales in 2019; 63% in West Europe

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Toyota Motor Europe reported 2019 sales of 1,089,422 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of +5.2% The new RAV4 plug-in hybrid will be the flagship of Toyota’s hybrid lineup in Europe. Europe Hybrids Sales Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 90

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JATO Dynamics: 17% of new passenger car registrations in Europe in April were electrified

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As expected, new car registrations in Europe faced a steady decline in April. This represents the lowest monthly level since the 1970s, and the worst result among the big three markets: China, USA-Canada, and Europe. Europe’s sharp decrease was only outperformed by India (-100%).

2020 103

BYD sets out EV expansion strategy for Europe; Tang SUV heading to Norway first

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BYD Europe outlined an expansion strategy for EVs in Europe, including the trial introduction of electric passenger cars, alongside longer-term plans to bring new BYD LCV and eTruck ranges to the market. —Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe. Electric (Battery) Europ

2020 96

ACEA: electric buses made up 4% of new bus registrations in Europe in 2019

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Bus Electric (Battery) Europe SalesLast year, 85.0% of all new medium- and heavy-buses (over 3.5 tonnes) registered in the European Union were fueled by diesel; the market share of gasoline in this segment was close to zero.

2020 125

New Honda Jazz to be sold across Europe with standard hybrid powertrain

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The car will be available across Europe in summer 2020, with prices starting in Germany from €22,000 for the Jazz and €26,250 for the Crosstar variant. For the first time, the Jazz will be sold exclusively across Europe with an advanced hybrid powertrain. Europe Hybrids

2020 132

BYD secures Europe’s largest single order for electric buses to date: 259 eBuses for Keolis

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BYD has secured the largest single order to date for full battery-electric buses in Europe in a deal with Keolis Nederland BV, the Dutch subsidiary of global public transport provider, Keolis. —BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho. Bus Electric (Battery) Europe Heavy-duty

2019 121

Stylish Citroën ë-C4 electric car detailed, positioned for Europe

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Citroën is launching an all-electric version of its C4 compact hatchback as part of a redesign of the model. Aimed at the European market, the C4 will continue to offer gasoline and diesel powertrain options as well.

2020 83

Porsche opens Europe’s most powerful rapid-charging park in Leipzig; 7MW, all renewable energy

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Porsche Leipzig currently has Europe’s most powerful rapid-charging park, which is operated entirely with electricity from renewable energy sources. Electric (Battery) Europe Infrastructure

2020 109

EEA: average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans in Europe increased again in 2019

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Zero- and low-emission vehicles must be deployed much faster across Europe to achieve the stricter targets that apply from 2020, EEA said. Emissions Europe Market Background2 -emissions-from-new-cars-vans-2019">According to provisional data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA), average CO 2 emissions from new passenger cars registered in the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom (UK), increased in 2019, for the third consecutive year.

2020 73

ACEA: plug-in vehicles take 6.8% market share in Europe in Q1 2020; HEVs at 9.4%

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In the first quarter of 2020, the electrically-chargeable vehicle segment in Europe significantly increased its market share, rising to 6.8% (from 2.5% Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Market Background Sales

2020 88

Total, Groupe PSA forming JV to produce EV batteries in Europe; €5B program; €200M pilot plant at Saft Nersac

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Energy major Total, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Saft, and Groupe PSA with Opel, intend to establish a joint venture named Automotive Cell Company (ACC) to develop EV battery manufacturing in Europe. Batteries Electric (Battery) Europe Manufacturing

2020 124

Volkswagen’s WeShare electric car-charing expands in Europe, fleet to increase to 8,400 EVs

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The objective is to pool the VOD offerings of the Volkswagen Group and to make them available in major cities throughout Europe. Car Sharing Electric (Battery) Europe Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 108

T&E: Electric bus orders in Europe more than doubled to 1,031 units in 2017; ~9% share of new registrations

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The number of battery-electric buses ordered in Europe more than doubled in 2017 compared to 2016, reaching 1,031 vehicles, according to a new analysis by environmental NGO Transport & Environment. Yearly electric bus orders in Europe from 2009 to H12018.

2018 161

T&E study finds cruise ships emitting 10x more SOx in Europe port cities than all Europe’s 260M cars

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An in-house study by environmental NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) has found that the luxury cruise brands owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC emitted in 2017 in European seas alone 10 times more SO x than all of Europe’s 260+ million passenger vehicles.

2019 146

Nikola Motor introduces Nikola Tre heavy-duty hydrogen-electric truck for Europe

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This truck is a real stunner and long overdue for Europe. The Tre will fit within the current size and length restrictions for Europe. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

2018 137

Toyota Motor Europe sold 578,400 vehicles 1H 2019; 52% hybrids

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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) reported half-year sales of 578,400 vehicles across the region, up 3.3% The new Camry that has been successfully launched this year in Western Europe is sold exclusively with a hybrid electric powertrain. For this period, the HEV share of TME sales stands at 52% across Greater Europe, and at 62% in Western Europe only. Europe Hybrids Salesyear-on-year and registering a 5.3% market share.

2019 82

Demand for battery electric vehicles in Europe doubles in July; growth driven by Tesla and Renault

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of the market share and its volume grew by 25% due to the strong result of the T-Cross, which sold 12,600 units and become Europe’s 5 th best-selling small SUV. Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Plug-ins Sales

2019 113

Hyundai Kona Electric: The new favored police patrol car for Europe?

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The Hyundai Kona Electric is proving to be a popular choice, in Europe at least. As cities look to reduce air pollution, some are equipping their police forces with electric cars.

2020 100

Germany on track to become biggest electric vehicle market in Europe

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EuropeUp until the past year, Norway was seen as a fringe case for electric-vehicle adoption, a nation in which widespread incentives had led to a situation in which there are more electric-car owners and drivers, per capita, than anywhere else in the world.

2019 83

JRC: e-vehicle market in Europe is slowly gaining momentum, but breakthrough is needed

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A new European Joint Research Center (JRC) analysis on the deployment of electric vehicles (EV) in Europe concludes that although the sector evolved significantly between 2010 and 2017, progress is still small to be characterized as full-scale commercialization.

2018 112

JATO: electrified vehicles 13% of new car reg in Europe in January 2020; electrified vehicles only growth-driver

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After a large increase of new vehicle registrations in Europe in December 2019, volumes for January decreased, marking another month of transition for the complex new car market. A total of 1,138,057 new passenger cars were registered in Europe in January 2020, representing a decline of 7.6%

2020 88

Driverless cars could dramatically increase traffic in Europe

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An increase in driverless cars that some in Europe anticipate will occur between now and the year 2050 could result in what one research group likens to "rush hour that lasts all day."

2019 86

Honda expanding partnership with SNAM on second-life batteries and battery recycling in Europe

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Honda Motor Europe is expanding its battery recycling partnership with SNAM (Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux) to advance the sustainable usability of its end-of-life traction batteries. —Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe. Batteries Europe Recycling

2020 68

In Europe, Ford introduces Mondeo hybrid wagon, 2.0L EcoBlue diesel for Mondeo

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—Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service, Ford of Europe. Ford has sold more than 250,000 Mondeos in Europe since the fourth generation model began reaching customers in 2015. Europe Hybrids

2019 120

Report: US will catch up with Europe on public EV charging infrastructure by 2030

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The United States is currently trailing behind Europe on electric-car charging infrastructure, but could catch up later this decade, according to a new report.

2020 92

EEA data show air pollution goes down as Europe takes hard measures to combat coronavirus

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The EEA monitors Europe’s air quality through a network of more than 4,000 local air pollution measurement stations across Europe. Displaying up-to-date information for Europe, users can gain insights into the air quality in individual countries, regions and cities. Although emissions of air pollutants have decreased substantially in Europe over recent decades, poor air quality continues to harm human health and the environment.

2020 68

2020 Audi Q5 plug-in hybrid arrives in Europe

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Audi released the 2020 Q5 55 TFSI e quattro—the first of its new range of plug-in hybrids—in Europe on Tuesday, with some impressive specs. miles (40 kilometers) of electric range on Europe's new WLTP driving cycle from its 14.1

2019 92

Toyota to supply its hydrogen fuel cell systems technology to Caetanobus SA (Portugal) Europe

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—Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO, Toyota Motor Europe. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty HydrogenToyota announced that it will provide its hydrogen fuel cell technology to Caetanobus SA in Portugal.

Honda accelerating electrification plans for Europe; all mainstream models by 2022

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Honda is further accelerating its electrification plans for Europe by moving forward its goal for all of its European mainstream models to feature electrified powertrains by 2022. —Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe. Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids

2019 78

Porsche expanding Charging Service in Europe; more than 49,000 charging points

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Electric (Battery) Europe InfrastructureJust a few months after the launch, Porsche is expanding its charging service for plug-in and electric vehicles ( earlier post ) by five countries and additional functions. The platform now has more than 49,000 charging points in twelve countries.

2019 112

The most powerful DC charging station in Europe (for cars) can deliver 400 kw

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The energy company Repsol has opened what it says is the most powerful electric-vehicle charging station in Europe—and it happens to be in Spain, a part of Europe that’s so far been largely skipped over by the fastest charging.

2019 111

Byton fills in more details, timeline for M-Byte electric SUV in Europe

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Ahead of the market arrival of its M-Byte electric SUV in Europe by the end of 2021, Byton has started to detail more about how its vehicles can be ordered, sold, serviced, and charged. Of Byton’s 65,000 worldwide reservations, 25,000 are in Europe.

2020 91

Ford introducing 48V mild-hybrid Fiesta and Focus in Europe

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At a Ford “Go Further” experience in Amsterdam on 2 April, Ford will unveil Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models for Europe. 48V Europe HybridsThe Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid will feature a mild-hybrid architecture with a belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) replacing the standard alternator, enabling recovery and storage of energy usually lost during braking and coasting to charge a 48-volt lithium-ion air-cooled battery pack.

2019 73

Porsche builds highest-power charging station in Europe—and Teslas are invited

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Porsche announced last Wednesday that it opened what amounts to Europe’s most powerful charging station yet.

2020 102

EEA report finds more action needed to protect Europe’s most vulnerable citizens from air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures

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The EEA report “ Unequal exposure and unequal impacts: social vulnerability to air pollution, noise and extreme temperatures in Europe ” draws attention to the close links between social and environmental problems across Europe. Emissions Environmental Justice Europe

2019 116

Volkswagen to offer refreshed Tiguan with new plug-in hybrid powertrain in Europe

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This versatile vehicle is available for sale in 80% of countries in the world and is the most successful SUV on the market in Europe. The normal wheelbase (NWB) version is manufactured at Volkswagen’s main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, for markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

2020 106

Hyundai Santa Fe plug-in hybrid specs and features revealed—for Europe

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Scheduled to go on sale in Europe in 2021, the Santa Fe follows the. The next-generation Hyundai Santa Fe will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the first time one has been offered in Hyundai's mid-size family crossover.

2020 64

Number of electric buses in Europe has increased from around 200 to 2,200 in 5 years

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Over the past five years, the number of electric buses in Europe has increased from around 200 to 2,200 vehicles, according to a report from Busworld. 7,216 electrically powered buses were built and 589 of these are on the road in Europe. Electric (Battery) Europe Heavy-dutyFor 2019, Poland-based Solaris claims to have concluded the most contracts for the construction of electric buses.

2019 80

ACEA, Hydrogen Europe and IRU call on EU to ramp up investments in hydrogen refueling infrastructure

Green Car Congress

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), Hydrogen Europe and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) are jointly calling on European policy makers to ramp up investments in EU-wide hydrogen refueling infrastructure for fuel cell electric vehicles. Unfortunately, hydrogen refueling infrastructure is severely lacking in Europe today, putting at risk the development of this innovative zero-emission solution, the organizations said. Europe Hydrogen Infrastructur

2019 70

Shorter range Audi E-tron planned for Europe

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Audi is already introducing a new version of its E-tron quattro electric SUV in Europe with smaller batteries. In Europe, it will be rated at 186 miles on The short-range model will have a 71-kilowatt-hour battery pack in place of the original's 95-kwh battery pack.

2019 77

Nissan Suggests 'Five Most Breathtaking Electric Drives' In Europe (Video)

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So if you're still planning a summer vacation, Nissan Europe has a few. Europe Videos plug-in cars Great Drives tourismOwning an electric car is fine for daily use, but if you have someplace special to go, some drivers may ask whether it's capable.

2015 109

Tesla Model 3 could charge faster in Europe, charging network results suggest

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Deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe have just started. Europe charging Fast Charging Combo ConnectorSo too have some accounts of the most significant difference included in European-market versions of the electric sedan: their CCS Combo DC fast charging port. One of those first accounts has come from the European charging network Fastned, which already operates many stations with.

2019 75