Ricardo wins UK funding to develop future electric trucks

Green Car Congress

Ricardo has won two UK Government-backed innovation competitions to develop novel solutions for heavy-duty vehicles focusing on improving efficiency and performance and reducing the cost of future electric trucks.

Future 232

Geely begins mass production of commercial satellites; support for future vehicles

Green Car Congress

Geely plans to utilize commercial satellites to support high-speed data connectivity, highly precise navigation, and cloud computing capabilities in future vehicles.


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#Joestradamus Knows Mike Pence’s Future Before It Happens

Creative Greenius

environment BananaRepublican heaven hell Joestradamus Mike Pence

Future 295

Fraunhofer IFF team designing hydrogen factory of the future

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IFF in Germany are designing the distributed and modular production and distribution of green hydrogen for industry, business and transportation throughout the value chain—a hydrogen factory of the future. The hydrogen factory of the future.

2020 349

Wärtsilä and Samsung Heavy to collaborate on ammonia-fueled engines for future newbuilds

Green Car Congress

Wärtsilä and the Korean shipbuilding company Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) have signed a joint development program (JDP) agreement aimed at developing ammonia-fueled vessels with 4-stroke auxiliary engines available for future newbuild projects.

Future 222

Bolting Into The Future

EV Club of CT

Town of Westport Adds 2 Chevy Bolt EVs To Its Fleet The Town of Westport has announced further progress to its march to net-zero by 2050 with the addition of 2 Chevrolet Bolt battery-electric vehicles. Read more.

U-M, Ford open robotics complex to accelerate future of advanced, more equitable robotics and mobility

Green Car Congress

Key research will focus on: The future of moving goods more efficiently, as the pandemic further fuels online retail growth. Self-driving vehicles and their role in the future of cities. Autonomous vehicles have the opportunity to change the future of transportation and the way we move.

Future 346

GM to source US-based lithium for future EV batteries from CTR; closed-loop, direct-extraction process

Green Car Congress

GM announced today that a “significant portion” of GM’s future battery-grade lithium hydroxide and carbonate could come from the Hell’s Kitchen development.

Future 366

Porsche officially drops diesel for future models

Green Car Congress

On Sunday, Porsche AG announced that it will in the future no longer offer diesel-powered models. By 2022, Porsche will have invested more than €6 billion (US$7 billion) in e-mobility, creating the basis for sustainable growth into the future. Due to this change in conditions, the company has decided to no longer offer diesel propulsion in future.

2018 239

Towing with an EV: Are electric trailers the future?

Green Car Reports

An electric trailer could solve the largest problem when towing with an electric vehicle: You might only go half the distance on a charge while towing. To compensate, EV shoppers who plan to tow beyond city limits need to opt for the largest possible battery pack.

Future 165

Allison Transmission developing next-generation electrified transmission for future US Army combat vehicles

Green Car Congress

Allison remains committed to working with our Defense partners and customers around the world to meet the demanding propulsion requirements of today, and developing solutions for the future. Looking to the future, the US Army is also considering replacing its heavy wheeled vehicle fleets with a Common Tactical Truck, and is considering options for new main battle tanks.

Future 161

DOE announces $64M for research into future coal power plants

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $64 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development (R&D) projects under the funding opportunity announcement ( DE-FOA-0002057 ), “Critical Components for Coal FIRST Power Plants of the Future.”. DOE’s Coal FIRST (Flexible, Innovative, Resilient, Small, Transformative) initiative is intended to develop the coal plant of the future needed to provide secure and reliable power to the US grid.

2020 270

ABB and PERIC join forces to develop future efficient hydrogen electrolyzers

Green Car Congress

Both companies will explore how the integration of ABB’s automation, electrification and digital solutions with PERIC’s electrolyzers can help reduce hydrogen generation costs in the future. ABB and PERIC, China’s leading manufacturer of hydrogen electrolyzers, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate the widespread adoption of hydrogen as an energy source.

BHP offboards its petroleum business in merger with Woodside; focus on “future-facing commodities”

Green Car Congress

An additional US$100 million is payable contingent upon a future FID for a Thebe development. We are proactively positioning for the future with a portfolio and capabilities that will enable us to grow long-term value.

Future 209

Industry & environmentalists tell EU the future of shipping fuel is green hydrogen and ammonia

Green Car Congress

Green hydrogen and ammonia offer a clean future for the shipping and fuels industry. The EU should promote the use of green hydrogen and ammonia by ships as part of its upcoming maritime fuel law, major shipping industry players and environmentalists have told the European Commission. The FuelEU Maritime initiative will require ships carrying EU trade to progressively switch to sustainable alternative fuels.

Wärtsilä and Samsung Heavy to collaborate on ammonia-fueled engines for future newbuilds

Green Car Congress

Wärtsilä and the Korean shipbuilding company Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) have signed a joint development program (JDP) agreement aimed at developing ammonia-fueled vessels with 4-stroke auxiliary engines available for future newbuild projects. Both parties recognise the importance of future carbon-free fuels in the marine industry’s drive towards decarbonization.

Future 161

Experts view on future transportation fuels

Green Car Congress

Since internal combustion engines will remain the primary mode of choice for mobility in the foreseeable future, both alternative (renewable) fuels and high-performance combustion concepts/ engines using fuels adapted for that purpose will be preferred for reducing the combustion impact on climate change. Government involvement, to enable financially the sound assessment of the future fuel options, investments, and to understand policy implications, is essential.

2018 216

Audi plots its future around mobility, not just EVs

Green Car Reports

Audi aspires to be more than just an automaker, aiming to use new technology to extract more revenue out of the cars it makes through mobility services. That's the main thrust of the automaker's new "Vorsprung 2030" strategy, unveiled Wednesday.

Future 138

Fukushima Prefecture and Toyota begin discussions aimed at building a hydrogen-based city of the future

Green Car Congress

Fukushima Prefecture and Toyota Motor Corporation have commenced discussions with various partners over building a city for a new future that makes use of hydrogen and technologies produced in Fukushima Prefecture.

Jolta Announces That It Will Serve As The First U.S. Distributor For Faraday Future

EV Obssesion

First-of-its-kind, EV dealership network Jolta, will help deliver Faraday Future electric vehicles in approximately 15 US metro areas. Distributor For Faraday Future appeared first on EV Obsession.

Miami 72

Rivian intends to make its own batteries, hints at future European plant

Green Car Reports

In paperwork required for its initial public offering (IPO), Rivian has disclosed that it's considering manufacturing its own batteries, and may also expand production beyond the United States. The company mentioned in-house battery manufacturing in a prospectus filed with the U.S.

Future 149

Skoda abandoning PHEVs per CEO: ‘Our future is the pure electric car’


Czech auto manufacturer Škoda has shared plans to focus less on its PHEV models in the future, and instead deliver more pure electric cars. more… The post Skoda abandoning PHEVs per CEO: ‘Our future is the pure electric car’ appeared first on Electrek.

PHEV 114

Amid Bolt EV recall, GM CEO emphasizes multiple future battery options

Green Car Reports

As it undertakes a massive recall of Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars due to alleged defects in battery cells, General Motors is talking up the benefits of multiple battery suppliers for future EV production.

Western Australia to invest $22M to accelerate renewable hydrogen future

Green Car Congress

The Western Australia Government of Premier Mark McGowan will bring forward the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets by a decade and invest $22 million to develop hydrogen supply, meet growing demand for the clean fuel and create jobs. Part of the WA Recovery Plan, the accelerated targets and nine studies and projects will boost the State’s renewable hydrogen industry and position WA as a major producer, user and exporter of renewable hydrogen.

2020 215

Teijin and Applied EV develop polycarbonate solar roof for future mobility

Green Car Congress

Teijin and its joint development partner Applied Electric Vehicles have developed a polycarbonate solar roof for future mobility applications. The new solar roof uses Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate resin glazing for its surface. Solar roof.

Solar 249

GM unveils new electric motors that will power its future EVs, starting with Hummer EV


GM has unveiled its latest series of new electric motors that will power its future electric vehicles, starting with the Hummer EV. more… The post GM unveils new electric motors that will power its future EVs, starting with Hummer EV appeared first on Electrek.

Hummer 113

Mercedes-AMG to electrify its future models

Discover EV

Mercedes-AMG will develop plug-in hybrids and pure electric performance cars in future

Mercedes-Benz transforming Stuttgart-Untertürkheim for “Electric First” future Drive Systems Campus

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is transforming its Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems unit and its Stuttgart-Untertürkheim site for an “Electric First” future in the context of Ambition 2039—the company’s path toward carbon neutrality.

Future 222

Ford plans to build battery cells for future electric vehicles

Green Car Reports

Ford plans to build and vertically integrate cells for future electric vehicles, and on Thursday it announced the establishment of a global battery “center of excellence,” called Ford Ion Park.

400-mile electric British roadster: UK funds enable a glimpse of the future

Green Car Reports

At an event last week focusing on low-carbon and fuel-cell innovation, a consortium of four suppliers together revealed the Aura, a fully electric sports car that combines a series of ideas that may point to the future in which automakers put a higher priority on weight reduction in EVs.

Aura 122

Faraday Future launches FF 91 viewing experience in New York


EV startup Faraday Future is celebrating the grand opening of what it’s calling the FF Futurist Experience in New York City, allowing the public to see its upcoming FF 91 EV up-close for the first time.

BMW provides first look at future BMW iX electric SAV; US launch in 2022

Green Car Congress

With time still to go before expected US market launch in early 2022, and with the series development phase ongoing, BMW provided a first look ahead at the future BMW iX. The BMW iX is the first model based on a new, modular, scalable architecture on which the future of the BMW Group will be built. The new technology architecture making its debut in the BMW iX provides the platform for significant progress in the areas of digital services and future automated driving systems.

2020 260

Feature: Are Electric Fire Trucks in the Near Future?

Clean Fleet Report

The Future of Electric Emergency Vehicles. The post Feature: Are Electric Fire Trucks in the Near Future? Another Niche Filled by an Electric Version. Electric cars, trucks and buses are slowly making their way onto roads. There have been more than 7.2

CATL cell-to-pack tech going into Indiana-built ELMS electric van, future battery swapping too

Green Car Reports

Startup Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) this week announced two new battery partnerships. Chinese battery supplier CATL will provide its cell-to-pack technology to startup ELMS for use in its Indiana-assembled electric delivery vans.

Electric car with extension and expandable solar offers a glimpse of future RV life


A new electric solar car project with a living extension and expandable solar panels is giving us a glimpse into what the future might hold for RV/van life. more… The post Electric car with extension and expandable solar offers a glimpse of future RV life appeared first on Electrek.

Solar 110

GM EV1 exec leaves Faraday Future

Green Car Reports

In the midst of the latest round of financial turmoil at the company, Faraday Future has lost a key executive, according to a report in the Verge. Peter Savagian was senior vice president at Faraday Future. Faraday FutureAnd he was the chief engineer of General Motors' EV1, arguably the first mass-produced modern electric car. One anonymous source inside.

EV1 88

SpaceX recovers second upgraded Cargo Dragon spacecraft for future reuse


The post SpaceX recovers second upgraded Cargo Dragon spacecraft for future reuse appeared first on TESLARATI.

Future 114

Toyota to build prototype city of the future, powered by hydrogen fuel cells

Green Car Congress

At CES, Toyota revealed plans to build a prototype “city” of the future on a 175-acre (0.71 Building a complete city from the ground up, even on a small scale like this, is a unique opportunity to develop future technologies, including a digital operating system for the city’s infrastructure.

2020 311

As Expected, Stellantis Prioritizes An Electric Future


The automaker is investing over $35 billion between now and 2025

WAE collaborating with Molicel, Nyobolt on current and future power-optimized battery cells

Green Car Congress

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and Molicel have agreed on a strategic collaboration to support the next generation of high performance, superior quality, lithium-ion power battery cells. Earlier, in July, WAE and niobium-based battery start-up, Nyobolt ( earlier post ), also announced an engineering and systems integration partnership designed to support and advance an additional solution for the next generation of high-power battery systems.

Future 179

Porsche’s Mission R Concept offers glimpse into an all-electric motorsport future


After teasing its debut at IAA Mobility Munich, Porsche has unveiled its Mission R concept, a study of an all-electric racing GT representing what the future of motorsports could look like.

Lucid announces DreamDrive: a ‘user-friendly, future-ready’ Advanced Driver Assistance System


A Robust Platform for Greater Capability in the Future. The post Lucid announces DreamDrive: a ‘user-friendly, future-ready’ Advanced Driver Assistance System appeared first on TESLARATI.

Future 108

Toyota taps ZF and Mobileye to develop ADAS for future multiple vehicle platforms

Green Car Congress

Toyota has selected ZF and Mobileye, an Intel company, to develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for use in multiple vehicle platforms starting in the next few years.

Future 222