G-Wiz UK electric car distributor is sold

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The G-Wiz (pictured), the iconic electric car, has been subject to plenty of derision over the years. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric cars G-Wiz GoinGreen Green Automotive green cars UKYet despite being mocked on TV shows like Top Gear it is still among the best-selling electric cars: and now it may have a new lease of life. That’s because California-based Green Automotive Company has signed an agreement [.].

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G-Wiz founder wins Energy and Environment award

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Maini’s company, founded in 1994, is known for its small electric car model, simply known as the Reva-or the G-Wiz here in the UK. [.]. Electric cars award Chetan Maini electric car Energy and Environment G-Wiz REVA The Economist winThe Economist has announced that Chetan Maini, co-founder of Reva Electric Car Company, is to receive its respected Energy and Environment Innovation award at the international publication’s forthcoming 2011 Innovation Awards.

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G-Wiz celebrates London life with limited edition electric car

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A special London themed version of the electric car the G-Wiz has been commissioned to celebrate the vehicle’s close ties with the capital city. Electric cars Boris Johnson ContainerPLUS G-Wiz GoinGreen limited editionElectric vehicle retailer GoinGreen has commissioned designers ContainerPLUS to come up with the limited edition of the car that is said to be a "unique, fantastical and surreal celebration of London" [.].

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NXR Electric Car To Replace Infamous G-Wiz

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If there's a more vilified electric car than the Reva G-Wiz, we're not aware of it. The Indian electric quadricycle has been the butt of jokes for years, with everything from its poor performance, circus clown car looks and concerns over safety coming in for criticism. Nothing lasts forever, and Reva owners Mahindra are set to launch its

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Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Victim Was On Phone, Not Using Seatbelt

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We brought you news last year of a horrific accident, in which a woman was killed when her G-Wiz neighborhood electric vehicle, a model not sold in the United States, was struck by another vehicle. Last November the G-Wiz of scientist Judit Nadal was An inquest into the accident has now ended and the verdict has been given as accidental death.

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Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Confirmed - Another Car Was Involved

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Just over a week ago we discussed the aspect of electric car safety, specifically that of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs, after 47-year old mother Judit Nadal was tragically killed in her Reva G-Wiz in an accident in London, U.K. Our earlier story was based on initial reports that Mrs Nadal had hit a wall and been thrown clear from the car

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EXCLUSIVE: What Killed The Electric Car? For G-Wiz, Other Electric Cars

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In an email earlier on today addressed to all G-Wiz owners Rudi Schogger, MD of GoingGreen, the U.K. It’s been a mainstay of British eco-chic for nearly a decade, but the little Indian four-wheel ‘car’ which can be found buzzing around the streets of London will no longer be sold in the U.K. importer of the Indian-built Reva

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G-Wiz! the Electric Car That Started a Revolution

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In early 2004, a tiny new car appeared on the streets of London. It confused, surprised and confounded everyone who saw it. It was more compact than a Smart ForTwo, it had cheeky, quirky styling that demanded attention, it could turn around in the width of a narrow street, it squeezed into the tiniest parking space, and it traveled in silence.

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Johnston stays on board with Energetique

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Australian electric car systems maker, Energetique, has renewed its partnership with marketeer Keith Johnston, known for his part in the successful relaunch of the Reva G-Wiz electric vehicle. Latest news Electric cars electric vehicles Energetique GoinGreen Keith Johnston London Future Car Challenge REVA G-Wiz

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Electrifying new guides for EV buyers

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Electric cars book G-Wiz guide i miev leaf model NissanBuying a new electric car can seem like a big and daunting step even for the most technologically-keen people out there. As such, wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear, concise and unbiased guide to making the switch to EV drive? Well now you can! A new series of Electric Car Guides are now [.].

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Electric car sales slump in UK

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Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric car sales electric car sales figures electric car sales UK electric vehicles G-Wiz electric car

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London Calling: Congestion Charge Recharges Electric Cars

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India's Reva was first into the market with the G-Wiz. G-Wiz (depending on model) Cost: £6600 - £8900 ($13,600 - $18,400) Range: 40-48 miles Top speed: 40-50 mph MEGA City Cost: £10,500 - £11,000 ($21,600 - $22,700) Range: 40miles Top speed: 40 mph Smart ForTwo: Cost: unknown Range: 110km (68miles) Top speed: 115km/h (71.5mph) Mitsubishi i-MIEV Cost: £15,000 - £20,000 ($30,000 - $40,000) Range: 160km (100 miles) Top speed: 130km/h (80 mph).

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REVA Electric Vehicles to be renamed

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Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news REVA Chetan Maini Mahindra & Mahindra Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicle Company REVA Electric Vehicle Company REVA G-Wiz


Mahindra prepares for new electric car launch

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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles is ready to begin production of its follow-up to the G-Wiz electric car, with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Bengalore, India. The new NXR electric car, while still compact, looks more like an ordinary car compared to the small G-Wiz. Still classed as a quadricycle, the new NXR [.]. Electric cars electric car india REVA

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Green Automotive Company to Acquire Going Green Limited, biggest retailer of EVs in Europe

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Going Green, doing business under the brand name “GoinGreen,” has sold more than 1400 G-Wiz electric vehicles, making it Europe’s largest single retailer of electric vehicles and generating annual revenues in excess of $1 million. The company pioneered electric vehicles (EV) in the UK with the G-Wiz, an EV designed in California and manufactured in India by the Indo-Reva Electric Car company.

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Rethinking the electric quadricycle. The Green Piece

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It has largely been accepted that the arrival of proper electric cars like the Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE have pushed early electric quadricycles like the G-Wiz and the Aixam Mega city to the sidelines. Tuesday 1 October, 2013. The Green Piece Column. But are models like the Renault Twizy- and [.]. Electric cars The Green Piece

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Exclusive: Top Gear's Spoof Electric-Car Episode Leaked (Video)

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Everything from the humble G-Wiz through to the mighty Tesla Roadster and the fresh-faced Nissan Leaf have fallen foul of their comical but factually inept portrayal of electric cars. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that the team behind BBC’s Top Gear really don’t like electric cars.

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What Consumers Should Know About Electric Car Crash Tests

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owner of a Reva G-Wiz, the tiny neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) sold in Europe as a quadricycle, was killed when her all-electric runabout hit a garden wall. The 47-year-old woman was thrown clear of the diminutive G-Wiz as it split in two just beneath the front seats where the heavy under-seat Yesterday, we heard the tragic story that a U.K.

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New Tazzari electric car arrives in the UK

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Italian firm Tazzari has launched a new electric car which will be exclusively distributed in the UK by GoinGreen, the company which brought you the G-Wiz. The new Tazzari EM1 is an urban crossover type vehicle which complies with full M1 passenger car standards, meaning it should not be hampered by safety concerns like the [.]. Electric cars electric car GoinGreen Tazzari

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Celebs and their green cars

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There are plenty of celebs eager to show off their green credentials, so we thought we’d give you a rundown on some o f the film /TV/sport and other personalities who want to make sure their car gives gives off the right green message: Jonathan Ross and the G-Wiz One of the original EV celebs [.].

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Reva Electric Car Company to Debut 2 New Electric Cars and Wireless Recharging System at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Aside from their current offering, the G-Wiz, the company will introduce two new electric models at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The small Indian company known as Reva specializes in electric cars of the diminutive variety. In addition to the vehicles, the company will also display what they claim is a wireless EV recharging system

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Sales of EVs in UK Plummeted 90% in 2009 Compared to Peak in 2007

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Nearly half of the electric vehicles sold last year were the tiny G-Wiz car. The UK’s Guardian reports that sales of new electric cars in the UK plummeted by nearly 90% in 2009 to 55 units, compared with their peak sales of 397 units in 2007. The huge fall is a blow to UK efforts to meet tough carbon emission cut targets in a decade, and comes just months before the government introduces a subsidy of up to £5,000 off new electric cars.

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UK Government Announces £5,000 Grants Towards Purchase of Electric Drive Vehicles and First Plugged-in Places

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0 g/km for EV. Max 75 g/km for PHEV. Existing electric cars, such as the G-Wiz—the most popular consumer electric car on UK streets—and the MEGA e-City will not be eligible because they do not go fast enough. Existing electric car distributors such as Goingreen—whose £9,000 G-Wiz is ineligible for the scheme—may also be hit as buyers delay purchasing an electric vehicle until the grants begin in 2011.

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Mahindra Mahindra Takes Majority Stake in REVA Electric Car Co.

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Its REVA electric vehicle was first commercially available in Bangalore in 2001 and in London in 2004, under the G-Wiz brand. India-based Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. M&M) is acquiring a majority share in REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. Bangalore. REVA Electric Car Co Ltd. will be renamed Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicle Co Ltd. Under the new agreement signed today by both the companies, M&M will own 55.2%

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REVA Electric Car Company Building New Plant in Bangalore

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The current model, REVAi, marketed in the UK as G-Wiz i, has a range of up to 80 km and a top speed of 80 km/h. Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), the manufacturer of the REVA electric car, is building a new assembly plant in Bangalore, India with a capacity of 30,000 units per year, to accommodate the increased production of the REVA and for the planned one new model per year from the end of 2009.

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Dealing with Petroleum Addiction, British Style

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The Times Online reports the British government's Department for Transport (DfT) has conducted a safety test on the all-electric Reva G-Whiz and found it wanting. But now the central government, long hostile to alternative-fueled vehicles (it has cracked down on vegetable-oil fueled cars), "decided to buy a G-Wiz and carry out its own crash test after becoming concerned by the rapid growth in sales."

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Reva: A little company with big ambitions. The Green Piece

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Slow, clunky, even potentially “life-threatening” – these are just a handful of the insults that have been thrown the way of electric car maker REVA and particularly its G-Wiz model. Indeed REVA is braced for the future having already unveiled several new models of its own that feature sleeker looks than the G-Wiz which has often been compared to a golf cart. Its interior is a significant improvement on the G-Wiz and the back seat comfortably fits two adults.


Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

The top speed of the Revai, sold as the G-Wiz in the U.K., The Wall Street Journal assesses your EV readiness. Are You Plugged In? By Mara Lemos Stein. Here is the full text of the entire article, in case the link goes bad: [link]. By MARA LEMOS STEIN. Some of the first plug-in electric passenger vehicles are slated to roll onto U.S. streets later this year. Are you ready? Test your knowledge with this Wall Street Journal quiz. The Journal Report. See the complete Energy report.

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GM teams with Reva to develop electric car

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The car maker will develop the car in conjunction with Reva, the manufacturer of electric vehicles, best known for its G-Wiz models in the UK. US car giant GM is to develop and market a small, cheap electric car for the Indian market. General Motors India and Reva Electric Car Company announced today in New Delhi the signing of an agreement to cooperate in the development of electric vehicles for the India.


Citroen C1 ev’ie road test

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There’s a lot of scepticism about electric cars, not helped by the fact that the most commonplace model in the UK is the GoinGreen G-Wiz – which is less an electric car, more of a quadricylcing accident waiting to happen. However, things are looking up for drivers who don’t want to lose any pleasure in driving, with the launch of the Citroen C1 ev’ie, an emissions-free version of the French carmaker’s class-leading city car.

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Call to support current generation of electric vehicles

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The bias against lightweight, low speed electric quadricycles such as the UK’s best selling electric vehicle, the REVA G-Wiz, is highly questionable. The REVA G-Wiz, for example, emits just 63 g CO2 / km when the carbon emitted at the power station is included (based on the UK’s electricity mix).

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More support needed for electric cars

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Frost & Sullivan also expressed concern that, with the exception of some niche manufacturers like G-Wiz, Tesla, and a few others, only Mitsubishi will have a market ready EV model available in 2011, in time to benefit from the subsidy. The market electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe could potentially grow to 480,000 units by 2015, according to a new report by business research and consultancy firm, Frost & Sullivan.

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Who is winning the green car race? Part II. The Green Piece

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REVA: An Indian company that markets the G-Wiz in the UK. In last week’s edition of The Green Piece Column, we looked at the leaders in the green car race including the likes of Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Nissan. However, it’s not just the ‘big boys’ of motoring that are having an impact as we enter a new automotive era. Instead, there are a host of emerging contenders, many of which did not even exist five years ago, that are threatening to knock the big names off their perch.

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Can the UK lead the green car charge? The Green Piece

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At present, the most popular electric car in the UK is the G-Wiz and it has a questionable safety reputation, not to mention the fact that there are cheaper alternatives on the market that don’t face the same limitations. The UK has been an epicentre for drivers with a green conscience for many years.

Time to review congestion charges. The Green Piece

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This means if you drive a hybrid car such as the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight; an electric car such as the G-Wiz or NICE Mega City; an LPG converted car; or an alternative fuel vehicle such as the Volvo CNG V70; then you can travel in and out of the city centre for free. A scheme that involves the public dipping into their pockets every day is rarely greeted with enthusiasm, but the success of the London Congestion Charge has silenced most of its critics.

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Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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What isclear is that the full £5,000 will not be available for a £8,000 G-Wiz or a£15,000 Smart EV. The G-Wiz, made in India, now offers a lithium-ion battery option that extendsits driving range from 48 to 75 miles – but doubles the price.

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Plug In America - Links and Resources

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Learn About Plug-ins What Are Plug-ins? Where Can I Buy One? Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car?

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