Aptera partners with Elaphe for in-wheel-motor technology

Green Car Congress

The rebooted Aptera Motors has teamed with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies on a long-range, volume production electric vehicle powered by in-wheel motors. Aptera, initially known as Accelerated Composites, formed in 2005 to bring highly efficient, three-wheeled vehicles to the market ( earlier post ), went out of business in 2011. Elaphe is a perfect match for Aptera. We provide the packaging versatility and turning needed to enable Aptera’s industry-best efficiencies.

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Aptera solar car claimed to need no charging starts at $25,900, arrives in 2021

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Aptera Motors now claims its updated electric three-wheeler will be able to run entirely on solar power, with no charging required for daily use. Specifically, Aptera claims its solar.

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1,000-mile electric car unveiled: Aptera returns 10 years later

Green Car Reports

Aptera Three-wheel two-seatWhat's the minimum necessary range for an electric car? The world's auto industry seems to have settled on 200-plus miles for North America and 300 kilometers (160 miles) or more for European and Asian markets. The longest-range 2019 Tesla, the Model S Long Range, gets an EPA range rating of 370 miles. So the idea of an electric car with 1,000.

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Aptera Interview Today at Last!

Electric Cars are for Girls

Steve Fambro, Aptera's founder, will be speaking today for the first time about Aptera. Specifically - hopefully - What Went Wrong Over at Aptera. Not to be ghoulish about an EV company that didn't make it, but.don't we all wanna know? The show airs live at 3pm Eastern on Transport Evolved

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Aptera's hyper-efficient, solar-charged car: Does $2 gas change its appeal?

Green Car Reports

A video recently last Tuesday by Aptera takes exactly that angle—introducing the company’s electric three-wheeler in light of international conflict and climate change, as related to the oil.

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Crowdfunded Aptera super-efficiency EV will use in-wheel motors

Green Car Reports

Aptera, self-proclaimed builder of the world's most efficient passenger vehicle, is partnering with Elaphe Propulsion to bring in-wheel motor technology to its 1,000-mile electric two-seater. If Aptera rings a bell but you can't quite place it, it was a company that was seeking funding to build a hyper-efficient, three-wheel electric car way back

Aptera delays 2e until 2010

Revenge of the Electric Car

Big changes at Aptera … more details ( plus official press release ) after the jump: Officially Official: Aptera production pushed back to 2010. Addressing the situation he said: “Right now my advanced work is a lower priority for Aptera. Here is the full text of the blog post, and the Press Release from Aptera Motors: [link]. Officially Official: Aptera production pushed back to 2010. Source: Aptera Motors]. About Aptera.

Aptera 133

First Apteras Rolled Out Today!

Electric Cars are for Girls

The moment we've all been waiting for - the first few shiny Apteras have poked their noses out from the factory door

Aptera 182

Cleaner EVs, Aptera, cheap gas and ethanol: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

And will an activist strategy about oil stoke interest in Aptera? Electric cars are cleaner than gas cars almost everywhere. Ethanol faces more challenges at the pump. Battery-electric trains catch on in Europe. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Aptera Uses Drag Strip To Prepare For Beta Prototype Production


The alpha prototypes handled really well, according to Chris Anthony

Aptera: incredible becomes believable

Plugs and Cars

The Aptera electric car, so futuristic looking it will appear in an upcoming Star Trek movie, is becoming more believable with each passing day. Tags: aptera battery electric car Extremely lightweight, it will be able to get decent range out of a relatively small lithium battery pack. Three-wheeled, it will not be speed limited like four-wheeled NEVs. They produced a short video from inside their Southern California base station. Check it out. Source: Autobloggreen.com ].

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Aptera Shutting Down For Good

Green Car Reports

Aptera has just released a statement, saying it will shut down operations today. The official letter is below: After years of focused effort to bring our products to the market, Aptera Motors is closing its doors, effective today. This is a difficult time for everyone connected with our company because we have never been closer to realizing our

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Aptera 2e makes public debut

Revenge of the Electric Car

We have TWO reports from guest bloggers who attended the Aptera in the Wild EVent Thursday night at Smooth’s Sports Grille in Long Beach, CA. Also embedded below is a recent Aptera 2e demo ride video (with founder Steve Fambro) from the 2009 TED conference (held in Long Beach, CA) recently uploaded by Aptera forum member Josh. It was a rainy night but I decided to jump in my car and see the new Aptera in person tonight in Long Beach. From: Aptera.

Aptera 100

Aptera redux, smart charging, lots of lithium: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Aptera returns. A familiar name in electric vehicles, Aptera, is back—with a new version of its three-wheeled EV that can now go up to a claimed 1,000 miles on a. Lithium is unexpectedly plentiful. Faraday Future could be headed for more change. And does smart charging matter as much as fast charging? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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Remy to Supply HVH250 Motors for the Aptera 2e Vehicle

Green Car Congress

Remy International will supply HVH250 electric motors ( earlier post ) for Aptera Motors’s Aptera 2e electric vehicle. Remy is already supplying a High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) electric motor for Aptera’s entry in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, where the 2e has successfully reached fourth phase of competition. The three-wheel Aptera 2e has a novel light-weight design weighing approximately 1,800 pounds.

Aptera 195

Aptera Unveils Pre-Production 2e, Suppliers

Green Car Congress

In a press conference in Carlsbad, California, Aptera Motors unveiled the pre-production version of the electric three-wheel, 200+ mpg Aptera 2e along with 23 strategic suppliers , including GE; A123Systems for the Li-ion battery pack; Remy International for the drive motor ( earlier post ); and BorgWarner for the single ratio transaxle. The Aptera 2e.

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Aptera returns and is aiming for 1000 miles of EV range

Discover EV

Aptera are aiming to build a car with unrivalled efficiency to give it a range of 1000 miles

2019 52

Aptera Staff Smash Prototype Electric Cars As Company Folds

Green Car Reports

At the end of last week we broke the news that Aptera, the company responsible for the futuristic three-wheeled electric car known as the Aptera 2e was closing down. Now a series of YouTube videos have surfaced showing showing people we assume to be Aptera employees wilfully destroying Aptera body shells with a forklift truck, presumably so they

Aptera 106

Close To 10,000 Reservations, Aptera Reveals Its Body Is Made Of Hemp


It’s biodegradable, light, and strong to prevent taking you on bad trips

Ex-Aptera Founder Reveals New Electric Sports Car, TORQ Roadster

Green Car Reports

That's what happened to Aptera, builders of a tadpole-like, two-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle. But Aptera If at first you don't succeed, try again. It's a positive, optimistic attitude that can go a long way when presented with challenges--such as your first electric car company disappearing after several years of optimism and hype.

Aptera 105

Morris electric van, Aptera in-wheel motors, Toyota LQ concept, testing Plaid: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The Aptera three-wheeled car is back with in-wheel motor tech. It’s a morning of returns. The British brand Morris is back with an all-electric, carbon-fiber vehicle. And Tesla has returned to Germany’s Nürburgring. A reconstituted Toyota concept points to future tech for Lexus, and Bosch borrows from airbag technology for a. Today in Car News

2019 72

AVL Simulation Technologies Assist in Development of Aptera 2e

Green Car Congress

AVL North America announced that since January 2009, it has contributed to the development of Aptera Motors’ electric vehicle concept, Aptera 2e, an Alternative Class finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition, through use of its vehicle system and driveline analysis tool, AVL CRUISE. The adaptable platform also played a key role in helping Aptera to meet the competition’s safety, emissions and performance requirements.

Aptera 163

Aptera Motors shuts down, effective today; cites lack of private sector investment to match DOE commitment

Green Car Congress

Aptera Motors, the developer of an all-electric, three-wheeled lightweight aerodynamic vehicle ( earlier post ) is shutting down. Aptera executives had been engaged in exhaustive due diligence with the Department of Energy (DOE) pertaining to an ATVM (Advance Technology Vehicle Manufacturing) loan. The concept of this vehicle had been in place since the very beginning of Aptera, and we had been wholly focused on its development for the last year.

Aptera 209

Aptera: It's Baaaaaaaaack! (We'll Believe It When We See it)

Green Car Reports

The gist is that the unique Aptera three-wheeled electric car is supposedly going to be reborn, and will return to the U.S. A new company, Aptera USA, purchased the assets of the old Aptera after its December shutdown--including the designs This story is now a couple of weeks old, but we haven't hurried to publish it. market sometime next year.

VW ID.4 review, Aptera solar claims, Rivian charging network, Bollinger update: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which battery startup hinted that its technology might be close to production-ready? Which automaker’s CEO suggested that a timeline for a gasoline-vehicle ban might be better than a credit system?

2020 83

Aptera Collapse: How & Why It Happened, A Complete Chronology

Green Car Reports

Posed in front of a mirrored glass office building under a colorful logo, they are the final employees of the now-defunct Aptera Motors on the last day of its existence: Friday, December 2. Now we can bring you the inside chronology of the events that led to the end of Aptera It's not the best photo, but it means a lot to the 19 people in it.

Aptera 116

100 MPG, Hand-Built, Gasoline-Powered Aptera Set For U.S?

Green Car Reports

A great many people were disappointed--though perhaps not surprised--when green automaker Aptera closed its doors in late 2011. Its project, the Aptera 2e, promised to be one of the most efficient vehicles on the road, but the company suffered the usual startup automaker pitfalls and disappeared with a bang.

Popular Mechanics Takes Aptera for a Drive

Plugs and Cars

Well, Popular Mechanics asked and the Aptera folks let them in. Tags: aptera This wingless Jetsonian vehicle has seemed to me to be too much design, too much gadgetry, too much website, and not enough practical, buildable car. I thought I could smell the vapor. The magazine's Ben Stewart took the all electric car (3 wheeler) for a 20 mile spin in Carlsbad CA. And he came back impressed. There's video , lots of stills and most of the basic stats you'd want to know.

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Aptera 2e Prototype: First Drive

Green Car Reports

That would be the Aptera 2e. The car is more than just an exercise in styling: Aptera plans to bring the car to market in late 2011. As electric cars make their way to market, one funky little vehicle has captured plenty of attention for its unusual looks. To that end, the company has been bringing a fully drivable prototype to various cities

Aptera: Mother Nature Meets the Electric Car

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Aptera is slightly behind schedule. Like a lot of us, at the last minute, she had to change her dress

Aptera closes as it fails to secure investment

Green Cars News

Electric car maker Aptera has had to close its doors for the final time after failing to secure investment. Aptera Motors Aptera Californian concept electric three wheelThe Californian firm, known for its kooky three-wheel electric concept, had plans for a four-door saloon type car, that was projected to get in the equivalent 190 miles to the gallon. The company had hoped to [.].

Futuristic Electric-Car Dream Dead? Aptera To Refund Deposits

Green Car Reports

It was great while it lasted, but the dream of being able to buy a sleek, three-wheeled Aptera 2e electric car seems to be receding into the distance. A month ago, the company stopped taking deposits for new Apteras, blaming an issue with the escrow account in which they were held. Now, the company says it will return all deposits it has taken to

Aptera 101

RIP Aptera: Lessons For Startup Electric-Car Companies

Green Car Reports

On Friday, Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur sent out an email with the news that the Aptera 2e -- the all-electric, two-seat, ultra-efficient car we’ve awaited for nearly five years -- wouldn’t be making it into production. As the long, drawn-out story that has been Aptera’s existence finally comes to a close, what can other small

Aptera’s Remaining Assets To Be Auctioned Off In 10 Days

Green Car Reports

One week ago, we heard the tragic story that Aptera Motors, which had planned to bring the ultra-efficient Aptera 3-wheeled vehicle to market, was closing for good. Then on Wednesday this week, YouTube videos surfaced showing what appeared to be Aptera Employees smashing prototype Aptera body shells. While the videos were uploaded on Wednesday, it

Aptera CEO: We're Not Dead, Just Moving, Okay?

Green Car Reports

Aptera Motors - the Californian automaker which has been telling us for five years that it would revolutionize the world of electric vehicles - might be refunding each and every person who had put down a reservation for its 2e electric car, but it is not dead, Aptera CEO Paul Wilbur has said.

BREAKING: Aptera Founder Steve Fambro Gives First Interview Live Today

Green Car Reports

Steve Fambro, the man behind the revolutionary and futuristic design that was the Aptera 2e electric car, 2h plug-in hybrid and 2g ultra-high mpg gasoline car, is breaking silence and giving his first public interview today on the online green transport show TransportEvolved.

Alternative Energy Transportation videos: Aptera and Tesla

Green Cars News

“Recharging Transportation” offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative California-based startup, Aptera Motors. Entrepreneurs Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony set out with a clean sheet of paper to design the most efficient alternative energy vehicle possible – And the result is the Aptera 2e, an electric vehicle capable of travelling over 161 kilometres on a single charge. Tags: Aptera Motors Electric cars Tesla Motors Aptera Tesla

Aptera Struggles Toward Production Of 3-Wheel Electric Car, Maybe

Green Car Reports

One of the most remarkable--and most delayed--of the promised new generation of electric cars is the three-wheeled Aptera 2e. The unusual, highly aerodynamic vehicle was designed by a startup automaker in Southern California. The resin-bodied car was a finalist at last year’s Auto X-Prize competition despite early handling concerns.

Aptera return, Polestar factory, Bollinger progress, Tesla insurance: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

What ingredient for electric-car batteries is currently in a state of oversupply? And which electric-vehicle brand from the past dusted off the mothballs and claimed a 1,000-mile range? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending August 30, 2019. On Friday we brought you some. The Week In Reverse

2019 65

Odds for auto startups are incredibly high; can Tesla beat them?

Green Car Reports

Aptera Elon Musk Tesla Motors Startups Elio Motors Faraday Future Lucid Motors BollingerMuch of the energy and growth in the U.S. economy comes not from large corporations but from small startup companies, as economic data shows. By now, the model of a young, energetic entrepreneur with a bright idea who turns it into a world-changing business is well established. Think Facebook or Google, or before them Microsoft or IBM or Kodak, or.

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Aptera Answers Our Questions, Shares No New Information

All Cars Electric

Last week we told you that Aptera Motors had temporarily halted its online reservation system for its three-wheeled, two seat, ultra-efficient 2e electric car. Unusually quiet since its failure to win the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize, we contacted Aptera to check everything was okay and was told by an unnamed employee that an issue

Aptera Struggles Toward Production Of 3-Wheel Electric Car, Maybe

Green Car Reports

One of the most remarkable--and most delayed--of the promised new generation of electric cars is the three-wheeled Aptera 2e. The unusual, highly aerodynamic vehicle was designed by a startup automaker in Southern California. The resin-bodied car was a finalist at last year’s Auto X-Prize competition despite early handling concerns.

Wait A Month For Details of 2e Electric Car, Aptera Says

Green Car Reports

On Friday, Aptera held its first online Town Hall Meeting--a chat among eager followers and some of the Aptera marketing team. Their intent, according to the opening spiel, was to "reduce some of the mystery around the company and open our supporters and depositors up to some of the great things that are happening here at Aptera, as well as