Maersk sets net zero CO2 emission target by 2050

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of global CO2 emissions. Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping company, has set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

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EIA: CO2 emissions from US power sector have declined 28% since 2005

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US electric power sector CO 2 emissions have declined 28% since 2005 because of slower electricity demand growth and changes in the mix of fuels used to generate electricity, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

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New report finds global CO2 vehicle emission reduction measures falter; dropping diesels, increasing SUVs

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Vehicle fuel economy improvements have slowed globally, according to the latest report from the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI): Fuel Economy In Major Car Markets: Technology And Policy Drivers 2005-2017.

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Volkswagen to tackle air conditioning emissions with CO2

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When it comes to vehicle emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2) is generally the problem that carmakers are looking to solve: attempting to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted from their exhaust pipes. However, now CO2 could actually be the solution rather than the problem.

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ReactWell licenses ORNL catalyst for direct conversion of CO2 to ethanol

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ReactWell , LLC, has licensed a novel waste-to-fuel technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve energy conversion methods for cleaner, more efficient oil and gas, chemical and bioenergy production.

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?@LATstevelopez You Must Live In An Alternate Universe Where CO2 Isn’t at 412ppm, Where We Aren’t Already In A Climate Crisis #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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climate change electric cars environment News Truth & Reality Los Angeles Times Steve Lopez

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Provisional agreement reached on European CO2 standards for heavy-duty trucks; 30% lower by 2030

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The European Parliament and the Council have reached provisional agreement on a regulation setting, for the first time in the EU, strict CO 2 emission standards for trucks.

2019 119

ITF: measures to decrease road freight CO2 emissions

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A new brief published by the International Transport Forum (ITF)—an intergovernmental organization at the OECD with 59 member countries— identifies proven measures that decrease road freight’s CO 2 emissions. Moving goods by road consumes about 50% of all diesel produced; 80% of the global net increase in diesel use since 2000 comes from road freight. Furthermore, road freight activity is set to more than double from 2015 to 2050.

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Volvo improves CO2 emissions of automatic models

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Volvo CO2 emissions fuel economyBuying an automatic instead of a manual car often come at the expense of fuel economy and emissions. But not if you buy a Volvo. The Swedish carmaker has been hard at work reducing the emissions and improving the fuel economy of its models.

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JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

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The analysis covered 23 markets in Europe and found a direct correlation between diesel car registrations and average CO2 emissions. The total value of CO2 emissions was on a steady decline from 2007, but started to slowdown in 2016 as the fall reduced from -4.1

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Researchers find product-specific active sites on copper catalysts for CO2 reduction

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Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) have shown that recycling carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and fuels can be economical and efficient using a single copper catalyst.

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Researchers find bio-inspired high-tech surfaces on hulls could greatly reduce drag and CO2 emissions of ships; up to 1% of global CO2

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If ship hulls were coated with special bo-inspired high-tech air trapping materials, up to 1% of global CO 2 emissions could be avoided according to a new study by researchers from the University of Bonn together with colleagues from St. Augustin and Rostock.

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Making 10% of fleets electric could cut CO2 by 5%

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Just how much money and CO2 companies could save by electrifying part of their fleet has been outlined in a new study. Latest news British Gas CO2

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Stanford team develops efficient electrochemical cells for CO2 conversion

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Scientists at Stanford University have developed electrochemical cells that convert carbon monoxide (CO) derived from CO 2 into commercially viable compounds more effectively and efficiently than existing technologies. Their open-access research, published in the journal Joule , provides a new strategy for capturing CO 2 and converting it into chemical feedstocks.

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GWU team demonstrates highly scalable, low-cost process for making carbon nanotube wools directly from CO2

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Marcus Johnson, Jiawen Ren, Matthew Lefler, Gad Licht, Juan Vicini, Xinye Liu, Stuart Licht (2017) “Carbon nanotube wools made directly from CO2 by molten electrolysis: Value driven pathways to carbon dioxide greenhouse gas mitigation,” Materials Today Energy , Volume 5, Pages 230-236 doi: 10.1016/j.mtener.2017.07.003.

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SOLETAIR project produces first 200 liters of synthetic fuel from solar power and atmospheric CO2

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The SOLETAIR project ( earlier post ) has produced its first 200 liters of synthetic fuel from solar energy and the air’s carbon dioxide via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

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Artificial Photosynthesis Might Make Fuel From CO2 & Sunlight, One Day

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Fuel emissions CO2 alternative energy renewable energy methanolElectric cars may have made great strides recently, but thousands of researchers are still searching for a sustainable liquid fuel. Such a fuel wouldn't require drivers who are used to pumping gas to alter their habits, and it would sidestep the issues of battery weight and charging times. What if there was a sustainable fuel that could do all of.

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EIA projects US energy-related CO2 emissions to remain near current level through 2050; increased natural gas consumption

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Carbon dioxide emissions from S energy consumption will remain near current levels through 2050, according to projections in EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2019.

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I’ve Done The Math – Now I’m Doing Something About It

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Why would your Creative Greenius walk away from his high-paying, highly rewarding executive role at CBS EcoMedia where I was working to fund environmental, education, and wellness projects all across the USA, just as the company hit more growth milestones and was likely to pay generous bonuses?

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Ford slashes CO2 emissions by a third

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Ford has cut CO2 emissions by more than a third (37 per cent) per vehicle across its global operations between 2000 and 2012, the carmaker has revealed, as it releases its 14th annual Sustainability Report.

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PA Consulting launches low CO2 salary exchange scheme

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CO2 emissions are restricted to a maximum of 160g/km, although as all the cars on [.]. Latest news CO2 emissions salaryPA Consulting, a leading IT and technology firm, is the latest company to sign up to Zenith Provecta’s salary exchange scheme. The scheme allows staff to sacrifice a proportion of their salary in order to drive a low emission car.

EEA: almost all Euro car makers met specific 2017 CO2 targets on new sales, but emissions up year-on-year

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All but three European car manufacturers met their specific emission targets in 2017, based on current European vehicle test rules. Nevertheless, average carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions from new cars sold in the European Union in 2017 rose by 0.4g

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European Parliament proposes 40% cut in new car CO2 by 2030; acceleration of sales of electric and low-emission cars

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We can only hope that national governments bring some realism to the table when adopting their common position on the future CO2 targets next week. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) approved a proposal which would set a higher target for reducing EU fleet-wide emissions for new cars by 2030 of 40% (compared to the EU Commission’s 30%; year of reference 2021) with an intermediate target of 20% by 2025. Similar targets are set for new vans.

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Toyota develops general-purpose hydrogen burner for industrial use; NOx emissions below natural gas burner levels, zero CO2

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Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has developed the what it says is the world’s first general-purpose hydrogen burner for industrial use in collaboration with Chugai Ro Co., The burner is now in use at the forging line in Toyota’s Honsha Plant.

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Renault becomes European low CO2 leader

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According to Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile (AAA-DATA), the French carmaker’s average CO2 emissions were just 115.9g/km of CO2 per vehicle sold in first half of 2013. Renault has become the European leader for the sale of low emission cars.

Ford hits CO2 manufacturing emissions reduction target of 30% per vehicle 8 years early

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Ford Motor Company has met its goal to reduce manufacturing CO 2 emissions eight years ahead of schedule. The goal, set in 2010, aimed to reduce the company’s global carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing operations by 30% per vehicle produced by 2025. As described in its 19 th annual Sustainability Report , Ford hit the target twice as fast as expected. The results are significant, with a global manufacturing CO 2 emissions reduction of more than 3.4

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UK auto industry warns anti-diesel agenda and slow uptake of EVs could mean missing 2021 CO2 targets; rising CO2 average in 2017

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The UK automotive industry warned that the current anti-diesel agenda combined with the ongoing slow take-up of electric vehicles could mean industry misses its next round of CO 2 targets in 2021, with negative consequences for the UK’s own climate change goals.

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All-time low for company car CO2

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CO2 emissions from new company cars achieved an all-time low last month. Latest news ALD Automotive CO2Vehicle leasing company ALD Automotive says that the average level of carbon dioxide emitted by new company cars purchased in the first half of 2012 dropped from 138g/km to 127g/km, following their lowest ever point in June (123g/km). Keith Allen, UK managing director [.].

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Study: countries seeking to cut CO2 emissions must get a handle on city-level emissions

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Countries seeking to meet Paris Agreement targets on CO 2 emissions must get a grip on the amount of pollution produced at city level, according to a new open-access study published in S cience Advances by an international team of researchers from Europe and China.

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Compare the CO2 with new Volvo tool

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Volvo Compare aims to provide car buyers with all the important data such as CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, monthly fuel cost, and has been developed by CAP [.]. Volvo CO2Green motorists can weigh up and compare the environmental impact of their next car alongside other potential models with the help of a new tool on Volvo’s website.

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Renault becomes European low CO2 market leader

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Renault has become the European leader for low CO2 emission vehicles and the first carmaker to ducked 115g/km CO2 for average emission level for its passenger cars, based on the full year sales data for 2013.

EST: Mileage management systems cut CO2 by 10 per cent

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UK fleets could reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 10 per cent with the introduction of mileage management systems, so says the Energy Saving Trust (EST). tonnes of CO2 emissions [.]. Energy Saving Trust CO2These systems accurately log the number of miles driven by employees for business purposes to help fleet managers identify any wasted journeys. Around 2.4m

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NEXCEL testing demonstrates potential 2g/km CO2 reduction by ensuring precise oil-engine match

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Testing of the latest Nexcel active engine oil management system ( earlier post ) across three different engine types has a{demonstrated} the system’s potential to reduce CO 2 emissions by 2 g/km.

2018 90

Columbia University engineers make breakthrough in understanding electroreduction of CO2 for conversion to electrofuels

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They applied a comprehensive suite of experimental and theoretical methods to identify the structure of the first intermediate of CO 2 electroreduction: carboxylate CO2 - that is attached to the surface with C and O atoms. Electrocatalysis and photocatalysis (artificial photosynthesis) are among the most promising ways to achieve effective storage for renewable energy.

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Germany delays CO2 emission cap

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Germany''s government has been successful in its efforts to delay the introduction of new CO2 emission limits in the European Union. After establishing a target of 95g/km of CO2 for the average car in 2020, environment ministers have now agreed to revise the deal.

New catalyst opens door to CO2 capture in coal-to-liquids process

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World energy consumption projections expect coal to stay one of the world’s main energy sources in the coming decades, and a growing share of it will be used in CT—the conversion of coal to liquid fuels (CTL). Researchers from the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy in Beijing and Eindhoven University of Technology have developed iron-based catalysts that substantially reduce operating costs and open the door to capturing the large amounts of CO 2 that are generated by CTL.

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Peugeot 208 set for EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show premiere

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Peugeot are set to debut its sub-99g/km 208 supermini at March’s EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show. The 208 will launch this June with six sub-99g engines – five of which are diesel – with the cleanest option slashing CO2 emissions to 87g and an average fuel consumption of 76mpg. Peugeot EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show UK

CO2 emissions at highest levels in history

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You may have thought that we are starting to win the battle against carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – however, new figures from the International Energy Agency suggest the opposite is true. It finds that energy related CO2 emissions in 2010 were actually at their highest levels in history after a dip in 2009 and represented [.]. Green credentials Latest news co2 emissions Green cars IEA International Energy Agency record carbon dioxide emissions

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Australia looks at mandatory CO2 standards for vehicles

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The Australian Government may be planning to introduce mandatory standards to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from passenger vehicles by 2015, after releasing a discussion paper outlining the key issues. Green cars Green credentials Latest news Australia Australian Government Clear Energy Future CO2 emission standards co2 emissions mandatory standards

DOE awarding up to $80M for supercritical CO2 pilot plant

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding up to $80 million for a six-year project to design, build, and operate a 10-MWe (megawatts electrical) supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO 2 ) pilot plant test facility in San Antonio, TX.

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Report: Global CO2 emissions at record levels in 2018

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Blame China—and India. Global carbon emissions are on the rise, and hit record levels in 2018, after remaining flat in 2016 and experiencing a small gain last year, a new report shows. The report by the Global Carbon Project came out just as world leaders gathered in Poland to discuss the next steps for reducing carbon emissions under the. global warming

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KIT spin-off producing synthetic natural gas from green hydrogen and CO2 from sewage sludge

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Chemical reactor company INERATEC , a spinoff of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the Spanish company GAS NATURAL FENOSA have built a plant in Spain that produces synthetic natural gas from CO 2 and renewable hydrogen.

2018 89

BMW cuts 1 Series to 99g/km CO2

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The new BMW 116d EfficientDynamics is powered by a 116hp, four-cylinder 1.6-litre TwinPower Turbo diesel engine emits just 99g/km CO2 and returns 74.3mpg –making it the most efficient series-production BMW to date. BMW 1 series co2 emissions efficientdynamics MarchBMW is to introduce three new powertrains to its 1 Series hatch range including a new 116d EfficientDynamics model.

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