Deep Cycle Batteries vs. SLIs

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Deep cycle batteries or regular auto batteries for your electric car? Don't waste your money

Trojan Battery showcasing new lines of Smart Carbon deep-cycle batteries

Green Car Congress

will showcase its new lines of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries featuring Smart Carbon technology which addresses the impact of partial state of charge (PSOC) on cycling batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter backup and remote telecom applications. Trojan Battery offers a portfolio of deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries. Trojan Battery, Co.

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Will These Deep Cycle Batteries Work for my EV?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Can you tell me if this battery will work for my EV? Exide Marathon M12V90F 12V 90Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Applications include

1962 Falcon Electric Car Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

In my reading here I've got the basics: Golf Cart deep cycle batteries, 3 phase AC Induction Motor. I'll try this myself, but would like to talk

RV Batteries in a Golf Cart?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Can 6 volt deep cycle RV batteries be used with in a golf cart? Hi, Jim - Usually, RV deepWill they be as effective as regular golf cart batteries?

done with phase two

DIY Electric Car

m still planning on using # 12 gp 27 deep cycle batts as my power pack I hope that gets me at least 40 mi. I know that I?m m killing everyone with minute, but I?m m very proud of the work that I?ve ve done so far.

2010 130

Being a Pro Eco Recycler

DIY Electric Car

20 Deka Ungly 45 ah deep cycle batteries (retail $3000). When I told people at work that I was building a electric car I received 20 Deka Unigy 45 ah deep cycle batteries (retail $3000) for free as they were swapping out old ups batteries from a back up system. Here are a few strict guide lines that I follow to ensure a happy and productive partnership of parts. Remember most companies have to pay to get rid of some surplus.

2010 116

mostly finished-90%

DIY Electric Car

most deep cycle batts. Well, Well, Well. After about two years, and many excuses, I think I might have finally finished the project. Over the holidays (11-2010) I painstakingly placed and wired the 20 Crown battery # GC 225?s s in the truck.

2010 130

Scoping out the Trunk

Open Source Civic EV Kit

I'm not completely decided on the battery for this project, but I'm targeting a group-31 size so that people can use Optimas, Dekas, Odysseys, or even Wal-Mart deep cycle specials (they're only $75!) I registered the Civic today at DMV and washed it to get all the grime off.

2008 130

Quirky Porsche Features Killed my 12V Battery

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I've left my turn signal on before, but the combination of the LED tail-lights and the deep-cycle accessory battery kept the car alive. The Porsche 914 has a bunch of "distinctive" features that make it different from many other cars. One is the hand-brake being on the left side of the driver's seat (enabling a "racing start"). Another quirk is that if you leave the turn signal on after removing the ignition key, your tail light on that side stays on.

2008 100

Balqon Corporation introduces HIQAP industrial lithium-ion packs to replace lead-acid batteries

Green Car Congress

Balqon Corporation, a developer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices, has introduced high-capacity lithium-ion batteries as an alternative to the current industrial deep cycle lead acid batteries. HIQAP lithium battery packs are designed to support large daily loads requiring deep depth of discharge and high energy transfer efficiency for solar, micro-grids, off-grid storage and telecom applications.

Battery Woes

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

Apparently the alarm is indicating a timeout that the charge cycle is taking too long for the capacity of batteries that I have. After contacting Zivan tech support, they said that lead-acid batteries typically get 400 deep cycles or 800 half-cycles at best. If my average trip is 20 miles between charges and I have 8600 miles on the car, that means about 430 half-cycles. I think my battery pack is dead after 8600 miles and 1.5 years.

2008 100

Volvo Trucks NA offers battery-powered parking cooler

Green Car Congress

Power comes from the combined energy of the truck starting batteries paired with four AGM deep cycle batteries located in the in-frame battery box.

2016 85

Study sees gradual, focused replacement of lead-acid SLI batteries by Li-ion batteries over next couple of years

Green Car Congress

The advantages of a lithium-ion SLI battery would primarily be in terms of its longer cycle-life and weight reduction when it is considered as a ‘drop-in’ replacement option for the existing lead-acid battery, which has dominated the SLI application market for the last 100 years. This energy sector is primarily driven by the need for low-cost with reasonably long cycle-life energy storage technology, for which the lead-acid battery is well suited.

2019 86

ZAF Energy nickel zinc battery in field testing with truck manufacturer

Green Car Congress

ZAF’s system also fully supports 10-hour cycles for mandatory rest periods, regenerative braking, removes the need for engine driven accessories, and eliminates the possibility of alternator failures. The NiZn battery also reduces life cycle maintenance costs by 50% due to idle reduction. ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (

2017 60

Exide Technologies and Maxwell Technologies form strategic alliance to develop and market integrated battery-ultracapacitor solutions

Green Car Congress

With its lead-acid AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology that allows for deep cycling combined with high charge acceptance, Exide supports Start-Stop vehicles, energy recuperation, intelligent charging and other advanced power train features to reduce CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption. Exide Technologies and Maxwell Technologies have formed a strategic alliance.

2012 94

Williams Hybrid Power flywheel proves powerful and reliable in Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid in Zhuhai race

Green Car Congress

Throughout the season the MLC flywheel technology has operated without fault in a deep-cycling, high duty cycle and aggressive mobile environment, according to Williams F1. The Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid completed the recent 1,000 km of Zhuhai in China ahead of all other GT cars and with fewer stops for gasoline. At the core of the hybrid system is Williams Hybrid Power’s (WHP) flywheel energy storage unit. Earlier post.).

2010 76

NEC introduces 12V Li-ion battery line for stationary applications

Green Car Congress

NEC says the ALM 12V35 is especially well-suited for deep cycling applications such as weak and off-grid power systems, including remote wireless base stations, oil and gas infrastructure, and portable lighting and signage systems. Market-leading cycle life and calendar life combine for an ALM 12V35 service life that may match or exceed the life of the equipment it supports, virtually eliminating battery replacements.

2015 74

SJTU team develops self-healing binder for silicon microparticle anodes

Green Car Congress

Thus, the cycle stability and rate performance are remarkably improved under high reversible capacity or electrode loading. The major problem of Si anodes is their drastic volume changes during deep cycling, which often leads to the severe pulverization, electrical contact loss, unstable solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI), and subsequent poor electrochemical cycling reversibility. have been developed to improve the cycle performance.

2018 60

Exide Technologies has produced 2.5 million Start-Stop batteries in Europe since 2009

Green Car Congress

Exide was also first in the market, in 2009, with the Enhanced Cycling Mat (ECM) technology, used by European car manufacturers to power their Start-Stop systems. The advanced lead acid batteries allow deep cycling combined with high charge acceptance, supporting Start-Stop, Energy Recuperation, Intelligent Charging and other advanced power train features. Exide Technologies announced the production of its 2,500,000 th micro-hybrid battery in Europe.

2009 74

Navitas Systems receives $1.55M contract for 2nd-gen 6T Li-ion battery; double energy density, +50% power density

Green Car Congress

The 12V version can be used in either military or in commercial starting/deep cycle applications. The features of the new technology will ultimately address long cycle and calendar life, high charge acceptance rate, reduced weight and an intelligent battery management system designed to maximize the performance of the overall system. Alion Science and Technology Corporation has awarded Navitas Systems LLC a contract worth up to $1.55

2014 74

Pike forecasts NEV market to remain small, although with double the growth rate of light-duty vehicles to 2017

Green Car Congress

Pike notes that essentially all NEVs use deep cycle lead-acid batteries due to their lower cost of between $100 to $200 per kWh. Annual worldwide NEV sales by region, 2011–2017. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge.

2011 103

New silicon-hydrogel composite Li-ion anode material shows long cycle life, easy manufacturability

Green Car Congress

In a paper in the journal Nature Communications , the team, led by Professors Zhenan Bao and Yi Cui, reported demonstrating a cycle life of 5,000 cycles with more than 90% capacity retention at current density of 6.0?A?g Capacity profile of composite electrode cycled at various current densities: 0.3, A g -1 , the composite electrode exhibited a relatively stable reversible lithium capacity of 1,600 mAh g -1 for 1,000 deep cycles based on the weight of only Si.

2013 81

Stanford, SLAC team cages silicon microparticles in graphene for stable, high-energy anode for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

The graphene cage acts as a mechanically strong and flexible buffer during deep cycling, allowing the silicon microparticles to expand and fracture within the cage while retaining electrical connectivity on both the particle and electrode level.

2016 85

Bosch Passes 1M Mark for Start-Stop Systems

Green Car Congress

In the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), start-stop systems reduce fuel consumption, and thus CO 2 emissions, by up to 5%. In the NEDC urban cycle, the saving is as much as 8%. The system is rounded off by a crankshaft sensor, sensors on the pedals, and a deep-cycle resistant battery.

2009 83

Graphene oxide-sulfur (GO-S) nanocomposite cathodes for high-capacity, stable cycling lithium sulfur batteries

Green Car Congress

These issues can lead to low active materials utilization, low coulombic efficiency, and short cycle life of the S electrode. Reversible capacity vs. current density (rate capability). Credit: ACS, Ji et al. Click to enlarge.

Johnson Controls study finds 97% of US consumers interested in start-stop technology in vehicles

Green Car Congress

The system generally relies on an advanced lead-acid battery—such as those provided by Johnson Controls—that can handle the deep cycling requirements of more frequent starts throughout the course of a trip. New consumer research commissioned by Johnson Controls finds that 97% of Americans are ready for start-stop technology.

2012 83

Industry study finds lead-acid to remain most wide-spread automotive energy storage for foreseeable future; new chemistries continue to grow

Green Car Congress

Advanced lead-based batteries (AGM and EFB technologies) are installed to meet extra requirements in start-stop and basic- micro-hybrid vehicles, due to their increased charge recoverability and higher deep-cycle resistance.

2014 130

PNNL study outlines requirements for grid storage, reviews four electrochemical energy storage systems: vanadium redox flow, Na-beta, Li-ion and lead-carbon

Green Car Congress

For example, they note, to regulate frequency, the energy storage capacity may not need to be long-lasting—minutes can be sufficient—but it must have a long cycle life because the system is likely to encounter multiple daily discharge events. 15 years) and a long cycle life (e.g.,

2011 104

Axion supplying PbC batteries to Norfolk Southern for all-battery switcher and working on line-haul hybrid locomotives; micro-hybrid and stationary expansion

Green Car Congress

Compared to advanced lead-acid batteries, the PbC batteries: Support higher [10-20x] charge acceptance and faster recharge [5-10x] in partial state-of-charge (PSOC) applications; Offer an 4x increase in cycle life in 100% depth-of-discharge applications; and.

2012 102

Third-Generation VW Sharan Van Will Offer Fuel Consumption As Low As 5.5 L/100km (43 mpg US); Start-Stop and Battery Regeneration

Green Car Congress

Unlike vehicles without the Start-Stop system, the BlueMotion Technology models have an extra battery data module (for acquiring momentary battery charge status); a reinforced engine starter; a DC/DC converter; and a durable deep-cycle glass mat battery on board.

2010 96

Ioxus Developing Higher Power Density Ultracapacitors

Green Car Congress

The use of the module also prevents the battery from deep cycling, extending the life of the battery. Ioxus , a young (2006) ultracapacitor spin-off from Custom Electronics, an established supplier of high-reliability capacitors to commercial and military clients since 1964, is targeting the development of higher power density, compact ultracapacitors, applied in a full range of applications spanning military, industrial and automotive needs. Earlier post.).

2009 76

Bosch reaches one million Start-Stop systems on the road

Green Cars News

On the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), start-stop systems reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 5 per cent, whilst the saving is as much as 8 per cent on the NEDC urban cycle. The system also features sensors on the crankshaft and pedals, as well as a deep-cycle resistant battery. A stop-start system made by Bosch, has reached a landmark one million fitted to new cars.

Balqon Begins Production of Electric Port Drayage Trucks for San Pedro Ports

Green Car Congress

The Nautilus E30 uses a 336V traction battery pack comprising flooded, deep cycle lead acid batteries with a square tubular positive plate design for maximum exposure to the electrolyte. Features of the pack include an automatic watering system controlled with a proprietary on-board timer circuit; forced air cooling during driving and discharging cycles; and automatic low voltage shutdown during operations. Balqon E30 rolls off the line. Click to enlarge. Balqon Corp.

2009 65