EV tax credit extension gets bipartisan juice in Senate

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Despite President Trump's efforts to torpedo electric-car tax credits, extending them has become a bipartisan effort in the Senate. In the face of the tax credits winding down first for automakers who've sold hundreds of thousands of electric cars, several Democrats and Republicans proposed a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would extend tax credits. General Motors tax credit Donald Trump

Shell acquisition of charging network Greenlots points to juice as the new gas

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Electric cars are getting the attention of oil companies. On Wednesday, one of the largest fast-charging networks in the U.S., Greenlots, announced that it had been bought by oil giant Royal Dutch Shell—via the subsidiary Shell New Energies US LLC. Greenlots includes more than 350 mainly DC fast charge stations across the U.S., the kind. Charging Networks

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Out of juice: Infiniti Q50 Hybrid luxury sedan dropped

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The long-running Infiniti Q50 Hybrid luxury sedan won't return for 2019, the automaker said Thursday. Infiniti spokesman Kyle Bazemore confirmed the demise of the Q50 Hybrid this year for Green Car Reports. The automaker axed the Q70 Hybrid in July. Although Infiniti didn't report sales for the Q50 Hybrid and Q70 Hybrid models separately, it's

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Electric Motorcycle Maker Mission Motors Runs Out Of Juice

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Mission Motors, a small company that generated a lot of excitement for its incredible electric motorcycle prototype, has just filed for bankruptcy. The company developed an electric superbike that could go up to 150 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, but it never managed to put the bike into production. DON'T MISS: 2016 Zero. Green Mission Motors electric motorcycles

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San Francisco Will Juice Your Electric Car For Free

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The city of San Francisco, California, will install electric vehicle charging stations in publicly-owned garages and at San Francisco International Airport by the end of the year that drivers can use for free until 2013. The plan involves dropping around 90 charging stations across the city in the hopes that it will encourage more residents to

GE and Juice Technologies Co-Developing Electric Vehicle Charging Devices

Green Car Congress

GE and Juice Technologies have entered a joint development agreement to create intelligent plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging devices for US and global markets. The chargers integrate GE’s smart meters with Juice Technology’s Plug Smart engine to help consumers charge their cars during low-demand, lower cost time periods.

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Date palm juice can inhibit corrosion of aluminum alloy used in aerospace applications

Green Car Congress

Date palm juice inhibited corrosion of an aluminum alloy called AA7075, used in aerospace and other applications, in a salt solution, according to a new study by Husnu Gerengi at Duzce University in Turkey. Gerengi decided to check date palm juice. Gerengi noted that while an extract from date palm leaves is a known anticorrosive, this was the first test of the fruit’s juice. The juice, which he reported adsorbed into the aluminum’s surface, contains a number of sugars.

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Your Electric Car Out Of Juice? AAA Tests Roadside Recharging

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Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and we’re sure most drivers have run out of gasoline at least once in their life. But as the saying goes, it's hard to carry a gallon of electricity back to your plug-in car if the battery is completely out of charge. Which is why AAA is now testing roadside assistance for rapid charging of electric

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Need Juice? 7 Home Charging Solutions for Your Electric Car

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You’ve read the reports, drooled over the spy shots and saved your pennies for an all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric car. But do you know how you’re going to charge your new car at home, the office or at your parents’ place? Before you pick any charger, do your research. Make sure you know how quickly your EV can charge, and

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Who knew?

Plugs and Cars

The units I found quite accidentally are Free Juice Bar dual-connector units. Free Juice Bar, as the name implies, dispenses electricity to cars without networks to join, credit cards to wave, or phone calls to release the precious, if not dear, electrons.

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Watermelon Juice As Feedstock Supplement, Diluent, and Nitrogen Supplement for Ethanol Production

Green Car Congress

A study by researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that although watermelon juice would have to be concentrated 2.5- to 3-fold to serve as the sole feedstock for ethanol biofuel production, it could easily integrate with other more concentrated feedstocks—either as whole juice or as a waste stream from neutraceutical production—to serve as diluent, supplemental feedstock, and nitrogen supplement for the yeast.

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Tsinghua Researchers Find that Sugarcane Juice is a Good Fermentation Feedstock for Algal Biodiesel

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Researchers at Tsinghua University in China have shown that sugarcane juice is a good feedstock for biodiesel production, when used to support the growth of the alga Chlorella protothecoides by heterotrophic fermentation. In fermentation in a 5-liter bioreactor, algae using sugarcane juice hydrolysate (SCH) grew faster than algae using glucose.

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Tesla sales, VW chargers, coal pollution, used electric values: Today's Car News

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Volkswagen has developed a mobile juice pack for electric cars. Tesla released sales numbers for the last quarter of 2018. The EPA continues to roll back regulations on coal plants to allow them to emit more pollution. For the first time dramatic depreciation on electric cars has begun to reverse. And we ask what our readers what effect they think

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ChargePoint raises $240 million to expand charging-station network

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The investment comes at a pivotal moment after ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano in September announced an ambitious goal to build enough chargers to juice up 2.5 ChargePoint, the largest network of electric car charging stations, announced last Wednesday that it has raised $240 million to become even bigger. million electric cars worldwide. Charging Networks

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Illegal parking in charging spots: The culprit? Electric cars

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A whole Hatfields and McCoys culture has grown up around parking in electric-car charging spaces, with electric-car drivers who need juice facing off against conventional cars—and sometimes other electrics who park there and don't plug in or stay longer than they need to.

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Porsche will build network of 500 fast chargers for its Mission E electric cars

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dealerships install fast charger with enough juice to charge the car's big, 300-mile battery to substantially full in just over 20 minutes. Porsche is getting its dealerships on board with selling electric cars, in preparation for its upcoming Mission E electric sedan, by insisting that each of the company's 189 U.S Presumably during this time. Charging stations

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Oil companies fight back for charging dollars

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Electric utilities are counting on supplying increasing quantities of juice, especially during off-peak hours to make their operations more efficient—and not insignificantly to boost revenues along the way. As electric cars begin eating into profit growth at oil companies, the war for electric-car drivers' pocketbooks has begun.

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Smart charging device under testing

Green Cars News

The devices, known as the Plug Smart Pal and Plug Smart Solo, which have been developed by Juice Technologies LLC, could allow customers to charge their vehicle anywhere in the utility company’s territory and charge the usage to their existing account. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Juice Technologies San Diego Gas and Electric smart charging smart charging device

Leaf Gets iPhone Control

Revenge of the Electric Car

While the vehicle is at a charging station, it’ll be able to send updates to your phone, telling you when it’s finished suckling go-juice.&#. While the vehicle is at a charging station, it’ll be able to send updates to your phone, telling you when it’s finished suckling go-juice. Another Leaf-note: It’ll be iPhone friendly. Read more in the article: Nissan Leaf electric car gets iPhone control. From the article: “All Nissan Leafs (Leaves?)

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Not just Porsche: Honda wants 15-minute fast charges for electric cars too

Green Car Reports

Honda aims to develop cars that can grab enough juice from the grid for 240 kilometers (150 miles) of range in 15 minutes flat. With Porsche promising ultra-fast charging for its Mission E electric car, Honda isn’t going to let the German automaker keeps its 15 minutes of charging fame. Fifteen-minute charge times are key to bringing. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging infrastructure Fast Charging Porsche Mission E

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Downtown South San Francisco electrified

Plugs and Cars

Hoping the parking will contribute to the revitalization of Grand Avenue, SSF now offers a convenient spot to stop for a bit of juice just off 101. Four electric vehicle charging stations were unveiled today at a new parking structure in downtown South San Francisco.

Your iPhone Can Charge Wirelessly—How About Your Electric Car?

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Just set it down on the charging mat and let your phone juice up. Plugs. They’re, like, so 2008. There’s been a surge of attention over the last year towards products that that can charge your smartphone wirelessly, like the devices PowerMat makes. But according to a new report from Pike Research, the technology that makes your

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2011 Detroit Auto Show: Sexy Electric Mercedes SLS AMG Due 2013

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If the shots we showed you last year of Mercedes-Benz’s electric offering on the now iconic SLS AMG super-car were enough to get your juices flowing, you’ll be pleased to know that Mercedes announced yesterday at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show that the all-electric SLS AMG E-Cell will be available for order in 2013.

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What Does Henry Waxman Know About Climate That Made Him Quit?

Creative Greenius

And that absence of hope comes from a career in DC and being able to smell the crazy juice being guzzled down by the corporate right and their shameless suckups and sycophants. .

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Greater Manchester plugs into electric motoring with new charging points

Green Cars News

Electric vehicle owners in Greater Manchester have rejoiced at the prospect of being able to re-juice away from home as the city joined the likes of Newcastle, Bristol and London by introducing a streamlined network of electric vehicle charging points.

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UF/IFAS researchers develop new sorghum cultivars that could produce up 10.5 kL ethanol per hectare

Green Car Congress

There, they processed the crop and collected the sugar-rich juice from the stems, which could be directly fermented to fuel ethanol. Results show a sugar concentration in the juice ranging from 140 to 170g/L, which were almost completely converted into ethanol by yeast. Considering the ethanol produced from juice and from Sweet Sorghum Bagasse (SSB), there is a potential of producing up to 10,600L of ethanol per hectare, improving on the values reported for corn ethanol.

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Al Muratsuchi Votes To Kill Community Choice Then Finds Out He Was Duped & Calls Me To Apologize

Creative Greenius

This political primary season just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, representing the 66th District in California explains as State Controller, John Chiang listens at the Lunquist Mansion on the Palos Verdes Peninsula during a recent fundraiser (photo by Joe Galliani).

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Coulomb, MasterCard, and the future of public charging

Plugs and Cars

Free Juice Bar explicitly sells charge stations to offer free power. Coulomb Technologies unveiled San Francisco's first ChargePoint America charge stations yesterday in a Priority Parking lot along the Embarcadero.

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Arc 1 Conversion Journal 10/1/2013 Big EV Grin

DIY Electric Car

I have never run out of juice. So, this is only my third blog entry, and my car has been done for a month! I am not a very good documentarian. Sorry. My car is the ARC 1 over in the garage section of the forums, for anyone who wants to take a look. This car has continued to exceed my expectations. In just the first month, I have done about 400 miles of driving in this car. in fact, the batteries have never been below 60% SOC except on range tests.

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The trials of public charging, part 2 (of many to come)

Plugs and Cars

Only half the story about public charging is providing juice: enabling drivers to extend the range of their vehicles beyond their night-time "fill-up" at home when necessary and overcoming newbie "range anxiety." Juice flows.

2011 130

Workplace Charging 101: Level 1

Plugs and Cars

Given the distance most commuters travel, charging at level 1 at work enables most drivers to get back all the juice expended getting to work. The big EV news of the month was the first Tesla S deliveries. For luxury car buyers, the ground has shifted.

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Does Public Charging Network Confusion Hurt Electric-Car Use?

Green Car Reports

Ask most non-electric car drivers why they haven’t even considered an electric car, and the reason they give will undoubtedly involve some form of range anxiety: the idea that an electric car will run out of juice before it reaches its destination.

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More EVs, Faster Charging

Plugs and Cars

The first Level III chargers deployed by Etec will offer free juice. It's official, the Cadillac Converj is to be the second extended-range electric vehicle after the Volt. I may be most interested affordable electric cars, but this makes sense to me.

2010 130

More SF Bay Area Charge Stations.some work

Plugs and Cars

Furious phone calls during the event couldn'tget the machine to allow the juice to flow after waving the Coulomb Card. Once again, charge station serendipity.

2011 130

Why One LEAF-Driving Cop Can't Drive Straight Home After Work Anymore

Plugs and Cars

Bill lives a good 60 miles from San Francisco, so he needs to get some juice to make his trip home after work. Friday November 22, 2013 Today I met a San Francisco cop. He wasn’t in uniform, so I figured he was another of those early adopter techie types buying EVs. We chatted while he finished charging his LEAF at the recently installed Quick Charger at the new Market Street Whole Foods in San Francisco. I''ll call him Officer Bill.

2013 131

Electric Car Range Anxiety Evaporates After Three Months

Green Car Reports

Around 35 percent of electric car owners were concerned about reaching a destination before running out of juice “Range anxiety” for pure battery-powered electric car owners wears off quickly as a driver begins to understand the capabilities and charging patterns of their car, according to a new study by the Technology Strategy Board.

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EV Owners to Receive Gasoline Vehicle Rental Coupons For Long Trips, Interesting Solution to Range Anxiety

All Cars Electric

Range anxiety is the fear of running out of juice in an EV during an extended trip with no place to plug-in in sight. Range anxiety is often discussed at great length in regard to electric vehicles. This anxiety, if not quickly overcome, could hamper the entire EV segment. Automakers have looked for solutions to the problem, but see few

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How Far Left On My Leaf? Electric-Car Charging Location Apps: Review

Green Car Reports

To combat “range anxiety” (the fear of running out of juice), Nissan offers a function in their navigation system that (1) notifies the driver when the The all-electric Nissan Leaf is a gas to drive. The car is peppy, quiet, and holds the road nicely. But its practical range is approximately 75 miles on an 80-percent battery charge.

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Coda Explains Low Battery Plan Or How To Ease Range Anxiety Once Underway

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According to Coda's Kara Saltness, First, just like in a gasoline-powered car, there will be warnings that the juice is The first EV from Santa Monica based Coda Automotive is coming to fleets and a limited number of individual buyers in late 2010, but we're getting a preview of how the car will handle running low on battery power already.

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Ford Not Offering Fast Charge Capability on First Generation of EVs

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Fast charging requires a lot of juice. Many potential EV buyers have discussed the necessity of fast charge stations and the automakers are listening. Most upcoming EVs will have fast charge capability, but there are additional hurdles to overcome before fast charging become commonplace. Fast charging units operate at about 50 kW of power

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Range Rover Hybrid Coming

Hybrid SUV Blog

turbodiesel V6, a 35 kW electric motor is integrated with the 8-speed automatic, and juice is provided by a lithium ion battery pack which is encased in a protective boron-steel cage beneath the floor. The 2014 Range Rover is designed to be the most capable luxury condo on the market.

2013 68

The Workplace Charging Challenge

Plugs and Cars

A smart strategy would forsee ubiquitous free 120V outlets and a relatively small number of monetized Level 2 charge stations for visitors and employees with a need for more juice. It’s been one full year since first Tesla S deliveries began. In the luxury car market you can feel that the ground has begun to shift. After numerous awards and accolades, it seems fair to say that the best luxury car is an electric car.

2013 116

Full steam ahead for recharge infrastructure as Chiltern Railways install free charging bays

Green Cars News

Funded by a consortium coordinated by Milton Keynes Council and installed by POD Point, the EV charge points [pictured] provide the capacity for two cars to be re-juiced simultaneously, free of charge. Chiltern Railways has hopped aboard the electric vehicle express after charging points were installed at nine major train stations.

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