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Pyka awarded $7M California tax credit to expand manufacturing of zero-emission autonomous aircraft

Green Car Congress

Pyka, a developer of autonomous electric aviation technology, was awarded a $7-million California Competes Tax Credit with the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), approved last week by the California Competes Tax Credit Committee.

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EIA: State tax rates for retail gasoline and diesel increased in 13 states in 2023

Green Car Congress

In January 2023, state taxes and fees on gasoline and diesel fuel averaged $0.3163 per gallon (gal) of gasoline and $0.3388/gal of diesel fuel, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). These taxes have increased in 13 states since July 2022. gal), although that low tax rate will gradually increase through May 2023.

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ICCT study urges taxing frequent fliers to decarbonize aviation fairly

Green Car Congress

A tax on frequent flying could generate revenues needed to deeply decarbonize aviation through midcentury while concentrating the cost burden on those who fly the most, according to a new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation. The FFL is designed to place an escalating tax burden on people who fly frequently.

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Texas Will Tax EV Registrations to Make Up for Lost Gas Taxes

The Truth About Cars

Many states and municipalities are all-in on EVs, but the shift has some wondering how they’ll make up for the tax shortfall from falling gasoline sales. A popular solution that gets tossed around is to add a tax to EV registrations to help recoup the lost revenues, and Texas recently passed a new law to remedy the problem.

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Colorado’s new EV state tax credits are fantastic


Colorado is trailblazing with a new law that ramps up impressive EV state tax credits for both purchases and leases. more… The post Colorado’s new EV state tax credits are fantastic appeared first on Electrek.

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Can Targeted Tax Credits Bring Clean Energy to Coal Country?

Energy Institute at HAAS

At the heart of this deal are billions of dollars in clean energy tax … Continue Reading Can Targeted Tax Credits Bring Clean Energy to Coal Country? The Bidenomics of place-based climate policy. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a big climate deal.

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Kansas lawmakers want to tax public EV charging

Green Car Reports

A Kansas House bill calls for a tax on public EV charging—but not home charging. The proposed tax of 3 cents per kilowatt would go to a Kansas highway repair fund reliant on revenue, according to the Kansas Reflector, but it could force EV drivers to pay more than other drivers.

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