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EPA proposing mercury rule for taconite iron ore processing plants

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing amendments to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for taconite iron ore processing plants that include new emission standards for mercury as well as revising the existing emission standards for hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride. formaldehyde).

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Mercury unveils new 100% electric outboard boat motor with easy-swap batteries


Mercury took to the CES 2023 show to unveil its latest electric outboard motor for small boats. Meet the Mercury Avator 7.5e. The post Mercury unveils new 100% electric outboard boat motor with easy-swap batteries appeared first on Electrek.

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U.N. Kills Any Plans to Use Mercury as a Rocket Propellant

Cars That Think

A recent United Nations provision has banned the use of mercury in spacecraft propellant. Although no private company has actually used mercury propellant in a launched spacecraft, the possibility was alarming enough—and the dangers extreme enough—that the ban was enacted just a few years after one U.S.-based Mercury is a neurotoxin.

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Nations agree on global, legally binding treaty on mercury emissions: Minamata Convention on Mercury

Green Car Congress

At the conclusion of the International Negotiating Committee on Mercury ( INC5 ) meeting in Geneva ( earlier post ), nations agreed on a global, legally-binding treaty to prevent mercury emissions and releases. The scope of the new treaty which puts in controls and also reduction measures in respect to mercury is as follows: Products.

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Final session on international mercury convention this week expected to culminate in agreement; UNEP Global Mercury Assessment 2013 finds industrial source Hg emissions may be rising

Green Car Congress

The fifth and final session of negotiations on the establishment of an international mercury convention—International Negotiating Committee on Mercury (INC5)—is taking place this coming week in Geneva. UNEP produced its first Global Mercury Assessment in 2002 and a subsequent study in 2007.

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Mercury Marine Unveils Its First Electric Outboard Boat Motor

CleanTechnica EVs

Normally, when we talk about electric vehicles, we think of something with wheels. Cars, mini-cars, e-bikes, scooters, and other such things are where most of the action is at.

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New analysis finds Asia produces twice as much mercury emissions as previously thought

Green Car Congress

New analysis by an international team led by MIT researchers shows that Asia now releases a surprisingly large amount of anthropogenic mercury. The new analysis provides more accurate estimates of sources of mercury emissions around the world. The team’s top-down analysis improves on other models that take a bottom-up approach.

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