Report: With EV1, GM sparked the era of the electric car but didn't follow through

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With Earth Day approaching, it's worth remembering the first modern dedicated electric car from a major automaker—the General Motors EV1.

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Lightyear 0 solar EV dethrones GM’s EV1 as the most aerodynamic production car ever made


Its test numbers shatter a title held by GM’s EV1 dating back to the late ’90s. The post Lightyear 0 solar EV dethrones GM’s EV1 as the most aerodynamic production car ever made appeared first on Electrek.

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Rare GM EV1 electric car survivor converted to a hybrid, parked outside

Green Car Reports

This rare General Motors EV1 has been hiding in plain sight, parked outside behind Howard University's school of engineering in Washington, D.C., The EV1 was leased to customers in California and a few other locations between. You never know where an interesting car might turn up.

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Faster-charging Taycan, 500-mile Lucid Air, F-150 Lightning boost, GM EV1 hybrid: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

And another GM EV1 sits neglected. Ford is reportedly doubling F-150 Lightning production. Lucid is poised to break the 500-mile range ceiling. The Porsche Taycan gets faster charging and parks itself. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Modern electric cars at 20: from EV1 to Bolt EV, where are we now?

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Twenty years ago today, the very first GM EV1 electric cars were delivered to 40 lessees in California in a blaze of publicity. That first EV1 was a high-tech two-seater created specifically to meet California's then-current zero-emission vehicle rules. sales History CARB EV1 plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Since then, plug-in electric vehicles have seen more than their share of ups and downs.

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GM EV1 exec leaves Faraday Future

Green Car Reports

And he was the chief engineer of General Motors' EV1, arguably the first mass-produced modern electric car. In the midst of the latest round of financial turmoil at the company, Faraday Future has lost a key executive, according to a report in the Verge. Peter Savagian was senior vice president at Faraday Future. One anonymous source inside. Faraday Future

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Audi E-Tron tows GM EV1 500 miles: Reality check about EV range

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An E-tron towed a trailer containing a General Motors EV1—the first modern electric car—from Tulsa Tech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the Fully Charged Live electric-car event at Circuit of the The Audi E-tron is one of a handful electric cars currently rated for towing.

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Rare Surviving GM EV1 Waits For Savior At Missouri University

Green Car Reports

The late and much lamented GM EV1 electric car is by now a mythical creature. Designed, engineered, and offered for lease in California and a few other locations from 1998 to 2003, the two-seat EV1 was likely the most It''s been the subject of a much-discussed documentary, and is still cause for blind loathing of General Motors in some quarters.

EV1 Stirs Emotions Decade Later

Plugs and Cars

is interviewed by Matt Kelley of Next Gear in front of an EV1 that made an appearance at RenewableLa put on by by Energy Efficiency Solar. I gather GM really did destroy the molds and sever relationships with suppliers, but it is so clear that if they simply re-released the EV1 today it would still be a show stopper. Who thinks that GM couldn't sell 5-10,000 EV1s for between $50,000 and $75,000? Tags: GM electric car ev1 alexandra paul

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Bring Back the EV1 Press Conference

Revenge of the Electric Car

City Council Member, held a press conference demanding General Motors apologize to the American people for destroying the automaker’s EV1 plug-in electric vehicle. Mr. Holden demanded the EV1’s immediate re-introduction before, or in exchange for, any Government bailout of GM. General Motors compounded their financial woes by destroying the EV1 and continued to work with the oil companies to gouge the public.

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GM EV1 & Tesla Model S: Looking At 20 Years Of Electric Cars

Green Car Reports

The image, showing a GM EV1 and a Tesla Model S on the Worcester Polytechnic Institute campus, was posted on Facebook by Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA]. Last week, we were struck by a single photo that captured electric cars across two decades. More than anything we''ve seen in a while, that photo showed how much progress electric cars have made in less

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Worst Cars Ever: TIME and Dan Neil Trash EV1

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Along with a host of the filthy, the ugly and the dangerous, Time and Dan Neil declare the EV1 one of the 50 worst cars ever. Had the EV1s been sold to consumers rather than leased, confiscated, and destroyed, they'd be very in demand. If we are very lucky, some company will come out with a car with the decade-old EV1 specs considered unmarketable in this peculiar smackdown - 140 mile range without gasoline, miata-sized, fast. Tags: la times ev1 dan neil

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EV1: Who Pulled The Plug?

All Cars Electric

In the 1990s oil was getting scarcer and the pollution produced by combustion engines was becoming recognized as a very serious problem. Consumers began to demand some solutions that would save their world, their bank accounts and their breathing from gasoline's bad effects. Around the world, there was rising concern about pollution, rising oil

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Science Guy Bill Nye buys Chevy Bolt EV, his seventh electric car

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He drove one of only a few hundred original GM EV1 two-seat electric cars almost 20 years ago. California Chevy EV1 plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Bill Nye, better known as "The Science Guy" on the popular PBS children's series that bears his name, loves electric cars. Three weeks ago, he took delivery of a brand-new "Kinetic Blue" 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV—and he says he couldn't be happier.

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Fisker Karma Electric-Car Charging Stations Have EV1 Roots

Green Car Reports

When you buy an electric car, you will most likely need a charging station. As buyers start to bring home plug-in cars, they will also expect their dealer to help them acquire and install a 240-Volt charging station (technically known as an EVSE, though few people call them that). Startup Fisker Automotive, whose first 2011 Karma plug-in hybrid

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GM EV1 Gets Another Shot At Smithsonian, 4 Years On

All Cars Electric

If General Motors' EV1 had featured in the Disney Pixar animated film Cars, we can't imagine it would have been the happiest of characters. It might well have spent a little time complaining about its friends all being crushed back in 1999, and who could blame it? And four years ago it might have been equally unhappy when it was pulled from an

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OK, EV1 Fans, Here's Your Chance To Vote For The Electric Car!

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The General Motors EV1 still exerts a strange fascination for electric-car fans and civilians alike. Fascination has only grown, as shown by reaction to the image of an EV1 in the Its sleek, aerodynamic shape and pioneering all-electric drive (despite an initial range of only about 70 miles) make it an important vehicle in U.S. automotive history.

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Who Killed The Electric Car II: EV1 Pulled From Exhibition

All Cars Electric

If General Motors' EV1 had featured in the Disney Pixar animated film Cars, we can't imagine it would have been the happiest of characters. It might well have spent a little time complaining about its friends all being crushed back in 1999, and who could blame it? Now, despite solace in the form of the upcoming film Revenge Of The Electric Car

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Electric-car pioneer Paul Scott looks back on 15 years of plugging in

Green Car Reports

History EV1 plug-in cars Who Killed the Electric Car? Most of the U.S. was unaware that modern electric cars got their start in California between 1996 and 2002. Many of the earliest owners and EV advocates from those days remain involved 20 years later, though their names may be familiar only to a small group of activists. One of those people is Paul Scott, who's been part of several important. Plug-in America

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GM Confirms Electric-Car Name Will Be 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Green Car Reports

Green Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV EV1 Future Cars plug-in cars Well, they did it. General Motors confirmed yesterday that its upcoming 200-mile battery-electric car will be named the Chevrolet Bolt EV. That''s Bolt-with-a-B, not Volt-with-a-V. The Volt-with-a-V is Chevy''s now-established plug-in hybrid compact hatchback. DON''T MISS: Why ''Bolt'' Is A Really Terrible Name For Chevy''s Electric Car An all-new.

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Electric Car With EV1 Heritage Sets New Pikes Peak Record

All Cars Electric

For the past week or so the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado has rung with the sound of cars and motorcycles climbing the 12.42 mile course to its 14,110 foot summit. But yesterday for a few minutes, the mountain was a little quieter as an electric car climbed the summit, completing the would-renowned hill-climb course in a breathtaking 12 minutes

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Personal: Range Anxiety Be Damned!

Clean Fleet Report

I remember taking my mom to Ridge Winer y in her EV1 oh so long ago. Charging Infrastructure Electric Cars Exclusive Personal Electric Vehicles EVs Ford Mustang Mach-E GM EV1 range anxietyTaking an Extended EV Trip & Tempting Fate.

Long before Tesla or the Leaf, this Nissan electric car claimed a 155-mile range

Green Car Reports

While we widely think of the General Motors EV1—or its preceding Impact concept car—as starting the era of the electric car. But there were others in that era, that followed a similar formula and might have potentially come to market earlier. One of them came from Nissan.

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GM's Chevy Spark EV will be their first 100% Battery EV since the EV1

National Green Transportation

GM announced today the Spark EV, their first all electric car since the EV1, will be sold in select U.S. and global markets starting in 2013. It is an electric version of their Spark mini-car, and is

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Cadillac Lyriq details, GM EV1 at 25, Trump-era EPA rules flawed: Today’s Car News

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It’s been 25 years since GM sparked the idea of the modern electric car with the EV1. The first step toward Cadillac’s electric future gets a price tag. And the EPA’s process and protocol around its emissions and mpg rules were highly flawed, it now says.

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Fortune Puts Volt In 'Dustbin Of History' In Strange, Context-Free Opinion Piece

Green Car Reports

sales Chevy Volt Tesla Motors EV1 New car sales plug-in carsTwo carmakers sell plug-in electric cars; one is a pricey, sexy all-electric sport sedan, the other a range-extended electric compact hatchback. One (the Tesla Model S) is a huge success, with its maker "going from strength to strength." The other (the Chevy Volt) is "headed to the dustbin of automotive history." DON'T MISS: If You Want To Attack.

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GM Promotes an Electric Car

Plugs and Cars

Tags: GM ev1 regenerative breaking battery electric car

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As 2011 Chevrolet Volt Nears Dealers, Ghostly EV1 Gets Enthusiasts Excited

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Just as the excitement is growing over the first dealer deliveries of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and 2011 Nissan Leaf, eagle-eyed EV enthusiasts have spotted General Motor’s previous electric car on Google’s Street View. Is it serendipity or a more carefully timed disclosure to coincide with the release of Revenge of The Electric Car, the

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CNN Report - My 3 minutes of fame

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Tags: solar power miles o'brien toyota rav4 ev ev1 cnn solar PV solar electricity energy efficiency solar battery electric car

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End of an era: Mitsubishi likely to stop making the i-MiEV electric car

Green Car Reports

What was the first mass-produced electric vehicle, after the GM EV1? No, it’s not the Nissan Leaf. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV was, by many assessments, a pioneer as a dedicated electric vehicle.

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2011 Chevy Volt Investment: How Does This Differ From the EV1?

Green Car Reports

Another day, another announcement in the series of carefully timed press releases on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car. In this case, it's the news that GM's investment in the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where the Volt will be built totals $336 million. General Motors says that sum brings its total invested in Michigan on

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Electric car review from 1959: A snapshot of EV enthusiasm decades before Tesla

Green Car Reports

The electric car wasn't invented by Tesla with its Roadster, or by GM with the EV1. It goes back more than a century, with a long list of hopefuls hindered from widespread production by a complicated but familiar set of factors. The 1959 Charles Town-About was one of those hopefuls.

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Here are 10 of the electric vehicles GM might (or will) build on its Ultrium foundation

Green Car Reports

Under its Design Dome, part of its Warren Tech Center and where concept cars have been prepared and vehicles—even like the EV1—have been designed and developed since 1955, GM provided a sketch to media and investors Wednesday of how its Ultium electric propulsion strategy will take form in actual production-bound vehicles. It was.

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121K Mile RAV4 EV Featured in Electric Car Story

Plugs and Cars

He adds: "I'd probably still have an EV1 if GM hadn't forced me to give it back. Let's not forget, as GM hypes the Volt , 1000 140-range NiMH EV1 electric cars rot in the Arizona sun. Tags: electric car ev1 RAV4 EV An excellent piece on electric cars by Steven Wickens in the Toronto Star here. Praising his Toyota RAV4 EV, Avi Hershkovitz says, "I've put more than 121,000 miles (195,000 km) on this vehicle, and it's definitely the best, most reliable thing I've ever driven."

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Electric Minis only weeks away from delivery

Plugs and Cars

Tags: bmw mini e ev1

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This American hybrid concept faced spiking gas prices with six wheels

Green Car Reports

Long before the Toyota Prius and the GM EV1 were conceived, an U.S. company not otherwise known for making cars showed a most unusual vehicle possibly described as a progenitor of plug-in hybrids. The company was Briggs & Stratton.

2020 110

Here are 10 of the electric vehicles GM might (or will) build on its Ultium foundation

Green Car Reports

Under its Design Dome, part of its Warren Tech Center and where concept cars have been prepared and vehicles—even like the EV1—have been designed and developed since 1955, GM provided a sketch to media and investors Wednesday of how its Ultium electric propulsion strategy will take form in actual production-bound vehicles. It was.

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Kia’s first dedicated EV, the 2022 EV6, launches in Times Square


I guess “EV1” was taken? Seriously, though, folks, today a big day for Kia, with the unveiling of the new Kia EV6 crossover, the brand’s first-ever dedicated battery electric vehicle.

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GM heat pump recovers energy from EV battery to power heating & propulsion while helping conserve range: Ultium Energy Recovery

Green Car Congress

Covered by 11 patents and four publications, the development of Ultium energy recovery traces its inception back to GM’s first EV, the EV1, in the late 1990s, when GM engineers first developed an EV heat pump. GM is introducing a patented heat-pump in its Ultium-based EVs that captures and repurposes waste energy from the battery.

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The first Volt from GM was also a plug-in hybrid, but it was built in 1980

Green Car Reports

It built the Silver Volt, a plug-in hybrid based on a contemporary Buick station wagon—16 years before the GM EV1. Chevrolet's Volt wasn't the original, or even the first Volt from GM. Electric Auto Corporation receives that distinction for their car built in 1980, at the height of America's second gas crisis. CHECK OUT: Modern electric cars. Plug-In Hybrids

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1960 Henney Kilowatt electric car was a junction box of 20th century future

Green Car Reports

If your historical knowledge of electric cars goes back to the first Tesla Roadster, the GM EV1 or, perhaps, one of the many intriguing manufacturer conversions from the 1980s or ‘90s, you have many decades of what-ifs to catch up on. Case in point: There’s something far geekier and steeped in what could have been, in this electric. Vintage youtube Historic

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Which classic electric car (or truck) would you like to restore? Take our Twitter poll

Green Car Reports

Electric cars from 35 years later grabbed the public imagination after the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" turned General Motors into a villain and its EV1 electric car into a celebrity. Electric cars are making history—and not for the first time. Last weekend, we featured an electric car from a forgotten era, the (very early) 1960s.

2019 79

GM develops two-mode hybrid transmission

Green Cars News

general motors Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news EV1 EV2 GM SAE World Congress 2011 two-mode hybrid systemAt the SAE World Congress 2011, General Motors revealed plans for a two-mode front-wheel drive hybrid transmission with enhanced electric vehicle capability for use in a plug-in hybrid. The drive unit incorporates an input-brake clutch with the existing FWD two-mode system that allows for two electric only modes in addition to the electrically variable transmission [.].

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