Former Audi CEO arrested in Germany over diesel-scandal allegations

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Two days after a newspaper investigation in Germany revealed the depth of Audi's role in the vast diesel emissions-cheating scandal at Volkswagen, German prosecutors have arrested the division's former CEO, Rupert Stadler, in conjunction with the scandal.

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VW diesel fix deemed inadequate in Germany

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A German court has found that updated software applied to VW diesels still doesn't bring emissions to acceptable levels in all circumstances. The Dusseldorf district court found that the update applied to the plaintiff's turbodiesel Tiguan still only allows the emissions control equipment to function properly between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2019 76

Volkswagen plans $1.1 billion battery partnership in Germany

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Volkswagen announced plans on Tuesday to build a large new battery factory—with an unspecified partner or partners—in its home state of Lower Saxony in Germany.

2019 109

Germany's hydrogen stations exceed US; California beats Japan on density

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Germany, on the other hand, has 83 million residents—and. Europe hydrogen Germany EU hydrogen fuel cellAs of today, there are 39 hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S., all but four of them in the state of California. They serve roughly 39 million Californians, whereas 284 million Americans outside the state have no access to hydrogen fuel-cell cars nor stations at which to refill them.

Electric car sales in Germany finally start to soar: Tesla leads

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Now, however, Germany—home to the largest piece of Europe's auto industry—appears to be. Europe Plug-In Hybrids Germany plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Fast Charging Tesla SuperchargerIt's starting to look like China will lead the world in adoption of plug-in electric cars, but which carmaking nations will follow it? While electric cars were launched simultaneously in Japan and the United States, Europe lagged somewhat behind.

2018 86

California joins Germany in climate coalition to support Paris pact

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Politics global warming California Germany climate changeThe 50 states that make up the U.S. don't get to set their own foreign policies (neither do Canadian provinces). But that doesn't necessarily prevent them from working with other countries on matters of mutual interest. And that's just what California is doing in an agreement announced this weekend that expands its efforts to battle climate change.

First Mercedes-Benz EQC rolls off assembly line in Germany

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Now Mercedes-Benz has announced that it produced its first new electric EQC SUV on Monday at its factory in Bremen, Germany. German automakers have all said they will go all-in on electric cars, Yet so far, few have actually arrived, with the Audi E-tron trickling into a few U.S. dealerships last week. The car will go on sale in Europe, but is not

2019 79

Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cars In Germany: Getting Worse, Actually

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Germany is one of several countries with aggressive plans to curb transportation-related carbon emissions. But a recent study claims the transportation sector in Germany is the only one that hasn't, in. emissions Germany greenhouse gas Fuel Economy carbon dioxideOver the past few years, its large domestic car industry has worked to improve fuel efficiency--and even launched several plug-in electric models.

Germany, Austria electric-car charging networks improve, fast

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Initiatives in Germany and Austria should see major improvements to charging networks in a short period of time, as both countries aggressively promote electric cars in an effort to reduce emissions. Europe Germany Austria plug-in cars charging charging infrastructureTwo adjacent European countries are stepping up efforts to improve their public electric-car charging infrastructure.

Germany fines BMW over diesel emissions

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German automakers have been under a microscope when it comes to emissions from their diesel cars, which were formerly bestsellers in Europe. After Daimler, Volkswagen, and German supplier Bosch paid billions in fines and several Audi managers have been arrested over installing diesel-emissions cheat devices, German prosecutors have handed down a. Diesel emissions

2019 73

Germany Mulls Boosting Electric-Car Incentives Under Carbon-Goal Pressure

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But despite its large domestic car industry, Germany is not among them. Carbon Footprint Germany incentives plug-in cars transportation policySeveral European countries--including Norway, The Netherlands, and France--aggressively promote electric cars as a way to reduce vehicular carbon emissions. German government support for electric cars has been lukewarm at best, but now it appears that could change soon. DON'T.

Lifting the hammer: Germany considers limits on Autobahn speeds

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Efforts to curb global warming have led Germany to propose limiting speeds on its famous Autobahns. Facing heavy fines from the European Union if it fails to meet greenhouse-gas reduction targets, the country's committee on the future of transport put forward a series of draft proposals that includes limiting speeds on currently unfettered. emissions global warming

2019 77

Germany launches EV plan

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These actions are part of the government’s ongoing commitment to putting 1 million vehicles on Germany’s roads by 2020. FOCUS: Germany Launches Electric-Car Initiative. FOCUS: Germany Launches Electric-Car Initiative. “Germany is well positioned to become an international leader in the area of electromobility over the long term,&# BMW AG’s (BMW.XE) Chief Executive Norbert Reithofer said. Tags: International Projects Germany

Volkswagen has 30k+ reservations for the ID.3 1ST edition; most from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK

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Most of the pre-bookers live in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. series model in Germany will be under €30,000 (recommended retail price) for the smallest version, the price of the exclusive pre-booking edition ID.3

2019 96

DHL Freight pilots first LNG truck with mega trailer in Germany in partnership with BMW

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During a year-long trial period the truck will operate as a daily shuttle between DHL’s logistics center and a BMW Group production plant in southern Germany.

2019 112

Germany may miss 2020 emission targets, government report shows

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DON'T MISS: EU starts legal action against Germany, UK for. Europe emissions Germany energy policy plug-in cars fossil fuelsAmbitious emissions-reduction goals are important, because they allow policymakers to coordinate and focus efforts on a defined target. But the problem with setting lofty goals is that, eventually, they must be met. The German government is now finding out how difficult that can be.

Court orders full reimbursement for VW diesel owner in Germany

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TDI VW Germany lawsuit Volkswagen diesel scandalA lot has been said about Volkswagen's use of "defeat device" software in diesel cars to cheat on emissions tests, but a German court may win the prize for most-creative description. VW "defeat device" software is like putting horse meat in lasagna, three German judges decreed during a recent hearing related to the diesel scandal. Besides.

Germany announces $1.4 billion electric-car incentive plan

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After much discussion, Germany appears poised to implement significant incentives to encourage the purchase of electric cars. Germany energy policy incentives plug-in cars transportation policyThis week, the German government announced an incentive program that will include rebates for both electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Lawmakers have committed 1.2 billion euros (about $1.4 billion) to the program. DON'T.

Diesel owners in Germany who sue VW face significant hurdles

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TDI VW Germany lawsuit Volkswagen diesel scandalIn the U.S., owners of Volkswagen 2.0-liter TDI diesel cars with illegal "defeat device" software have reached a settlement with VW—and a preliminary agreement for a smaller number of affected 3.0-liter V-6 diesels is largely, if not entirely, settled. It may have taken months of negotiating, but 2.0-liter diesel owners can be assured of.

CESifo: EVs not the best option for reduction in on-road CO2 in Germany given power mix

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According to a new study published by the ifo Institue Center for Economic Studies (CESifo) in Germany, EVs will barely help cut CO 2 emissions in the country over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles does not necessarily lead to a reduction in CO 2 emissions from road traffic given the current power generation mix. Electricity production in Germany, 2018.

2019 127

Germany To Spend Billions Supporting Electric Car Expansion

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Among European nations, Germany is one of the least active when it comes to policies promoting electric cars. Germany incentives plug-in cars transportation policyEven as the country's powerful auto industry has turned more attention to plug-in cars, government support for them has been largely limited to political speeches. But now German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel apparently wants to put the.

Tesla Model 3 choke point: automated battery line equipment still in Germany?

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Batteries lithium-ion Elon Musk Germany Production plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) gigafactorySometimes it's the task of the Tesla communications department to explain, or provide context, or simply clean up the confusion after CEO Elon Musk says or tweets something about the electric-car maker. In the latest case, it was Musk's statement about Tesla Model 3 production equipment that required the good people of the company's long-suffering.

2018 63

VW, Mercedes-Benz agree to fix diesels in Germany

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Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have each agreed to spend up to $3,430 to update each of the older diesel cars they sold in Germany with new emissions systems that comply with regulations, Reuters reported Thursday. The German agreement mirrors one in the U.S. in which Volkswagen paid owners between $5,000 and $10,000 in addition to the cost of. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2018 67

Possible retrofits in Germany for dirtiest diesels could cost carmakers more

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Diesels Germany Fuel EconomyThese are not good times for the makers or owners of diesel cars, particularly in their European stronghold, where on average half of all new vehicles had been sold with diesel engines. Strict new real-world emission tests have proven hard to meet, consumers are starting to shy away from buying new diesels, and the values of used cars with diesel.

2018 61

Has Germany's long love affair with diesels finally collapsed?

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Future Cars GermanyIt's been 80 years since the first Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicle went into volume production. Over that time, German makers have developed, refined, and promoted the combustion-ignition engine as a more fuel-efficient method of powering personal vehicles. Followed by Volkswagen Group's various makes, BMW, and the rest of Europe's car industry.

Volkswagen and Northvolt form joint venture for Li-ion battery production in Germany; 16 GWh initially

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Volkswagen AG and Northvolt AB have created a 50/50 joint venture to build a factory for lithium-ion batteries. Construction of the production facility is scheduled to start in Salzgitter (Lower Saxony) in 2020. Start of production is planned for the end of 2023/beginning of 2024. The initial annual output is to be 16 GWh. The finalization of the joint venture is the result of an agreement which both parties concluded in June.

2019 73

VW Diesel Scandal Erodes Trust In Germany, Auto Industry Too

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TDI VW Germany Volkswagen diesel scandalThe revelation that Volkswagen used "defeat device" software to cheat on U.S. emissions tests shook the public's confidence in one of the world's largest carmakers. Volkswagen hasn't done much to rebuild its reputation since its cheating was first revealed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at a press conference in September. And VW may.

Porsche fined $600 million in Germany over dirty diesels

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German regulators Tuesday hit Porsche with a $600 million (535 million euro) fine, for its role in selling cars powered by diesel engines designed by Audi that failed to comply with European emissions requirements. The cars, including the Cayenne and Panamera, used a 3.0-liter diesel V-6, exceeded European emissions standards for oxides of. emissions Volkswagen diesel scandal

Volkswagen Group rolls out diesel swapping program throughout Germany

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The Volkswagen Group rolled out a new diesel swapping program in Germany. Environmental incentives for scrappage of Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicles of any make are again being offered by some of the Group’s brands throughout Germany. The environmental incentives are being offered brand-specific throughout Germany for scrappage of a Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicle. million low-emission new Euro-6 diesel vehicles took to the roads in Germany, replacing old vehicles.

2018 68

Siemens building first stretch of eHighway on public roads in Germany

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With this field trial, the eHighway will be tested on a public highway in Germany for the first time. Siemens has been commissioned by the German state of Hesse to build an overhead contact line for electrified freight transport on a ten-kilometer stretch of autobahn.

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Germany launches R&D facility for industrial-scale Li-ion cell manufacturing; €500M in funding

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The group is headquartered in Germany and has production facilities in China, Poland and the USA as well as subsidiaries in Japan and France. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the Battery Cell Research Production Center, a new R&D and large-scale industrial manufacturing plant for lithium-ion cells; the center will receive an investment of €500 million.

2019 103

Sono Sion solar car starts testing in Germany

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Now the dawn may be breaking on that tomorrow with the small, crowd-funded Sono Sion solar car in Germany. Solar cars are like sunny days—always waiting for tomorrow. The company has raised enough online funding to begin testing, according to a Reuters report carried by Autoblog. The car is mainly battery-powered, but the roof, doors, and

2018 64

New Drivers Start To Take Lessons In Electric Cars In Germany

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Green Germany driver training driver''s ed plug-in cars Ask anyone who''s driven an electric car, and they''ll tell you it''s quite different from piloting a typical internal-combustion car. That''s often meant as a compliment, but the unique driving characteristics of electric powertrains could have weightier implications as well. Since electric cars drive differently, should they become a regular part of.

2015 87

Germany now has 7,407 public charging points; 14,531 filling stations

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A survey by Germany’s BDEW (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft), an association of energy and water companies, found that the number of public charge points in the country has grown to 7,407 as of the end of 2016. As a comparison, Germany had 14,531 filling stations (with multiple pumps, or “filling points”) active in 2016, down from a peak 46,091 in 1970.

2017 91

Two new H2 stations bring total in Germany to 32

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Germany’s H 2 filling station network is growing at an increasing pace. This brings the number of fueling options for fuel-cell cars in Baden-Württemberg to nine, making the federal state Germany’s leading H 2 region.

2017 78

World's first fuel-cell car-sharing program to launch in Germany

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Infrastructure hydrogen Germany Car Sharing hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Tucson Fuel CellCar-sharing services have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and many of them operate fleets of battery-electric cars. Now, a German company believes it's time to pair this new approach to car use with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. The Linde Group—which manufactures and distributes industrial gases—believes such a.

2016 63

BMW tops emobility sales charts in Germany 1H 2017

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The BMW Group was the top seller of electric mobility in Germany the first half of 2017, with just under 5,000 units registered ; registrations are about 175% over the same period in 2016. Overall, the BMW i3 already has more than 10,000 registrations in Germany since its launch in autumn 2013. Almost one in six of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourers registered in Germany in 2017 was electrified. —Peter van Binsbergen, Head of Sales BMW Group Germany.

2017 68

Audi to pay $927 million fine over diesel scandal in Germany

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Audi agreed on Tuesday to pay a $928 million fine to put the diesel emissions-cheating scandal behind it in its home country, Germany. The 800 million Euro fine to German authorities, consists of $923 million (795 million Euros) in profits the company made selling diesels that didn't comply with emissions standards plus the maximum fine of $5.8. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2018 71

CATL Germany plant to provide Li-ion cells for BMW iNEXT

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The award of this contract was a decisive factor in CATL’s decision to build an advanced battery cell manufacturing facility in Germany. At the beginning of the third quarter, the BMW Group signed a long-term contract with the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) to supply battery cells with a value of four billion euros. Earlier post.).

2018 86

Germany investigates possible Audi diesel emission cheats

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Just as the Volkswagen Group begins to wind down its diesel scandal in the United States, things may be ramping up in Europe. A German government task force discovered a new type of defeat device in Audi vehicles, which allows the cars to cheat emission tests. Both V-6 and V-8 powered Audi A8 diesels—built between 2009 and 2013—were. Diesel cars

2017 63

Audi CEO arrested in Germany over diesel scandal

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VW's diesel scandal is far from over. In the latest move on the political chessboard, German authorities arrested the head of VW's luxury division Audi at his home Monday morning according to a Reuters report. German authorities cited concerns that Stadler could obstruct their ongoing investigation into the diesel emissions cheating scandal. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2018 70

Chinese EV battery manufacturer CATL building plant in Germany; 14 GWh capacity, €240M investment by 2022

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CATL) is building its first plant outside of China in Thuringia, Germany. From Thuringia, which is located in the center of Germany, every major German city can be reached in a maximum of 5 hours by truck. The Chinese EV battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd.

2018 85

Australian, Germany Li-ion gigafactory aspirants sign MoU

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TerraE-Holding GmbH has organized 17 major companies and research institutions into a consortium to handle planning for building large-scale lithium ion battery cell manufacturing in Germany. TerraE plans to build 34GWh of production capacity across two locations in Germany. TerraE was recently established with the target to setup mass production of Lithium-ion battery cells of 34 GWh in Germany.

2017 69