Germany putting another €300M into EV charging infrastructure

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has launched a new €300-million program for the construction of EV charging stations. The new funding program complements BMVI’s funding concept for the overall charging infrastructure system in Germany: This includes private charging at home and at the employer.

Germany awarding €10.9M to KelRide autonomous vehicle project

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is awarding €10.9 The project is intended to serve as a scalable blueprint for a large number of cities and counties across Germany. million to the KelRide project, which will further develop autonomous driving in the Kelheim district in Bavaria.


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Mercedes-Benz to source CO2-free electricity in Germany from solar, wind and hydropower from 2022 onwards

Green Car Congress

From 2022 onwards, the company will purchase electricity in Germany which comes exclusively from renewable sources. The CO 2 -free electricity from solar, wind and hydro sources is generated in various power plants, most of which are located in Germany.

Wind 244

First carbon-neutral lithium extraction project to start in Germany

Green Car Congress

EIT InnoEnergy, the European innovation engine for sustainable energy, announced a partnership with Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Vulcan), a start-up lithium exploration company, to produce the world’s first completely carbon-neutral lithium in Germany.

2020 351

Tesla registrations skyrocket in Germany even though Giga Berlin hasn’t built a car yet


Tesla all-electric vehicles showed tremendous growth in terms of registrations in Germany, skyrocketing over 83% in Q1 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Credit: Germany Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt| @M0scovium on Twitter.

Germany December 2020

EV Sales

Looking at the podium positions the leader Zoe won another Best Seller title in Germany, its 3rd in a row (and last?), in Germany. Germany27% share! Open the Plugin Gates!

LANXESS enters battery chemistry business; Li-ion electrolyte production in Leverkusen, Germany

Green Car Congress

Germany-based specialty chemicals company LANXESS is entering the battery chemistry business. Starting next year, the Group will produce electrolyte formulations for lithium-ion batteries for the Chinese company Tinci. Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. Tinci) is a leading global manufacturer of lithium-ion battery materials. The high-performance electrolyte formulations from Leverkusen will enable Tinci to become a domestic supplier for battery cell manufacturers in Europe.

Li-ion 212

Construction of the world’s largest project plant for storing green hydrogen in LOHC begins in Germany

Green Car Congress

Covestro production site at CHEMPARK Dormagen/Germany ©Covestro Deutschland AG. The world’s largest plant for storing green hydrogen in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) on an industrial scale is being built at CHEMPARK Dormagen.

Store 304

UNSW Sydney to lead hydrogen supply chain study with Germany

Green Car Congress

Australia and Germany have released national hydrogen strategies to help grow the development of renewable hydrogen as a clean source of energy. UNSW Sydney will lead a consortium of Australian research and industry partners, who will work together with partners in Germany to test the feasibility of a renewable energy-based hydrogen supply chain between the two countries.

2020 190

Alstom signs first contract for battery-electric regional trains in Germany

Green Car Congress

The second one, also in Germany, for 27 trains to the Frankfurt metropolitan area. The latter, the Coradia iLint, powered by fuel cells and offering performance comparable to a diesel train while emitting nothing but water, has been in passenger service in Germany for more than a year.

2020 420

Chakratec partners with Premier Inn on first kinetic EV charging installation in Germany

Green Car Congress

Premier Inn is the first to deploy Chakratec’s unique new charging technology in Germany. Premier Inn selected Leipzig as the first location to adopt the technology, with plans for expansion to its new sites throughout Germany over the next five years.

Germany February 2021

EV Sales

GermanyVolkswagen leads the way The German plugin market scored 40,000 units, with both technologies rising fast (+124% for BEVs and +162% YoY for PHEVs) , with last month plugin share ending at 21% (9.4% BEV), dragging slightly the yearly tally to 21% (9.5%

Germany January 2021

EV Sales

with BEVs alone hitting 10% , Interestingly, this 22% score is frankly above the 14% of the year 2020, so we might see 30% months in Germany this year.and 50% months by 2023? Germany22% Share!

BMW Group, WWF Germany, Volvo Group back moratorium on deep-sea mining

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has launched an initiative to protect the deep seas in cooperation with the WWF Germany. In a joint declaration , the BMW Group, WWF and other companies—including the Volvo Group—undertake, as a precautionary measure, not to use deep-ocean minerals or finance deep-sea mining until comprehensive scientific research into the impact of deep-sea mining can be conducted and the consequences for the environment are clearly assessed.

Webasto starts EV battery production in Germany

Green Car Congress

Webasto, a global systems partner to the automotive industry, has started the production of batteries for electric vehicles in Germany. The manufacture of battery packs for a European bus maker has already commenced at the company’s Schierling site in the district of Regensburg. From the beginning of 2020 the company will manufacture its self-developed standard battery system for commercial vehicles there. For this purpose, Webasto has invested €11 million in a multi-product line.

2019 199

MAHLE opens new €3M test bench for electric drives in Germany

Green Car Congress

MAHLE has commissioned a test bench for electric drives in Stuttgart/Germany. Both our customers and our developers can now benefit from an ultramodern facility, which is one of only very few in Germany.

2020 247

Solaris orders 25 Ballard fuel cell modules to power hydrogen buses in Germany

Green Car Congress

These 25 modules will power 15 Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen buses planned for deployment in Cologne, Germany and 10 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses planned for deployment in Wuppertal, Germany, all under the Joint Initiative For Hydrogen Vehicles Across Europe (JIVE 2) funding program.

2020 299

Cummins to open new fuel cell systems production facility in Germany; Alstom’s hydrogen trains

Green Car Congress

will open a new facility in Herten, Germany, which will initially focus on the assembly of fuel cell systems for global transportation leader Alstom’s hydrogen trains. The company already has alternative power facilities located in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. The choice to open this new fuel cell systems site in Germany is a testament to Cummins’ commitment to accelerate our hydrogen capabilities. Cummins Inc.

2020 226

BASF breaks ground for cathode active materials production plant in Schwarzheide, Germany

Green Car Congress

BASF has officially broken ground for its new cathode active materials (CAM) production plant in Schwarzheide, Germany. We aim to produce the world’s best-quality and best-performing batteries in Germany and Europe.

2020 227

BYD begins electric bus fleet delivery to Germany’s BOGESTRA; first of 22 buses

Green Car Congress

BOGESTRA (Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen) and HCR (Straßenbahn Herne-Castrop-Rauxel), two of Germany’s leading Public Transport Operators (PTOs), have taken delivery of the first vehicle in a joint fleet order for 22 electric buses from BYD.

2020 227

Germany kicks in another €100M for wallbox subsidies; €400M total now

Green Car Congress

Germany is putting another €100 million into a subsidy program for private wallbox chargers, bringing the program total to €400M. Under the program, the purchase and installation of wallboxes are supported with a grant of €900. Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer said that 300,000 wall boxes have already been subsidized in just over three months, corresponding to a subsidy volume of €270 million. this enormous demand shows that we are spot on with our funding program.

Charging connectors will be required at gas stations in Germany

Green Car Reports

Germany will require all gas stations to offer electric car charging as part of a 130 billion euro ($146 billion) economic recovery plan, reports Reuters. While some gas-station chains have begun to add electric-car charging, Germany is likely the first country to mandate it nationwide.

2020 134

Volkswagen reports growing demand for e-up! and Passat GTE in Germany

Green Car Congress

EV this summer, demand for electrified Volkswagen products has increased in Germany. Volkswagen reports that, even before the launch of the new ID.3 Every second order for the up!

2020 270

Germany awarding €24.4M to 3 projects for fuel cell and battery-electric powertrains for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

At the first Hydrogen General Assembly, Germany’s Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer announced €24.4 Under Germany’s National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) the BMVI funds research and development as well as market activation measures. million in funding for three projects developing fuel cell and battery-electric drives for commercial vehicles. We want to work towards zero emissions road logistics with alternative drives.

IVECO, FPT and Nikola Motor Company announce future Nikola TRE production in Ulm, Germany

Green Car Congress

and Nikola Motor Company will manufacture , through their European joint venture, the Nikola TRE in Ulm, Germany, at the IVECO manufacturing facility. IVECO and FPT Industrial, the commercial vehicle and powertrain brands of CNH Industrial N.V.,

2020 254

Germany establishes new national control center for charging infrastructure

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Andreas Scheuer announced the founding of a new national control enter for charging infrastructure. The mission of the National Control Center is to ensure the swift and coordinated establishment of nationwide charging options in Germany. The automotive industry and the energy industry have promised to actively support the control center, Minister Scheuer said.

2019 163

KBA: Alternative drives accounted for around 25% of new vehicle sales in Germany in 2020; 13.5% with electric drive

Green Car Congress

In 2020, e-mobility became more popular in Germany, despite a 20% decline in registration numbers in the year of the COVID 19 pandemic. Alternative drives (battery-electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, gas, and hydrogen) took up around a quarter of all new light-duty vehicle registrations in Germany in 2020, according to figures from the KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority).

Germany investing €630M in new locks on Dortmund-Ems Canal to accommodate large freight ships

Green Car Congress

The German federal government is investing €630 million (US$745 million) in the expansion and maintenance of the Dortmund-Ems Canal (DEK). The DEK is a 269 km canal between the inland port of the city of Dortmund and the seaport of Emden.

2020 212

Germany's hydrogen stations exceed US; California beats Japan on density

Green Car Reports

Germany, on the other hand, has 83 million residents—and. Europe hydrogen Germany EU hydrogen fuel cellAs of today, there are 39 hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S., all but four of them in the state of California. They serve roughly 39 million Californians, whereas 284 million Americans outside the state have no access to hydrogen fuel-cell cars nor stations at which to refill them.

2018 101

Germany’s AgiloBat project seeks flexible battery production in terms of format, material, quantities

Green Car Congress

Especially in the field of electromobility in Germany, we are faced with the question of how we can catch up with the international competition when it comes to battery production as a production site.

2020 244

Germany’s BMVI awarding €23.5M to hydrogen mobility projects

Green Car Congress

Germany’s BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) awarded €23.5 Current status of hydrogen filling stations in Germany (October 2019): 75 in operation. million to a set of hydrogen mobility projects ranging from forklift trucks to equipping a ride-pooling fleet to the development of a hydrogen bus and a fuel-cell-powered street sweeper. Hydrogen, fuel cells and electricity move the future. We have seen many studies and pilot projects in recent years.

2019 163

Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cars In Germany: Getting Worse, Actually

Green Car Reports

Germany is one of several countries with aggressive plans to curb transportation-related carbon emissions. But a recent study claims the transportation sector in Germany is the only one that hasn't, in. emissions Germany greenhouse gas Fuel Economy carbon dioxideOver the past few years, its large domestic car industry has worked to improve fuel efficiency--and even launched several plug-in electric models.

2015 127

Electric car sales in Germany finally start to soar: Tesla leads

Green Car Reports

Now, however, Germany—home to the largest piece of Europe's auto industry—appears to be. Europe Plug-In Hybrids Germany plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Fast Charging Tesla SuperchargerIt's starting to look like China will lead the world in adoption of plug-in electric cars, but which carmaking nations will follow it? While electric cars were launched simultaneously in Japan and the United States, Europe lagged somewhat behind.

2018 126

Germany now has 7,407 public charging points; 14,531 filling stations

Green Car Congress

A survey by Germany’s BDEW (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft), an association of energy and water companies, found that the number of public charge points in the country has grown to 7,407 as of the end of 2016. As a comparison, Germany had 14,531 filling stations (with multiple pumps, or “filling points”) active in 2016, down from a peak 46,091 in 1970.

2017 232

Alstom to test its hydrogen fuel cell train in the Netherlands; first pilot project outside Germany

Green Car Congress

The world’s first two hydrogen trains have already been in regular passenger service in Lower Saxony in Germany since September 2018. Also in Germany, RMV has ordered 27 Coradia iLint—the largest fleet of hydrogen trains in the world—for operation from 2022. The iLint was designed by Alstom teams in Salzgitter (Germany), the center of excellence for regional trains, and in Tarbes (France), center of excellence for traction systems.

2019 219

Volkswagen Group rolls out diesel swapping program throughout Germany

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group rolled out a new diesel swapping program in Germany. Environmental incentives for scrappage of Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicles of any make are again being offered by some of the Group’s brands throughout Germany. The environmental incentives are being offered brand-specific throughout Germany for scrappage of a Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicle. million low-emission new Euro-6 diesel vehicles took to the roads in Germany, replacing old vehicles.

2018 174

Report: VW-based Ford electric vehicle will be built in Germany

Green Car Reports

A previously-discussed Ford electric car based on Volkswagen's MEB platform will be built in Germany, at one of the Blue Oval's own factories, Automotive News reported Sunday.

2020 124

CESifo: EVs not the best option for reduction in on-road CO2 in Germany given power mix

Green Car Congress

According to a new study published by the ifo Institue Center for Economic Studies (CESifo) in Germany, EVs will barely help cut CO 2 emissions in the country over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles does not necessarily lead to a reduction in CO 2 emissions from road traffic given the current power generation mix. Electricity production in Germany, 2018.

2019 320

Tesla Gigafactory 4 clearing stalls due to environmentalists in Germany

Green Car Reports

Tesla’s construction of its Gigafactory 4, outside Berlin, Germany, will likely result in the creation of many hundreds of thousands of new electric vehicles per year—helping replace internal combustion vehicles and meet ambitious EU carbon dioxide targets.

2020 115

California joins Germany in climate coalition to support Paris pact

Green Car Reports

Politics global warming California Germany climate changeThe 50 states that make up the U.S. don't get to set their own foreign policies (neither do Canadian provinces). But that doesn't necessarily prevent them from working with other countries on matters of mutual interest. And that's just what California is doing in an agreement announced this weekend that expands its efforts to battle climate change.

DHL Freight pilots first LNG truck with mega trailer in Germany in partnership with BMW

Green Car Congress

During a year-long trial period the truck will operate as a daily shuttle between DHL’s logistics center and a BMW Group production plant in southern Germany. Thanks to a higher loading height and increased fuel efficiency, mega trailers in road transport are particularly important for the automotive industry, making BMW Group an ideal partner for testing in Germany.

2019 228

Germany Mulls Boosting Electric-Car Incentives Under Carbon-Goal Pressure

Green Car Reports

But despite its large domestic car industry, Germany is not among them. Carbon Footprint Germany incentives plug-in cars transportation policySeveral European countries--including Norway, The Netherlands, and France--aggressively promote electric cars as a way to reduce vehicular carbon emissions. German government support for electric cars has been lukewarm at best, but now it appears that could change soon. DON'T.

2015 119

Germany launches R&D facility for industrial-scale Li-ion cell manufacturing; €500M in funding

Green Car Congress

The group is headquartered in Germany and has production facilities in China, Poland and the USA as well as subsidiaries in Japan and France. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the Battery Cell Research Production Center, a new R&D and large-scale industrial manufacturing plant for lithium-ion cells; the center will receive an investment of €500 million.

2019 258