ORNL team devises electrocatalyst for direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol with high selectivity; pushing the combustion reaction in reverse

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The researchers’ initial analysis suggests that the spiky textured surface of the catalysts provides ample reactive sites to facilitate the carbon dioxide-to-ethanol conversion. This could help to balance a grid supplied by intermittent renewable sources.

U of I study: synthetic fuels via CO2 conversion and FT not currently economically & environmentally competitive

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The potential WTG CO 2 emission reduction with low carbon grid electricity indicates the potential role electrochemical CO conversion can play in low carbon liquid fuel when the electricity grid is highly renewable or decarbonized.

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US Navy demos recovery of CO2 and production of H2 from seawater, with conversion to liquid fuel; “Fuel from Seawater”

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Researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division have demonstrated novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of CO 2 and hydrogen from seawater and their subsequent conversion to liquid fuels.

New inexpensive catalyst for conversion of CO2 to CO could help with storage of renewable energy

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The combination, suggests the team in paper published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society , could integrate into energy storage and distribution networks to provide a means for renewable energy storage. Storage of solar and other sources of renewable electricity may be enabled by the catalytic production of fuels such as H 2 or reduced carbon-containing compounds via the electro-chemical reduction of H 2 O or CO 2 , respectively.

Wendy Greuel Our Best Bet To Get To 100% Renewable Energy In Time

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And what I myself need from our next Representative in the House is the person who will most effectively help me drive the South Bay to 100% renewable energy as we transition off of fossil fuels in the next decade.

Company creates renewable diesel from sunlight

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There have been some fairly remarkable accomplishments in the push for renewable fuels, but the latest innovation from Joule Unlimited is one of the most jaw-dropping yet. The company has just been awarded a US patent that covers its conversion of sunlight and waste carbon dioxide directly into liquid hydrocarbons that are fungible with conventional [.].

DOE awarding up to $80M for supercritical CO2 pilot plant

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The new facility will support the future commercialization of sCO 2 Brayton cycle energy conversion systems by testing and demonstrating the potential energy efficiency and cost benefits of this technology. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Emissions Power Generation

SOLAR-JET project demonstrates solar-driven thermochemical conversion of CO2 and water to jet fuel

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The solar-to-fuel energy conversion efficiency, defined as the ratio of the calorific value of CO (fuel) produced to the solar radiative energy input through the reactor’s aperture and the energy penalty for using inert gas was 1.73% averaged over the whole cycle.

Global Bioenergies plans to acquire Dutch start-up Syngip; gaseous carbon feedstocks for renewable isobutene process

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Global Bioenergies, the developer of a process to convert renewable resources into light olefin hydrocarbons via fermentation (with an initial focus on isobutene) ( earlier post ), signed a contribution agreement with the shareholders of Syngip B.V. As one example, Global Bioenergies and its partner Audi have been exploring technology allowing the production of renewable isooctane (derived from isobutene) not derived from biomass sources—i.e.,

USDA provides $91M loan guarantee to Cool Planet for biogasoline blendstock plant; biomass pyrolysis and catalytic conversion

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Cool Planet has devised a biomass-to-liquids thermochemical conversion process that simultaneously produces liquid fuels and sequesterable biochar useful as a soil amendment. The output from each catalytic array when cooled is comprised of volatile gases, renewable fuel and water.

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Governments of Canada & Québec award $76.5M to AE Côte-Nord Canada Bioenergy for renewable fuel oil from forest residues w/ Ensyn RTP

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for the production of renewable fuel oil (RFO) from forest residues. million gallons US) of renewable fuel oil per year. Production of renewable fuel oil is set to begin in 2017. The Governments of Canada and Québec will provide $76.5

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Audi in new e-fuels project: synthetic diesel from water, air-captured CO2 and green electricity; “Blue Crude”

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The patent-pending technology has been developed in collaboration with the Professorship of Renewable Energy Carriers at ETH Zurich. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuel Cells Fuels Power Generation

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Renewable fuels and biochar company Cool Planet closes on $100M Series D financing

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Cool Planet Energy Systems, a renewable fuels and biochar company ( earlier post ), closed on its targeted $100 million Series D financing. Cool Planet is moving aggressively to commercialize its technology and scale production of its renewable fuel and CoolTerra products.

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NREL enzyme enables conversion of biomass to sugar up to 14x faster than current alternatives; changing the economics of conversion

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Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed an enzyme that can enable the conversion of biomass to sugars up to 14 times faster and more cheaply than competing catalysts in enzyme cocktails today.

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Global Bioenergies delivering first renewable gasoline sample to Audi

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Global Bioenergies and its partner Audi ( earlier post ) announced that the first batch of renewable gasoline using Global Bioenergies’ fermentative isobutene pathway has been produced. This first batch of renewable gasoline represents a historic milestone.

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Berkeley Lab copper catalyst yields high-efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion

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What we know is that this unique structure provides a beneficial chemical environment for CO2 conversion to multicarbon products,” he said. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Climate Change Fuels

Photo-activated catalyst converts CO2 to CO for clean fuel technology; no unwanted byproducts

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Interest in developing catalysts for solar-powered reduction of carbon dioxide to generate fuels has increased with the rapid consumption of fossil fuels over the past century, and with the desire for renewable sources of energy. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Solar fuel

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

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It offers the solution to several significant transitions we need: moving society from burning fossil fuels to substituting renewable resource fuels such as solar, wind and biofuels; and from using fossil materials as fuel to using them for other recyclable uses.

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Stanford’s GCEP awards $10.5M for research on renewable energy; solar cells, batteries, renewable fuels and bioenergy

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million for seven research projects designed to advance a broad range of renewable energy technologies, including solar cells, batteries, renewable fuels and bioenergy. The goal of this project is to develop a hybrid perovskite-silicon solar cell that significantly improves the light-to-energy conversion efficiency of conventional cells. Maximizing solar-to-fuel conversion efficiency in photo-electrochemical cells.

PetroAlgae partners with CRI Catalyst to optimize conversion of biomass to renewable drop-in fuels using IH2 technology

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a provider of licensable commercial micro-crop technology globally, has entered into an agreement with CRI Catalyst Company LP (CRI) to use Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion technology (IH 2 ) for the conversion of PetroAlgae’s micro-crop residues into renewable fuels.

Primus Green Energy raises $12 million for renewable gasoline technology

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developer of a proprietary process to produce gasoline and other fuels from biomass and/or natural gas ( earlier post ), has completed its third round of funding with the recent $12-million investment by IC Green Energy Ltd, the renewable energy arm of Israel Corp. Primus claims a process conversion efficiency of 25%—twice that of its closest competitor—and the company expects to achieve a conversion efficiency of 33%.

NREL shows graded catalytic-protective layer boosts longevity of high-efficiency photocathodes for renewable hydrogen

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Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a method which boosts the longevity of high-efficiency photocathodes in photoelectrochemical water-splitting devices. The challenge of making a more durable cell must be overcome before renewable hydrogen from PEC devices can become commercially viable.

Researchers develop co-catalyst system for lower cost conversion of CO2 to CO; syngas for synfuels

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A team from the University of Illinois and startup Dioxide Materials has developed an electrocatalytic system for the reduction of CO 2 to CO—a key component of artificial photosynthesis and thus an enabler for the conversion of CO 2 to synthetic fuels—at overpotentials below 0.2

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Gevo contracts with Mustang Engineering for the conversion of Gevos renewable isobutanol to biojet fuel

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a renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company, signed an engineering and consulting agreement with Mustang Engineering, LP for the conversion of Gevo’s renewable isobutanol to biojet fuel. The advent of the jet fuel carbon tax on international flights landing in the European Union is motivating the airline industry and fuel suppliers to seek cost-effective, renewable alternatives to petroleum jet fuel.

MIT researchers devise simple catalytic system for fixation and conversion of CO2

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Ideally we’d like to develop carbon-neutral cycles for renewable energy, to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and avoid pollution. reacts with triethylsilane in acetonitrile under an atmosphere of CO 2 to produce formate (69% isolated yield) together with silylated molybdate (quantitative conversion to [MoO 3 (OSiEt 3 )] ? , Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Catalysts


New renewable hydrocarbon fuel pathway uses platform molecule acetoin produced by biomass fermentation

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Acetoin is amenable to C-C bond formation with other platform molecules; the team was interested in exploring the use of acetoin as a potential bio-based C 4 building block for the synthesis of renewable liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

TU Bergakademie Freiberg launches OTTO-R project with VW Group, Shell, OMV as partners; P2X for green gasoline

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Researchers at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, with partners from the automotive industry (Audi, VW) and the petroleum industry (Shell, OMV) have launched the €1.46-million OTTO-R project for the production of gasoline from “green” methanol produced from CO 2 , water and renewable electricity. The topic “Power-to-X” addresses the storage of surplus renewable electricity.

On the road to solar fuels and chemicals

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Various device configuration powered by a renewable energy source perform electrochemical water splitting or CO 2 reduction. One such connects a photovoltaic (PV) to a separate electrolyzer with catalysts that drive the necessary conversion reactions (PV/electrolysis). Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Materials Solar Solar fuels

CoolPlanet BioFuels claims conversion yield of 4K gallons gasoline per acre biomass

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CoolPlanet BioFuels, a start-up developing technology to convert low-grade biomass into high-grade fuels including gasoline, and carbon that can be sequestered ( earlier post ), claims it has achieved a conversion yield of 4,000 gallons gasoline/acre biomass in pilot testing using giant miscanthus, an advanced bioenergy crop. The giant miscanthus was developed at the University of Mississippi and provided from a high yield plot by Repreve Renewables.

New one-pot methanol-mediated process for conversion of wood and cellulosic solids to liquid fuels

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Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) have developed a one-pot process for the catalytic conversions of wood and cellulosic solids to liquid and gaseous products in a reactor operating at 300–320 °C and 160-220 bar. There have been two types of approaches conventionally considered for the conversion of woody biomass to liquid fuels, Matson et al. Ford (2011) One-Pot Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose and of Woody Biomass Solids to Liquid Fuels.

Researchers produce high density renewable fuels from terpenes; potential use as significant components of jet, diesel and tactical fuels

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In a paper published in the journal Fuel , the China Lake team suggests that the ultra-performance renewable fuels have potential applications as significant components of jet, diesel and tactical fuels. Isomerization/dimerization of β-pinene. Source: Meylemans et al. Click to enlarge.

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Naval Air Warfare Center awards contract to Albemarle for processing Cobalt Technologies’ bio n-butanol to renewable jet fuel using Alcohol-to-Jet process

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For this production run, Albemarle will use NAWCWD alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) technologies (developed by Michael Wright, Benjamin Harvey and Roxanne Quintana, earlier post ) to process Cobalt’s bio n-butanol into renewable jet fuel at its Baton Rouge, La.

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DOE to award up to $12M for technologies to produce renewable carbon fiber from biomass

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) will award ( DE-FOA-0000996 ) up to $12 million in funding to advance the development of a cost-competitive pathway to produce high-performance carbon fiber for vehicle lightweighting from renewable non-food biomass. The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) anticipates making awards that range from $6,000,000 to $12,000,000; projects will run up to 40 months.

Airbus joins Australian consortium developing pyrolysis pathway for renewable jet fuel

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Airbus has joined a consortium that includes Virgin Australia, Renewable Oil Corporation, the Future Farm Industries CRC, Canadian biofuels company Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation and GE to study a new pathway for the production of sustainable aviation fuels from mallee trees using fast pyrolysis and subsequent bio-oil upgrading. The pyrolysis thermal conversion process has yet to be recognized by the world’s fuels standards authorities.

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Revenge of the Electric Car

Second, you can make the energy to run them domestically and renewable, and finally they are better driving experiences. This is a shame because we have the intelligence and renewable resources to do much better Below is an interview with Director Chris Paine and Journalist Robert Steadman with UK-based Blue and Green Tomorrow : ROB: Was it difficult to gain behind the scenes access to the auto industry after the first film? Was there a level of distrust among the execs? CHRIS: Yes.

S. Korean researchers develop new catalytic pathway for direct conversion of CO2 to liquid hydrocarbon fuels

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Proposed carbon capture and utilization (CCU) system based on catalytic CO 2 conversion to liquid hydrocarbon fuels with hydrogen supplied from solar water splitting. Hence, this report focuses on the catalytic CO 2 -to-liquid fuel conversion (CO 2 FT synthesis) with renewable H 2.

BASF and bse Engineering sign development agreement to transform CO2 and renewable electricity into methanol; power-to-methanol

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Renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power plants generate excess current at times when it is not needed. This excess current can often not be reasonably used, but effective usage of this excess is a factor in making power production from renewable energy sources economically viable.

New Na-ion battery combining intercalation and conversion could be promising low-cost energy storage system

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Scheme of the new full sodium-ion battery, which combines an intercalation cathode and a conversion anode. This battery system combines an intercalation cathode and a conversion anode, resulting in high capacity, high rate capability, thermal stability, and much improved cycle life. (In For the anode, they selected carbon-modified iron oxide (C-Fe 3 O 4 ) conversion material. 1 when used in a lithium cell and undergoes a conversion reaction (Fe 3 O 4 + 8Li + + 8e ? ?

Light over heat: UV-driven rhodium nanoparticles catalyze conversion of CO2 to methane

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Duke University researchers have engineered rhodium nanoparticles that can harness the energy in ultraviolet light and use it to catalyze the conversion of carbon dioxide to methane, a key building block for many types of fuels. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Catalysts Fuels Solar fuels

Joules solar fuels process can produce up to 15,000 gallons of renewable diesel/acre/year; 5-50X greater conversion efficiency than any biomass-dependent process

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The paper, which examines Joule’s advances in solar capture and conversion, direct product synthesis and continuous product secretion, finds that the solar-to-product conversion efficiency of the direct, continuous process for producing diesel, ethanol and chemicals is between 5 and 50X greater than any biomass-dependent process, and gains additional efficiencies by avoiding downstream refining.