Electreon and ASPIRE to launch electrified roadway demo in Utah

Green Car Congress

Electreon’s in-motion (dynamic) wireless charging technology will be installed in ASPIRE’s research test track in North Logan, Utah, in summer 2022 to showcase the company’s technology for the first time in North America. Utah test track.

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Koch invests $252M in Compass Minerals to support development of lithium brine project in Utah; ESM for DLE

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Additionally, early conversion testing of Compass Minerals’ brine across a wide range of operating parameters has provided confidence in the scalability of the planned DLE facility to be located at Compass Minerals’ operations in Ogden, Utah.

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Utah-based Energy Fuels to enter commercial rare earth business in Q1-2021

Green Car Congress

Our agreement with Chemours may be the beginning of a real success story, not only for Energy Fuels, but also for local communities, Native Americans, conservation groups, the State of Utah, and the US as a whole. Shipments of monazite sands from Georgia to the White Mesa Mill in Utah are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2021. Energy Fuels Inc.

2020 328

Nikola founder Milton purchased Utah ranch with ‘nugatory’ inventory choices

Baua Electric

The post Nikola founder Milton purchased Utah ranch with ‘nugatory’ inventory choices appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News. Then, after a convention name with Milton that very same month, Hicks modified his thoughts.

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Utah doctors to sue TV's 'Diesel Brothers' for illegal modifications

Green Car Reports

The show focuses on a Utah shop that specializes in these modified trucks. emissions Trucks lawsuit Television TV UtahSometimes reality-television fame comes with some unforeseen side effects. A certain subset of car enthusiasts enjoy modifying large diesel trucks, something that has gained wider public attention on the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers. DON'T MISS: Not Just VW.

Utah 94

University of Utah engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude

Green Car Congress

The Utah team created a new mixing extractor, a reactor that shoots jets of solvent at jets of algae, creating a localized turbulence in which the lipids “jump” a short distance into the stream of solvent. —University of Utah chemical engineering assistant professor Swomitra “Bobby” Mohanty, co-author. Researchers at the University of have developed an unusually rapid method to deliver cost-effective algal biocrude in large quantities using a specially-designed jet mixer.

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Tesla takes dealership fight in Utah to state supreme court

Green Car Reports

Utah continues to be a battleground in the state-by-state war between Tesla Motors and state auto-dealer groups. dealers New car sales plug-in cars dealerships UtahFranchised dealers in multiple states have worked to block Tesla electric-car sales, because they view the company's practice of selling cars directly to customers as a threat to their business model. At the same time, Tesla has fought.

Utah 86

Watch Rivian R1S defy gravity and logic with incredible climb in Moab, Utah


This fact is evident in a recent video posted by company CEO RJ Scaringe, who is in Moab, Utah, with the all-electric SUV, which is displaying some incredible scaling capabilities up Moab’s steep rock formations.

Utah 113

Tesla sales bill in Utah sputters to halt after multiple changes

Green Car Reports

One of those battleground states is Utah, where the debate recently took an interesting turn. dealers plug-in cars Car Sales UtahTesla continues to fight with franchised dealers in multiple states over its practice of selling electric cars directly to customers. A proposed bill initially aimed at allowing Tesla to employ its direct-sales model in the Beehive State stalled, after.

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First DC Fast Chargers Installed At Starbucks Store In Provo, Utah


As many as 60 ChargePoint DC fast chargers will be installed at 15 Starbucks stores along the scenic route linking Seattle to Denver

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Utah Water Quality Board upholds issuance of permit for oil sands mine in Utah

Green Car Congress

The Utah Water Quality Board, in a 9-2 vote this week, agreed with the August 2012 recommendations of an administrative law judge (ALJ) upholding a permit-by-rule issued by the Division of Water Quality (DWQ) for the proposed PR Spring an oil sands mine on state land in eastern Utah. US Oil Sands’ 32,005 acres of bitumen leases in Utah’s Uinta Basin make it the largest bitumen leaseholder of public lands in the US.

Utah 180

4 companies jointly propose $8B green energy initiative for LA area; Wyoming wind, Utah storage, transmission

Green Car Congress

The project would require construction of one of America’s largest wind farms in Wyoming, one of the world’s biggest energy storage facilities (compressed air energy storage, CAES) in Utah, and a 525-mile electric transmission line connecting the two sites. Energy storage facility: Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, Magnum Energy and Dresser-Rand would install the $1.5-billion CAES system at a site near Delta, Utah, 130 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

2014 217

American Sands Energy announces successful operation of oil sand pilot facility in Utah

Green Car Congress

an oil sands exploration and development company operating in the state of Utah, announced the successful operation of its oil sand recovery pilot facility. As a result, CEO William Gibbs said that the company is now ready to submit a mine permit application and begin development of a 5,000 barrel per day facility at its Utah property. a privately-held company that controlled approximately 1800 acres of oil sands property in Carbon County, Utah. American Sands Energy Corp.,

Utah, Minnesota team discover highly conductive oxide-based materials; STO/NTO offer “different road to power electronics”

Green Car Congress

Engineers from the University of Utah and the University of Minnesota have discovered that interfacing two particular oxide-based materials—strontium titanate (STO) and neodymium titanate (NTO)—makes them highly conductive, a boon for future power electronics that could result in more power-efficient laptops, electric cars and home appliances that also don’t need cumbersome power supplies.

2016 212

Study: air pollution along Utah’s Wasatch Front causes more than 200 pneumonia cases each year

Green Car Congress

Air pollution trapped along the Wasatch Front by winter inversions is estimated to send more than 200 people to the emergency room with pneumonia each year, according to a study by University of Utah Health and Intermountain Healthcare. During the winter months, Utah’s Wasatch Front experiences periodic weather inversions that trap emissions along the metropolitan valley. This study also shows just the tip of the iceberg of the costs we in Utah bear as a result of air pollution.

2018 150

Utah Transits Authority adding 5 battery-electric New Flyer buses to fleet

Green Car Congress

UTA and the University of Utah received a $5.4-million Low-No grant from the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to purchase five New Flyer battery-electric buses. Three of these will be used on route 2 in Salt Lake City and two that will serve the University of Utah campus (also in Salt Lake City). Earlier post.) Each all-electric bus in service with UTA will save the equivalent of 6,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

2016 174

Gillig Receives Order For 44 Electric Buses In Utah


The contract has an option for 95 additional electric buses

Utah 88

Estonian shale oil company acquires shale interests in Utah

Green Car Congress

With the recent approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Eesti Energia (internationally known as Enefit) of Estonia has purchased a 100% interest in Oil Shale Exploration Company ( OSEC ) of Alabama, which has significant oil shale interests in Utah. Enefit also starts to prepare environmental impact assessment and continue with the development of Enefit technology and adapting it to the oil shale in Utah. billion barrels of shale oil in Utah.

Utah 174

Rock River Resources to build small refinery and crude-by-rail terminal in Utah

Green Car Congress

Houston-based Rock River Resources plans to build a small refinery and terminal for shipping crude by rail in Green River, Utah, with the goal of providing a long-term viable refining option in the region. The location where we are in Utah, there are no rail lines for producers to send their crude out. The company expects that most of the crude will come from Utah plays, including the Paradox Basin, the Uinta Basin and the Overthrust region.

Utah 194

Savage expanding two Utah terminals to include crude-by-rail services

Green Car Congress

Savage is expanding the service offerings at its terminals located in Price and Salt Lake City, Utah, to include crude by rail transloading services, and associated car storage, on a manifest basis. The Savage terminal in Price, Utah, is the first facility in the area to offer crude by rail origination services on the Union Pacific Railroad.

Utah 191

Univ of Utah studies find up to 27 seconds of mental distraction for drivers after using new hands-free technologies

Green Car Congress

Potentially unsafe mental distractions for drivers can persist for as long as 27 seconds after dialing, changing music or sending a text using voice commands, according to a pair of new studies for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety by University of Utah researchers. —University of Utah psychology professor David Strayer, senior author of the two new studies. The previous Utah-AAA studies devised a five-point scale: mild distraction.

2015 188

Tesla loses bid to sell cars in Utah, dealer lobbyists win

Green Car Reports

Tesla has once again been denied permission to sell its cars directly to buyers in the battleground state of Utah. Via a unanimous decision, the Utah Supreme Court handed Tesla Motors another setback this week. The state’s top court upheld a 2015 decision that denied the electric-car maker a license to sell new cars, citing a state law that. Politics sales dealers dealerships state laws

2017 85

Univ. of Utah study finds many infotainment systems too distracting to be used when vehicle in motion

Green Car Congress

Many of the infotainment features in most 2017 vehicles are so distracting they should not be enabled while a vehicle is in motion, according to a new study by University of Utah researchers. The study , led by University of Utah Psychology Professor David L. Strayer, found In-Vehicle Information Systems take drivers’ attention off the road for too long to be safe.

2017 150

Utah students break electric car speed record

Green Cars News

Students from the Brigham Young University in Utah have set a new electric car speed record on the Bonneville Salt flats. Green credentials Brigham Young University Electric Blue speed record UtahThe ‘Electric Blue’ car, designed and engineered by students at the university set a new world record for its weight class, averaging 155.8mph over two qualifying runs, one of which clocked at a staggering [.].

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Obama Administration approves Anadarko major natural gas project for Uinta Basin in Utah; 3,675 new wells over next 10 years

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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar approved a major natural gas project in Utah’s Uinta Basin. By signing the Record of Decision ( ROD ) for the Greater Natural Buttes Project, proposed by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Secretary Salazar approved up to 3,675 new gas wells in an existing gas producing area in Uintah County, Utah.

2012 191

Ionic Liquids Process Recovers Bitumen from Utah Oil Sands With Little Water Use

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While hot or warm water processes are used to extract bitumen from Canadian oil sands, the application of these methods to the processing deposits found in the Western United States, notably Utah, has not been commercially successful, the researchers noted, because of the consolidated nature of the deposits and the high viscosity of the bitumen. Paul Painter, Phillip Williams and Aron Lupinsky (2010) Recovery of Bitumen from Utah Tar Sands Using Ionic Liquids.

Headwaters and University of Utah Form JV for Carbon Storage

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Headwaters Incorporated has formed a joint venture with the University of Utah—Headwaters Clean Carbon Services LLC (HCCS)—which will provide a full range of services for CO 2 geologic storage and CO 2 used for enhanced oil recovery and enhanced coalbed methane recovery. The University of Utah has CO 2 expertise and technology developed by a team led by Dr. Brian McPherson.

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Tesla Utah fight, VW diesel advice, Transportation emissions grow: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, Tesla sticks with plans to take its latest dealer fight to the Utah Supreme Court, our latest poll looks at what advice readers would give to friends with Volkswagen diesel cars, and researchers say transportation now accounts for the largest share of U.S.

2016 71

How To Celebrate Earth Day? Utah Says: Oil, Gas & Mining!

Green Car Reports

So, how has the Utah Department of Natural Resources chosen, for two years in a row Sometimes there comes an idea so audacious, so inspired, so downright jaw-dropping that it's worth covering even if it doesn't directly involve cars. You may know Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22. Localities and groups all over the country celebrate it.

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Genesis GV60 Now Available In More US States


The electric crossover can now be bought in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Washington

Utah 83

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 Has A Starting MSRP Of $79,825


The electric luxury sedan will be available in eight states, including four newly confirmed ones: Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Washington

Utah 100

Will electric buses replace propane ones in national parks (which replaced diesels)?

Green Car Reports

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is evaluating the possibility of converting a fleet of 14 propane-powered buses at Utah's Zion National Park to electric power. emissions plug-in cars Buses Public transport UtahElectric buses could soon enter service shuttling visitors around a U.S. national park.

2016 83

Utah to increase green car fleet

Green Cars News

Now Utah has made a significant green car commitment. According to Margaret Chambers, the director of the state’s division of Fleet Operations, Utah is ahead of the pack when it comes to the use of compressed natural gas vehicles. Tags: Green cars Latest news green car fleet natural gas vehicles Utah It’s not just Michigan and California that are ramping up their efforts to go green in the USA.

Utah 32

Utah Researchers Find Strong Correlation Between Size of Catalyst Particles and Their Electronic Structure and Activity; Potential For Less Expensive, More Efficient Catalysts

Green Car Congress

University of Utah chemists demonstrated the link between the size of catalyst particles on a solid surface, their electronic properties and their ability to speed chemical reactions. CO oxidation activity (left axis, solid squares) compared with shifts in the Pd 3d binding energy, relative to expectations from smooth bulk scaling (right axis, open circles), as a function of cluster size. Source: Kaden et al. Click to enlarge.

2009 167

Jeep Magneto showcases brand’s electric drive

Discover EV

Jeep Magneto showcases EV capabilities at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah

Utah 66

Here's Why Tesla's 'Pre-Fab' Superchargers May Be A Game Changer


Tesla installed some 32 V3 Supercharger stalls in a few days in Utah

Utah 88

Partnership enables Rivian electric truck charging while glamping

Green Car Reports

Under the partnership, Rivian will provide its Waypoint Level 2 chargers at Under Canvas sites in Utah, positioned near two popular outdoor destinations: Moab and Lake Powell. Rivian is partnering with hospitality company Under Canvas to provide EV charging at the latter's glamping sites.

Utah 151

Volvo Cars, Starbucks begin installing ChargePoint EV fast chargers at stores between Denver and Seattle

Green Car Congress

Four chargers at the first Starbucks location in Provo, Utah (East Bay – University & 9 th , 979 S University Ave.)

Denver 343

Jeep updates Magneto concept for one-pedal off-roading, quicker acceleration

Green Car Reports

Unveiled Friday ahead of the annual Easter Jeep Safari, scheduled for April 9-17 in Moab, Utah, the new version is straightforwardly dubbed Magneto 2.0. Jeep has updated its Magneto electric Wrangler concept, bringing it closer to the production EVs Jeep has said are in its future.

Utah 126

GM flaunts GMC Hummer EV off-road talents, details Terrain Mode one-pedal driving

Green Car Reports

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV aims for impressive off-road capability, so General Motors sent prototypes to the legendary trails around Moab, Utah to show off some of that capability.

GMC 143

Group 1 sells Hyundai dealership; Ken Garff Automotive buys Subaru store

Baua Electric

Ken Garff Automotive adds Subaru dealership, oldest in the nation Expanding Ken Garff Automotive Group, a privately owned retailer in Salt Lake City, bolstered its Utah presence with the acquisition.

Utah 83

Truck modifiers behind "Diesel Brothers" hit with $850,000 fine for pollution

Green Car Reports

David "Heavy D" Sparks and David "Diesel Dave" Kiley, along with other defendants in the case, run a Utah-based shop that modifies diesel. Sometimes, the spotlight can have drawbacks.

2020 161

Here’s how Americans feel about home backup power – and rising outages


As Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida, Goal Zero , a Bluffdale, Utah-based portable clean energy company, released survey results that found 84% of Americans worry about power outages and 26% feel vulnerable to power outages.

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