Jeep builds a DIY-style Wrangler EV

DIY Electric Car

​ Jeep builds a DIY-style Wrangler EV. From Road&Track: Jeep Builds an Electric Wrangler With a Stick Shift for Easter Jeep Safari. The 2021 Easter Jeep Safari concept trucks are here, and they start with Magneto: A Wrangler Rubicon with an electric drivetrain. EV News

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A DIY Calorie Counter More Accurate Than a Smartphone

Cars That Think

Biomedical Wearables DiyPhysical activity is essential to both physical and mental health, something brought home to many people following sedentary pandemic lockdowns.

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How to make a diy electric car?

DIY Electric Car

Hello everyone, I have an electric motor at home. I am a person who loves to find, learn and explore. So I wanted to try my best by making an electric car myself. So I want to ask everyone who can show me how to make an electric car. Thanks everyone. Technical Discussion

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This Huge DIY Workbench Gives You a Hand

Cars That Think

I added a DIY solder squid—a block with four flexible arms that I use to hold components in place while soldering—with a concrete base and an automatic solder fume extractor. Hands on Diy Arduino

DIY 82

This amazing DIY electric Jeep is the coolest electric car you’ll see all week


more… The post This amazing DIY electric Jeep is the coolest electric car you’ll see all week appeared first on Electrek. I know, I know. It’s only Sunday and technically the week has just begun.

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A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap

Cars That Think

In 2009, I wrote in these pages about my efforts to. add an electric motor to a bicycle —a project that involved a considerable outlay of money and many hours in a machine shop behind a lathe.

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$3,000 DIY electric Mini Cooper is a fun exception among conversions

Green Car Reports

The 2020 Mini Cooper SE offers an all-electric powertrain from the factory, but YouTuber Rich Benoit took a different path to an electric Mini. Benoit's Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel gained popularity focusing on Tesla rebuilds, but recently its star has been branching out.

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HHO Booster: A DIY Fuel Cell Conversion?

Electric Cars are for Girls

The makers of these devices are claiming it will increase your gas mileage to 100 mpg or more. How cool is that? It's not

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Tesla Model 3 transformed into DIY electric pickup

Green Car Reports

Waiting and waiting for more details about the upcoming Tesla Pickup—the “cyberpunk truck”—or concerned that it’s going to be too big when it arrives? You could essentially build your own. That’s what San Francisco YouTube star Simone Giertz did, from a Tesla Model 3. In the project, which declares it’s. youtube conversions Green Life

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DIY DC Motor Controller

Electric Cars are for Girls

Paul Holmes' DC Motor Controller: open source and do-it-yourself saves a lot of money

DIY 151

Charge like you Volt-to: DIY J1772

DIY Electric Car

I have a dirty secret, I like free stuff and I think you do too. Lately I find myself charged on public charging. No, I technically rarely "have-to" use the thin boxes popping up all over town. I've had facility folks come over twice now to tell me, "Those spaces aren't open!" " I fluff my feathers and point to my charging cord and extort. "Oh

DIY 138

AC Motor Controller (DIY)

Electric Cars are for Girls

AC Motor Controller (Part 3 of AC Conversion, Interview with Eric Tischer

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Polestar 2 qualifies, DIY electric Mini Cooper on a budget, VW ID.4 launch approach: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

The Polestar 2 is a Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2021 finalist. A YouTuber built an electric Mini Cooper. And Volkswagen's launching the ID.4. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. The Polestar 2 is a finalist nominee for Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2021 award. The lifted electric car is probably the closet comparison to the Tesla. Today in Car News

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DIY Electric Car Highlights and Progress

DIY Electric Car

The DIY website has been going under some pretty impressive changes and has included some pretty interesting threads over the past few months, but with over 3000 members and an average of 400 new threads a week there is a lot of content to go over.

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Chip Shortage Challenges Maker Manufacturers

Cars That Think

As the editor responsible for IEEE Spectrum 's Hands On DIY section , it's taken longer and longer each month to find projects incorporating interesting new capabilities. Hands on Diy Semiconductor manufacturing Manufacturing Adafruit Sparkfun Arduino Pololu Chip shortage

DIY Electric Car Wiki - A Tremendous Conversion Resource

DIY Electric Car

Some of the members here will find this obvious but I've spoken with several people recently who had no idea that we have such a fantastic resource built up. For those of you who don't know, we have an electric car conversion wiki which has tons of info for beginners and pros. It's the same one as the link on the top right of the page, but I admit, our site design is a little weak so I'm not terribly surprised that it gets overlooked. Hey, it's all about the content, right?

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1950 Jaguar Tesla Battery Swap Process Continues


This is one of the coolest DIY classic car EV conversion projects that we currently know of

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Step 1: How to plan a DIY Electric Motorcycle

DIY Electric Car

Last week I said that this blog would be part journal, part guide to the conversion process but I've decided to separate those two categories by having a build thread for the bike with pretty pictures and having this blog as a sort of step by step guide. I'll still give you updates here but primarily the build thread will be about how I'm doing it and the blog will be about how you can do it.

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Leviton Announces $1,049 DIY Install Electric Car Charging Station

All Cars Electric

Electrical supply firm Leviton Manufacturing announced yesterday that it was now accepting orders for its $1,049 EVB22-3PM Level 2 charging station. Designed to provide up to 3.8 kilowatts to charge electric cars like the 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Chevrolet Volt, the Leviton unit can be installed without any permanent modifications to a

DIY 63

DIY Guide Helps You Build Your Own Electric Car Charging Station

Green Car Reports

Over the past year, electric car charging stations have gone from being overpriced products with extortionate installation costs to items you can pick up at your local hardware store and install yourself. But if driving to your local Lowes and installing a pre-built unit seems a little easy or still too expensive, there’s now a third option

DIY 92

Is there a list of EV conversion shops?

Electric Cars are for Girls

As exciting as a DIY electric conversion sounds, many people don't have the time, skills, and/or inclination to convert a vehicle themselves. On your main

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DIY Hybrid Electric Car: Using an AC Generator Head with a Small Electric Motor

Electric Cars are for Girls

Well, this is more a suggestion, rather than a question, on how to build your own hybrid electric car. The average 4cyl car motor weighs about 700 lbs

DIY 89

Wheel Hub Motors

Electric Cars are for Girls

Do you think wheel hub motors will be available for the DIY market and if so, how soon? Hi, Scott - It looks like in-wheel motors might be coming

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Creative Greenius is EV Driven

Creative Greenius

In addition to Creative Greenius you’ll find these great EV Driven blogs: DIY Electric Car. Tags: electric vehicles carbon producers DIY Electric Car Tesla Electric Car Blog renewable energy fossil fuels environment Chris Payne Tesla Founders Mini E Yes We Can! I am very excited to announce my participation in the launch of. We are an on-line community of people who are passionate about Electric Vehicles and we’re not shy about it.

2009 150

Want to help build a VW electric car?

Green Car Reports

If you like DIY projects, Volkswagen has an offer that might interest you. The automaker is letting visitors to its "glass house" factory in Dresden, Germany, help build e-Golf electric cars.

2020 110

Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: Solar-powered 2-seat e-bike with infinite range


Two of my passions are electric bicycle projects and DIY solar powered projects. In fact I’ve written the book on both topics. So to see these two fields combined in one quirky-yet-awesome product totally made my week.

DIY 108

The Further Adventures of The Solangelist

Creative Greenius

Tags: solar tax credit renewable energy Howard Choy solar panels epiphany solar energy environment Community Development Department solangelist AB 811 City of Torrance Solar Living Institute inverter Sustainability AltE solar financing Governor Schwarzenegger Los Angeles County global warming climate change rooftop solar Not So Great Depression DIY Sascha Deri large scale solar Don Knabe Alternative Energy Store AB 32 Saving Energy solar power Joe the Greenius

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RPM Act in Congress would legalize emission defeat devices, for racing only (supposedly)

Green Car Reports

It’s being called “DIY Dieselgate,” and it could make the air people breathe a lot dirtier. An entire section of the automotive industry—racing—has been exempt from the requirements for emission-control devices found on our everyday cars and trucks. Race enthusiasts got worried early in 2016 when the EPA issued new. Diesels Politics congress

Ford unveils Maverick compact hybrid pickup truck starting at less than $20K

Green Car Congress

Maverick’s FLEXBED gives customers organization and storage solutions to secure cargo, while accommodating Ford accessories and creative DIY solutions. The whole bed is a DIY fan’s paradise. Ford unveiled the 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck.

DIY 371

Order book opens for Swindon Powertrain’s High Power Density (HPD) EV system

Green Car Congress

The reaction underlines the firm’s belief that both enthusiast DIY mechanics and niche OEMs are woefully underserved by traditional suppliers or must resort to scavenging parts from scrapped electric cars.

2020 254

Polite Reminder: Roof Racks Will Kill Your Electric-Car Range

Green Car Reports

We’ve passed spring break, the weather is getting warmer and you’ve turned your weekend attentions to camping trips, DIY projects and outdoor sports. For many Americans, that means digging roof racks out of their winter storage and securing them on top of the family car for the season. If that car is electric however, you’ll want

DIY 101

Is an AC motor in your future?

DIY Electric Car

the "lower" cost systems out there for DIY people. methodology and materials required to do a DIY Industrial AC motor customization. to the DIY crowd. All major car makers use AC propulsion systems for a reason. That reason is simplicity, robustness and excellent, programmable. operating parameters. For the past year, there has been a group of people studying. AC propulsion systems. They all eventually noticed the huge.

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Lowe's: ?Let's Build An Electric Car Charging Station Together?

All Cars Electric

But what you may not know is that as of August DIY Enthusiasts in selected areas will If you’re the kind of person who thinks that a fun weekend consists of redecorating your bathroom, landscaping your garden or perhaps making your own shelving units from scratch, you’re probably familiar with Lowe’s, the Home Improvement Store.

DIY 81

IoT-ize Your Old Gadgets With a Mechanical Hijacking Device

Cars That Think

But for the vast majority of people, a DIY approach isn't practical, and buying something that works out of the box and comes with a friendly app seems like it would be worth a cost premium. Just about every device you own is probably available with Internet connectivity.

DIY 113

Chevy Launches New Site for Volt

DIY Electric Car

It seems to be just getting started but looks to be the best way (besides DIY Electric Car, of course), to get current information on the Volt. Chevrolet recently launched an information and social networking site for their upcoming Electric Vehicle, the Volt. The site is full of photos of the vehicle and videos on the manufacturing process and technical aspects of the vehicle.

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Amazing Growth- A 33 day snapshot of DIYelectriccar

DIY Electric Car

Just out of curiosity I thought it might be interesting to record to statistics of DIY electric car, since it seemed like it was growing pretty fast. After just a month of fairly sporadic recording of the threads, posts, members and active members I found the results pretty surprising. If you're interesting in statistics or just want to see how the website is going then check out these numbers (and excuse my dodgy excel graphs).

2008 100

Show Off Your Car At the Exploratorium in San Francisco

DIY Electric Car

Hello DIY'ers, The Exploratorium in the San Francisco is looking for someone who'd like to show off their DIY Electric Car for one night on October 7th as part of our monthly After Dark series. As a part of our October After Dark event we are seeking a DIY electric car and builder who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area to display and discuss their work that evening in our Museum. As it turns out, the Exploratorium was born out of the DIY spirit.

Tips: How to Make Money from Your Old Car

Clean Fleet Report

You don’t need a complete vehicle overhaul as a simple DIY quick fix and cleaning can transform a cheap piece into a priceless collector item. Four Options To Repost, Recycle or Revamp Your Beater. This article may contain affiliate links.

DIY 62

Announcing EV Driven

Revenge of the Electric Car

DIY Electric Car. We want you to know about a new website and community for people who are passionate about Electric Vehicles. We’re excited to be a part of: EV Driven. EV Driven aggregates the latest content from all these electric car blogs: * Creative Greenius. * Electric Car Blog. Electric Cars are for Girls. Green Car Congress. Green Gearhead. * My Green Wheels. Open Source Civic EV Kit. Plug In Partners. Plugs and Cars. Porsche 914 EV Conversion. Revenge of the Electric Car.

2009 100

Flash Drive: 2022 Ford Maverick

Clean Fleet Report

The Maverick was not intended to be a heavy-duty work truck, but more for the weekend warrior home owner doing DIY projects, or used for active lifestyles such as biking and kayaking. They Could Have Called It “The Phoenix”.

Ford 71

Factory Visit - Felidae e-Bikes : A true Make In India story

Plug In India

It would be appreciated by DIY folks, as it will reduce the assembly complexity. By Atul Gopal The PluginIndia team got a chance to visit a Pune eBike startup - Felidae Electric, who are working on manufacturing eBikes, that are Made In India.

DIY 52

Tesla Autopilot Abusers need to be held accountable, but how?


We have seen several companies and some owners use DIY hack devices to bypass these safety thresholds. Tesla Autopilot Abusers need to be held accountable for their actions. For years, Tesla engineers have worked long and hard to improve Autopilot and Full Self-Driving.

Tesla 108

200AH LiFePo4 Battery Test Results

DIY Electric Car

A DIY Electric Car Member, david85, has been testing a 200 Amp-Hour LiFePo4 Battery for a few weeks now and has been keeping a public journal of the results. If you're not familiar with LifePo4, it's a fairly new battery technology that promises greater safety than Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer while still holding a good energy density and a decent discharge rate.

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