ACIA Aero Leasing LOI with Universal Hydrogen for up to 30 regional aircraft conversions to hydrogen power

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earlier post ) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with ACIA Aero Leasing (ACIA), a regional aircraft lessor with offices in Ireland, France, Canada, Mauritius, and South Africa. Universal Hydrogen Co.

Valero And Mission NewEnergy Execute 5-year, US$3.5B Biodiesel Supply Agreement

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Mission NewEnergy has operations in Australia, Malaysia, India and Mauritius. Mission NewEnergy’s basic plan is to ship biodiesel produced in Malaysia from jatropha seeds produced in India to markets in Europe and the US. M1 and M2 are its biodiesel plants in Malaysia. Source: Mission NewEnergy. Click to enlarge.

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Hadley Centre: Average 4 C Warming Could Happen Within a Human Lifetime, With Even Greater Warming in Many Regions

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Regional case studies will include Amazonia; Australia; Bangladesh; Brazil; Ethiopia; Finland; Mauritius; Siberia; Vietnam; and the monsoon region. Comparison of surface temperature projections from the high-end emissions scenario, without carbon cycle feedbacks. Temperature increases between 1961-1990 and 2090-2099, averaged over all high-end members. Source: Met Office. Click to enlarge.

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Study: Hydrofluorocarbons Will Contribute Significantly to Global Warming by 2050

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Partly based on this research, the eight nation-states and territories of Micronesia and the Republic of Mauritius have proposed to regulate these HFCs under the Montreal Protocol, although the treaty does not cover these gases. Global ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and HFC emissions (A), global CO 2 and HFC emissions (B), and ODS, HFC, and CO 2 global RF (C) for the period 2000–2050. Velders et al. 2009) Click to enlarge.

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Cutting Non-CO2 Pollutants Can Delay Abrupt Climate Change; The Fast Action Climate Agenda

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The small island nations of Micronesia and Mauritius submitted a joint proposal in April to phase down production and consumption of HFCs under the Montreal Protocol. Probability distribution for the committed warming by GHGs between 1750 and 2005. Shown are the tipping elements [large-scale components of the Earth’s system] and the temperature threshold range that initiates the tipping. From Molina et al. 2009), reproduced from Ramanathan and Feng (2008) Click to enlarge.