80x30: U.S. Clean Energy Standard Accelerates Transition to Renewables

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Outlined in Democrats' proposed budget is a national "clean energy standard." This clean energy standard, or CES, would set up a tangible program that pushes utilities to shift towards net zero emissions. Clean energy standard Renewable portfolio standards Energy policy Renewables

Accelergy Begins Production of Synthetic Jet Fuel from Coal and Biomass; USAF to Evaluate for 100% Synthetic Fuel Use

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Accelergy Corporation has begun production of a synthetic fuel from coal and biomass, to be evaluated by the United States Air Force (USAF) as the industry benchmark for 100% synthetic jet fuel. Tim Vail, CEO of Accelergy In 2009, Accelergy entered a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with the USAF for testing fully synthetic fuels that meet or exceed USAF JP-8 military jet fuel standards. Tags: Aviation Biomass Coal Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Fuels

2010 191

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Pertamina to collaborate with Celanese to develop fuel ethanol projects using Celanese TCX process in Indonesia; use of lower-rank coal

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TCX builds on Celanese’s acetyl platform and integrates new technologies to produce ethanol using basic hydrocarbon feedstocks—natural gas, coal and pet coke now, with biomass and waste planned for the future. So far, Celanese has been targeting the industrial ethanol market as part of its acetyl business. Coal EthanolCelanese TCX production process. Click to enlarge.

2012 200

Modified SOFC anodes allow operation at lower temperatures with carbon-containing gases; potential for much more efficient and cleaner generation of electricity from coal

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The resulting lower-temperature SOFCs could provide a cleaner, more efficient alternative to conventional power plants for generating electricity from coal reserves. Conventional coal-fired electric generating facilities capture about a third of the energy available in the fuel they burn. SOFCs powered by gasified coal are about twice as efficient as current coal-fired power plants, potentially reducing CO 2 emission by 50%, Yang et al.

2011 199

US Fuels acquires coal-to-diesel IP for scalable plants near mine sites

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Startup US Fuel Corporation (USF), which plans to design, build, own and operate scalable facilities near coal mine sites to convert coal into synthetic fuels, will acquire coal-to-diesel intellectual property (IP) that USF co-developed with an executive team consisting of Paul Adams and Steve Luck. The plant will be designed to process 148 tons of coal per day to produce approximately 8,500 gallons of high grade, low-sulfur diesel.

2012 196

Cloud Peak Energy and Crow Tribe reach tentative agreement for up to 1.4B tons of in-place coal in Montana

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one of the largest US coal producers, and the Crow Tribe of Indians reached tentative agreements regarding exploration rights and exclusive options to lease and develop up to an estimated 1.4 billion tons of in-place Northern Powder River Basin coal on the Crow Indian Reservation in southeast Montana. to build a coal-to-liquids plant ( earlier post ) had foundered. per ton, depending on the lease and coal deposit and subject to adjustment for inflation.

Los Angeles takes steps to transition out of coal-fired power earlier than required by state law

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has taken steps to transition out of the use of coal-fired electricity earlier than mandated by California state law. Representatives of LADWP and Salt River Project have reached sufficient progress on the principle terms to sell LADWP’s stake in Navajo Generating Station for the two utilities to move forward to negotiate a definitive agreement that would end LA’s use of coal-fired power from the plant by the end of 2015.

DOE to award $12.5M to improve efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty trucks as part of new tech track for US-China initiative

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Additionally, vehicle freight efficiency improvement must be achieved within the constraint of prevailing federal emission standards and applicable vehicle safety and regulatory requirements. Under CERC, 4 pairs of US and Chinese consortia are operating collaboratively on 4 technical tracks: Advanced Coal Technologies with Carbon Capture, Utilization and/or Sequestration.

2016 190

Obama climate plan calls for new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018; cleaner fuels and investment in advanced fossil energy

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Among the transportation-related elements of US President Barack Obama’s new climate action plan, which he is outlining today in a speech at Georgetown University, is the development of new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018. In 2011, the Obama Administration finalized the first fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. New energy efficiency standards.

2013 212

IISD Releases Five-Part Series of Reports on Removing Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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The International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Geneva-based Global Subsidies Initiative ( GSI ) has issued a five-part series of reports into how nations might remove fossil-fuel subsidies, on the eve of a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Washington this week. Consistent definitions of key variables and standards for reporting results could also make it easier to compare different studies on reform.

2010 184

Kawasaki Heavy to build first ocean-going liquid hydrogen tanker with demo in 2017; H2 for transport, industry, power in Japan

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As part of Japan’s WE-NET (World Energy Network) research program of the New Sunshine Project begun in 1993, Kawasaki and its other industrial colleagues in Japan have been considering the large-scale marine transportation of liquid hydrogen for some time (e.g., KHI has previously discussed the concept of such a hydrogen-carrying vessel as part of its Business Vision 2020. KHI’s view of a “CO 2 -free hydrogen chain”. Source: KHI. Click to enlarge.

2013 282

NASA and Partners Testing Coal and Gas F-T Synthetic Jet Fuels at 100% and 50% Blend

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The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and 11 other research groups, including researchers from the US Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are testing two synthetic jet fuels derived from gasified coal and natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process (Jet CTL and GTL). It is thought that synthetic fuels create fewer particles and other harmful emissions than standard jet fuel.

2009 161

Oregon Governor Signs Climate Change Bills, Including Low Carbon Fuel Standard and B2

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Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed into law a series of bills constituting a climate change package that includes a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS), a B2 mandate, and other transportation-related measures. Authorizes the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) to develop a low carbon fuel standard that would sunset in 2015. Requires that new electricity sources must be as least as clean as natural gas plants, effectively blocking new development of conventional coal.

2009 163

Joint IEA-NEA report details plunge in costs of renewable electricity; nuclear competitive with other baseload power sources

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The report, Projected Costs of Generating Electricity: 2015 Edition , also shows that new nuclear power plants generate electricity more cheaply than other established “baseload” sources—mainly coal- and gas-fired power plants—over the full lifetime of facilities when financing costs are relatively low. The report’s standardized form of analysis, levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), displays the cost range of generation in each country for each technology.

2015 184

Researchers develop new Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and production method; Total patents both

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France-based energy major Total, which was part of the research team, has patented the new catalysts and the method for their preparation, naming the UvA researchers as co-inventors. The Fischer-Tropsch process is used for producing fuels from synthesis gas, which in turn is made from natural gas, biomass or coal. The standard recording materials in these cassettes were polymer-based tapes containing cigar-shaped cobalt-doped iron oxide particles.

2013 185

Mercedes-Benz takes stake in H2 Green Steel; to begin use of green steel in 2025

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In the new process, the supplier uses hydrogen and electricity from 100% renewable energy sources instead of coking coal in steel production. Unlike the use of coking coal, this does not produce CO 2 , but water.

Green 349

MIT/RAND Study Concludes Three Types of Alternative Jet Fuel May Be Available in Commercial Quantities Over the Next Decade

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A joint MIT/RAND study of the near-term commercial feasibility of alternative jet fuels has concluded that three types of alternative jet fuels may be available in commercial quantities over the next decade: Jet A derived from Canadian oil sands and Venezuelan Very Heavy Oils (VHO); Fischer-Tropsch (FT) jet fuel produced from coal, a combination of coal and biomass, or natural gas; and hydrotreated renewable jet fuel (HRJ) produced by hydroprocessing renewable oils.

2009 215

BMW Group plans to source steel produced with green power and hydrogen from H2GS in Sweden

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From 2025 on, the company plans to source steel produced with up to 95% less CO 2 emissions and without requiring fossil resources such as coal. As part of its involvement with the not-for-profit organisation ResponsibleSteel, the BMW Group actively participated in establishing environmental and social standards throughout the entire steel value chain, starting at the mine.

Sweden 273

ArcelorMittal launches XCarb; commitment to producing carbon-neutral steel

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Global steel-maker ArcelorMittal launched its first three XCarb initiatives as part of the company’s effort to deliver on its 2050 net-zero commitment. The scheme therefore provides customers with the opportunity to buy certificates attached to their physical orders of steel, enabling them to report a reduction in their Scope 3 carbon emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Carbon 179

Canada moves towards reducing electricity sector emissions

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Environment Canada released the text of the proposed regulations to reduce emissions from the coal-fired electricity sector. The proposed Regulations will apply a performance standard to new coal-fired electricity generation units and those coal-fired units that have reached the end of their economic life. The government says that the gradual phase-out of traditional coal-fired electricity generation will have a significant impact on reducing emissions.

2011 185

Renewable hydrogen fuel being studied for the Port of Seattle

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The research is part of Seattle City Light's “Utility Next” portfolio, a collection of 17 prospective projects to enable Seattle’s vision of a clean energy future. Unlike coal and oil, hydrogen can be used to store renewable energy in a simple, sustainable cycle. Further, PNNL and Sandia experts will contribute expertise to help evaluate all the considerations needed to ensure future clean hydrogen use can be safely stored and handled while meeting the latest safety standards.

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Coal – the cheapest option and the only energy source with low-cost storage in the shape of a big heap of the stuff – was ruled out as too carbon-rich, even though countries such as China are currently building scores of new coal-fired plants.

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Groupe Renault launching project to build biggest energy stationary storage system from EV batteries in Europe

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The first facilities will be developed in early 2019 on three sites in France and Germany: at the Renault plants in Douai and Cléon and at a former coal-fired plant in North Rhine-Westphalia. Advanced Battery Storage” is part of Groupe Renault’s strategy to develop a smart electric ecosystem in favor of the energy transition. The system uses second-life batteries, as well as new batteries stored for future use in standard replacement during after-sales operations.

2018 246

NuScale boosts SMR module output 25%

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The power increase will be reviewed by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission as part of NuScale’s Standard Design Approval (SDA) application, which NuScale is scheduled to submit in 2022.

2020 343

BREAKING NEWS: EPA Head Lisa Jackson To Resign

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As well as setting standards to cut mercury and other toxins from coal power plant pollution and limits on the dumping of waste, Jackson has played a major part in reducing the emissions and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson confirmed this morning that she is to resign from her position, the Washington Post reports.

IEA: governments must act to ensure sufficient supply of critical minerals to meet net-zero goals

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Part of the IEA’s flagship World Energy Outlook series, the report underscores that the mineral requirements of an energy system powered by clean energy technologies differ profoundly from one that runs on fossil fuels. Mainstream higher environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Utah-based Energy Fuels to enter commercial rare earth business in Q1-2021

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Our goal is to domestically produce the raw materials needed for clean energy and advanced technologies, while creating green jobs in an economically challenged part of the country. Importantly, in the United States we are highly regulated and operate to the highest standards, which means we produce these minerals more responsibly than many of the countries from which we currently import. Energy Fuels Inc.

2020 328

What is COP26?

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Also, as part of the agreement, every five-years each country is required to update their plans setting out how they intend to reduce their emissions and how much by. COP26 is the word on everyone’s lips, but what is it and why has it got the whole world talking?

Obama Administration outlines strategy for reduction of methane emissions

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The strategy builds on progress to date and takes steps to further cut methane emissions from landfills, coal mining, and agriculture, and oil and gas systems. Key steps include: Landfills: In the summer of 2014, the EPA will propose updated standards to reduce methane from new landfills and take public comment on whether to update standards for existing landfills. The Obama Administration has outlined its Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions.

2014 210

EPA proposes CO2 limits for future power plants; flexibilities for phasing in control technology; anticipates negligible impacts

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for CO 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new power plants. based standard of 1,000 pounds of CO 2 per megawatt?hour Also exempt are units looking to renew permits that are part of a Department of Energy (DOE) demonstration project, provided that these units start construction within 12 months of this proposal (i.e., Coal with carbon capture and storage (CCS): 200 lbs CO 2 /MWh.

2012 196

BP outlook: Energy demand grows as fuel mix continues to diversify; EVs in global car parc at 15% by 2040, but electric share of VMT at 30%

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The global energy mix is the most diverse the world has ever seen by 2040, with oil, gas, coal and non-fossil fuels each contributing around a quarter. Natural gas demand grows strongly and overtakes coal as the second largest source of energy. Global coal consumption flatlines and it seems increasingly likely that Chinese coal consumption has plateaued. China remains the largest market for coal, accounting for 40% of global coal demand to 2040.

2018 163

Study from Thuringia shows 50% of harmful soot comes from local sources, 50% from long-distance transport

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In September/October 2010, extensive measurements took place in Thuringia as part of the Hill Cap Cloud Thuringia 2010 (HCCT-2010) experiment. The main sources were combustion emissions, probably from wood and coal-fired heating systems.

President’s FY 2013 Budget requests $650.8M for Fossil Energy programs

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In FY 2013 and through the Recovery Act, the Coal program continues aggressive funding for carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities, including large-scale demonstration of injection and storage in geologic formations or beneficial utilization of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) through the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships and large-scale demonstration of carbon capture technologies through the Clean Coal Power Initiative, FutureGen 2.0,

2012 179

China study connects ozone pollution to cardiovascular health

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Ozone concentrations were lower than the levels capable of influencing pulmonary function, which is the main basis for current regulatory standards. Ozone is formed through a chemical reaction that occurs when sunlight interacts with nitrogen oxides and other organic compounds that are generated by coal-burning, vehicle exhaust and some natural sources. parts per billion (ppb), corresponding to outdoor concentrations ranging from 4.3

2017 163

Study associates in-utero exposure to PM2.5 pollution with higher blood pressure in childhood

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microns or less (PM 2.5 ) is a form of air pollution produced by motor vehicles and the burning of oil, coal and biomass, and has been shown to enter the circulatory system and negatively affect human health. Researchers examined 1,293 mothers and their children who were part of the large, ongoing Boston Birth Cohort study. µg per cubic meter or higher) were slightly lower than the EPA’s National Air Quality Standard (12 µg per cubic meter).

2018 221

Geely invests in Carbon Recycling Intl.; vehicles fueled by methanol from CO2, water and renewable energy

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This investment will build on our existing methanol technology, facilitating even more valuable solutions and helping to propel this part of our business in China. The process is certified by SGS Germany according to the ISCC Plus system, based on standard ISCC EU methodology for calculation of GHG emission in the product lifecycle. In the same year, national standards for M85 and M100 were also promulgated.

2015 210

UN Environment report says national GHG pledges only bring one-third of reductions needed for Paris Agreement

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Substantial emission reductions due to fuel economy standards for passenger cars are already included in the current policy scenario. A large part of this potential comes from six relatively standardized categories: solar and wind energy; efficient appliances; efficient passenger cars; afforestation and stopping deforestation. There are an estimated 6,683 operating coal-fired power plants in the world, with a combined capacity of 1,964 GW.

2017 150

EIA: China’s use of methanol in liquid fuels has grown rapidly since 2000; >500K bpd in 2016

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EIA research indicated that part of the reason for the underestimation of transportation sector consumption of liquid fuels stemmed from the use of methanol and its derivatives that were increasingly added into China’s gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) streams. About two-thirds of China’s methanol feedstock is produced from coal and the remainder from coking gas (a by-product of steel production) and natural gas.

2017 150

Poor air quality to remain a problem in India despite pollution control policies

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The study shows that only about 833 million citizens (about half of India’s estimated population in 2030) would be living in areas that meet India’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in 2030. The study also found that the Indo-Gangetic plain, covering parts of states such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal, has the highest population exposure to significant PM 2.5

2019 225

Wholesome Foods selects Nonox emulsion-combustion technology to reduce diesel emissions and fuel consumption

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WFI will benefit from a payback of less than a year on its investment and more than bring the WFI fleet into compliance with environmental standards. The Nonox proprietary cavitation reactor chamber contains no moving parts and delivers an even dispersion of correctly-sized water particles throughout the emulsion. Nonox Ltd. developer of an advanced emulsion to combustion cavitation technology has concluded an agreement with Wholesome Foods, Inc.

2012 204

Hyundai: Prophecy is an “iconic silhouette of perfect proportions”

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As part of its product line expansion to include 44 electric vehicles and its investment of almost 50 billion Euros for research and development into future technologies by 2025, Hyundai Motor Group has released a video presentation highlighting its Prophecy Concept car.

2020 60

Asian Development Bank providing $300M towards replacing 100K gasoline trikes with E-Trikes in the Philippines; $300M for major road upgrades in Chhattisgarh, India

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In line with the government’s plan to develop a national e-vehicle industry, the project will support the establishment of an e-vehicle parts industry, battery supply chain, and charging stations, including five off-grid solar charging stations. Low quality roads are undermining the benefits of the state’s rich mineral and coal deposits, holding back new economic opportunities and access to social amenities, especially for minority groups.

Final session on international mercury convention this week expected to culminate in agreement; UNEP Global Mercury Assessment 2013 finds industrial source Hg emissions may be rising

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Unintentional emission sectors: Coal burning, ferrous- and non-ferrous (Au, Cu, Hg, Pb, Zn) metal production, cement production. Mercury (Hg)—the only metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure—is very volatile and highly toxic to humans and animals when inhaled or ingested. Artisanal and small-scale gold mining and coal burning are the major sources of anthropogenic mercury emissions to air.

2013 221