Obama rolls out EV strategy

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The Obama administration is calling for raising the number of plug-ins that qualify for federal incentives from 200,000 to 500,000 cars per manufacturer. In addition, Obama is looking to convert the federal tax credit into a rebate available at the time of sale. Joe Biden barack obama enerdel battery electric carAt EnerDel's Indiana battery plant today, VP Biden outlined the administration's EV strategy.

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Flurry of green-car rules as Obama administration departs

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When it comes to regulations governing the auto industry, the Obama administration does not plan to go gentle into that good night. emissions EPA Barack Obama White House climate change Fuel Economy regulationThe outgoing administration has pushed through a number of new regulations, some related to fuel efficiency, before President-elect Donald Trump takes office next month. The move is likely a hedge against the incoming.

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Obama announces $2.4 billion for EV projects

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President Obama today announced $2.4 Tags: electric vehicles president obama billion for battery and electric car manufacturing and deployment efforts. Green Car Congress has the full rundown of recipients.

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Obama Proposes $10 Per Barrel Tax On Oil To Fund U.S. Transportation Needs

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president Barack Obama will propose a tax of $10 per barrel on oil in the 2017 budget he will submit to Congress next week. Green Barack Obama Politics climate change congress highway funding obama transportation policyYou have to give the man credit for vision. According to the White House, its goal is to create "a clear incentive for private-sector innovation to reduce our reliance on oil, and at the same time invests in clean energy.

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Obama Visits Detroit Auto Show, Checks Out Chevy Bolt EV Electric Car

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Eisenhower in 1960, Bill Clinton in 1999, and now Barack Obama, yesterday. Detroit Auto Show obama Barack Obama plug-in cars Government loans Government grantsOnly three U.S. presidents in history have visited the Detroit Auto Show in its century-plus of existence: Dwight D. At various points during the day, the president lauded the ongoing recoveries of the city of Detroit itself as well as the domestic automakers, including the.

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Obama on cars

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Today Barak Obama appeared on Meet the Press. OBAMA: Well, you know, I, I think that if we decided right now that we were going to make the kind of investment I've proposed--$150 billion over 10 years--then I think at the end of the decade we could have a auto industry that has significantly reduced our consumption of oil by as much as 35, 40 percent. Tags: barak obama Plug-in Hybrids battery electric car full transcript here.)

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Obama's cabinet drunk on ethanol?

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Obama's cabinet is looking very friendly toward ethanol, The Hill reports. Tags: vilsack cabinet daschle barack obama cellulosic ethanol lahood corn ethanol salazar Vilsack from Iowa at Agriculture, Salazar from Colorado at Interior, Daschle from South Dakota at HHS and likely Transportation nominee Ray LaHood are all big ethanol boosters. Chu at Energy, while critical of corn ethanol, has been an advocate for cellulosic.

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Electric Car 'Outrage': Obama Goal Missed, Dubious TV Report Dissected

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sales obama Television TV plug-in cars Biased reporting"Billions of your tax dollars were spent to put a million electric cars on the road by the end of this year. You might be outraged when you hear what happened." Sounds shocking, doesn't it? Also perhaps vaguely reminiscent of 2011 and 2012, when uninformed, context-free, and factually-wrong "news" stories emerged about the Chevrolet Volt and, by.

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Biofuels surge under Obama?

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Obama's choice for Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, apparently can't be faulted for his dedication to dealing with climate change. As the incoming Obama administration prepares to spend liberally to develop cleaner sources of energy, the structure of corporate-government partnerships will determine how the profits of that research return to taxpayers, and how rigorously scientists evaluate the downsides of controversial technologies such as biofuels."

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Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

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As expected, President Obama vetoed S. In his veto message to the Senate, Obama cited procedural issues rather than any potential impacts of the pipeline itself. 1, the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act, which had been passed by Congress. He wrote: Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest.

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Obama embraces PHEVs

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Barack Obama (D-Ill.) Barack Obama on Energy Independence Remarks of Senator Barack Obama Governor's Ethanol Coalition Washington, DC Feb. delivered a major speech on energy independence yesterday. The setting was a meeting of the National Governors Association.

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Obama withdraws ozone rulemaking

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USPresident Barack Obama has requested that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) withdraw its Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) rulemaking. Global warming Green credentials Latest news Green cars green credentials National Ambient Air Quality Standards Obama ozone President Barack Obama US Environmental Protection Agency

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EPA proposes repeal of Obama Clean Power Plan

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Released in 2015 by the Obama Administration EPA, the CPP established the first national standards to limit CO 2 emissions from fossil-fuel-fired power plants (Electric Generating Units, EGUs), with a target of a 32% reduction against a 2005 baseline by 2030. The Trump Administration EPA has proposed to determine that the Obama-era regulation exceeds its statutory authority.

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Obama gives $2.4bn Jump Start To Battery Makers

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President Obama is making good on his promise to spearhead the EV revolution. It’s all part of the Obama administration’s plan get to 1 million plug in hybrids on the road by 2015. Obama At A Town Hall Meeting in Los Angeles, California - March 19, 2009. Here’s a quote from the LA Times article By Maeve Reston: Obama unveils $2.4-billion grant program to aid electric cars. Tags: EV Economics Obama Energy

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Tom Friedman on Gas Prices, Honesty, Obama, and Electric Cars

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Obama was not blown away by his opposition to the gas holiday. Barack Obama had the courage to tell voters that the McCain-Clinton summer gas-giveaway plan was a fraud. Tags: thomas friedman barack obama battery electric car plug-in car Tom Friedman of the NY Times has been hammering away at the bi-partisan disaster that is the US energy policy for years now. One cornerstone of the policy is cheap gas.

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EPA to roll back Obama-era greenhouse gas policies on coal power plants

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EPA head Scott Pruitt told miners in Kentucky on Monday that he intends to begin dismantling former President Barack Obama's signature climate-change agenda effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal power plants. Standing alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Pruitt told reporters at an event in Hazard, Ky., that, "The. Environmental emissions Politics EPA climate change Donald Trump

Barak Obama or John McCain - Which Candidate will Revive the Electric Car?

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presidential candidates Barak Obama and John McCain are talking about EVs. Tags: Editorials candidates senator barak obama john mccain ev electric vehicle phev hybrid range extended campaign race 2008 energy sustainable clean solar wind biofuels diesel hydrogen Big news! Finally, American politicians, corporate executives and grassroots advocates all seem to agree that powering cars from clean, affordable and domestic electricity makes sense.

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Obama Budget Boosts Funding For More Efficient Cars, Hikes Electric-Car Tax Credit

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President Barack Obama has said he wants to boost the Department of Energy''s vehicle research budget 75 percent to help develop more efficient cars.

Obama budget backs electric vehicles

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With the aim of having one million advanced technology vehicles on US roads by 2015, President Obama’s Budget offers clear support for electric vehicle manufacturing. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Barack Obama Budget proposals electric vehicle incentives Obama Budget President Obama support for electric vehicles

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Obama to grant California waiver Monday

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New York Times reports the expected change in federal policy will happen Monday.the centerpiece of Monday’s East Room announcement is Mr. Obama’s directive to the Environmental Protection Agency to immediately begin work on granting the so-called California waiver, which allows the state, a longtime leader in air quality matters, to set its own standards for automobile emissions.

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Obama Administration To Add 10,000 Hybrids To Government Fleet

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President Barack Obama may not achieve his goal of 1 million plug-in electric cars on U.S. roads by the end of 2015. But his administration continues to try to green the U.S. vehicle fleet. The latest salvo: The government''s General Services Agency plans to add an additional 10,000 hybrid vehicles to its fleet of roughly 200,000 cars and trucks

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Obama In Detroit, Audi Q6 e-Tron Plant, Diesel 'Defeat Devices': Today's Car News

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Today, President Barack Obama visits the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Audi selects a plant in Belgium to build its new electric SUV, and the Internet offers diesel "defeat devices" for owners looking to mess with their vehicles' emissions controls. President Obama visits the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, and checks out.

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Obama Administration announces actions to sustain and advance nuclear energy in US

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Although overshadowed by the announcement on denial of a Presidential Permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline ( earlier post ), on Friday, the Obama administration also on Friday announced and highlighted a number of actions to sustain and advance nuclear energy in the US.

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Obama launches advanced manufacturing partnership

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As part of a national effort to bring together industry, universities and the federal government, US President Barack Obama has announced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP). Ford Green cars Latest news advanced manufacturing partnership AMP President Obama

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Obama: Buy A Fuel-Efficient Car, Gas Won't Stay Cheap Forever

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Yet President Barack Obama hopes U.S. Low gas prices typically make fuel-efficient cars less attractive to consumers, and right now prices are very low indeed. car buyers won''t clamor for gas guzzlers. DON''T MISS: Gas Prices To Plunge More After Oil Price Falls To 4-Year Low? He cautioned that cheap gas prices won’t last indefinitely, and

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President Obama, Bill McKibben & I Want You To Man Up on Global Warming. It’s Time To Book Your Hotel In Copenhagen

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I voted for Barack Obama and I worked hard campaigning to get him elected. Wimpy and inadequate” is the apt description of United States action so far, which only looks good under Obama compared to the eight years of Bush, but the best we can do? Expecting anyone else but President Obama to fill those shoes ignores who he is and where we currently are on the timeline. I would do it again and I’m proud of the small contribution I made to achieve change.

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President Obama proposes 50% increase in spending on clean transportation, funded by $10/barrel tax on oil

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President Obama has laid out a plan for building a “21st Century Clean Transportation System”, the investment for which would be funded by a new $10 per barrel fee on oil paid by oil companies, which would be gradually phased in over five years. Obama is proposing to reform the existing transportation formula programs to ensure that local, regional, and state governments are maximizing returns on public investments and delivering better outcomes.

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Obama Administration outlines strategy for reduction of methane emissions

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The Obama Administration has outlined its Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions. The strategy summarizes the sources of methane emissions, commits to new steps to cut emissions of the potent greenhouse gas, and outlines the Administration’s efforts to improve the measurement of these emissions. The strategy builds on progress to date and takes steps to further cut methane emissions from landfills, coal mining, and agriculture, and oil and gas systems.

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Obama green-car rules, next Hyundai fuel-cell SUV, autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid: Today's Car News

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Today, the outgoing Obama administration aims to quickly enact more green-car rules, the next Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle may get a boost in range over the current Tucson Fuel Cell, and a second-generation Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous prototype will begin testing in the new year.

Energy Secretary Confirms: U.S. Will Fall Short Of Obama Goal Of 1 Million Electric Cars By 2015

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In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama set the goal of putting 1 million plug-in electric cars on U.S. MORE: Obama''s Goal Of 1 Million Plug-Ins: 2018, Not 2015, Say Analysts Not quite, says Energy Secretary Ernest roads by 2015. So with 2015 upon us, will the country be able to meet that goal before the end of the year?

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Obama Promotes Natural-Gas Fueling Stations In State Of The Union Address

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Once again, President Barack Obama used the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night to raise the issue of natural gas vehicles as a way of promoting energy independence and cutting the impact of climate change. In his talk, Obama urged the U.S. Congress to support the construction of natural-gas fueling stations around the country, as well as

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Obama Oil Tax, Electric-Car Charging Costs, Tesla Gigafactory: Today's Car News

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Today, President Barack Obama proposes a tax of $10 per barrel on oil, California wrestles with the question of who should pay for electric-car charging infrastructure, and the Nevada government says the Tesla "Gigafactory" fell short of job and investment projections in 2015.

Obama announces emissions target for vehicles

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An agreement has been reached with 13 major automakers as President Obama announced the next phase of the administration’s national vehicle programme. Green cars Latest news emission standards emissions model year 2025 MY2025 National Vehicle Program President ObamaThe aim is to increase fuel economy to a fleet-wide average 54.5mpg or 163g/mile of CO2 for cars and light duty trucks by model year 2025. Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar/Land [.].

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Obama's Biofuels Announcement Encouraging, Challenges Remain

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In the middle of his much-publicized bus tour into the nation's agricultural heartland on Tuesday, President Obama announced a new initiative to kickstart the U.S. biofuel industry, which among other things would create more jobs for rural communities in the biofuel production chain. The announcement is the latest in a closely timed-series of

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Obama Administration announces $14 million for lightweight vehicle materials

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During his trip to Columbus Ohio today, President Obama announced a $14 million program to support development of lightweight materials for advanced vehicles.

Obama administration backs biofuels research

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Biofuels Green cars Latest news biofuels Department of Energy green cars Obama administrationThere are reasons to be excited about biofuel research in the USA – 35 million of them. That’s because the Biomass Research and Development Initiative – a programme run by the Department of Energy (pictured) and the US Department of Agriculture – is set to award $35million over three years for research and development into [.].

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Obama Announces Transportation Infrastructure Spending Plan

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US President Barack Obama announced a transportation infrastructure spending plan to expand and renew US roads, railways and runways. Obama is also proposing a long-term framework to reform and expand our nation’s investment in transportation infrastructure. The plan envisions a front-loaded $50-billion investment in the first year. The plan would also reform the way the US currently invests in transportation and includes the creation of a Federal infrastructure bank.

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Obama: I’ll Buy A Chevy Volt After My Presidency Ends

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Ever since Barack Obama became president in 2008, he hasn’t been given much chance to drive a car, let alone own one. But when his presidency ends, Mr. Obama knows exactly what car he wants to buy as his post-presidential ride -- a plug-in Chevrolet Volt. “Five years from now when I’m not president anymore, I’ll buy one and

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Obama Administration announces new 54.5 MPG CAFE standards

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Today the Obama Administration announced the long-awaited new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard for cars and light-duty trucks, raising the standard to the equivalent of 54.5 miles/gallon, by 2025. The CAFE standards are regulations

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Obama Administration recommends designating most of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness

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President Obama said he will make an official recommendation to Congress to enact the plan.

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Obama Administration Buys Electric Cars, Charging Stations

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The President may be currently abroad experiencing the horror of European ramps, but his government has been busy at home ordering the very cars its stimulus program has helped to fund. The General Services Administration responsible for the upkeep of the federal government’s 600,000 strong vehicle fleet has announced it will be buying 116

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Greenius Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Green Economic Recovery Bill!

Creative Greenius

President Obama Steps Up To Save The Economy & The Climate While Republicans No Longer Relevant. I wholeheartedly applaud, support and endorse President Barack Obama’s signing of the $787 billion economic recovery bill just moments ago.

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Obama announces transport spending plans

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US President Barack Obama has announced his spending plans for transportation infrastructure and efforts to expand and renew US roads, railways and runways. Tags: Latest news Barack Obama federal infrastructure bank transport infrastructure transport spending The plan will see $50billion invested in the first year and will reform the way the US invests in transportation with the creation of a Federal infrastructure bank. Among the goals outlined [.].

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