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Mayor Menino Adds Boston

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Boston joins in the Plug-In Campaign. Arlington, TX Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Boston, MA Boulder, CO Corpus Christi, TX Dallas, TX Denver, CO Fort Worth, TX Irvine, CA Los Angeles, CA Madison, WI Philadelphia, PA Salt Lake City, UT Seattle, WA Wenatchee, WA Become a Partner today.

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Stop & Shop, Robomart to launch teleoperated driverless grocery vehicles in Boston this spring

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Stop & Shop is partnering with Robomart to launch driverless grocery vehicle service in the Greater Boston area beginning in Spring 2019. Stop & Shop customers in the Boston area can summon a Robomart vehicle with a smartphone app. The vehicles will bring a selection of Stop & Shop produce as well as meal kits and convenience items directly to consumers.

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nuTonomy to test its self-driving cars on specific public roads in Boston

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nuTonomy , developer of software for self-driving cars, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Boston and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that authorizes nuTonomy to begin testing its growing fleet of self-driving cars on specific public streets in a designated area of Boston.

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This Boston dealer is excited about the electric-car future

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A major challenge for electric-car advocates is finding enthusiastic dealers who are willing to put in the effort to explain and promote them. Given the need to educate different staff on a new type of vehicle, explain the associated incentives, and respond to numerous customer questions, electric cars require dealers to invest more time than. sales dealers Tesla Motors New car sales plug-in cars dealerships Massachusetts

Founder of Li-ion maker Boston-Power resigns

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Li-ion battery maker Boston-Power, Inc. The Boston-Power Board of Directors joins me in expressing our appreciation of Christina’s contribution to Boston-Power, as its founder in passionately developing the company into an EV battery technology leader it is today as well as helping with the transition over the past year with the company’s expansion in China. —Boston-Power Chairman and Acting CEO Sonny Wu.

XL Hybrids installs hybrid drives in 4 City of Boston vans

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announced the successful installation of its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System ( earlier post ) in four city-owned vans for The City of Boston. The newly converted vans support the Greenovate Boston goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. The City of Boston is striving to replace 10% of its fleet each year with alternative fuel vehicles. Since XL Hybrids is based in Boston, working with them is simple and smart. XL Hybrids, Inc.

Battery Maker Boston Power Gets $250 Million Investment From China

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founded battery firm Boston-Power knows this too, and plans to expand its own operations following a $250 million investment from China Tesla CEO Elon Musk''s announcement that the firm is planning to build a battery ''gigafactory'' confirmed something we all knew would happen eventually--more electric cars means greater demand for batteries.

Li-ion maker Boston-Power launches module system for EV and ESS applications; no-weld integration

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Li-ion battery maker Boston-Power Inc. By utilizing Boston-Power’s Swing Cell products, customers can realize the ease of assembly benefits of large format modules while retaining the benefits of packing density, reliability and thermal performance that come with using Boston-Power’s small form-factor battery cells. —Darren Bischoff, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Boston-Power.

Massachusetts approves testing of Optimus Ride Level 4 autonomous vehicles in Boston

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In addition, the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MassDOT along with the City of Boston to enable testing of self-driving vehicles on roads and public property in the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, beginning in Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, owned by the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) and located along the South Boston Waterfront.

Boston Power heads to China

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Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Boston Power China lithium-ion battery makerOne of the leading lithium-ion battery makers in theUSAis set to expand into China after announcing $30million in new private equity. The company has received investment from GSR Ventures, as well as Oak Investment Partners and Foundation Asset Management. It follows on from an announcement in September of $125million in growth capital and Chinese government [.].

Li-ion maker Boston Power secures US$290M from two local Chinese governments for expansion

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Li-ion maker Boston Power has secured US$290 million in local government financial support for the expansion of its two facilities in China. The expansion of these facilities will allow Boston Power to meet the growing demand by leading Chinese automakers in the Yangtze River Delta and throughout the Bohai Gulf in Northern China. —Sonny Wu, chairman of Boston Power.

First 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Delivered To Buyer, In Boston

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In a small ceremony inside the BMW of Boston dealership, the first retail buyer of an i3 took delivery of his keyfob yesterday afternoon. As of Friday, May 2, it''s official: the 2014 BMW i3 electric car is now on sale in the U.S. DON''T MISS: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Rated At 81 Miles, 124 MPGe He is Tufts University professor of practice Charles

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11% of Boston Public Schools bus fleet to run on propane

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Boston Public Schools will operate 11% of its bus fleet with Blue Bird propane autogas buses, starting with the 2015-2016 school year. Like many urban cities, Boston has implemented mandates for reducing tailpipe emissions. The school district, already the city’s largest user of diesel fuel, has enacted a number of emissions-reducing initiatives in the past 15 years through its “Greening Boston Public Schools” program.

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Honda begins joint research with Boston University in information security for AI; secure MPC

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Honda Research Institute (HRI), a Honda R&D subsidiary, and Boston University have agreed to begin joint research in the area of data security and privacy for artificial intelligence (AI) research. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering of Boston University as one strategic partner for joint research collaboration.

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Boston Power to bring electric vehicle batteries to China

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In a project that should bring thousands of electric vehicles to China by 2014, Boston Power has entered into a multi-year agreement with Beijing Electric Vehicle Company to provide it with lithium-ion battery systems. The systems will be based on Boston Power’s Swing 5300 cells and will support multiple models and brands. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Beijing Boston Power China electric cars electric vehicles green cars

NTSB 3rd investigative update on Boeing 787 battery fire in Boston; battery not overcharged

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a third update on its investigation into the fire aboard a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Logan International Airport in Boston on 7 January. Earlier post.) NTSB said that examination of the flight recorder data from the JAL B-787 airplane indicated that the APU battery did not exceed its designed voltage of 32 volts.

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Autonomous Renault Zoe electric car to be tested in Boston by nuTonomy

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The Renault Zoe electric car isn't sold in the U.S., but it will make an appearance on the streets of one U.S. city very soon. The battery-electric subcompact hatchback will serve as an autonomous-driving test bed for nuTonomy, a startup founded by researchers from MIT. The company recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the City of. Renault Autonomous cars plug-in cars Massachusetts Renault Zoe self-driving cars

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Boston-Power unveils EV battery module family for Swing cells

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Li-ion manufacturer Boston-Power, Inc. The configurable Swing Key block is a series of interconnected Swing cells ( earlier post ) in a robust mechanical enclosure that combines the safety and performance of Boston-Power’s Swing cells with the capacity and ease of implementation of traditional large format cells. has introduced a family of new modules targeted at electric vehicle packs: Swing Key blocks.

MCCA and Zipcar introduce new Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrids, charging stations, and priority parking in Boston Common Garage

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The Boston Common Garage and Zipcar, Inc. introduced four new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrids to Zipcar’s Boston fleet, as well as plug-in stations and priority parking for Zipcars and other hybrid vehicles at the Boston Common Garage. In addition, the BCG is branding priority parking spots for hybrids near each of the garage’s four entrances to Boston Common.

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Boston Power reveals electrified version of Mercedes E-Class

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Boston Power and Protean Electric have joined forces to provide lithium-ion battery systems and electric in-wheel motor solutions for two new BRABUS vehicles that are based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Mercedes Boston Power BRABUS Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes Benz E Class Mercedes E-Class Protean Electric

Li-ion maker Boston-Power adds $30M in funding; China expansion

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Boston-Power, Inc. Long-standing Boston-Power investors Oak Investment Partners and Foundation Asset Management (FAM) also participated. '. Boston-Power recently broke ground on its new manufacturing site in Liyang. Concurrently, Boston-Power is establishing an R&D and EV battery engineering facility in Beijing. announced $30 million in new private equity. The funding was led by existing investor GSR Ventures.

Boston Approves Ford Transit Connect for Taxi Use

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The city of Boston this week became the first municipality in America to approve the Ford Transit Connect for taxi use, paving the way for taxi owners to purchase the new vehicle for their fleets. Boston, the 10 th largest metropolitan area in the United States, regulates which types of vehicles can be used as taxicabs in its city streets.

Li-ion startup Cadenza Innovation raises $5+M in oversubscribed Series A; ex Boston Power team

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Cadenza Innovation , a Li-ion battery startup founded in 2012 by Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, former CEO and founder of Boston Power ( earlier post ), has raised more than $5 million in growth capital. Working closely with Dr. Lampe-Onnerud, Cadenza Innovation’s corporate and technical leadership team previously established Boston-Power, which today is based in China.

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Boston police make green switch

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The boys in blue have taken the green lead in several US cities with Concord in Boston the latest to welcome a new hybrid saloon car with more hybrids expected in the next year for use as unmarked police cars. According to reports in The Boston Globe , a number of local officials have been reluctant to buy hybrid cars due to their expense or because they don’t yet have a strong track record for reliability and continued fuel savings.

NTSB update on Boeing 787 fire incident in Boston; severe fire damage to APU battery

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released an update on its formal investigation of Monday’s fire aboard a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Logan International Airport in Boston. Preliminary reports from Japan Airlines representatives indicate that airplane maintenance and cleaning personnel were on the airplane with the APU in operation just prior to the detection of smoke in the cabin and that Boston Logan Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting were contacted.

Boston Power to expand into green transport

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Ambitious lithium-ion manufacturer Boston Power Inc has set its sights on the battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market after appointing former GM executive Robert C Purcell Jr to its board of directors. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Boston Power electric vehicles EV-1 general motors GM plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Robert Purcell S-10 Electric Truck

GM’s Maven car-sharing reaches 1M miles driven in <4 months; Boston, Chicago, and DC joining lineup

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and is adding Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. As previously announced, Express Drive will expand to additional markets including Boston, Baltimore and DC by the end of the year. Maven+ and Maven City are coming to Boston this summer. In less than four months, Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand ( earlier post ), has grown to five markets: New York City, Ann Arbor, Mich., Maven members have driven more than one million miles.

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Boston-Power’s Swing Battery Selected for NASA’s Humanoid Robot Project

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NASA has selected selected Boston-Power’s Swing battery system ( earlier post ) as a part of Project M—a proposed project to land an operational humanoid robot on the moon in 1,000 days. Boston-Power’s battery technology platform is based on a flat, oval-shaped prismatic cell design with external dimensions equivalent to two conventional 18650 lithium-ion cells.

Saab, Electroengine and Boston-Power in Swedish Coalition to Develop EVs

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Boston-Power, Inc. A Swedish industry-first electric automobile coalition has been established to fuel the advancement of zero-emission, high performance vehicles. The ZE Saab 9-3. Click to enlarge.

Saab EV Prototype Using Boston Power Swing Cells Already in Mass Production

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The recently announced Saab 9-3 ePower battery-electric vehicle ( earlier post ) is using Boston Power’s Swing cells ( earlier post ) already in mass production, according to Boston-Power Founder and CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud. Boston-Power collaborated to deploy a Saab ePower-specific implementation based on the handshake between the drivetrain and the battery, Lampe-Onnerud said. Boston-Power uses cobalt and manganese on the cathode with graphite on the anode.

Li-ion battery maker Boston-Power announces $125M in new financing; focus on and support from China

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Boston-Power, Inc., Existing Boston-Power investors Oak Investment Partners and Foundation Asset Management (FAM) also participated in the round. As part of its plans, Boston-Power is establishing an R&D and EV battery engineering facility in China. This organization will build upon the current generation of Boston-Power’s lithium-ion battery technology to develop new energy storage products and solutions.

Li-ion Batterymaker Boston-Power Closes $60M in Series E Funding

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Li-ion battery manufacturer Boston-Power, Inc. Boston-Power has attracted $185 million in investment since being founded in 2005. Boston-Power will use the growth capital to scale manufacturing, sales, marketing and research and development for its Li-ion technology platform currently embodied in the company’s Sonata (targeted at notebook computers) and Swing (targeted at PHEV, BEV and utility energy storage) battery systems. Boston-Power Swing 4400.

Saab and Boston Power Part of Coalition to Develop EV's.

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Saab, Boston Power and others are now part of a coalition is deliver high performance electric vehicles. Boston Power has been seeking a foothold in the exploding electric and hybrid electric vehicle market, and is betting the farm on Saab Other reports expect Saab's imminent sale by GM, leaving them free to pursue new product developments.

Boston-Power to supply Li-ion battery systems to Beijing Electric Vehicle Company for EVs, starting with Saab 9-5 based C70

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Boston-Power, Inc., The two companies, which have a long-standing working relationship, project that Boston-Power’s battery systems will be used in hundreds of electric vehicles (EVs) starting in 2012 and thousands of EVs by 2014. The systems will be based on Boston-Power’s second-generation Swing 5300 cells, said Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud, Boston-Power’s Founder and International Chairman.

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Frito-Lay putting 8 electric delivery trucks in service in Boston area as part of 176-EV fleet

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PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division is introducing 8 new electric trucks in the Boston area as part of a larger 176-unit electric fleet rollout in North America; once those are deployed, Frito-Lay will have the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in North America.

Li-ion Manufacturer Boston-Power Names Former GM Senior Executive Bob Purcell to Board; Expansion Into Transportation With a Focus on PHEVs and BEVs

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In the transportation sector, Boston-Power is targeting its high-energy, long-life cells at plug-in hybrid and full battery electric vehicles. Li-ion manufacturer Boston-Power, Inc., —Boston-Power Founder and CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud. Boston-Power technology.

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BRABUS, Boston-Power and Protean Electric team to deliver high-performance EV and hybrid cars based on Mercedes-Benz E-Class

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Boston-Power, Inc. Protean CEO Bob Purcell is also on Boston-Power’s Board of Directors.) The BRABUS 4WD Full Electric car will represent the debut of Boston-Power’s 1.2kWh liquid-cooled module, Swing Medley. The BRABUS 4WD Full Electric. Click to enlarge.

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BMW to partner with Coulomb Technologies in Boston; Coulomb offering new cloud-based service plans, new dual-port charging stations

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BMW of North America and Coulomb Technologies announced that drivers of the BMW ActiveE all-electric vehicle ( earlier post ) will be able to take advantage of the expansion of the ChargePoint Network into the Boston Metro area. The charging stations will be located in the Boston metropolitan area, primarily within the Route 495 Beltway.

Boston Consulting Groups Says Hybrids and EVs Will Continue to Gain Market Share

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Despite high costs for batteries, Boston Consulting Group predicts that more and more hybrids and electrics vehicles will be on our roads in the future. BCG conducted in-depth studies into battery costs for EVs and plug-in vehicles. Their findings suggest that a battery pack the size of the one found in the Chevy Volt costs upwards of $16,000

Boston-Power Pursuing $100M in Federal Funds for Li-Ion Plant in Massachusetts; Introduces High-Energy Swing for EVs and PHEVs

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Boston-Power, Inc., With support from Massachusetts officials, Boston-Power is seeking approximately $100 million under the US Department of Energy’s advanced battery and cell manufacturing grant program established as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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Lithium-ion battery company aims for China dominance

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Boston Power has set its sights on dominating the lithium-ion battery market in China after announcing $125million in new funding in the country. Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Boston Power China GSR Ventures lithium-ion batteryThe growth capital and Chinese government incentives will be used mainly to scale manufacturing, research and development; as well as to boost business development activities for the company’s energy storage technology and [.].

Stiff competition for electric cars

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According to a draft of the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) latest report on automotive propulsion, Powering Autos to 2020, conventional [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news automotive technologies Boston Consulting Group internal combustion engines Powering Autos to 2020Anyone who thinks that the era of electrification is inevitable might have to think again – because it appears conventional automotive technologies may be able to keep electric cars at bay for a little longer.