Hayasa Vijay 2000 electric motorcycle launched

Electric Vehicles India

Hayasa Vijay 2000 electric motorcycle launched. A Nashik based electric vehicles company Hayasa E-Mobility India Pvt Ltd has launched its make in India electric motorcycle Vijay 2000. Hayasa Vijay 2000 electric motorcycle.

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IEA: CO2 emissions from fuel combustion rose 2.2% in 2013, below the average rate since 2000

Green Car Congress

Both years were below the average growth rate since 2000 of 2.5%. According to the latest data released by the International Energy Agency (IEA), CO 2 emissions related to the energy sector, which is the source of nearly two-thirds of human-generated greenhouse gases, rose 2.2% in 2013 to total 32.2 gigatonnes, compared with the 0.6% increase in 2012. In absolute terms, global CO 2 emissions increased by 0.7 gigatonne in 2013.

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Survey shows % of Californians walking, biking or used public transit more than doubled since 2000

Green Car Congress

Results from the California Household Travel Survey ( CHTS ) —the largest and most complex review of its kind— show that the%age of California residents walking, biking, or using public transportation on a typical day has more than doubled since 2000. In 2000, that share was only 11%. Comparing the 2010-2012 CHTS with the 2000 CHTS, the most frequent mode of travel continued to be auto driver (49.3%

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Study finds unprecedented urbanization and urban expansion in East-Southeast Asia from 2000 to 2010

Green Car Congress

The study reveals that between 2000 and 2010, the population of East-Southeast Asia grew by 231 million people; if this were the population of a single country, it would be the fifth most populous country in the world. To arrive at their results, the researchers calculated the difference in size of urban areas, from 2000 to 2010, by closely scrutinizing maps of urban extent and urban expansion developed from MODIS 250m satellite data.

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Tsinghua team develops bio-inspired self-healing sulfur electrodes; almost no capacity decay after 2000 cycles

Green Car Congress

By mimicking fibrinolysis, a biological self-healing process, researchers at China’s Tsinghua University have developed a self-healing sulfur microparticle (SMiP) cathode. In a paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society , the researchers report that the SMiP cathode attained an optimized capacity (∼3.7 mAh cm −2 ), with almost no decay after 2,000 cycles at a high sulfur loading of 5.6 mg (S) cm −2.

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Allison Transmission introduces new 9AT for release in 2020; extends xFE fuel-saving to Series 1000, 2000

Green Car Congress

The Allison nine-speed model leverages the proven durability of the Allison 2000 Series six-speed commercial transmissions, which have accumulated more than 100 billion miles globally. It has been designed to utilize the same OEM interfaces as its six-speed predecessor, providing ease of integration into vehicles currently released with the Allison 2000 Series. Allison Transmission also announced availability of its latest fuel economy technology for its 1000 Series and 2000 Series.

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Worldwatch Institute: global biofuel production fell in 2012 for first time since 2000

Green Car Congress

In 2012, the combined global production of ethanol and biodiesel fell for the first time since 2000, down 0.4% World ethanol and biodiesel production. Source: Worldwatch. Click to enlarge. from the figure in 2011, according to the Worldwatch Institute’s latest Vital Signs Online report. Global ethanol production declined slightly for the second year in a row, to 83.1 billion liters (22 billion gallons US), while biodiesel output rose fractionally, from 22.4 billion liters in 2011 to 22.5

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Ford cuts global water use 8.5% per vehicle from 2011 to 2012; total usage down 62% since 2000

Green Car Congress

Since 2000, Ford has reduced the amount of water used around the world from 64 million cubic meters to 24 million cubic meters—a reduction of about 10.6 Ford voluntarily launched its Global Water Management Initiative in 2000, putting in place ways to manage water conservation, quality and reuse of storm and process water. Ford has reduced the average amount of water used to make each of its vehicles by 8.5%

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Ford now holds 461 patents on hybrid technology, up from 10 in 2000

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company now holds 461 patents on its hybrid technology, up from 10 in 2000. In the last three years, the number of inventions submitted to Ford’s legal team to be considered for patents has increased more than 25%. The development work began to accelerate slowly with the evolution of the Escape Hybrid—the first production hybrid vehicle from a US-based automaker—that was designed and developed in the early 2000s.

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UK new car CO2 emissions fell 3.5% in 2010 and more than 20% since 2000

Green Car Congress

Average CO 2 emissions from new cars have fallen by more than 20% since 2000. Cars in the sub-130 g/km CO 2 category represented almost 40% of the market in 2010 compared with less than 1% in 2000. Executive (-28.1%) and Mini (-25.8%) segments recorded the biggest improvements against the levels of 2000. . Emissions of new cars in the UK fell 3.5% to an average of 144.2

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EIA: China’s use of methanol in liquid fuels has grown rapidly since 2000; >500K bpd in 2016

Green Car Congress

China is the global leader in methanol use and has recently expanded its methanol production capacity. Now, a study commissioned by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) from eia.gov (a global provider of analysis on energy and commodities), finds that since the early 2000s, China’s consumption of methanol in fuel products has risen sharply. The report estimates consumption to have been more than 500,000 barrels per day (b/d) in 2016.

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Tognum starts up new engine plant in US for MTU Series 2000 and 4000

Green Car Congress

A new US production facility set up by the specialist for propulsion and power solutions Tognum in Aiken, SC, is now up and running assembling Tognum’s MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines primarily for the US market. The MTU 2000 series includes engines with up to 16 cylinders and output of up to 1,939 kW.

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UPS Sets New Automotive Goal to Improve Package Delivery Fleet Fuel Economy a Total of 20% from 2000 to 2020

Green Car Congress

UPS is targeting a 20% improvement in fuel economy for its US package delivery fleet from 2000 to 2020. UPS has set a new automotive goal to improve the miles per gallon (MPG) performance of its entire US package delivery fleet by 20 percent between 2000 and 2020. The new goal builds on gains UPS already has made by increasing its US MPG 10% between 2000 and 2009 and applies to a US ground fleet of 60,000 vehicles.

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Ford Cut Plant CO2 Emissions By A Third Since 2000; Another Third By 2025 Targeted

Green Car Reports

Ford is doing just that, having cut global carbon dioxide emissions at its plants by over a third since 2000. CO2 emissions have dropped by 37 percent per vehicle between 2000 and 2012 There''s more to making a car green than just the car itself. Ideally, the whole process of making the car should be as environmentally-friendly as possible too.

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Report Finds Rate of Growth of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sharply Increased Between 2000 and 2005

Green Car Congress

Anthropogenic global greenhouse gas emissions increased by 15% between 2000 and 2005, a sharp increase in the expected rate of growth, according to a new report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). It also showed that global annual emissions of greenhouse gases increased from 24 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents in 1970 to 33 billion tonnes in 1990 and 41 billion tonnes in 2005.

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Innowattech In Road Energy Harvester Uses Tiny Generators to Capture 2000 Watts Per Hour

All Cars Electric

Awhile back we brought you a story about a company called New Energy whose Motion Power system presented an interesting energy harvester installed in roadways. The system is designed to capture energy from the motion of vehicles. It has undergone several successful real-world testing applications. Read more about it here. Now, another

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Case studies: Say goodbye to buying with the car leasing experts

Green Cars News

As the car leasing experts, we’ve helped more than a million different people into a brand new car since we started back in 2000

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Tesla Model Y reliability "much worse than average," Consumer Reports says

Green Car Reports

CR's Auto Reliability Survey is based on data collected from the organization's members, covering 300,000 vehicles from model years 2000 to 2020.

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Interview: Dave Timmis on saying hello to Leasing.com

Green Cars News

Since ContractHireAndLeasing.com was launched in the year 2000, a lot has changed

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UCLA team uses graphite to boost performance of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials

Green Car Congress

C), ultrahigh rate capability (107 mAh g –1 under 60 C), and outstanding cycle performance (>95% reversible capacity retention over 2000 cycles).

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IDTechEx: despite efforts to reduces rare-earth use, percentage of permanent magnet-based EV motors rising

Green Car Congress

In 2011, after China restricted its exports of rare-earths, the price of neodymium and dysprosium rose by approximately 750% and 2000% respectively. Processing 1 tonne of rare-earths can produce up to 2000 tonnes of toxic waste.

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Toyota Prius 2020 Edition marks 20 years in the US–with more hybrids coming soon

Green Car Reports

Just as the original Prius arrived in 2000 and was sold for the 2001 model year, and the new 2020 Edition is arriving for The Toyota Prius, which was once the car of choice for image-conscious environmentalists and celebrities, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its arrival in the U.S.

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Scrappage scheme sees end to Jags, Mercs and even a Morris Minor

Green Cars News

Tags: Hyundai government scheme scrappage £2000

Build An Electric Car for about $2200

Electric Cars are for Girls

Paul Holmes discovered he could build an electric car for about $2000. In this interview, we'll talk about how he built his electric car.and why

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Relationship between distance driven and economic activity: 1946-2017

Green Car Congress

from 2000 to 2017. in 2000 to 0.7% in 2000 to 8.9% by Michael Sivak. This is the latest in my series of analyses on the relationship between road transportation and economic activity in the United States. Of interest in this study were the changes in distance driven per inflation-adjusted GDP (gross domestic product) since the end of the Second World War. For each year from 1946 through 2017, distance driven by all vehicles was obtained from the U.S.

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MAHEPA consortium marks latest flights of HY4 fuel cell hybrid electric aircraft

Green Car Congress

hours flight duration as well as an aircraft with up to 40 passengers and a range of up to 2000 km (1200 miles).

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Toyota Yaris named 2021 European Car of the Year; 80% choose hybrid powertrain

Green Car Congress

Selected by a jury of 59 automotive journalists from across Europe, the fourth-generation Yaris receives the award 21 years after the innovative first generation was named European Car of the Year in 2000, a first for Toyota.

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just thinking about changing my 76 spitfire to a electric car

DIY Electric Car

If I go gas it will probably cost me $2000 or so. Hi, I'm Rick. I live here in Sun City Az. I have a 76 triumph spitfire with no engine but do have a T9 5 speed trany for it. I'm trying to decide if I was to go with another gas engine or turn it into a electric car. I was hoping someone would give my an idea of the cost of going electric. Around town here it is flat terran. If I was to build my spit for here with top speed of 50mph and say 25 to 50 mile range. Could someone give me.

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Optodot awarded new patent for Electrode Coated Separator technology

Green Car Congress

Optodot (founded in 2000) continued to innovate, developing the patented nanocomposite all?ceramic Optodot Corporation has added a new US patent to its portfolio of more than 90 pending and issued battery patents worldwide.

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UMTRI: More driving on city streets, less on country roads

Green Car Congress

In a new study using data from the US Department of Transportation, Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle of the U-M Transportation Research Institute examined the annual distance driven by locale and type of roadway in both urban and rural areas in the US from 2000 to 2016. Overall distance driven (combining both urban and rural) rose by 15%—the same rate of increase for US resident population since 2000.

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Plug-in Car Grant would be wiped out by 'no deal' Brexit

Discover EV

As well as effectively wiping out the current plug-in car grant, UK-built EVs would cost around £2000 more in the EU, likely reducing the number sold to our closest export market The SMMT has warned that EVs built in the EU will cost an average of £2800 more if the UK exits the EU without a deal.

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US light-duty vehicle sales hit record high of 17.5 million units in 2016

Green Car Congress

In 2000, there were 17.2 According to Ward’s Automotive, in calendar year 2016 light vehicle sales reached 17.5 million, breaking the record of 17.4 million set in 2015. million light vehicles sold, the highest point until 2015. — Source: DOE. Light vehicle sales have increased for the past seven years. Sales are 69% higher than during the Great Recession that saw vehicle sales plummet to 10.3 million vehicles in 2009. Brief

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GM-Isuzu JV DMAX invests $60 million in Ohio diesel engine plant

Green Car Congress

million engines since opening in 2000. has invested $760 million in the DMAX facility since 2000. The GM-Isuzu joint venture DMAX, Ltd. will invest $60 million in its Ohio diesel engine plant to make design changes that meet future emissions requirements. Established in 1998, DMAX has produced almost 1.6 GM owns 60% and Isuzu owns 40% of the venture that makes the Duramax diesel for heavy-duty trucks. DMAX, Ltd. DMAX is home to the Duramax 6.6L

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Why are Electric Car Motors so Expensive?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Motors are like $2000 gas engines don't cost that much. I was wondering why the electric motors and the conversion process is so expensive. I wanted to

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Government of Canada awarding $1.625 million for two public hydrogen stations in Toronto

Green Car Congress

The project proponent, Hydrogenics Corporation, is a Canadian company that has been involved since 2000 in more than 50 hydrogen refueling station projects around the world. The Government of Canada is awarding $1,625,000 in funding for the construction of two public hydrogen stations in the Greater Toronto Area to support a new Canadian market for fuel-cell vehicles.

2017 188

European project to develop cobalt-free EV batteries awarded €11.8M

Green Car Congress

Useful cycle life of >2000. >4.5V The COBRA (CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications) project has been awarded a €11.8-million grant to develop Next Generation Cobalt-free batteries.

2020 305

California greenhouse gas emissions up 2% in 2012; driven by economic growth, closing of San Onofre, and drought

Green Car Congress

Since 2000, GHG emissions have decreased by 1.6% (from 466 to 459 MMTCO 2 e) after reaching a peak of 493 MMTCO 2 e in 2004. Per capita emissions in California have decreased by 12% from 2000 to 2012, in spite of the overall 11.4% Per capita emissions from in-state electricity generation have declined by 22% from 2000 to 2012.

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BMW’s GM of battery cell technology joins Wildcat Discovery’s board

Green Car Congress

Between 1994 and 2000 he was group leader at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage of the Bayerischen Zentrum für angewandte Energieforschung (ZAE) in Garching.

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Nearly 20% of intact tropical forest landscapes overlap with extractive industries

Green Car Congress

Intact forests are declining rapidly, with more than 7 percent of their total area lost between 2000 and 2013.

All Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Are Compliance Cars, For Now

Green Car Reports

When the first Honda Insight and Toyota Prius hybrids launched in 1999 and 2000, expectations for their sales were low. And hybrids indeed logged annual sales in the low thousands until the second-generation Prius came along for 2004. But the sales numbers for the earliest hybrids look stratospheric compared to the projections for sales of. Japan hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell compliance car

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Tesla receives harsh rebuke from NTSB head over Full Self-Driving terminology


2000 beta users operating for almost a year with no accidents. “2000 beta users operating for almost a year with no accidents.

2000 104

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Car Will Alter Industry As Prius Did, Says Exec

Green Car Reports

in 2000, the first-generation Toyota Prius hybrid was met with more than a little skepticism by the automotive establishment and the buying public. When it launched in the U.S. As with any new application of technology, it was unclear whether the Prius--and hybrid cars in general--would have a lasting impact or simply fizzle out. MORE: How Much

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Oshkosh Corporation unveils Volterra platform of electric fire and emergency vehicles

Green Car Congress

Standardized Pierce pumping configurations, up to 2000 gpm, are driven through the electric driveline and are powered by either the integrated onboard batteries or the internal combustion engine.