Washington State Caps Electric-Car Incentives At $35K Price, Hitting Tesla, BMW

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Washington looks set to become the second state to cut electric-car incentives for wealthy buyers. But instead of restricting incentives based on income, Washington will. incentives plug-in cars transportation policy Incentives and Rebates Washington StateAfter critics argued that incentive money wasn't going to the people that needed it most, California recently instituted income caps for its electric-car rebate program.

Washington State Loves Electric Cars, But Gets Very Few: Here's Why

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When it comes to states friendly to electric cars, Washington is pretty close to the top. Electric cars get a sales-tax exemption in Washington, and access to charging infrastructure that's fed mostly. California plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle transportation policy Washington State compliance car OregonIt has one of the highest percentages of registered plug-in electric cars in the country, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Bill could add Washington state to roster of California EV adoptees

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A new bill introduced in Washington state on Monday would add the state to the 10 others that follow or are in the process of adopting California's electric-car mandate. Just as the Trump administration is attacking California's right to require electric cars to be sold in the state, California may be gaining support elsewhere.

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Cerulogy analysis finds supply of clean fuels for Washington could meet 11.2% CI reduction target by 2028

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Available clean fuels for the state of Washington could meet a 2028 target of 11.2% The other two scenarios presented consider cases with more and less rapid increases in sales of electric vehicles in Washington State. —“Washington’s Clean Fuel Future”.

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2016 Kia Soul EV To Go On Sale In Oregon, Washington; Some Dealers Get DC Quick Charging

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Oregon and Washington will be the next two states to. plug-in cars ChaDeMo quick-charge standard Fast Charging Washington State Oregon GreenlotsThe rollout of the well-received Kia Soul EV electric car is now continuing in states outside California. The electric tall wagon went on sale in the Golden State late last year, and an unexpectedly positive response led Kia to accelerate its plans to sell the plug-in vehicle in other states.

Washington State electric car credits expire, agencies miss mandates

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On the same day that Washington State's electric-car tax exemptions expired on June 1, an advocacy organization issued a report that said state agencies have done very little to meet a deadline to buy electric cars. The state passed a law in 2007 requiring that all public agencies meet 100 percent of their transportation needs with electricity or

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“Greenius Was Right!” says US Congressman Inslee from Washington State

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Jay Inslee a democrat from the great Pacific Northwest state of Washington who tore the authors of SuperWeakEconomics a new one for all their lies and hack writing in their new, already discredited book. Jay Inslee SuperWeakEconomics Washington State In one of the Creative Greenius’ most highly read posts, written on July 29 of this year, I said there was no difference between today’s global warming deniers and the heads of the tobacco industry a few years back.

@LATimes Will No Longer Cover #ClimateCrisis Or Report On Tipping Points. “Food News & E-Sports Are Our Beat Here In El Segundo,” Declares @PatSoonShiong. “We Leave The Real News To @WAPO & @NYT”

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car2go opening in Washington DC

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car2go North America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler North America Corporation, launches its car-sharing service in Washington DC this weekend. Beginning 24 March, car2go will begin to deploy 200 smart fortwo cars in Washington DC, distributing them throughout the entire District. In March 2012, car2go will launch in Washington D.C.

CMU demo’ing Autonomous SRX in Washington this week

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Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) this week will demonstrate the CMU advanced Autonomous Cadillac SRX in Washington, DC. In the case of the Washington, DC, demonstration, an engineer will be on hand to take the wheel if required.).

Kia prepping Washington and Oregon for Soul EV launch; dealers and charging network w/ fast-chargers

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Of the 20 dealers in the region, 12 will be located in Washington and eight in Oregon. Kia’s addition of six new DC fast chargers to Washington’s already-existing network of 414 DC chargers will increase fast-charger availability by 40% in the Seattle metro area and 15 percent statewide.

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Washington State clean vehicle tax exemption to expire May 31

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The hotbed of electric cars so far has been the U.S. West Coast. California, of course, is the leader, with its zero-emissions vehicle mandates. Going up the coast, the selection—and sales—get steadily thinner, but remain conspicuous. Now the Evergreen State, which has a strong electric-car presence even though it does not follow. Incentives and Rebates

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Washington State Follows CA, Imposes Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

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Washington State will follow the lead of California and develop its own clean-energy policy to cut the state''s carbon emissions by 2020, its governor said on Tuesday. Democrat governor Jay Inslee signed a major executive order to set up a task force for acting on various climate-related issues, from reducing energy, to cutting pollution, to

Washington state to vote on first US revenue-neutral carbon tax in November

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On November 8, Washington will vote on the US’ first revenue-neutral carbon tax. A financial impact analysis by Washington’s Office of Financial Management concluded that during the first six fiscal years, state General Fund revenue would decrease by a net amount of $797.2 Washington’s northern neighbor, British Columbia, implemented a carbon tax in 2008; this served as a base model for Initiative 732.

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Univ of Washington team working to make poplar coppice viable cheap, high-volume biofuel feedstock

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A University of Washington team is trying to make poplar an economically viable biofuel feedstock by testing the production of younger poplar trees that could be harvested more frequently—after only two or three years—instead of the usual 10- to 20-year cycle.

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Electric Vehicle Tourism Sparks Washington State: TEDx Video

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Back in February, the folks at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington hosted a TEDx conference. Johnstron-Rodriguez founded Plug In North Central Washington. One of the event''s speakers was Ron Johnston-Rodriguez. That sounds as if it might be a regional chapter of Plug In America, but its goals are slightly different: it aims "to develop

Tesla Home Batteries, CAFE Explained, Washington Electric Cars: Today's Car News

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mpg Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) target for 2025, and why electric-car loving Washington state gets so few models. Washington state loves electric cars, but it doesn't get as many models as California. Today, we discuss Tesla batteries for energy storage, the real meaning for the 54.5 All this and more on Green Car Reports. Find out why. plug-in cars

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Washington State To Give Electric Cars Tax Breaks, Carpool-Lane Access?

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RELATED: Washington State Follows CA, Imposes Low-Carbon Several states have tried to boost electric-car adoption with cash incentives, tax breaks, and perks like carpool-lane access. The West Coast states of California and Oregon are two of the most enthusiastic proponents of incentives, and they may soon be joined by their neighbor to the north.

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Why Washington State Residents Could Lose Out On Electric Cars

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Washington State should be among those, having adopted The ease of buying an electric car has long depended on where in the U.S. you live. Carmakers carefully consider demand and local incentives and regulations before offering their products in some states--often resulting in California and Oregon getting the latest vehicles before anyone else.

NSF director to highlight critical role of basic research in transportation technology at Washington Auto Show

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National Science Foundation (NSF) Director France Córdova will participate in MobilityTalks International, a public policy forum hosted by the Washington Auto Show on 24 January. The Washington Auto Show opens at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on 27 January and runs through 5 February.

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Western Washington CCC hosting workshop on renewable methane and transportation

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The Western Washington (state) Clean Cities Coalition is hosting a workshop next month on renewable natural gas (RNG, or biogas) and its potential as a transportation fuel in Washington state. The “Cash Cow” workshop brings together environmental professionals, policymakers, project developers, and agricultural professionals to strategize ways to bring projects to market and integrate RNG into the greenhouse gas reduction strategies of government and industry.

Ground breaks on Washington West Coast Electric Highway

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Officials from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT); Bellingham, Wash. When complete, the network will enable electric vehicle drivers to travel 276 miles of I-5 between Washington’s borders with Oregon and Canada. Mayor Dan Pike; and local businesses including Starbucks and REI, celebrated the ground breaking of the state’s first DC fast charger and its segment of the West Coast Electric Highway. Earlier post.)

Munich Re America launches transit bus collision avoidance pilot in Washington with Mobileye Shield+ system

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Munich Reinsurance America, one of the largest reinsurers in the US, in collaboration with the Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP), has launched a pilot program equipping transit buses with the award-winning collision avoidance system Mobileye Shield+.

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GM weighs in against Washington’s proposed EV surtax

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General Motors earlier this week sent a letter to Washington Gov. Independent studies consistently conclude that price is a barrier to adoption of the technology, this concluding the need for incentives.Conversely, a fee which singles out electric vehicles will be a disincentive to the growth of the electric vehicle market in Washington State.

University of Washington team develops new robust approach to solving battery models

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A team at the University of Washington (Seattle) led by Dr. Venkat Subramanian has developed an approach that helps solve battery models without knowing the exact initial conditions and without having to use a Newton Raphson iteration (a method for finding successively better approximations of a real-valued function) or a nonlinear solver.

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Washington selects AeroVironment for fast charging

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Interstate 5 and US 2 will soon feature nine fast-charging stations, after the Washington State Department of Transportation chose AeroVironment to manufacture, supply, install and operate the charging network. Electric cars Green cars Latest news AeroVironment electric car charging I-5 Interstate 5 US 2 Washington

Washington's I-5 To Become America's First "Electric Highway"

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This is because work has begun in preparing Washington stretch of the I5 to become an "Electric highway". Construction workers digging a hole at a rest stop doesn't sound like something that would be of interest to electric-car owners. But the end result of their efforts might be. Whilst this sounds like something George Jetson or Philip J.

Waste-paper Chevrolet runs to Washington

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For the first time, a vehicle fuelled by US government waste-paper and waste cardboard has been driven through the streets of Washington D.C. The drive happened yesterday as part of the opening of the Washington Auto Show. Tags: Biofuels advanced Earth Policy Institute Fibreright Novozymes Rice University sustainable Washington Auto Show At last, a use for all that office waste paper!

Washington State: Home To A 100% Plug-in Taxi Firm

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You probably know that places like New York City and San Francisco are known for their high numbers of hybrid taxis, but a small taxi firm in Washington state has gone one step further, turning Nissan Leafs and Chevrolet Volts into taxis. Enter EcoCab, a tiny company based in Cowlitz county, Washington, and its fleet of 100 percent plug-in cars

Washington Post To Syndicate Green Car Reports Articles

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Here at High Gear Media, we're delighted to announce a partnership with The Washington Post. Being a startup media company means knocking on a whole lot of doors. And, occasionally, someone important answers. Their editors will choose certain stories from GreenCarReports and our other sites (The Car Connection and Motor Authority) to use on their

Washington State Pioneers Electric-Car Scenic Tourism Route

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The striking coastal ranges of Washington and Oregon offer dramatic vistas, temperature (if often damp) weather, and dozens of outdoor activities within a few hours' drive. The Pacific Northwest is a remarkably scenic corner of the continental United States. Now those drives can be done in electric cars, courtesy of the country's first scenic

Washington charges electric car owners for not using gasoline

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Owners of electric cars in Washington state will soon be hit by a registration fee of $100 to make up for their lack of contribution to gasoline taxes, according to the Seattle Times.

Washington State To Fit I-5 With EV Charging Stations

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Yes, Canada, via its southern neighbor, Washington state. Washington state has a plan, and that plan is to build electric vehicle charging stations. By this fall, the State of Washington plans to turn a 275-mile section of Interstate 5 (running from Oregon to Canada) into an electric highway, just in time for the I'm on the highway to. Canada.

Washington State/Boeing SOFC shows promise for aviation and automotive applications

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Researchers at Washington State University, with colleagues at Kyung Hee University and Boeing Commercial Airplanes, have been developing liquid hydrocarbon/oxygenated hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) for aviation (the “more electric” airplane) and other transportation applications, such as in cars. MoO 2 -based SOFC using a fuel mixture consisting of n-dodecane, CO 2 and air. Kwon 2013. Click to enlarge.

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Detroit Faces Skeptical Washington; Bush Long on Rhetoric

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aid gets cool reception , outlines the predicament faced by automakers and Washington. Energy Washington Week reports PHEVs getting short shrift: Although increased attention is being paid to the technology, it is not sure how much support the president will lend PHEV in the 2008 budget. Proof: Energy Department grants -- to the tune of about $44 million -- funded just over half of Ford's plug-in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle unveiled last week in Washington.

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California, Washington Lead All Other States In Electric-Car Ownership Rates

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For anyone who follows the U.S. electric-car market even casually, some new data on which states have the largest numbers of them probably doesn''t count as news. A recent survey shows that California leads the nation in plug-in electric car registrations--with almost half of the nation''s plug-in cars plying its roads. RELATED: California Has More

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Washington State opens 10 new public charging stations on West Coast Electric Highway; Seattle to Canadian border

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The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), along with electric charging station partner AeroVironment opened 10 new public charging stations—seven along Interstate 5 and three along US Route 2 in northern Washington—that provide EV drivers the ability to travel from Seattle to the Canadian border. million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to expand the West Coast Electric Highway in Washington.

Eaton to work with Greater Washington Regional Clean Cities Coalition on EV charging network project

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Eaton Corporation will collaborate with the Greater Washington Regional Clean Cities Coalition ( GWRCCC ) on a one-year project funded by a US Department of Energy (DOE) grant to create an EV charging network for the Washington, D.C. region. Clean Cities is a US Department of Energy (DOE) alternative transportation deployment initiative, sponsored by the Vehicle Technologies Program.

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Electric Car Tax for Washington Gets One Step Closer to Law

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If you’re a regular reader of AllCarsElectric then you’ll know that electric cars are much cheaper to run than gasoline cars once you’ve actually purchased them, but electric cars in Washington state are just about to get a little more expensive to run thanks to a proposed law which has just passed from the state’s Senate

DC's electric-taxi drivers have no public place to charge, they say

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Unfortunately for taxi cab drivers in Washington D.C., Washington, D.C. The availability of charging stations for electric cars is likely to remain a major factor for many would-be owners as plug-in cars become more popular. While the United States boasts tens of thousands of charging stations, some areas remain better-covered than others. the lack of charging. taxi charging infrastructure Charging stations

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SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers Breaks Ground in Moses Lake, Washington

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SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers—a joint venture of the BMW Group and SGL Group ( earlier post )— broke ground on the new greenfield carbon fiber manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, Washington. The joint venture operates two sites, one in Moses Lake, Washington for carbon fiber production and one in Wackersdorf, Germany for carbon fiber fabric production.

Federal Judge rules that Washington State must regulate refinery GHG emissions under State Implementation Plan

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Pechman for the Western District of Washington has ruled that the Washington Department of Ecology, Northwest Clean Air Agency, and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency must regulate greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from the five oil refineries operating in Washington State. Washington’s SIP was adopted pursuant to the US Clean Air Act (CAA). However, the Washington Department of Ecology adopted revisions to Washington’s SIP in 1993, which the EPA.

Three Washington state utilities receive total of $14.3M in matching state grants for grid energy storage projects

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Three Washington state utilities have been awarded $14.3 Washington Gov. In addition, PNNL plans to collaborate with Washington State University to develop a battery control system for one project and intends to work with the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute to share benefits experienced during the projects.

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