New York adds electric-car purchase incentives, Minnesota may follow

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New York has just added budget provisions for an electric-car incentive program during the upcoming fiscal year, and Minnesota is close to passing similar measures as. New York Minnesota incentives plug-in cars state laws transportation policyPurchase incentives have proven to be a powerful tool for electric-car adoption in those states that offer them. And now it seems two more states may be ready to join that group.

Minnesota Energy Coop Offers Renewable Power To Electric-Car Owners, At No Extra Cost

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Now a Minnesota energy cooperative is offering all-renewable. Minnesota electric utilities plug-in cars renewable energy wind energyMany electric-car owners start to think more seriously about the source of their electricity when they plug their cars in to recharge. And at least in California, data show that owners of plug-in electric cars have far higher interest in photovoltaic solar panels than drivers at large.


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MPCA to expand EV charging network by more than 2,500 miles in Greater Minnesota; 38 additional fast chargers

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Traveling east-west across northern Minnesota on MN-1 between Ely and Thief River Falls.

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Minnesota B20 biodiesel standard to take effect in 2018

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The state of Minnesota will implement a new biodiesel standard next spring, as Minnesota moves to a 20% biodiesel blend (B20) at pumps across the state. This new standard builds on Minnesota’s national leadership—in 2005, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to require all diesel fuel to have a blend of at least 2% biodiesel (B2). A large portion of Minnesota’s biodiesel is made from homegrown soybeans, which are one of the state’s leading cash crops.

Another study confirms electric cars have lower carbon emissions, in Minnesota this time

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Carbon Footprint emissions Minnesota greenhouse gas electric utilities plug-in carsIt's a very reasonable question: electric cars themselves have no tailpipe emissions, but what about the power plants used to recharge them? After more than a dozen studies and five-plus years of plug-in car sales, we know the answer. In North America, an electric car charged on even the dirtiest, most coal-intensive electric grid in the nation.

Minnesota moving to B10 biodiesel mandate

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The Minnesota Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced the move to a B10 biodiesel mandate for the state for warm-weather months (April-October) in a letter published in the Minnesota State Register. State legislation ( Minnesota Statutes § 239.77, Subd.

Minnesota Plug-in Law

Plug In Partners

R epresentative Frank Hornstein reports that House File 3718 has passed, and that Minnesota is the first state to join the push for plug-in hybrids. Here is the story from the Brownfield Network Plug-in hybrid flexible-fueled cars on the way Thursday, June 8, 2006, 2:01 PM by Bob Meyer Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has signed a law promoting plug-in hybrid flexible-fueled vehicles.

2006 100

Minnesota Tesla Owners Show Banned Model S To Iowa Electric-Car Shoppers

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If you were you a group of Tesla owners in Minnesota, you might just take matters into your own hands. Suppose auto dealers in a neighboring state pressured their DoT to make Tesla Motors stop giving test drives of its Model S electric car--the same kind it now offers in more than a dozen other states. What would you do? You might, in fact, drive

Tesla Wins One In Minnesota: Bill To Ban Its Stores Defeated

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It read, in its entirety, "Minnesota auto dealers tried to pass legislation to block Tesla stores. And indeed, a Minnesota Senate committee voted down the bill. Like a lot of news from Tesla, this came in the form of a tweet by CEO Elon Musk on Friday morning. Bill was just defeated in Senate. Thanks MN!" Score one for Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], at

Utah, Minnesota team discover highly conductive oxide-based materials; STO/NTO offer “different road to power electronics”

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Engineers from the University of Utah and the University of Minnesota have discovered that interfacing two particular oxide-based materials—strontium titanate (STO) and neodymium titanate (NTO)—makes them highly conductive, a boon for future power electronics that could result in more power-efficient laptops, electric cars and home appliances that also don’t need cumbersome power supplies.

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Rice, Minnesota scientists use predictive modeling to identify optimized zeolites to aid ethanol, petroleum production

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Scientists at Rice University and the University of Minnesota have identified , through a large-scale, multi-step computational screening process, promising zeolite structures for two energy-related applications: the purification of ?ethanol Deem is co-author of the new study led by University of Minnesota chemist Ilja Siepmann. Siepmann is director of the Minnesota-based Nanoporous Materials Genome Center, of which Deem is a member.

Minnesota RFS Now Requires 5% Biodiesel

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Minnesota’s state Renewable Fuel Standard now requires that diesel fuel contain a 5% blend of biodiesel, up from its previous 2% (B2) requirement. According to analysis from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the state’s B2 Fuel Standard added an average of just 4/10 of a penny to the cost of a gallon of diesel during the last three years.

Argonne supercomputer helped Rice/Minnesota team identify materials to improve fuel production

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Scientists at Rice University and the University of Minnesota recently identified, through a large-scale, multi-step computational screening process, promising zeolite structures for two fuel applications: purification of ​ethanol from fermentation broths and the hydroisomerization of alkanes with 18–30 carbon atoms encountered in petroleum refining. —Ilja Siepmann, a University of Minnesota chemistry professor and director of the DOE-funded Nanoporous Materials Genome Center.

U Minnesota researchers create synthetic biopathway to turn biomass into green products; “bio-spandex” and more

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered a new synthetic biopathway that can more efficiently and cost-effectively turn agricultural waste such corn stover and orange peels into a variety of useful products ranging from spandex to chicken feed.

University of Minnesota, Morris and partners develop diesel genset fueled by biomass

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The University of Minnesota, Morris, in partnership with Cummins Power Generation and the University of Minnesota Center for Diesel Research, has developed a transportable diesel engine generator (genset) that can be powered by biomass, called the PowerTrainer.

U. of Minnesota researchers demonstrate new method for direct conversion of heat to electricity

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota have demonstrated a new method for the direct conversion of heat to electricity using a multiferroic alloy, Ni 45 Co 5 Mn 40 Sn 10 , which they had discovered earlier (Srivastava 2010). In the lab, University of Minnesota researchers show how the multiferroic material begins as a non-magnetic material then suddenly becomes strongly magnetic as the piece of copper below is heated a small amount.

Sustainable Rail International, U of Minnesota partner to develop most powerful carbon-neutral locomotive, using new steam engine and biocoal

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The Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR)—a collaboration of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) and the nonprofit Sustainable Rail International (SRI)— plans to develop what it calls the most powerful carbon-neutral locomotive to date, proving the viability of solid biofuel and modern steam locomotive technology.

U. Minnesota team develops Lagrangian technique to identify NOx hotspots; opportunity for connected vehicles and big data

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota have introduced a new method for identifying NO x emissions hotspots using high-fidelity Lagrangian vehicle data to explore spatial interactions that may influence emissions production. Looking at the problem as one of fluid flow analysis, the Minnesota team said, such analyses can be viewed as Eulerian—they measure emissions of passing vehicles from a stationary frame of reference to give a sense of the emissions from traffic flowing by.

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ISE Heavy-Duty Gasoline Hybrid-Electric Drive Systems Available to Any US Transit Agency Through Minnesota DOT Contract

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The State of Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN-DOT) has approved two ISE bus manufacturer partners—New Flyer and ElDorado—to supply their chassis together with ISE’s gasoline series hybrid-electric drive system as a qualified option under the terms of the recently released contract. Each OEM could sell up to 500 hybrid buses under the Minnesota DOT Contract, assuming Minnesota DOT exercises the bus options or transfers the options to another agency.

GE Opens Electric & Plug-In Test Center In Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Green Car Reports

The most effective way of getting regular consumers to warm to electric vehicles, hybrids and other alternative fuel vehicles is to get them behind the wheel. The same applies to business customers, who may be in a position to buy a fleet of green vehicles to replacing ageing current fleets. That's why GE has opened an electric and plug-in test

12% of Fuel Consumed by Minnesota State LDV Fleet in 1Q2009 Was E85; 37% Increase Year-on-Year

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The state of Minnesota’s fleet of vehicles is increasing its consumptioon of E85 ethanol, according to a new quarterly report from the Minnesota SmartFleet Committee, a group tasked with helping to reduce the state’s use of petroleum fuels in favor of fuels such as E85 and biodiesel. The American Lung Association in Minnesota issued a press release with the figures. Minnesota has more than 360 E85 outlets, more than any other state.

U of Minnesota team develops zeolite nanosheets; resulting molecular sieve membranes could make fuel and plastics production more energy-efficient and cost-effective

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After more than a decade of research, a University of Minnesota team of researchers has devised a means for developing free-standing, highly crystalline zeolite nanosheets that could make the production of gasoline, plastics and various chemicals more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Relaxed surface structures of the MWW and MFI nanosheets. Si, O, and H atoms are colored in yellow, red, and white, respectively. (A

University of Minnesota Study Finds Cellulosic Ethanol Carries Lower Human Health Economic Costs Than Gasoline or Corn Ethanol

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A new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota finds that cellulosic ethanol has fewer negative effects on human health because it emits smaller amounts of fine particulate matter. Jason Hill, lead author, resident fellow in the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. Research funding was provided in part by the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment, a signature program of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment

S Dakota, Minnesota governors ask Trump to direct EPA to reduce toxic aromatics in gasoline

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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Chair of the Governor’s Biofuels Coalition, and Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sent a joint letter to President Trump requesting that he direct the EPA to enforce Section 202 of the Clean Air Act that requires the reduction and elimination of toxic carcinogenic aromatics from gasoline.

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US EIA: Iowa produced more than one-quarter of all US-produced fuel ethanol in 2018

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Other Midwestern states that produced more than one billion gallons were Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, and South Dakota. In 2018, Iowa produced 4.21

2020 96

Lucid teases dynamic testing for Air sedan, updates on Arizona factory

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In a video released today, Lucid presents a short tease of the Lucid Air’s dynamic cold-weather testing, conducted several months ago in Northern Minnesota. Lucid has just teased something that’s utterly essential in a luxury sedan with 1,000 horsepower on tap: finesse. The Air is seen on a circle track, getting into both sustained. youtube

An electric car can’t fully replace a gas-powered car in my world

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Three days earlier, my wife, kids, and I traveled from Minnesota to Reinbeck. Three incredibly long days after my nearly 3-year-old son Seth doubled over and screamed his “tummy hurt” we were finally back on the freeway headed home. My mind wandered because there’s not much else on Interstate 380 in Iowa in December. charging range anxiety Fast Charging Green Life

2019 73

New Study Doesn't Say 'Electric Cars Aren't Green' (Headlines To The Contrary)

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Yesterday afternoon, the Associated Press covered a new study put out by the University of Minnesota that calculates the environmental impact of manufacturing and refueling vehicles with various powerplants. Brace yourself, electric-car fans and advocates. It may be a bumpy ride for the next few days.

2014 87

This Is Going To Make It Hard To Reconcile

Creative Greenius

After confirming that I wasn’t being catfished, I happily connected with my Cuz who is now ensconced in the land of 1000 lakes, Minnesota. I am the firstborn child of Mary Brigid O’Connor and Stanley Daniel Galliani. I was born in September of 1957. On New Year’s Day 1982 we parted company in anger with my father yelling at me, “Get out! Get out, and don’t come back!”. I told him then, “Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. You know the history of our family!”.

2019 151

Thief steals Tesla from mall using smartphone

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The thief used Tesla's smartphone app to open and drive away in a Model S from the Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota, according to a Fox News report. Cybersecurity is big for cars, and a Tesla proved why last week. The car was stolen from Trevla, a company that rents Teslas at the mall. CHECK OUT: Tesla Model 3 gets new features via OTA

2018 59

Xcel Energy wants 1.5M EVs in its service areas by 2030; 30x increase from today

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Xcel services customers in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin. The major plans the company has proposed in Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico and Wisconsin aim to support residential charging, increase access to electric transportation for all customers, speed fleet electrification, and expand public charging options. Utility holding company Xcel Energy wants 1.5 million electric vehicles in its service areas by 2030.

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Best Car To Buy 2015 Nominees, Iowa Tesla Rally, 2016 Mazda CX-3 LA Debut: Today's Car News

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We kick off the week with the nominees for our 2015 Best Car To Buy award, followed by Minnesota Tesla owners'' creative workaround of an Iowa test-drive ban, and a report that the 2016 Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover will debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

2014 76

2016 Nissan Leaf, Frankfurt Motor Show, Tesla Owners Thank Salespeople: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Tesla owners in Minnesota. Today, we have details on the 2017 Nissan Leaf, a green-car preview of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and a party thrown by appreciative Tesla owners for sales and service staff. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The 2016 Nissan Leaf now offers 107 miles of range with a new optional 30-kilowatt-hour batter pack. Today in Car News

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Corn Belt Mayor Plugs In

Plugs and Cars

He's also moving the Minnesota city along a solar fast track. GreenOptions blog reports that Mayor RT Rybak of Minneapolis is now driving a plug-in hybrid. His daily drive, a Prius, has been converted. He recognizes that plug-in cars, already cleaner than hybrids or ethanol vehicles and cheaper to fuel, can get even cleaner as the electricity gets greener. It's great to find a progressive Midwestern Democrat who gets it.

2007 100

Summit Ag Group launches world’s largest CCS project; to reduce carbon footprint of biorefineries by up to 50%

Green Car Congress

Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with a select group of leading biorefiners located in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota to execute the first phase of the project, which will put them on the path of ultimately delivering a net-zero-carbon fuel.

2016 Mazda CX-5, 2016 Chevy Cruze Tease, MN Renewable Energy: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, read our gas mileage review of the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring, see the first teaser image of the 2016 Chevrolet Cruze, and check out the Minnesota coop that's offering renewable power to electric-car drivers. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We've got one last update to our monthly plug-in electric car sales report. Meanwhile in. Today in Car News

2015 67

A change in this world!

DIY Electric Car

Opening large energy company's eyes to the possibility of a "Green Future" is what we have achieved in our small town of Elk River, Minnesota. Hello, I am an 8th grader who is trying to make a difference in the world. I am a part of a robotics team who has become national champions and been invited to Istanbul, Turkey which, in part, has to do with our research project. Our Goal: Changing America.

2010 100

Gevo options SD site for expansion project; 45M gallons per year renewable jet fuel and gasoline

Green Car Congress

Lake Preston is in eastern South Dakota, about 105 miles from the facility in Luverne, Minnesota. Bio-isobutanol producer Gevo, Inc. has optioned the right to purchase approximately 239 acres of land near Lake Preston, SD, and has met the initial milestone to secure control of a site by the end of this year that meets the conditions required by the contract that Trafigura Trading LLC and Gevo executed in August 2020. Earlier post.).

2020 64

Ballard signs joint development agreement with Chart Industries for heavy-duty mobility onboard hydrogen solutions

Green Car Congress

LH 2 test lab in Minnesota. Ballard Power Systems signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chart Industries, Inc.—a

CenterPoint adding natural gas vehicles to fleet, more fueling stations

Green Car Congress

CenterPoint Energy, a US energy delivery company, is adding 35 natural gas vehicles to its fleet across Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. The expected 2013 additions will bring the number of natural gas fueling stations in CenterPoint Energy’s service territory to at least 49, with the majority located in Texas, Oklahoma and Minnesota.

Gevo enters into purchase and sale agreement for ATJ fuel with Air TOTAL International

Green Car Congress

With the finalization of this new supply contract, Gevo will initially supply Air Total with ATJ fuel from its demonstration facility in Silsbee, Texas and later from Gevo’s expanded Luverne, Minnesota plant which is expected to be constructed over the next several years. Gevo is developing an interim skid-mounted production solution that is expected to be capable of producing up to 500,000 gallons per year of Renewable ATJ, which is to be located in Luverne, Minnesota.

2019 73

Study finds air pollution caused by corn production increases mortality rate in US

Green Car Congress

The deaths caused per bushel in western corn belt states such as Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska tend to be lower than in eastern corn belt states such as Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. —lead researcher Jason Hill, associate professor at the University of Minnesota (UMN) College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

2019 105

Summer Update

Plug In Partners

Fleet Orders · Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – 1,800 · City of Chicago - 850 vehicles · Shohomish County, WA - 300 · City of Seattle - 410 · Kansas City, MO - 120 · Capital Metro (Transit agency in Austin) - 165 · ABC Lawn and Pest Control (Austin) - 150 Cities Cities continue to join the Plug-In Partners coalition. On the state level, Minnesota became the first state in the Union to pass plug-in hybrid legislation.

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