Chinese electric-car startup Nio gets $1 billion in funding: report

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The Chinese startup reportedly received a stunning $1 billion in funding, with Chinese investment powerhouse Tencent leading the charge. Nio, the electric-car maker formerly known as NextEV, has raised a substantial amount of money in its latest round of fundraising. Notably, Tencent also holds a stake in Silicon Valley automaker Tesla. DON'T. China plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Startups NextEV Nio


Tesla Resolves Chinese Trademark Fight 'Completely, Amicably'

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The issue had appeared to be resolved when a Chinese court ruled in favor of Tesla, but then last month, the company was slapped with a lawsuit. Tesla seems finally to have resolved its copyright issues in China. Thanks to a local "trademark troll," the electric-car maker was initially forced to sell cars in China with no name. Now, Tesla says it

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Chinese investors make 'long bets' on electric-car companies

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The Chinese government offers generous incentives for new electric cars, and is pushing companies to develop and sell more of them. That level of enthusiasm is leading Chinese investors to show more interest in U.S. China's aggressive promotion of electric cars is turning into boon for a few U.S. companies. electric-vehicle companies than they. China plug-in cars Smith Electric Vehicles Wheego Electric Cars Investment

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Will Next Chinese Five-Year Plan Boost Electric Cars Dramatically?

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Over the past few years, the Chinese government has aggressively promoted electric cars with incentives and preferential policies. Those policies may finally be paying off, as multiple analyses have shown a major increases in sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in China this year. But China is still reportedly falling behind previously-set. China plug-in cars transportation policy New Energy Vehicle

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BYD launches two new all-electric sedans for Chinese market

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Chinese automaker BYD may be largely invisible in the U.S., Aiming to expand on that success for 2016, BYD is introducing two new electric cars for the Chinese market. but it's thriving in its home market. Last year, the company sold more highway-capable electric cars and plug-in hybrids than any other company in the world. DON'T MISS: Who Sold. China BYD plug-in cars BYD Qin

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ABB launches first DC fast charger compliant with Chinese GB standard

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ABB launched Terra 53 Z, its first high power DC fast charger that complies with the Chinese GB standard. ABB will create other types of DC chargers using the Chinese GB standard and localize production in Shenzhen.

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NEVS reveals Chinese electric cars based on former Saab 9-3, 9-3X models

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NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) is, in fact, a Swedish company, though it's backed by Chinese investors. Swedish auto brand Saab may never return, but the company NEVS has officially debuted its electric cars adapted from Saab assets it acquired following the brand's fall from grace. And the new 9-3 series is NEVS' first major production. China plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) NEVS

Chinese maker BYD plans U.S. expansion into other electric industrial vehicles

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It's been several years since Chinese electric-car maker BYD retreated from plans to sell cars in the United States, but now it may be ready to get more serious about the market. BYD has found success in building and selling electric buses for public transportation agencies, but it has not yet launched a vehicle for private consumers. The company. China BYD Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Public transport

Saab Owner NEVS To Launch Five Electric Cars By 2018, For Chinese Market

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National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has spent more time dealing with financial problems than advancing its plan to build electric cars, primarily for the Chinese market. Since purchasing the remains of Saab in 2012, NEVS has only built a handful of cars, mostly gasoline versions of the Saab 9-3. But in its latest announcement, the company now. China plug-in cars

Tesla finds Chinese production site for electric cars: Shanghai

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Tesla is closing in on a deal to begin production of its cars in China, after it signed a preliminary agreement to explore building cars near the major city of Shanghai. By signing the preliminary agreement, Tesla will begin the first step towards local production in China, a move that would significantly lower costs. More importantly, it will. China Production plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Ford pairs with Chinese maker Zotye for electric-car expansion

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Ford was the first U.S. maker to build hybrid cars, starting in 2004, and it launched its Focus Electric hatchback in December 2011, just a year after the arrival of the Nissan Leaf. It also continues to sell Energi plug-in hybrid versions of its mid-size Fusion sedan and its compact C-Max tall hatchback, two vehicles now in their sixth model. China Partnership plug-in cars

Kandi Chinese Electric-Car Sharing Service Expands To Larger Cities

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Certainly not Kandi, whose electric car-sharing service--that hires out electric vehicles from vending-machine like buildings--is proving profitable and moving into other Chinese cities. Kandi''s service started off in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, echoing a bike-sharing scheme previous offered in the Who says electric cars aren''t working in China?

London's Black Cabs To Be Range-Extended Electrics, With Chinese Help

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While the styling will remain recognizable, London taxis are about to get a significant overhaul--with help from a Chinese benefactor. Few vehicles are more iconic than London's black cabs, but that doesn't mean they have to stay the same forever. The London Taxi Company (LTC) unveiled its new model last week, and announced a major investment by. Geely taxi plug-in cars London Range-Extended Electric Vehicle fleet

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BMW loses electric-car staff to Chinese startup, says it's unaffected

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Now one Chinese company has poached an employee team from an. It seems that China is fast becoming a breeding ground for startups planning new electric cars. Many have been inspired by Tesla Motors, and hope to follow in the Silicon Valley company's tire tracks by offering products radically different from those of established automakers. China plug-in cars BMW i

Success Or Bust For Fisker's New Chinese Owner

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That''s essentially the method Fisker''s new Chinese owners Wanxiang Group is taking to revive the once-bankrupt electric automaker--and the stakes are high. Throwing money at a problem won''t necessarily make it go away, but it might put you in a position to do something about it. I’ll burn as much cash as it takes to succeed," Wanxiang

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Armored Electric Chinese Police Patrol Car Is. Words Fail Us

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It may look like Buckminster Fuller''s interpretation of the Popemobile, but this is actually one Chinese company''s idea of an armored electric police patrol car. Here''s an electric car whose designers thought outside the box. literally. RELATED: China Puts Teeth Into Gas-Mileage Rules, Will ''Punish'' Makers Who Don''t Comply Wearing a name as

Plug-in hybrid London taxi plant opens in U.K., owned by Chinese firm Geely

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But under the stewardship of Chinese automaker Geely, the black cab is about to get a green makeover. Few vehicles are as iconic as the London black cab, known the world over for its upright shape and ubiquity (although many of them aren't black any more). The London Taxi Company recently completed a U.K. factory that will build a new version of. Europe Geely UK taxi plug-in cars London

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Chinese Electric-Car Sales Booming, But Not Because Buyers Want Them

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In recent years, the Chinese government and some cities have instituted generous incentives on electric cars, hoping that putting more of them on its roads will curb air pollution. Since then, Chinese electric-car sales have climbed steadily. Until late last year, car buyers didn't seem to show much interest. DON'T MISS: China Built 25,000. China Plug-In Hybrids incentives plug-in cars transportation policy

Fisker Assets Sold For $149 Million To Wanxiang, Chinese Parts Maker

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Bloomberg reports that the Chinese company paid a total of $149.2 The assets of bankrupt Fisker Automotive were sold to Wanxiang America at the close of an auction in Delaware bankruptcy court that lasted more than two days and lasted 19 rounds. million for the company, or six times the price of $25 million first offered by unsuccessful bidder

Chinese Car-Share Dispenses Electric Cars Like A Vending Machine

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European readers may be quite familiar with the concept of a tower full of tiny vehicles, dispensing them to people below. Smart used just such a building to store its vehicles at Smart dealerships all around Europe when the vehicle was first released.

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PowerCell Sweden receives order from Chinese company for PowerCell S2 to be used as an EV range-extender

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PowerCell Sweden AB has received an order for the PowerCell S2 fuel cell stack from a Chinese company within the automotive industry. The PowerCell S2 will be used as a hydrogen-based range extender for electrified passenger cars. The PowerCell S2 fuel cell stack is designed for efficient power generation in the range of 5 to 25 kW. Once the car’s battery has been discharged to a predetermined level, the fuel cell automatically kicks in.

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Nio Eve concept is yet another Chinese luxury electric SUV, this one autonomous

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Chinese startup NextEV is the latest company attempting to replicate the success of Tesla with a long-range electric car. NextEV launched its Nio brand last year in dramatic fashion with the EP9—a 1,360-horsepower electric supercar. At the time, the company noted it was developing a model that would be at least a bit more relevant to the. China plug-in cars NextEV Nio

Nio electric SUV, from Chinese NextEV, to have 'Toyota cost' and 'Tesla range'

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Among the many startups looking to repeat the success of Tesla Motors, China's NextEV has somewhat flown under the radar. But the company is now discussing concrete plans for its future electric cars under a new brand called Nio. NextEV launched the Nio brand in dramatic fashion last month with the announcement of the EP9, a 1,360-horsepower. China plug-in cars Startups NextEV Nio

Nissan to sell electric-car battery unit AESC to Chinese company: report

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With the second-generation Nissan Leaf electric car due to break cover sometime in the next few months, one open question concerns the source of its battery cells. To date, Automotive Electric Supply Corporation—a joint venture between Nissan and Japanese electronics giant NEC—has supplied lithium-ion cells for every Nissan Leaf built. Batteries Carlos Ghosn plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Renault-Nissan LG Chem

More Faraday Info: Chinese Billionaire Backer, Ex-Tesla Staff For Electric-Car Startup

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It seems like something out of a movie: a mysterious startup company operates for a few years in total secrecy, then drops plans for a billion-dollar factory that will build electric cars. But that's the summary of the secretive Faraday Future, about which a bit more information slipped out last week. Faraday (it suggests you call it "FF") issued. China Car Sharing Tesla Motors plug-in cars Startups

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Ford focuses on Chinese expansion

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The Chinese automotive market is now the biggest in the world – and Ford has highlighted its commitment to the country by announcing it will upgrade its entire powertrain portfolio there. It will bring 20 advanced engines and transmissions to support its plans to introduce 15 new vehicles inChinaby 2015. The powertrains will make the [.]. Ford Green cars Latest news advanced powertrains China direct injection ecoboost Ford China powertrain technology turbocharging

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Yet Another Chinese Suitor For Fisker: BAIC Kicks The Tires

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We haven''t heard much about Fisker Automotive in the last few months. The company still hasn''t declared bankruptcy, it hasn''t yet been bought, and it is still apparently in default on its Department of Energy loans. But now there''s a new suitor who''s at least kicking the tires. According to China Daily, the Beijing Automotive group (BAIC) visited

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Tesla software update fixes flaw found by Chinese white-hat hackers

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Modern cars' increased reliance on software to control vital functions opens up new technological possibilities, but also poses the potential of hacking. That risk now requires automakers to think like tech companies, and keep to updating software to close weak points that could allow hackers to access vehicle systems. Electric-car maker Tesla. China Tesla Motors plug-in cars hackers software update

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Can GM beat Chinese BYD as global electric-car leader? It plans to try

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It was BYD, the Chinese carmaker notably backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. The automaker that sold the most plug-in electric cars last year wasn't a U.S., Japanese, or European firm. BYD sold just over 60,000 battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids last year, with the vast majority going to customers in its home country. DON'T MISS. China General Motors Plug-In Hybrids BYD plug-in cars

Tesla Model X European Buyers Will Have To Wait For Chinese

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The first Tesla Model X electric crossovers were delivered to a handful of U.S. customers at a flashy event last fall. And now the company is ramping up production to fill accumulated U.S. orders. But what about buyers in other markets? When will they get their Model X crossovers? DON'T MISS: Tesla Model X Spreads Its (Falcon) Wings: Production. Europe China Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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Chinese carmaker makes double electric car push

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China is not just the largest automotive market in the world - it''s also become a hotbed for electric car innovation with Dongfeng Motor Group outlining its commitment to the technology with a double header this week.

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Chinese Tesla Owner Buys 20 Charging Stations, Seeks Sites On Social Media

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Now, one Chinese owner Tesla The question of how to build a comprehensive network of public electric-car charging stations has often puzzled government officials and carmakers alike. For plug-in car adoption to grow, most observers feel there must be plenty of public charging available to boost confidence--whether or not it actually gets used.

Chinese Production Of Plug-In Electric Cars Finally Starts To Grow

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After years of encouragement through government policies, Chinese production of plug-in electric cars is finally starting to grow. Amidst rampant air pollution, the Chinese government has heavily incentivized electrified vehicles, but so far that hasn''t won the interest of consumers. That appears to be changing, as production of electric cars and

Chinese researchers develop novel aluminum–graphite dual-ion battery

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A team from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a novel, environmentally friendly low-cost battery.

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BYD electric-car sales may triple this year, Chinese maker says

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China's BYD eked out a global victory in electric-car sales last year, selling more plug-in cars than BMW, General Motors, Nissan, Renault, or Tesla. The company delivered nearly 62,000 battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles last year, almost entirely in China. Now, the company projects that it may be able to sell close to three times that. Green BYD China New Energy Vehicle New car sales plug-in cars sales

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Chinese car maker to pour cash into green cars

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Huge Chinese road-straddling elevated bus carries first passengers (video)

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You may have seen the renderings floating around the web, showing designs for a huge Chinese bus riding on rails over a multi-lane road. What a wild and wacky idea. Except that it's real, and it has already been built. And it just carried its first passengers this week on a shakedown run. DON'T MISS: How much do electric cars really pollute, even. China mass transit Buses


Is the elevated Chinese bus really practical? Could it work?

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Last week, the massive Chinese elevated bus whose renderings had rocketed around the Internet made its first test run. The bus runs on rails embedded in the street, with room for cars to pass underneath it. Officially known as the Transit Elevated Bus, or TEB-1, it carried its first passengers on a stretch of street in the city of Qinhuangdao. China mass transit Buses

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Chinese Green Group Sues VW Over Diesel-Emission Cheating Software

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As a result of the "defeat device" software it installed in diesel cars, Volkswagen faces multiple criminal investigations in Europe. And it will likely face criminal penalties in the U.S., along with hundreds of civil suits from angered owners. Now, it seems the company may also be in legal trouble in China over potential diesel-emissions. China TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandal

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Chinese Automakers Bidding For Fisker Automotive: Report

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Chinese companies Geely and Dongfeng are said to be among bidders from "different continents" looking for a controlling stake in troubled automaker Fisker Automotive. Fisker, which has suffered setback after setback over the last few years of its Karma range-extended sedan being on sale, is currently seeking buyers and investors. Bloomberg reports

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