Costa Rica to become Latin American electric-car pioneer?

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Costa Rica isn't what you'd call a bastion of automotive sales. But that won't deter the Costa Rican government from greening its fleet. Plug-In Hybrids incentives plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Costa RicaThe Central American country ,wedged between Nicaragua and Panama, is home to 4.8 million people who buy just 154,000 vehicles annually—less than 1 percent of the sales in the United States.

KLM and Costa Rica partner on aviation biofuels

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The Costa Rican government and KLM will research the possibilities of flying from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, using bio-based jet fuel. On 31 October, KLM and the Costa Rican government signed a letter of intent to ratify the cooperation, marking the first such agreement of this kind between an airline and a country. In the months to come, KLM will share its knowledge and expertise with the Costa Rican government in close cooperation with its partner SkyNRG.


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Via update, CAFE support, Costa Rica electric cars, BMW i4 vs Model 3: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got electric cars for Costa Rica, support for keeping CAFE rules, a Via Motors update, and the future BMW i4 electric sedan that looks like it will face off against the Tesla Model 3. Costa Rica works hard toward maintaining its reputation for eco-awareness, and now Mitsubishi is donating.

Ad Astra Rocket Company and Cummins use hydrogen/biogas to power Cummins generator in Costa Rica

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and EARTH University in Costa Rica. Ad Astra is developing this system in collaboration with Costa Rica’s state-owned oil refinery, RECOPE. Ad Astra also owns and operates Ad Astra Servicios Energéticos y Ambientales (AASEA) and Ad Astra Rocket Company, Costa Rica, respectively research and development subsidiaries in the US and Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Fisker EMotion, electric-car tax credit, plug-in cars for Costa Rica: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got some wrapup articles from both last week's Consumer Electronics Show and this week's Detroit auto show, thoughts on the electric-car tax credit, and greener wheels in Costa Rica. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We were able to interview Henrik Fisker, the Danish designer whose Fisker EMotion 400-mile electric luxury car. Today in Car News

i-MiEV Goes on Sale in Costa Rica

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has begun i-MiEV sales in Republic of Costa Rica, mainly to fleet customers such as government affiliates and electric companies. The Costa Rican government aims to be a “Carbon offset country” that emits zero CO 2 , by 2021. This marks the first country to start sales of i-MiEV in Latin America.

BYD Qin Plug-In Hybrid Now On Sale In Costa Rica

Green Car Reports

or Canada yet, but if you happen to be on vacation in Costa Rica--or living there--you''ll have a much better chance. Want to drive a Chinese car--and a plug-in hybrid at that? There are none offered for sale in the U.S. The BYD Qin plug-in hybrid, unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2012, went on sale last month in the Central American

What Country Powered Itself Entirely On Renewable Energy For 75 Days?

Green Car Reports

That would be little Costa Rica, which claims to have powered itself using only renewable energy for 75 days. Green Costa Rica clean energy energy infrastructure energy policy renewable energy The idea of an electricity grid powered entirely by renewable energy may seem like a utopian dream, but one country has recently achieved it, albeit briefly. CHECK OUT: World''s First Entirely Renewable-Energy Place: Wind-Swept Scottish.

Mitsubishi expands sales of i-MiEV

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This time it is the Republic of Costa Rica which will welcome the vehicle, predominantly to fleet customers including government affiliates and electric companies. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Mitsubishi Costa Rica electric vehicles Mitsubishi i-MiEV Mitsubishi i-MiEV Costa RicaThe electrification of the automobile is truly a worldwide phenomenon and now Mitsubishi is expanding sales of the i-MiEV into yet another country.

EGEB: Maryland offshore wind plans make a great leap forward


Costa Rica is considering a permanent ban on fossil fuel exploration and extraction. In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Baltimore-based US Wind announces a new offshore wind farm and other major developments.

BYD wins order for another 406 electric buses in Bogotá, Colombia

Green Car Congress

Throughout Latin America, BYD’s new energy vehicle footprint has spread to major markets including Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Barbados, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Argentina.

DiDi to introduce first shared EV fleet to Mexico; 700+ EVs and hybrids to start

Green Car Congress

In Latin America, DiDi offers various ride-hailing, taxi-hailing, and food delivery services in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica, as well as in Brazil under the 99 brand.

2020 281

Mitsubishi Motors to promote EVs with Hsinchu County in Taiwan

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After its launch in Japan, the i-MiEV has been sequentially rolled out internationally to Hong Kong, Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, 19 countries throughout Europe and also is planned for rollout the United States and Canada this fall.

Taiwan 185

Balqon Expands Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Distribution Into Europe With Mol Transport Solutions

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In June, Balqon entered into an agreement with Electric Cars of Costa Rica, a distributor of light duty trucks, golf carts, trams and neighborhood electric vehicles in Costa Rica. Balqon Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles for Class 7 and Class 8 applications ( earlier post ), has entered into a Dealer Agreement with Mol Transport Solutions, a leading manufacturer of port and material handling equipment in Europe.

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Plug In America joins global alliance

Plug in America

Last week, 37 electric vehicle (EV) driver associations from 26 countries, including Plug In America, joined forces to create the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance, building a worldwide EV community.

California ARB posts two new ethanol fuel pathways for LCFS

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has posted two new fuel pathway applications submitted under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Method 2 pathway approval process: one for dehydrated Brazilian sugarcane ethanol produced by a company in Costa Rica, the other for domestic corn ethanol. dehydration plant in Punta Morales, a town in the Puntarenas province of Costa.

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Rolls-Royce wins $6.5M contract to supply LNG propulsion package for fish food carrier; Bergen gas engine

Green Car Congress

BioMar has 11 factories producing fish food, in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Costa Rica. Rolls-Royce has signed a US$6.5-million contract with Tersan Shipyard in Turkey. The contract is to supply a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion package for a cargo carrier designed by NSK Ship Design for Norwegian shipowner NSK Shipping. The vessel will deliver fish food on behalf of BioMar Group.

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Aeromexico flying commercial route with 15% blend of Honeywell Green Jet Fuel

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Aeromexico is using a 15% blend of Honeywell Green Jet Fuel, produced from camelina using process technology from Honeywell’s UOP, on flights on its Mexico City to San Jose, Costa Rica route, marking one of the first uses of renewable fuels in everyday airplane passenger service.

2011 179

Global geothermal industry passes 12,000 MW operational

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Financing was announced for projects in Costa Rica, Dominica, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, and the United States, while projects in drilling and start-of-construction phases made headway in Chile, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Montserrat, The Philippines, Rwanda, and Zambia.

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Donlen, Environmental Defense Fund and GreenDriver Target 20% GHG Reduction from Commercial Fleets

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The Commercial Fleet 20% GHG Emissions Reduction Commitment to Action was officially announced at the 2010 CGI Annual Meeting in New York City at the Environment and Energy keynote session by Master of Ceremony José María Figueres, Former President of the Republic of Costa Rica. Donlen, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and GreenDriver are collaborating on a multi-year Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action titled, “Commercial Fleet 20% GHG Emissions Reduction.”

2010 170

Balqon Receives Initial $490,000 Purchase Order for Heavy-Duty Electric Drive Systems From New China-Based Distributor

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This includes Argentina-based Autoelevadores Yale, Colombia-based Industrias IVOR, Electric Cars of Costa Rica, Mol Transportation Solutions in Europe and, most recently, Km.

2010 170

Colombia February 2021

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Coal Into Cars: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Plugs and Cars

However, as the Environmental Entrepreneurs report on Costa Rica recommends, biomass crops into electricity is a beneficial strategy. The Ugly Coal sucks, there's really no two ways about it. Extracting it is ruinous of the landscape and burning it has disastrous environmental consequences. It should be perhaps our last fuel of choice regardless of how it's used. But not all use of coal is alike.

2007 100

Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

Hybrid SUV Blog

Costa Rica. sales of hybrid SUVs and other fuel efficient vehicles will prove interesting to watch this year, especially if fuel prices remain relatively low. Expert predictions about where oil and gas prices are headed vary widely. Some expect both to remain steady due to global economic conditions while others point to the return of $3/gallon gas (in the states) fueled mainly by an increase in foreign demand.

2010 78