Will Cheap Gas, Soaring SUV Sales Sink Fuel-Economy Goals?

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Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards require carmakers to achieve a fleet average of 54.5 emissions regulations are forcing carmakers to make their products more efficient over the next decade. mpg by 2025. That's equivalent to roughly 40 mpg on the window sticker. DON'T MISS: Miles Driven In U.S. Hits New All-Time High; Gasoline. CAFE Fuel Economy Corporate Average Fuel Economy

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Report finds US automakers remain profitable under future CAFE standards even with fuel price fluctuation

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Even with wide-ranging unpredictable gas prices, US automakers will remain profitable and suppliers will benefit under existing national fuel economy standards slated to be in place until 2025, according to a new economic analysis brief prepared by independent automotive industry analysts, commissioned by the nonprofit group Ceres. In all of our fuel price scenarios (from Very Low to High), the auto industry would be profitable if current standards stay in place.

2016 163

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IEA World Energy Outlook view on the transport sector to 2035; passenger car fleet doubling to almost 1.7B units, driving oil demand up to 99 mb/d; reconfirming the end of cheap oil

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Oil and the Transport Sector: Reconfirming the End of Cheap Oil. The outlook for oil demand differs sharply between the three scenarios, primarily as a result of the different assumptions about government policies, such as fuel efficiency standards, removal of end-user subsidies and support for alternative fuels, and the extent to which they succeed in curbing oil demand. Change in primary oil demand by sector and region in the central New Policies Scenario, 2010-2035. WEO 2011.

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Nissan Drops 2012 Leaf Charging Station Price. Is It Cheap Enough?

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But while Nissan has dropped the price of a standard supply and installation of the Nissan-branded Aerovironment charging station from $2,200 to $1,818, we think it still isn’t low Yesterday, Nissan announced that it had reduced the price of its official 2012 Nissan Leaf home charging station to make it more affordable to Leaf drivers.

2011 81

Assessment of US CAFE fuel economy standards finds big savings on fuel and emissions since inception

Green Car Congress

The standards required automakers to produce more efficient vehicles over time, increasing the number of miles per gallon required of their vehicle fleets. Gas prices were cheap and gas-guzzling vehicles hit the road in mass numbers.

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BMW, Daimler and VW Propose Global e-mobility Standardization on Vehicle2Grid Communication, Harmonization of Chargers

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BMW, Daimler and VW are proposing a global OSI-Layer based standardization of smart charge communication. In a joint presentation at the California Air Resource Board ZEV Technology Symposium last week, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen proposed global standardization for the e-mobility charging infrastructure, including one worldwide standard for smart charge communication, as well as a proposed pathway for harmonizing the two main standards for AC chargers and infrastructure.

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Should you buy a portable Level 2 electric-car charger?

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Now you can buy a portable, 16-amp charger one for less than the price of a cheap tablet computer. Some electric-car drivers find benefit in carrying a portable charger that's faster than the standard Level 1 models that come with every electric car sold so far. Electric car chargers are becoming more affordable. Portable Level 2 chargers will. Electric Car Chargers

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Researchers show economic, environmental and grid-resilience benefits of converting diesel trains to battery-electric

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Improved battery technology plus access to cheap renewable electricity open the possibility of battery-electric rail. In the US, diesel freight trains emit 35 million metric tons of CO 2 annually and produce air pollution that leads to $6.5

Fraunhofer suggests e-scooters as application for its magnesium hydride paste hydrogen storage technology

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It can therefore be supplied by a standard filling line, using relatively inexpensive equipment. POWERPASTE is also cheap to transport, since no costly high-pressure tanks are involved nor the use of extremely cold liquid hydrogen.

Los Alamos-led study finds how to improve natural gas production in shale; hydrocarbon transport within nanopores

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Partners include the New Mexico Consortium, University of Maryland, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research.

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2014 Nissan Versa Sedan: Pricing And Specification Revealed

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It may not be fast, it may not be pretty, but the Nissan Versa Sedan has one overriding virtue--it''s cheap. A standard Versa S starts at $11,990--plus a $750 destination and handling fee--making it the cheapest new car on sale in the U.S. That continues for the 2014 model year, as pricing remains unchanged from the 2013 Versa Sedan. For that sort

2013 82

MG MG5 EV Wins Big at WhatCar? Awards

Drive Electric

Android Auto/Apple Car Play comes as standard, as well as a crystal-clear DAB radio. editor Steve Huntingford said: “While all electric cars are cheap to run, the MG 5 is one of the few that manages to combine a low list price with a good range. MGB-ack to the Future.

New process uses localized surface plasmons for room-temperature conversion of CO2 to CO

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and their colleagues have demonstrated a room-temperature method that could significantly reduce carbon dioxide levels in fossil-fuel power plant exhaust, one of the main sources of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

2020 334

Russian researchers develop wasteless joint processing of electric furnace and ladle slag to produce pig iron and clinker

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For this purpose, borate glass, a cheap waste material that also requires processing, was added to it. The series of experiments showed that the quality of clinker corresponding to the state standard, is formed from five compositions of slag at a 10-minute curing at a temperature of 1540-1560 °C.

Russian researchers find simple, efficient way to strengthen aluminum-based composite materials

Green Car Congress

Scientists from the Russian National University of Science and Technology MISIS have doped aluminum melt with nickel and lanthanum to create a material combining benefits of both composite materials and standard alloys: flexibility, strength, lightness.

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Organically synthesized porous carbon shows “exceptional” potential as Li-ion anode material

Green Car Congress

However, graphite is the industry standard because it is very cheap to produce and easily obtainable. A international team of researchers, led by Lancaster University in the UK and Jilin University in China, reports the first organically synthesized sp?sp sp 3 hybridized porous carbon, OSPC?1. The new carbon shows electron conductivity, high porosity, the highest uptake of lithium ions of any carbon material to?date

2018 163

Why are some EV chargers more expensive than others?

Green Charging

We do not want to waste money on cheap, low-quality commodities. At home, where it is the easiest, involves using a standard EV plug to charge the car. Many users may opt to simply charge from a standard 3 pin plug socket. You’re online looking at an array of EV chargers.

Solaris to present new generation hydrogen bus

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In addition, it will be possible to recharge it by means of a plug-in charging outlet (as is the case in standard electric buses). Hydrogen buses have the potential to be very popular on the market: they are cheap in use, lighter than electric buses, can cover a distance of 350 km on a single hydrogen refueling (that is also the average daily range of a city bus) and they are completely emission-free—the only substance emitted while the bus is driving is steam.

2018 232

Wireless Heater Made From a Leaf Skeleton Is Fully Biodegradable

Cars That Think

We’ve gotten very, very good at making things that are cheap and durable. Unfortunately, there are some deleterious side effects. Among them: Our society generates massive amounts of waste that is going to remain in landfills for a long time.

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Skylark Restaurants in Japan to offer free EV recharging at 900 locations

Green Car Congress

Initially, the chargers will be standard “slow” chargers, but if you combine a meal with a bit of shopping, you could end up with a quarter to a third of a “tank” for free. Theoretically you could tour the entire country paying nothing for your travel and eating cheap at Skylark’s restaurants. Integrity Exports. The Skylark restaurant group in Japan plans to offer free EV public recharging at their 900 locations around Japan, with no obligation to be a customer of the restaurant.

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Exclusive: FAA Investigates If It's Safer to Leave Cellphones On

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The series of tests, which occurred this summer in the skies over Virginia, used commercial smartphones connecting to standard 4G and 5G wireless networks operated by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). The U.S.

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Portable Analyzer Brings Blood Testing to Rural Areas

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When comparing the data obtained by their biochemical analyzer to the known results obtain by standard laboratory equipment, they found the data matched almost perfectly. This prototype offers a cheap way to analyze blood samples remotely.

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UK power crisis – entirely the fault of regulators and ministers

EV Info

Why, simple the US embraced Fracking to produce bountifully supplies of cheap gas. The current price cap is £1,138 a year for standard tariffs, but will rise to £1,277 in October.

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Q&A with CharIN North America President: It’s all about interoperability

Charged EVs

Today, the organization has grown to include over 230 members around the world, and is working to establish ever-more-powerful charging standards. Essentially, any form of electrified transportation should have a standardized form of charging to make systems interoperable.

18650 Battery Specification, Price, Charger, Holder, BMS

Electric Vehicless

Standard charge – Constant current & constant voltage. Standard discharge – Constant current. Never buy unsafe/cheap batteries.

SpaceX ready to begin training astronauts for first private spacewalk


One of those crucial technologies is a cheap, reliable, and easy-to-use spacesuit that will allow future SpaceX astronauts to work outside of the safety of their spacecraft in the vacuum of space, and, one day, walk on the surfaces of other planets and moons.

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Road Test: 2022 Kia Rio S 5-door Hatchback

Clean Fleet Report

Low-cost but not cheap. Clean Fleet Report tested the Kia Rio S five-door with standard equipment that included power windows, door locks and heated outside mirrors. This well-built small car should not be considered “cheap” as some people see that as meaning poorly built.

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Proposed Changes to Federal EV Tax Credit – Part 3: MSRP Must Be Less Than $80,000

EV Adoption

As documented in an article in The Drive — “ Tesla’s Cheap 94-Mile Model 3 Has Cost Canadian Taxpayers $115 Million ” — Tesla produced an even lower-priced version of its popular Model 3 to come in under Canada’s iZEV program threshold.

Exclusive: FAA Investigates If It's Safer to Leave Cellphones On

Cars That Think

The series of tests, which occurred this summer in the skies over Virginia, used commercial smartphones connecting to standard 4G and 5G wireless networks operated by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). The U.S.

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Toward Optoelectronic Chips That Mimic the Human Brain

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IEEE Spectrum recently spoke with Jeffrey Shainline , a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., And it becomes essentially impossible to put another layer of MOSFETs on top of that with standard processing techniques.

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HeatReCar project demonstrates technical feasibility of thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery; economic case more difficult

Green Car Congress

Sintering is a standard method for consolidating powders without melting them. to US$2) per W e using cheap thermoelectric material and automating the thermoelectric module manufacturing process. This requires cheap, lightweight thermoelectric material standing temperatures up to 650 ?C.

2014 200

Choosing the best EV charger for your electric car

Green Charging

While they are sometimes offered as a standard in with some EV chargers, you may have to buy them as separate accessories when you opt for chargers from some manufacturers. Based on your utility company, you can take advantage of the cheap off-peak electricity tariffs.

Buyers Guide: Budget EV Options for Clean Transportation

Clean Fleet Report

While new EVs come out all the time, many of them aren’t cheap. While the Leaf Plus isn’t exactly cheap, the EV tax credit and other incentives can make it even more affordable affordable. Affordable Cars that Move the Green Needle.

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4 Things to Consider When Installing Your EV Charger


Any quote which doesn’t take into account these requirements, such as a standard blanket fee or an ‘installation from €700’ quote for instance, might end up incurring extra unexpected costs along the way. Installing your EV charger may not be as cheap or as simple as you originally expected.

Why One LEAF-Driving Cop Can't Drive Straight Home After Work Anymore

Plugs and Cars

A standard 120-volt outlet - Level 1 in EVspeak. In other words the one workplace charging solution that is cheap and easy and proven to work is disallowed in a solicitation intended to encourage more people to switch to plug-in cars. Some argue it’s so easy and so cheap employers should just do it. Maybe they tout it as smart and cheap. Is simple, cheap and proven anathema in this age of the high tech solution

2013 131

4 Things to Consider When Installing Your EV Charger


Any quote which doesn’t take into account these requirements, such as a standard blanket fee or an ‘installation from €700’ quote, for instance, might end up incurring extra unexpected costs along the way. Installing your EV charger may not be as cheap or as simple as you originally expected.

2020 52

Feature: Going Green on Car Care, Repair and Insurance

Clean Fleet Report

You may be wondering if electric and hybrid cars are cheap to insure. Don’t get so focused on green discounts that you forget the standard discounts. Exploring Ways to Green Your Current & Future Vehicles.

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Resale Market for Electric Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers in India

Get Electric Vehicle

As we have mentioned in our previous article, BIS is bringing new standards for the charging stations of EVs in India. Once the standardization is complete there will be uniformity and it would be much easier to get quality spare parts at an affordable price. .

New high-power, fast-charging, safe and long-life Li-ion battery

Green Car Congress

O 4 -based cathode (LNMO) with a finely tuned stoichiometry and a surface layer obtained through a single-stage, simple, cheap and easy-scalable mechanochemical milling route followed by high temperature annealing in air; and a composite liquid electrolyte formed by a mixture of LiPF 6 , ethylene carbonate, dimethyl carbonate and Py 1,4 PF 6 ionic liquid.

2017 150

Inventing Postscript, the Tech That Took the Pain out of Printing

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That goal led ultimately to a page description language called PostScript, today the de facto standard of desktop publishing. proved loath to support a truly standard language. Gee,’ I said, ‘A secret standard—I find this a hard concept to understand.’”

Opinion: Why Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar: Miles Per Acre Per Year

Green Car Congress

During the late innings of the ICE-age (as in the Internal Combustion Engine age) it has become clear that feeding gasoline and diesel to the next billion new cars is not going to be easy, or cheap. The cost to operate an EV, per mile, is already well below the cost to drive a standard ICE-age model, and the advantage is likely to widen. But suppose your new car is up to current Chinese standards (~35 mpg). by Henry Hewitt for Oilprice.com.

2015 288

UK, Saudi team shows hydrocarbon wax is a viable, safe medium for on-board hydrogen storage

Green Car Congress

Against this backdrop, we sought to investigate heavy alkane hydrocarbon waxes as cheap, safe, readily producible and widely accessible hydrogen storage materials. Inset shows the dependence of the standard enthalpy and entropy for the hydrogen formation reactions with carbon numbers of various lineal alkanes.

2016 271

When They Electrified Christmas

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Whether for religious or secular celebrations, the variety and functionality of lights have exploded in recent years, abetted by cheap and colorful LEDs and compact electronics. Lighting had to be hand wired, and there was no standardization in bulbs or sockets.