PepsiCo. receives permit for Tesla Semi Megacharger installation


has received the permit for the installation of a Tesla Semi Megacharger at its Modesto, California, facility, according to public documents released by Stanislaus County. will be the first company to receive Tesla Semis later this year. PepsiCo.

Tesla tanks in Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey


Tesla has a knack for not performing well in some reliability and dependability surveys , and the most recently released assessment from Consumer Reports continued that trend after the electric automaker finished 27th out of 28 total brands. Credit: Tesla).

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Tesla finally adds Waypoints, a long-requested feature promised over a year ago


Tesla has added Waypoints to improve the in-car navigation experience with Software Update 2021.40.5. Waypoints have been long requested by many Tesla owners, and the automaker has finally come through after Elon Musk confirmed they would be added in September 2020.

Google 105

Tesla Model S Plaid runs sub-9-second 1/4-mile for first time


A Tesla Model S Plaid ran a sub-9-second 1/4-mile for the first time at Maryland International Raceway in the United States. The Model S Plaid is Tesla’s crown jewel of performance. The Model S Plaid is currently available for $129,990 on Tesla’s website.

Tesla Bot job postings go live for California and Texas


Tesla has posted new jobs for its Tesla Bot team on its Careers page. Most of the Tesla Bot jobs are located in California except one located in Austin, Texas. . The new Tesla Bot jobs are listed below with their responsibilities. Autonomy – Tesla Bot.

Texas 86

Tesla Releases A Guide To Its Dojo Technology

EV Obssesion

Tesla released a Dojo white paper this week, and Elon Musk pointed out alongside the release that this is much more important than it may seem at first. In the 9-page paper, Tesla explained its arithmetic formats and methods for the new binary floating-point […].

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Tesla launches live Sentry Mode Camera Access with 2021.36.8


Tesla has officially launched Live Camera Access for the Sentry Mode security feature with Software Update 2021.36.8. Sentry Mode is a security feature available to Tesla owners which helps record events that happen near a vehicle.

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is practically overflowing with Model 3 and Model Y


Recent aerial footage from Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has revealed that the facility’s holding lot is reaching maximum capacity as production rolls full steam ahead in the last few weeks of the fourth quarter. The Tesla Model Y Standard Range Plus sold out in China earlier this month.

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Tesla As An Investment — Did You Wait Too Long?

EV Obssesion

Tesla as an investment over the years has had many people wondering. When Tesla entered the S&P 500 in December, 2020, CNBC mused that the event was a sign of “just how powerful index investing has become.” The post Tesla As An Investment — Did You Wait Too Long?

2020 105

Tesla formally moves headquarters to Austin, TX


Texas’ new place in Tesla’s operations may not come as a surprise to those following the developments surrounding the company’s newest Gigafactory. The Tesla CEO listed a few milestones Giga Texas might hit in the near term.

Tesla has installed the Powerwall 250,000 times


Tesla announced yesterday that it has installed 250,000 Powerwalls globally, a tremendous milestone for the sustainable energy company. Tesla Solar (@TeslaSolar) November 17, 2021. Tesla releases specs for its new Powerwall+ energy storage system.

Tesla delivers record 241,300 cars in Q3, handily beating consensus estimates


Tesla has announced its production and delivery figures for the third quarter of 2021, confirming that it handily beat Wall Street consensus estimates which came in at 222,700 deliveries. Credit: Tesla.

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Tesla Model S falls from cliff, gets totaled; owner walks with a scratch on his arm


Photos of the Model S P90D’s wreck were shared on Twitter by Tesla and electric vehicle advocate Elias Sobrino Najul , who noted in a later comment that he personally knows the person involved in the accident. Tesla Model 3 passengers walk away with moderate injuries after nine-story fall.

Tesla is officially an energy provider in Texas


Tesla has officially entered the Texas market as an energy provider, new documents from the Texas Public Utility Commission state. In August, Tesla Energy had officially filed an application with the Texas Public Utility Commission to sell power in the Lone Star State.

Texas 111

Tesla China updates base Model 3 with price increase and better range rating


Tesla China updated Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 RWD variant and increased its price by about ¥15,000 ($2,350.21) to ¥250,900 ($39,311.23) after tax reductions. Tesla China Update: New version of the MIC Model 3 RWD!

China 88

Tesla offers free Thanksgiving Supercharging rates during off-peak hours


Tesla is offering free Supercharging rates during off-peak hours during the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid congestion at its stations. Therefore, Tesla is offering incentives for Supercharging during non-peak times in various California locations. Credit: Tesla).

Tesla offers $20k Model S Plaid Ceramic Brake Kit for optimized track handling


Tesla launched a Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit in its shop recently. For perspective, a Tesla Model S Plaid set the production vehicle record at the Nürburgring in Germany with a time of 7:30:909, running at 166.320 km/h (103.35

Kits 79

Tesla trifecta dominates Consumer Reports’ list of most satisfying cars on the market


And in this sense, even an organization such as Consumer Reports, which tends to lean into the anti-Tesla narrative every so often, recently admitted that its list of most satisfying cars on the market is dominated by vehicles from the California-based EV maker.

Kia 94

Tesla Semi spotted charging at newly installed Giga Nevada Megacharger


A Tesla Semi was spotted charging at the company’s newly-installed Megachargers at the Giga Nevada production facility near Sparks, Nevada. Awesome sighting today of a charging Tesla Semi at Tesla Giga Nevada! being the recipient of the first 15 Tesla Semis.

Tesla Giga Shanghai aims to increase production capacity with RMB 1.2B expansion project


Tesla invested RMB ¥1.2 Tesla China’s expansion project is expected to increase the gigafactory’s production capacity, making Giga Shanghai even more formidable than it is now. Tesla plans to invest RMB ¥85 million ($13 million) of its RMB ¥1.2

Asia 59

Tesla’s Few Remaining Short Sellers Are Feeling The “Hertz”

EV Obssesion

But when you have a vicious group of people who have targeted Tesla, its customers, supporters, its CEO, and his family members, and even myself a few times, I can’t help but smirk at the poetic justice here. Disclaimer: I am a Tesla shareholder with a […].

Tesla 81

This Semi Truck Driver Didn’t Notice That He Hit A Tesla Model 3 And Pushed It Down The Highway

EV Obssesion

Wham Baam Teslacam is a video series of Tesla accidents, incidents, and moments captured by Tesla owners and submitted. In their latest video, Max, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, had a horrifying ordeal with a semi.

Tesla 102

Hertz ordering 100,000 Teslas by end of 2022

Green Car Congress

This includes an initial order of 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2022 and new EV charging infrastructure across the company’s global operations. Customers who rent a Tesla Model 3 will have access to 3,000 Tesla supercharging stations throughout the US and Europe.

Tesla China raises base Model 3, Model Y RWD prices


Tesla China raised the Model 3 RWD and Model Y RWD’s prices by RMB 4,752 (about $750) recently. SLA mania (@Tesla__Mania) November 24, 2021. This recent price increase is the second time Tesla China has raised the MIC Model 3 RWD’s price this month.

China 59

Video: Beautiful Example Of Driving With Tesla Model S Plaid Yoke

EV Obssesion

My friend, Marge, who I got to take delivery of her Tesla Model S Plaid at Tesla’s Plaid delivery event last June, has beautifully demonstrated just how to use the yoke steering.

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McDonalds piggybacks off of Tesla’s Largest U.S. Supercharger


A McDonald’s franchise in Firebaugh, California, is piggybacking off of the Firebaugh Tesla Supercharger station, which is the largest in the United States. McDonald’s has been around for decades, but Tesla only for less than two decades.

Tesla 110

All four Tesla Models receive late-night price increases


On Friday, all four Tesla Models received late-night price increases, ranging from $2,000 for the Model Y Long Range and Model 3 Standard Range+ to $5,000 for the Model S and Model X Long Range configurations.

Price 81

Tesla Model Y lands in Europe


Ahead of the long-awaited arrival of Tesla’s Giga Berlin production facility in Germany, an employee of the automaker has now indicated that the all-electric Model Y crossover has arrived in Europe. Tesla_Adri (@tesla_adri) August 6, 2021.

Europe 104

Tesla’s Master Plan turns 15 years old: What Elon Musk’s company has achieved so far


Fifteen years ago today, on August 2nd, 2006, Co-Founder and CEO of what was then called “Tesla Motors” Elon Musk put out his top-secret Master Plan. The Tesla Roadster was the automaker’s first car. The Original Tesla Roadster (Credit:

Tesla 100

Tesla facilities at Giga Texas move closer to operation following new filings


Tesla is moving closer to starting the manufacturing of its all-electric vehicles at its new facility near Austin named Gigafactory Texas. Tesla filed and successfully had the Body in White, Stamping, Casting, Paint, and General Assembly facilities of Gigafactory Texas registered with the ARB.

Texas 113

Tesla releases updated Giga Berlin render, complete with graffiti art


A new render of Tesla Giga Berlin with graffiti art was recently posted on the company’s website. Tesla asked artists to submit graffiti art samples to cover Giga Berlin back in May. So I think that’s going to be super really cool,” said the Tesla CEO. “We’ve

Tesla 88

Tesla Giga Shanghai goes for its final Q3 2021 sprint


Tesla Giga Shanghai seems to be sprinting into action as Q3 2021 comes to an end. Many Tesla Model Y and Model 3 units can still be seen parked or on car carriers at Gigafactory Shanghai, hinting at the strong demand for the company’s cars. Tesla Giga Shanghai

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Tesla is absolutely crushing the competition in California thanks to the Model Y


Tesla may not be recognized by the Biden administration as a leader in the electric vehicle market, but this does not mean that the company is not absolutely dominating the sector. As you take a look at Tesla over the last three months, remember the Gigafactory hasn’t even come online.

Tesla China “Moves” Giga Shanghai Into A Booth At China’s 4th International Import Expo

EV Obssesion

This is the fourth China International Import Expo, and Tesla attended each one, showcasing its electric vehicles. The post Tesla China “Moves” Giga Shanghai Into A Booth At China’s 4th International Import Expo appeared first on EV Obsession.

China 76

Tesla Police Vehicle Saves Westport Tens of Thousands of Dollars

EV Club of CT

Post by Barry Kresch Tesla Police Vehicle Brings Large Monetary Savings The purchase premium is recouped in one year. After four years, the savings are enough to pay for another Tesla.

Tesla’s original home state hits 1 million EV milestone as electric cars become CA’s biggest export


California is home to many EV automakers, including Tesla, the leading pure electric car manufacturer in the market today. Tesla’s Fremont Factory is located in California. Through its most turbulent years, California was home to Tesla.

All Tesla Superchargers to have WiFi access, reaffirms Elon Musk


Recently, Elon Musk reaffirmed that Tesla owners will have WiFi access at Superchargers. The EV maker is expected to open its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla electric vehicles soon. Back in April 2019, Elon Musk stated that all Tesla Superchargers will have free WiFi over time. “It

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Tesla Giga Berlin’s first goal is to produce one Model Y body every 45 seconds


Tesla’s Giga Fest guests have entered the hallowed doors of Gigafactory Berlin, giving everyone a sneak peek inside. As photos inside Giga Berlin spread throughout the Tesla community, some people have already uncovered useful information about Tesla’s EV factory in Europe.

Tesla 99

Does Tesla have a fair chance after NTSB Chief comments?


Earlier this week, NTSB Chief Jennifer Homendy made some disparaging comments regarding Tesla’s use of “Full Self-Driving” to explain its semi-autonomous driving suite. I use this newsletter to share my thoughts on what is going on in the Tesla world.

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Tesla Model 3 is now the quickest-selling used car and sometimes even sells for higher price than new


The Tesla Model 3 is now considered the best-selling used car in the US, and it is so popular that it even sometimes sells for higher prices than new. News Tesla Tesla Model 3

Price 113

Tesla battery supplier Panasonic shows off 4680 cell


Tesla battery supplier Panasonic showed off some 4680 lithium ion cells and shared a few details about its production. Panasonic recently revealed the 4680 cylindrical battery to the Wall Street Journal –a little over a year after Tesla unveiled the new cell design during Battery Day.

Tesla China posts astounding September numbers with 56k vehicle deliveries


Recently, Tesla China posted stellar September delivery numbers, reporting it delivered around 56,000 units overall last month. With 56k deliveries in September, Tesla China’s Q3 deliveries reached a total of over 133,000 vehicles. Tesla Model Y: Sold 33,033 units.

China 87

Tesla Model 3 windshield survives intentional rock-throwing attack


Fortunately for a Tesla Model 3 owner in Portland, OR, the all-electric sedan’s windshield turned out to be sturdy enough to tank a moderately sized rock that was intentionally thrown by a person on the side of the road. Lifestyle News Tesla Model 3 Featured Tesla