Tesla starts Hardware 3 rollout: Enhanced Summon, red-light warnings

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Like Teslas rolling through parking lots on their own, the self-driving future is inching closer. youtube self-driving cars Tesla Supercharger Tesla Autopilot

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Tesla Navigate on Autopilot drives itself poorly, Consumer Reports finds

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Tesla says it has improved its self-driving Navigate on Autopilot system with its latest software update. Last month, Tesla updated its Navigate on Autopilot software to allow its cars to change lanes automatically, without prompting or warning the driver.

2019 79

YouTube-famous Tesla rebuilder opens shop in "coopetition" with Tesla

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Without dealerships, service has been a regular challenge for Tesla and its owners. Reports are so rampant about months-long wait times for Tesla service that CEO Elon Musk has acknowledged that addressing service complaints is his No.

2019 93

2019 Tesla Model S Long Range vs. 2013 Model S 85: How do they compare in value?

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When I bought my first Tesla Model S back in 2013, it had already been named that year’s Green Car Reports’ Best Car to Buy, and Consumer Reports had just declared it the best-scoring car they’d ever tested, and said that it broke their rating scale. Model S Tesla Motors

2019 96

Electric VW Beetle Conversion (Tesla)

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I am converting a 1974 VW Beetle. Removing all equipment I don’t need, the car is real metal so it will never be truly light, but I need to be able to

2019 116

Report: Apple once attempted to buy Tesla

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Tesla has long been called the Apple of automakers for its alternative approach, its rampant fan base, and its Silicon Valley roots. Financial analyst Craig Irwin of Roth Capital Partners revealed Tuesday that Apple tried to buy Tesla in 2013, but was rebuffed.

2019 93

Report: Autopilot was engaged when Tesla Model 3 crashed into semi

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A preliminary report released on Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed an important piece of information in the fatal crash involving a 2018 Tesla Model 3 earlier this year: Autopilot was engaged. Tesla Autopilot

2019 83

Tesla Model 3 gets Supercharging V3 first: How about 75 miles of range in 5 minutes?

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If you road-trip with an electric car like a Tesla, you soon become acutely aware of miles per hour. charging youtube Fast Charging Tesla SuperchargerThat's not the miles per hour you see on the speedometer, but the rate at which the car will gain range when being fast-charged.

2019 114

Musk aims to transform Tesla into self-driving robo-taxi company

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At an investor presentation on Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid out plans essentially to transition the company from a traditional car manufacturer to an operator of self-driving “robo-taxis.” ” Musk reiterated a statement he made in January that all Tesla cars built since last month will have “feature complete” full. self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

2019 77

Nikola Tesla drives Tesla Model S: amateur fan video imagines

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As an auto company that exclusively produces electric cars, Tesla Motors has a very appropriate name. It is, of course, named after Nikola Tesla, a famed engineer who pioneered technologies related to electricity. So what might Nikola Tesla think of his namesake?

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Tesla Semi opens for $20,000 reservations, no update on arrival date

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A lot has been made of Tesla's next upcoming model for consumers, the Model Y SUV. Another Tesla just opened for reservations, four days before the company is scheduled to open orders for the Model Y: the Tesla Semi truck. Tesla SemiOnly, it turns out it may not be the next model that goes on sale. The company has been testing the Semi since late 2017, and.

2019 87

Tesla + Toyota

Revenge of the Electric Car

Tesla has breathed new life into the recently shut down NUMMI plant in Fremont, announcing its plans last week to team up with Toyota to start making its $50,000 electric Model S at the NUMMI plant. Resurrection of NUMMI auto plant by Tesla and Toyota lifts spirits all over Fremont. Resurrection of NUMMI auto plant by Tesla and Toyota lifts spirits all over Fremont. Tags: EV Economics Production News NUMMI Plant Tesla Toyota

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Tesla Autopilot ranks next-to-last in study of self-driving systems

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Tesla, its owners and fans, and its CEO Elon Musk crow a lot about the capabilities of its Autopilot self-driving system. The latest is from Navigant Research, an automotive consulting firm, and the results aren't rosy for Tesla's Autopilot. self-driving cars Tesla AutopilotIn independent comparisons, though, other autonomous driving systems keep coming out ahead.

2019 84

Tesla Model 3 updates: Leasing, Autopilot standard, base model limited

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Tesla announced major changes to its model lineup Thursday, especially the Model 3, in an effort to shore up sales. 1, Tesla has dropped prices, added features, streamlined its model lineup, and introduced new lower-priced options for the Model 3, including the long-promised $35,000. Elon Musk self-driving cars Tesla AutopilotAfter the federal tax credit available on its cars halved Jan.

2019 63

Tesla sets Model Y reveal date, hints at price

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In a Tweet Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will host an event on Thursday March 14 to reveal its long-planned Model Y SUV. Elon Musk Tesla Model YThe company will host a reveal event at its Hawthorne, California, design studios, as it has done with all previous models. The company said it will offer more detailed specs, as well as rides in the.

2019 82

Pickup drivers target Tesla Superchargers in "ICEing" incidents

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In a spate of incidents reminiscent of "rolling coal," truck drivers have begun seemingly intentionally blocking whole banks of Tesla Superchargers across parts of the South. Charging Networks Tesla SuperchargerPeople are jealous of things they can't (or don't) have. Photos shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit over the weekend showed all kinds of trucks blocking.

2018 87

Musk: Tesla will introduce Autopilot-informed insurance product next month

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Over the first quarter of the year, Tesla reported a much higher-than-anticipated loss and revenue below what analysts had been expecting—tangled up in logistical delivery issues in Europe, import issues in Shanghai and Beijing and finally, book-ended by a flurry of deliveries in Europe and China in the last 10 days of the quarter. Insurance Elon Musk Autonomous cars Tesla Autopilot

2019 67

2020 Tesla Model Y first details: 300-mile electric SUV, starting around $48k

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Tesla’s Thursday night reveal event for the 2020 Tesla Model Y electric crossover SUV, just as previous events from the automaker, was raucous and packed with enthusiastic fans, including many who appeared to relish everything uttered by CEO Elon Musk. Elon Musk Tesla Motors

2019 84

Tesla raising cash after sluggish start to 2019, and Elon Musk is buying big

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Tesla announced Thursday that the company would offer $650 million in stock and $1.35 Stock in Tesla. Tesla Motorsbillion in bonds in a bid to boost the automaker's coffers after disappointing first quarter results. CEO Elon Musk said he would buy $10 million of the company's shares in an effort to boost confidence among investors in the flagging automaker.

2019 62

Tesla unveils Model Y electric crossover

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In an event in Los Angeles, Tesla unveiled its upcoming Model Y electric crossover. Tesla says that Model Y will carry up to 7 passengers and their cargo.

2019 100

Tesla Model Y: Comparing some of the details vs. Model 3

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk prefaced his introduction of the company’s more affordable upcoming electric SUV, the Model Y, Thursday night, by noting how hard achieving at-scale mass production of Model X has been—and what a difficult year 2018 had been for him and Tesla. Elon Musk Tesla Motors

2019 81

Tesla introducing V3 Supercharging; up to 250 kW per car

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Tesla announced that it is introducing V3 Supercharging, which will support peak rates of up to 250 kW per car. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to Tesla utility-scale products supports the peak rates of up to 250kW per car. Tesla said that, combined with other new improvements, V3 Supercharging will ultimately cut the amount of time customers spend charging by an average of 50%, as modeled on its fleet data.

2019 105

Did you just say Mommy?

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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range arrives soon at $35,000 and 220 miles. Really.

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In 2016, Tesla created a fever pitch over its Model 3 promise: $35,000 with a range of 220 miles. On Thursday, Tesla announced that its entry-level Model 3 is finally available and will be delivered to. Elon Musk Tesla MotorsThe company claimed more than 450,000 reservations were made for the Model 3, at $1,000 each, in part because of that low price and high range.

2019 83

Volt guy drives a Tesla

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Tesla Motors seems to have decided he could use a day with a Tesla. Tags: dr lyle dennis gm-volt.com tesla roadster tesla motors To Dr Lyle Dennis, a NY physician, the GM Volt seemed a good idea so he started a website, gm-volt.com.

2009 130

Tesla launches battery recycling at Nevada Gigafactory

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In its latest environmental impact statement, Tesla announced that it will open its own battery recycling facility. Tesla has been recycling batteries made at the factory using third-party recyclers. Now, as the earliest Model Ses reach 7 years old, and the company is starting to receive some batteries back after use in those early cars, it's. Battery recycling lithium batteries

2019 87

Tesla IPO: Taking the dream for a ride

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For a couple of years now, the dream ride has been in a Tesla Roadster. The next ride won't be the Tesla S Sedan, it will be Tesla the stock. Tesla Motors has filed an IPO plan with the SEC to raise $100,000,000 in a public offering. Tesla will stop production of the Roadster in 2011. Tags: tesla tesla ipo tesla roadster tesla model s

2010 100

What a prototype self-driving Tesla 'sees' on public roads

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DON'T MISS: Tesla's own numbers show. Tesla Motors Autonomous cars plug-in cars self-driving cars Tesla AutopilotLike a human driver, a self-driving car needs to "see" its environment in order to navigate through it.

2016 111

Tesla fatal crash rate with Autopilot still no better than with human drivers

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Since Tesla’s Autopilot was introduced back in October 2014, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made extravagant claims about its superior safety. Last month, reacting to what Musk considers sensationalized media coverage of Tesla accidents, the company released the first of its promised quarterly safety updates. self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

2018 81

Tesla Full Self-Driving will still require drivers when it arrives later this year

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that he expects Tesla vehicles to have "Full Self-Driving" capability by the end of 2019. He said that by the end of the year, Tesla's long-promised Full Self-Driving. Tesla AutopilotIn a media call Thursday night to announce the base, $35,000 Model 3, Musk for the first time gave a concrete explanation of what he means by that.

2019 71

Tesla Model 3 preview

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The Tesla Model 3 electric car is undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated new-car launches in recent memory. Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3Unveiled in prototype form last April after a drawn-out teaser campaign, the Model 3 quickly generated an unprecedented response from the public. As of last August, around 400,000 people had put down refundable $1,000 deposits.

2017 65

Musk announces more and faster Tesla Superchargers on the way

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is tweeting again, this time about expanding and potentially upgrading the company's Supercharger network. The news comes on the heels of Tesla's announcement that it will ship Model 3s to Europe and Australia. Elon Musk Charging Networks Tesla SuperchargerOn Monday, Musk tweeted that the company will start deploying "much faster" Version 3 Superchargers early next year.

2018 67

Tesla Autopilot 8.0 better, still needs improvement, says Consumer Reports

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The magazine Consumer Reports has been one of the most vocal critics of Tesla's Autopilot driver-assistance system. It has called for Tesla to disable Autopilot's automated-steering feature, calling the technology "too much, too soon." It also called on Tesla to stop using the "Autopilot" name, claiming it could be misleading. Tesla Motors Consumer Reports plug-in cars Tesla Autopilot

2016 83

Why new Tesla 100D battery may be crucial for the Tesla Model 3

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Last month, when Tesla Motors announced new, even larger battery packs for its Model S sedan and Model X crossover utility vehicle, reaction was less than ecstatic. While even faster, even longer-range electric cars are nice and all, commentators said, shouldn't Tesla be sticking to its knitting? lithium-ion battery pack Tesla Motors plug-in cars Panasonic Tesla Model 3

2016 86

Tesla drivers log 1 billion miles on Autopilot

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Tesla announced in a Tweet on Thursday that its cars logged 1 billion miles driving on Autopilot. That's a key milestone, since Teslas driving on Autopilot (and driven by humans) send data about what they see on the road back to Tesla, so the company can address problems. self-driving cars Tesla AutopilotSelf-driving systems are like teenage drivers: They get better with practice.

2018 64

The approaching Tesla dry spell

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Interesting piece by Katie Fehrenbacher about Tesla and the period of limited revenue that approaches. ". this latest funding underscores how Tesla will be transitioning into a period where the company will be generating a lot less revenue for several months — hence part of the reason it needs to raise more funds now." Tesla doesn’t have any signed agreements for powertrain component sales after 2011." tesla katie fehrenbacher gigaom

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Tesla will soon be compatible with all DC fast charging—in Europe

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When the Tesla Model 3 arrives in Europe in early 2019, it will carry a special toolkit: the ability to charge—quickly—in more places than any other electric vehicle. Tesla revealed this week that Model 3 sedans sold in Europe will come with a CCS charge port (inlet). Supercharger Tesla Supercharger

2018 78

Wal-Mart, Anheuser-Busch, DHL to test Tesla Semi: 1,200-plus reservations?

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An Instagram post by an "outdoor living design and construction firm serving the Chicago Southland" seems to confirm a total of 1,230 reservations for Tesla's new all-electric truck. Elemental Landscapes of Illinois posted a screenshot of its reservation for three Tesla Semi trucks, showing a reservation number EO000001230. Trucks Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Commercial vehicle freight Tesla Semi

2017 84

Tesla unleashes driver warnings from Navigate on Autopilot

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In a blog post on Thursday, Tesla announced that drivers will no longer have to approve lane changes when the car's Navigate on Autopilot system is engaged. Navigate on Autopilot is Tesla's "on-ramp to off-ramp" self-driving system, which allows its cars that have the feature. self-driving cars Tesla AutopilotIt's a small step, but also a pretty big leap toward self-driving cars.

2019 50

Tesla Gigafactory: Drone Flyover Shows How Huge It Really Is

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The very word "gigafactory" makes Tesla Motors' lithium-ion cell fabrication and battery assembly plant sound quite large. Videos Tesla Motors plug-in cars gigafactory Tesla Powerwall

2015 114

Tesla removes Full Self Driving option from website for all models

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Friday marked exactly two years since Tesla announced that every one of its cars was being produced with the hardware needed for Full Self-Driving. Friday was also the first full day that Tesla removed the option from its configurator—at the same time that it introduced a new $45k Model 3 Mid Range, effectively splitting the difference. Autonomous cars Tesla Autopilot

2018 79

The Tesla Roadster is NOT Dead. Right??

Electric Cars are for Girls

Tesla is "discontinuing" the Roadster we've all come to love, and they're concentrating their attention on the new Model S. It seems the Tesla Roadster is being revamped and a new 2.0 Click for more info" below to see photos of the Model S at Mashable. Don't worry, Roadster fans! version will be coming out. Eventually. Quote: "In the next several years

2011 182

Tesla Roadster does Dan

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The Tesla Roadster made sweet sweet love to Dan Neil one recent weekend. Neil is lyrical about everything you want to know about the performance ("explosively quick") and packaging ("[t]he Tesla interior is rather bare and ungracious") of the most anticipated electric car ever. Tags: tesla tesla roadster battery electric car dan neil God has grabbed me by the jockstrap and fired me off his thumb, rubber band-style.

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