Tesla’s vehicle delivery numbers from China in March are insane


Tesla’s numbers from China last month have been reported, and they are nothing short of insane. With such numbers , Tesla has effectively posted a 93.69% month-over-month sequential growth, considering that it sold 18,318 vehicles in February.

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Tesla a ‘flagship holding’ despite Gigafactory unpredictability: Piper Sandler


Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) is a “flagship holding” for Piper Sandler analyst Alexander Potter, who indicated the all-electric automaker’s stock is simply a must-have following the impressive delivery and production numbers the company reported late last week.

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Tesla hikes solar roof price on contracts signed over a year ago


Over the weekend, reports have come in of the recent massive Tesla solar roof price increase hitting several customers, some of whom have been waiting about a year with signed installation contracts. Electrek Tesla tesla solar roof

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Tesla ready for India

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla ready for India. According to news, Tesla may be accelerating the process to launch its cars on Indian roads. So, we may have an answer to this question”Is Tesla ready for India?” Most of the Indian citizens want their first electric car to be a tesla.

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Tesla registrations skyrocket in Germany even though Giga Berlin hasn’t built a car yet


Tesla all-electric vehicles showed tremendous growth in terms of registrations in Germany, skyrocketing over 83% in Q1 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. It lies in the comparison of Q1 2021 to Q1 2020, where Tesla showed an 83.2%

Elon Musk confirms major Tesla Santa Monica Supercharger: 50’s-style diner, drive-in movie clips


Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed earlier today that the City of Santa Monica would be the location of a new Supercharger location. Gonna put an old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in LA.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s word-of-mouth strategy is bearing fruit in China


Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Vice President of External Affairs Grace Tao shared the results of a rather interesting survey , which showed that Elon Musk’s word-of-mouth marketing strategy is effective in China, too. It has been effective thus far, including vehicles made in Tesla Giga Shanghai. .

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y go through latest round of price increases


Tesla has rolled out its latest round of price adjustments for the Model 3 and Model Y. As per Tesla’s official website , the Model 3 Standard Range Plus has received a $500 price increase, with the vehicle now starting at $38,490 from $37,990. Credit: Tesla.

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Tesla bears are becoming an endangered species


Tesla has the makings of a controversial stock. It was then no surprise when Tesla became one of the most-shorted companies in the market. Tesla (TSLA) sets new records with with 184k vehicle deliveries in Q1 2021. A Tesla logo on the Gigafactory Berlin site.

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Tesla’s Q1 ’21 Deliveries prove Elon Musk was right about the Model S and X in 2019


Tesla released its Production and Delivery figures for the first quarter of 2021 earlier today, and it proved that CEO Elon Musk was right about the Model S and Model X not being crucial to the company’s ultimate long-term growth.

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Tesla Model Y lineup

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model Y lineup. After launching Model S, Model 3 and Model X, Tesla showcased model Y as their 4th car in 2019. So, let’s know more about the cars in the Tesla model Y lineup. The Tesla Model Y is similar to the model 3 from the outer appearance.

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Tesla refunds duplicate charges and offers $200 credit to its online store


Tesla gave customers who were charged twice for their car purchase a refund and offered them a $200 credit to the company’s online store as well. Six Tesla customers charged twice for their purchase said they received refunds about a week after their initial complaint as per CNBC.

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Tesla is pre-approved to expand Giga Berlin’s footprint for storage purposes


Tesla has received a new pre-approved permit for its Giga Berlin production facility. The pre-approval will allow Tesla to expand the footprint of the facility by 80 hectares for storage purposes. Tesla bought the land, which measures to 300 hectares (741 acres) in size, for just €40.91

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Tesla stock outlook soars to $1,300 per share, driven by Biden’s $10k EV tax credit


Tesla’s ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) stock price soared during Monday trading following the report of impressive Q1 2021 delivery and production numbers last Friday. Tesla and General Motors have both surpassed this threshold , effectively disqualifying them from giving their consumers the credit.

Morgan Stanley estimates Tesla Cybertruck production to hit 100k/year in 2025


Morgan Stanley forecasted that Tesla would produce just under 100,000 Cybertrucks by FY 2025 in a report about 6 key considerations that mattered to the EV startup. NEWS: Morgan Stanley has just released a brief $TSLA report: "What Matters for Tesla Here?

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai’s new major expansion is starting


Gigafactory Shanghai could very well be Tesla’s ace-in-the-hole this year, thanks to the rapid ramp of its Model 3 and Model Y production. Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is reportedly producing vehicles at a rate of about 450,000 cars per year.

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Tesla Leads Italian EV Market In March; Fiat & Renault Follow

EV Obssesion

In Italy, the Tesla Model 3 reigned as the best-selling electric vehicle according to the Italian National Union for Foreign Vehicles (UNRAE). That number is what pushed Tesla ahead of other electric vehicles. Following Tesla’s lead are the Fiat 500 which sold […].

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Tesla Megapacks to be deployed at Apple’s California solar farm


For such an ambitious project—one that Apple describes as among the largest energy storage systems in the country—Apple has decided to partner with Tesla, the undisputed leader in the electric vehicle sector and a company with much experience in the battery sector. .

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Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week. Tesla is planning to build a new Tesla Semi truck production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant. Tesla is manufacturing its vehicles in the industrial park where its Nevada Gigafactory is located.

Tesla is hitting the ground running as Q2 begins after breakout first quarter


Despite setting new records and proving skeptics wrong in the first quarter, Tesla seems to be determined to hit the ground running for the second quarter. Tesla has replenished the Fremont Factory’s holding lots quickly. Tesla’s first-quarter was already one for the books.

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Morgan Stanley recognizes Tesla’s disproportionate advantage over legacy automakers


In a recent TSLA note, Morgan Stanley (MS) recognized Tesla’s disproportionate advantage over legacy automakers as EV adoption accelerates. MS lists several advantages for Tesla, including the production of “higher volume” EV products the company has planned over the next 3 to 5 years.

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Teslicka CZ: Tesla vs Ski Slope – The Best Lift Ever! 😎

EV Obssesion

YouTube courtesy of Teslicka CZ We´ve tried to conqeur the ski slope Monínec (Czech Republic) with our Tesla Model X Perfomance (over 800 hp, 1000 Nm, AWD). The post Teslicka CZ: Tesla vs Ski Slope – The Best Lift Ever! ??

Elon Musk explains Tesla’s pure vision approach to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving


A recent set of updates from Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla is looking to eventually update its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving suite to a camera-based system. This was highlighted by Tesla executives since Autonomy Day back in 2019 , when the company unveiled its custom FSD computer.

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Tesla Solar Roof aces long-term test despite being caked in ash for 5 months


The Tesla Solar Roof may not inspire as much coverage as the company’s electric cars like the Model 3 and Model Y, but the integrated solar shingles are still a unique flagship product. Tesla enthusiast and Los Angeles resident Austin Flack had a 9.09

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Tesla gets order for 10 Semis and 2 Megachargers from CA logistics firm


Tesla received 10 orders for its Class 8 Semi from MHX Leasing LLC (MHX) , a full-service logistics operator in California. The Tesla Semis will be used as part of MHX’s efforts to electrify its fleet of trucks in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. .

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Tesla (TSLA) receives ‘Outperform’ rating after ‘dropping the mic’ with Q1 numbers


The first quarter is typically a soft period for Tesla ( NASDAQ:TSLA ). After the intense year-end blitz of the fourth quarter, Tesla’s first quarters tend to be quite tempered. FactSet consensus for Tesla’s Q1 delivery numbers stood at about 162,000. .

Tesla 113

A Tesla Model 3 invasion is starting in the US’ second-hand auto segment


While the Tesla Model 3 has been asserting its dominance in the United States’ electric vehicle industry, the all-electric sedan is also starting an invasion in another key market–the country’s second-hand electric car segment. . News Tesla Model 3 Featured Tesla

Tesla 89

Tesla rolls out clever prefab Supercharger model for faster installations


One of the best things about Tesla is that it never stays still. Even if something is already working, and even if the company is already enjoying a wide lead against its competitors, Tesla still tends to improve its operations. Tesla’s prefabricated Supercharger setup.

Tesla sales in Japan rise 1,300% year-over-year, propelled by a wave of Model 3 orders


Tesla is starting to gain some serious momentum in Japan, thanks to a wave of Model 3 orders. In March alone, the number of Teslas sold in Japan increased by 1,300% year-over-year, thanks in part to the car-buying public’s warm reception to the Model 3. .

Tesla Superchargers to join gas pumps in fuel retailer chain Kum & Go’s I-44 outlet


Back in 2017, convenience store chain Kum & Go said the Tesla Model 3’s stellar pre-order numbers drove its initiative to build EV charging stations at several key outlets. Main St, located close to an exit to Interstate 44, is getting its own Tesla Supercharger. .

Store 106

Tesla (TSLA) sets new records with with 184k vehicle deliveries in Q1 2021


Tesla ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) has released its first quarter vehicle production and delivery report, revealing that the company has achieved yet another record Q1. Over the course of the first quarter, Tesla was able to produce a total of 180,338 vehicles and deliver a total of 184,800 cars.

Tesla 114

Tesla and other EV stocks boost with Biden’s $174B aid plan


Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) is one of several electric vehicle stocks that gained a boost on Wall Street following the announcement of a $174 billion aid package that would assist the growth of EV companies. Tesla is approaching Q1 2021’s end: Here’s what TSLA bulls and bears are saying.

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Tesla is entering S-curve’s slope amid 109% growth in Q1: Loup Ventures


Tesla experienced a 109% growth this first quarter after delivering nearly 185,000 vehicles , beating Wall Street consensus estimates. With these results, Loup Ventures believes the company is now entering the slope of its growth S-Curve, signaled by Tesla’s acceleration in growth.

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The Tesla Semi is about to electrify Canada’s logging sector


The Tesla Semi is about to electrify Canada’s logging industry, with Vancouver Island-based Mosaic Forest Management announcing that it had placed an order for three Tesla Semis. It’s not just Mosaic that has placed an order for the Tesla Semi.

Tesla says its cabin camera is not active in its China-built cars


Tesla has released a new statement concerning recent developments of security concerns with its China-built cars. Chinese Gov’t tells Military, Gov’t personnel not to drive Teslas on State-related property. The cameras on a Tesla are used for several reasons.

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Tesla’s partner IDRA shares insights on the Cybertruck Giga Press’ potential


Tesla’s next generation of vehicles will be built on the back of the Giga Press, a machine capable of producing massive, single-piece casts for critical components like an electric car’s rear underbody. News Featured Tesla Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk shares realistic update on Tesla Semi rollout and its challenges


Elon Musk recently posted a brief update about the Tesla Semi’s rollout, with the CEO sharing some insights about the upcoming vehicle’s challenges and demand. With this in mind, the idea of Tesla producing its first few Semis in 2020 still seems quite feasible.

Tesla 86

Tesla Model Y joins a new Police Force, and incentives made it an affordable purchase


The Tesla Model Y has officially joined the Ipswich, Massachusetts Police Department, and its price tag wasn’t all that bad considering the multiple incentives that were applied by local groups. News Tesla Model Y Featured Tesla

Tesla takes two big steps to secure a future in India


Tesla is taking a couple of relatively large steps to secure a place in India, where the automaker has been rumored to be working to establish a presence for several months. It appears that Tesla is working to open these showrooms in three cities in India: New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

India 83

Tesla supplier developing dry electrode tech to establish facility in Texas


Reported Tesla supplier Saueressig Engineering plans to establish a facility in San Antonio’s East Side—about 80 miles away from Gigafactory Texas. and may be linked to Tesla’s 4680 battery cell initiatives. Tesla plans to produce its 4680 cells in its new Gigafactories.

Texas 94

Tesla and Toyota to revisit old partnership for new EV development: report


A recent report from an esteemed South Korean publication has suggested that Tesla and Toyota are poised to revisit an old partnership to develop an all-new electric vehicle. Tesla and Toyota actually have some history making vehicles together. News Featured Tesla Toyota

Tesla Model 3 claims top spot in February global EV sales, Model Y takes third


Tesla took two of three podium spots in February’s Global Electric Vehicle Sales rankings, with the Model 3 taking the top position. The Model Y captured third for the first time, further establishing Tesla’s dominance in the global EV market.

Tesla 68

Tesla (TSLA) announces date for Q1 2021 earnings call


Tesla’s ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) first-quarter earnings call will be on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 2:30 pm Pacific Time or 5:30 pm Easter Time. . Before the announcement of TSLA’s Q1 2021 earnings call date, Tesla reported that it delivered nearly 185,000 vehicles during the first quarter.

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