Tesla posts more Cybertruck production jobs


Tesla Giga Texas is ramping up Cybertruck job hires once again. The latest job openings for the Cybertruck hint that Tesla is inching closer to starting production. Earlier this month, Tesla posted several jobs for Cybertruck production. News Featured Tesla Tesla Cybertruck

Texas 114

Tesla discusses lithium refining facility’s water supply in Nueces


Tesla representatives attended a community meeting in Nueces County about its proposed lithium refining facility for battery production. The Nueces County Commissioners Court held a public meeting recently to discuss Tesla’s potential tax abatement agreement with the county.

Water 99

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Tesla celebrates 10,000 Superchargers in Europe


Tesla recently announced that it has 10,000 Superchargers serving owners in Europe. Tesla has more than 35,000 Superchargers worldwide, offering a recharge of up to 200 miles for around 15 minutes. The Supercharger Network contributes significantly to Tesla’s goals.

Europe 114

Tesla offers new discount for buying inventory cars in China

CN EV Post

As Tesla's insurance subsidy for Chinese consumers buying inventory cars was halved in December, it's offering new discounts to spur demand. The post Tesla offers new discount for buying inventory cars in China appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla

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Tesla Model 3 redesign prototypes are already being spotted


Tesla Model 3 prototypes equipping the potential elements of a vehicle redesign are already being spotted in California. Although the details of what Tesla could potentially update on its best-selling sedan are unknown, the first looks give plenty of ideas.

Tesla is set for a record breaking Q4 in Norway


Tesla is continuing to set records and in Norway, which has led the electric vehicle adoption globally, data shows that Tesla is preparing for another record-breaking quarter. Tesla investor Mathias Fens pointed this out and cited data from. Tesla Norway.

Tesla has 40,000 “and counting” Superchargers worldwide


Tesla has 40,000 Superchargers worldwide, the company announced on its its Charging Twitter account. The Supercharging network has been a key asset in Tesla’s role as leader of the EV industry. — Tesla Charging (@TeslaCharging) November 22, 2022.

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Tesla China exec Tom Zhu to succeed Elon Musk as EV maker's global CEO, report says

CN EV Post

Zhu's Tesla CEO position will be global, but the scope of responsibility may be limited to the automotive business and not include self-driving and robotics programs, according to Chinese media. Tesla

First look inside the Tesla Semi Delivery event


Today is the Tesla Semi delivery event, and we have some of the first photos from the inside. Tesla will be delivering its all-electric Semi for the first time to PepsiCo and is expected to impact the trucking industry. News Featured Tesla Tesla Semi Delivery Event

Tesla 94

Tesla puts emphasis on Service by closing flashy showroom in China


Tesla is putting an emphasis on Service needs after reportedly closing a flashy showroom in a luxury shopping mall in China. Tesla has officially closed its showroom location in China’s Parkview Green Mall, the company confirmed to Reuters on Wednesday.

China 113

Tesla delivers 62,493 vehicles in China in Nov

CN EV Post

From January to November, Tesla delivered 397,844 vehicles in China, up 59.05 The post Tesla delivers 62,493 vehicles in China in Nov appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Deliveriespercent from 250,141 vehicles in the same period last year.

China 84

Tesla celebrates 10,000 deliveries in Israel


Tesla has delivered 10,000 vehicles in Israel cumulatively, not in a single week as previously stated. Tesla celebrated its 10,000th vehicle delivery in Israel last week, the company announced on LinkedIn. Tesla has been among Israel’s best-selling EV companies.

Tesla analyst states Giga Shanghai production cut is “NOT” about Chinese competition


Tesla China is expected to cut Giga Shanghai production in December after delivering over 100k units last month. However, Tesla analyst Alexander Potter from Piper Sandler thinks otherwise. The Model Y has slowly become Tesla’s top-selling vehicle in many countries.

Tesla ramps hiring efforts in Giga Texas


Tesla’s Omead Afshar announced that Giga Texas is hiring and hinted that the Cyber Rodeo only showed a tiny peek into the innovation and manufacturing of the factory. Tesla Giga Texas is hiring people for engineering, manufacturing, operations, and construction. Credit: Tesla).

Texas 114

Tesla deployed 132.9 GWh onto roads worldwide from Jan 2021 - Sep 2022

Green Car Congress

From January 2021 through September 2022, Tesla deployed a staggering 132.9 In September 2022 alone, Tesla deployed 13.9 Cumulatively, from January 2021 through September 2022, Tesla delivered 1.848 million electric vehicles to customers globally while BYD delivered 1.769 million.

BYD 334

Tesla recalls more than 320,000 EVs over real light issue

Electric Cars Report

Tesla is recalling more than 320,000 electric vehicles in the United States because of potential problems with their rear lights. Electric Car News model s Model X recall tesla tesla model s Tesla Model X Tesla Recall

Light 104

Tesla China offering discount on prices until the end of year: report


Tesla China is offering an RMB 6,000 discount to Chinese buyers until the end of the year. Wallstreetcn reported that Tesla China’s RMB 6,000 discount is available starting Wednesday throughout the remainder of the year. A Tesla representative provided details about the discount.

BYD 79

Tesla begins delivering Model Ys in Japan


Tesla has begun delivering Model Ys to customers in Japan, Tesla Japan announced on Twitter. In June, Tesla opened up Model Y ordering for Australia and Japan. Tesla estimated that the delivery date was from August to September. ??? ???Y????

Japan 100

Tesla Wall Connector chargers now available on Best Buy


Tesla wall connectors are now available on Best Buy’s online shop. The addition hints at Tesla’s motivation for its charging connector and charger port to truly become the charging standard in North America. Best Buy’s online shop sells Tesla’s Generation 3 andits J1772 wall connector.

Tesla Oct sales in China: Model Y at 14,391, Model 3 at 2,809

CN EV Post

Tesla produces new vehicles in the first half of each quarter primarily for export, and October's numbers continue that pattern. The post Tesla Oct sales in China: Model Y at 14,391, Model 3 at 2,809 appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Deliveries Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y

China 87

EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Cybertruck battery packs to be built at Fremont Factory


Tesla plans to start building battery packs for the upcoming Cybertruck on a new cell manufacturing line in the Fremont factory, people with knowledge of the project told Teslarati. Tesla described the project as “CTA Battery B-Build,” the filing shows.

Texas 114

Tesla offering Chinese consumers soft promise that if they order now, they'll get delivery this month

CN EV Post

While the latest change appears to mean little change in wait times for Tesla models in China, the move is worth watching. The post Tesla offering Chinese consumers soft promise that if they order now, they'll get delivery this month appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Wait Times

Tesla Semi delivery event invitations rolling out


Tesla Semi delivery event invitations have started rolling out to guests. The Tesla Semi delivery event has been a long time coming and promises to be one memorable night, much like the Semi’s unveiling in 2017. Tesla’s Semi delivery event will take place at Giga Nevada, on December 01.

Tesla clocks up 40,000 Superchargers, “and counting”

The Driven EV News

Tesla lays claim to the biggest EV supercharger network in the world, after passing the 40,000-mark of Superchargers installed globally. The post Tesla clocks up 40,000 Superchargers, “and counting” appeared first on The Driven. Charging EV News Tesla Supercharger

Tesla owners unite in Austria for epic Black Mountain meetup


Tesla owners from eight countries took electric vehicles to new heights as they drove to the top of the highest mountain in Austria. — Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) July 3, 2022. The Tesla owners came together to support peace, love, and Tesla.

UPDATE: Tesla adds 500k square feet to Gigafactory Texas for ‘ecological paradise’


Update: Elon Musk told Teslarati the expansion plans will accommodate Tesla Giga Texas’s “ecological paradise.” Tesla added 12 acres to the site’s limits of construction, while adding 522,720 feet of space to the limit.

Texas 114

Tesla adds limited edition Sipping Glasses to shop


Tesla added new limited edition engraved Sipping Glasses for your favorite drink to its official online store. The $75 set of glasses comes with a metal stand that also fits a bottle of Tesla Tequila. “Savor your favorite liquor with a limited edition set of Tesla Sipping Glasses.

Store 83

Tesla’s IR Head says the Semi may be his favorite Tesla product


Tesla’s investor relations head, Martin Viecha, shared that the Tesla Semi may be his favorite Tesla product. Tesla has had many critics and skeptics alike agree that it would never succeed. News Featured Tesla Tesla Semi

Tesla unexpectedly discounts Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S.


Tesla has now discounted the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y by $3,750 if customers are willing to meet a few conditions. As the end of the year and the end of Q4 approaches, Tesla is working hard to achieve ever-higher sales numbers.

Price 87

“It’s real:” Tesla finally delivers Semi electric truck that “drives like a Model 3”

The Driven EV News

Tesla marks commercial delivery of its very first Semi electric trucks, with 800kms range, five years after the huge EV was first unveiled by Elon Musk. Electric Transport EV News Tesla Semi

Two new Tesla Cybertruck builds spotted at Giga Texas


Two new Tesla Cybertruck builds were spotted under wraps at Giga Texas by a drone operator. Tesla is working toward the initial production phases of the Cybertruck at Giga Texas after several production delays. News Elon Musk Featured Tesla Tesla Cybertruck Tesla Giga Texas

Texas 114

New Model S and Model X to begin touring Tesla showrooms across China on Nov 17

CN EV Post

Tesla is ramping up marketing for the Model S and Model X in China, even though they haven't seen new vehicle deliveries here in the past two years. The post New Model S and Model X to begin touring Tesla showrooms across China on Nov 17 appeared first on CnEVPost.

Tesla gets Gigafactory incentives offer from South Korea’s  President Yoon


South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol said that Tesla would get “tailored” incentives if it decides to establish its next gigafactory in the country. Elon Musk recently noted that South Korea was a top candidate for the next Tesla gigafactory location. “If Tesla’s Next Gigafactory.

Tesla reportedly to shorten shifts at Shanghai plant

CN EV Post

In addition to shortening shifts, the onboarding process for some new employees at Tesla's Shanghai plant has been suspended, according to Bloomberg. The post Tesla reportedly to shorten shifts at Shanghai plant appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla

Tesla 73

Tesla-powered Slovenian company launches third–and largest–Megapack project


A Tesla-powered Slovenian energy company has just launched its third–and largest–Megapack project to date, helping support 70 percent of the country’s energy grid. Slovenia’s NGEN first started utilizing Tesla Megapacks for energy storage and grid stabilization in 2019.

Grid 91

Tesla nearly doubles sales in Germany in November


Tesla was the fastest-growing non-domestic major automaker by sales in Germany during November, according to Germany’s KBA (DOT). The agency found that Tesla was the fastest-growing non-domestic automaker with a market share above 2.5% Not only did Tesla grow at a rate of 92.7%

Tesla shares “Plaid” campaign to promote new Model S and Model X in China


Tesla China has released a creative effort to promote its flagship vehicles, the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid. Both vehicles, together with the company’s Tesla Bot prototype, were featured at the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE).

Tesla displays its rarest vehicles in new Petersen exhibit


Tesla is set to display some of the rarest and historic vehicles it developed in a new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Original Tesla Roadster. Other Tesla Roadsters on Display. Tesla’s 1,000,000th Vehicle. Tesla Cyberquad for Adults.

Tesla Model Y still dominating in California


The Tesla Model Y is definitely becoming more and more ubiquitous on California’s roads. As per the CNCDA’s report , Tesla sold 61,544 Model Ys in the third quarter in California, effectively making it the top-selling vehicle in the state.

Tesla Cybertruck visits Franz von Holzhausen’s alma mater


The Tesla Cybertruck showed up at Franz von Holzhausen’s alma mater, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. . According to the Reddit user Logical Human, Tesla’s uniquely-designed Cybertruck was present during the Art Center’s alumni show.

Texas 111

Tesla Cybertruck will be compatible with Semi’s megawatt V4 Supercharging


Tesla dropped a major Cybertruck detail during the Semi’s first delivery event recently. The Cybertruck and Semi both use Tesla’s new megawatt charger. Tesla developed a high-power charger for the Semi. Credit: Tesla/Twitter.

DC 87

Tesla Model 3 most popular luxury car model (LendingTree study)


The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular luxury car model according to an analysis by LendingTree, which noted that San Jose, California has the most luxury vehicles. The study echoes the recent news that the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are both best sellers in California’s auto market.

Tesla reenables Supercharging on salvaged vehicles


Tesla is reportedly reenabling Supercharging capabilities on vehicles with salvaged titles. Buying salvaged Teslas and repairing them for a few thousand dollars used to be standard practice for some. It was a difficult situation as salvagers and Tesla both had valid arguments.

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