Tesla Model 3 most popular luxury car model (LendingTree study)


The Tesla Model 3 is the most popular luxury car model according to an analysis by LendingTree, which noted that San Jose, California has the most luxury vehicles. The study echoes the recent news that the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are both best sellers in California’s auto market.

Tesla owners unite in Austria for epic Black Mountain meetup


Tesla owners from eight countries took electric vehicles to new heights as they drove to the top of the highest mountain in Austria. — Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) July 3, 2022. The Tesla owners came together to support peace, love, and Tesla.


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Tesla Semi 500-range variant starts shipping this year: Elon Musk


It appears that the Tesla Semi’s release is actually closer than expected. As per recent comments from CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla Semi 500-mile variant will start shipping this year, followed by the Cybertruck next year. News Featured Tesla Tesla Semi

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Tesla ramps hiring efforts in Giga Texas


Tesla’s Omead Afshar announced that Giga Texas is hiring and hinted that the Cyber Rodeo only showed a tiny peek into the innovation and manufacturing of the factory. Tesla Giga Texas is hiring people for engineering, manufacturing, operations, and construction. Credit: Tesla).

Texas 114

Explainer: Which Chinese cities are Tesla vehicles sold to?

CN EV Post

Shanghai, home of Tesla's factory in China, is the city where the Model 3 and Model Y are selling the most. The post Explainer: Which Chinese cities are Tesla vehicles sold to? Tesla Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y

Tesla may be TX-based now, but it’s still a dominating force in CA


Tesla may be a TX-based electric vehicle maker today, but its previous home, California, is still one of its strongest markets. Tesla, whose roots lie in the state, has always performed well in California. Tesla brand sales are up 82% as well.

Tesla's July sales in China: 821 Model 3s, 7,640 Model Ys

CN EV Post

From January to July, the Tesla Model Y remained at the top of the premium SUV sales rankings. The post Tesla's July sales in China: 821 Model 3s, 7,640 Model Ys appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y

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Tesla’s Fremont Factory produces it 2 millionth car


Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California has produced its 2 millionth car: a Red Multi-Coat Model 3 Performance. However, despite Tesla’s newfound love for Texas , Fremont is still a very important part of Tesla’s manufacturing prowess.

Tesla's China-made Model Y gets extra airbag

CN EV Post

Tesla's China-made Model Y now comes standard with an extra far-side airbag across the lineup, possibly as part of a recent production line upgrade at the Shanghai plant. The post Tesla's China-made Model Y gets extra airbag appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Tesla Model Y

Tesla China opens 100th Supercharger in Beijing


Tesla China opened Beijing’s 100th Supercharger. Sawyer Merritt shared the news on Twitter noting that Tesla announced this milestone for Beijing. Beijing wasn’t the only Chinese city to get its 100th Tesla Supercharger. News Supercharging Tesla China

China 110

Tesla Supercharges more non-Tesla EVs in Europe


Tesla has expanded its non-Tesla electric vehicle Supercharging Pilot Program in Europe once again to add five new countries. The program allows EVs not manufactured by Tesla to utilize the company’s expansive Supercharger network to charge.

‘Tesla Profiles’ brings cloud-based convenience to drivers


Tesla is finally planning to launch Cloud-based profiles in its new 2022.24 For years, Tesla has talked about launching driver profiles that would allow cars that have multiple drivers, are rentals, or are utilized in a car-sharing service to give profiles to each person driving the car.

Tesla supplier Talon Metals on Manchin EV Bill, Tesla & more


Tesla supplier, Talon Metals (TLO.TO) gave Teslarati an exclusive interview and we talked about the Manchin EV Bill, Tesla and more. Affairs Officer & Head of Climate Strategy at Talon Metals, one of Tesla’s key suppliers of nickel. Tesla is working with its suppliers.

Tesla driver in drunk driving accident blames autopilot

CN EV Post

A Tesla owner, after a drunk driving accident, said he was sitting in the passenger seat and the vehicle was driven by itself. The post Tesla driver in drunk driving accident blames autopilot appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Smart Driving Tesla Autopilot

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range sold out for 2022


Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range configuration is sold out for 2022, according to the company’s Online Design Studio. The Model 3’s webpage on Tesla’s website has an updated delivery timeframe for each trim level. Credit: Tesla.

Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin injured in Tesla crash, report says

CN EV Post

Lin was driving a Model X Long Range carrying his son when he unexpectedly lost control of the car and crashed into a road barrier, causing the white Tesla to catch fire on the spot, according to local media. Tesla

Range 114

Tesla’s Optimus Bot hands may be a clue


Tesla may have shared a clue on what its Optimus Bot prototype looks like. Tesla’s Optimus Bot prototype will most likely have very different features from what we saw on AI Day last year. During the presentation, Tesla didn’t have an actual working prototype.

Tesla ($TSLA) included in Saxo Bank top 10 July stocks


Saxo Bank included Tesla ($TSLA) in its top 10 most traded stocks of July. During the Tesla Cyber Roundup last week , Elon Musk answered a question about recession. According to the Saxo Bank analysis, Tesla was number four on the list of its top 10 most traded stocks of July.

Tesla Model Y with structural battery from BYD already has EU approval

Push EVs

Teslamag was able to confirm that Tesla will produce the Model Y in Germany with a structural and module-less LFP (LiFePO4) battery from BYD. However, we still don’t know if Tesla will use this opportunity to upgrade to a 800-volt system like the BYD Seal.

BYD 83

CITIC Securities dismantles Tesla Model 3 to 'observe EV trends'

CN EV Post

In a 94-page report, CITIC Securities shows the entire process of dismantling a Tesla Model 3. The post CITIC Securities dismantles Tesla Model 3 to 'observe EV trends' appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla Tesla Model 3

Tesla 88

BREAKING: BYD supplying batteries to Tesla, first vehicles to roll off line as soon as August, report says

CN EV Post

BYD's blade batteries has begun delivery to Tesla's factory in Berlin, and the Tesla Shanghai factory has no plans to use BYD batteries for the time being, according to local media. BYD Tesla

BYD 106

Tesla is touring Spain to give test drives to local communities


Tesla has been touring Spain and providing the local communities opportunities to test drive its best-selling electric vehicles. The Valencia Area store manager for Tesla, Gonzalo Serratosa Cañamás shared the invitation on LinkedIn. “Our Tesla on Levante Tour continues!”

Spain 83

Teslarati will be at the Tesla Takeover on Saturday. Join us!


Teslarati will be at the Tesla Takeover on Saturday and we invite you to join us. The Tesla Owners California Takeover event will be held at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. “Teslas are the best performing and safest cars on the road.

Tesla 84

Police in Germany photoshop a helicopter at a Tesla Supercharger to send a message.


Have you ever seen a helicopter charging at a Tesla Supercharger? Although Tesla is allowing non-Tesla EVs to charge at some of its charging networks in Europe, this particular photo is a photoshopped image. Disclaimer: Johnna is long Tesla. .

Tesla update

EV Info

Tesla will announce Q2 earnings next week on July 20th. Tesla also mentioned that June saw the largest number of cars produced in any month ever. “June 2022 was the highest vehicle production month in Tesla’s history. Tesla’s plan is to split their stock 3:1.

Texas 56

Tesla’s newest Arcade game: Sonic the Hedgehog


Tesla will partner with SEGA, a Japanese gaming and entertainment company, to bring the newest addition to the Tesla Arcade: Sonic the Hedgehog. Credit: Tesla). SEGA is excited to partner with Tesla to bring this iconic Sonic title to their extensive gaming library.

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Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries has received EU approval, report says

CN EV Post

The post Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries has received EU approval, report says appeared first on CnEVPost. BYD TeslaThe Model Y is powered by BYD batteries with a capacity of 55-kilowatt hours and a range of 440 kilometers, according to a German media report.

BYD 112

Tesla China shares incredible video of a journey to Mount Everest in 2 Teslas


Tesla China shared a video of a journey to Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest) in made-in-China Tesla vehicles. ” In the video titled, To Mount Qomolangma by Tesla , Trensen Chongqing, shared his adventure in a short video. News Featured Tesla Tesla China

China 111

Tesla Model S Plaid comes with an optional 3.5k lb trailer hitch in Europe


Tesla seems to be making sure that the Model S Plaid is well worth the wait for its customers in Europe. Apart from providing a rather concrete delivery estimate for Model S Plaid orders, Tesla also listed an optional trailer hitch for the flagship all-electric sedan.

Europe 114

Tesla reservation holders report Model S Plaid delivery updates in Europe


Tesla appears to have released a subtle but notable Model S Plaid delivery update for reservation holders in Europe. As noted by a number of Model S and Model X buyers, they have started getting messages from Tesla hinting that their highly-anticipated vehicles may finally be coming.

Tesla offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia


Tesla is offering Enhanced Autopilot in New Zealand and Australia, after announcing that it will start shipping Model Y and Model 3 vehicles with Tesla Vision to both countries. . According to Tesla’s website in New Zealand, Enhanced Autopilot will cost NZD$5,700 ($3,615).

Former U.S. Presidential candidate calls for Tesla FSD to be abolished


Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite faces yet another critic in Ralph Nader, an Independent political activist who ran for President on four occasions. “Tesla should have never put this technology in its vehicles. Tesla has fifteen days to respond to the DMV.

Tesla aims to produce 1.5 million cars in 2022


Tesla aims to produce 1.5 The Fremont Factory, Tesla’s original headquarters in California, will contribute to production numbers, too — as always. . Tesla started production at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin in the first quarter. The post Tesla aims to produce 1.5

Austin 114

Tesla equips China-made Model Y with new airbag for extra safety


The Tesla Model Y is already one of the safest vehicles on the road today, but even its stellar safety ratings from across the globe are not enough to push the electric vehicle maker to rest on its laurels. News Tesla Model Y Featured Tesla

China 111

Tesla secures long-term battery materials deal with China’s Huayou, CNGR: report


Recent reports have emerged suggesting that Tesla has signed long-term battery materials supply deals with Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co. The companies will reportedly provide Tesla with ternary precursor products until the middle of the decade. . Credit: Tesla.

China 114

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Megapack energy storage project gains approval


Tesla’s Megapack will power one of the company’s biggest production plants as the automaker and energy company has landed approval for a massive battery energy storage system (BESS) project at Gigafactory Texas, filings show.

Texas 52

7,000 Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port: report


At least 7,000 Tesla Model 3s and Ys have been spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port according to Tesla enthusiast, Sawyer Merritt. INSANE amount of Teslas! The post 7,000 Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port: report appeared first on TESLARATI.

Tesla 83

Tesla cuts ties with Connecticut town that rejected potential showroom


Tesla is cutting ties with South Windsor, Connecticut, after the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously rejected the automaker’s proposal to open a showroom in the town. The location Tesla wanted to assume was formerly an LA Fitness health club.

Tesla Cybertruck production machines already being ordered: report


Recent reports are hinting that Tesla is already setting the stage for the Cybertruck’s initial production next year. The CEO had mentioned that Tesla may initially target an annual production of 250,000 Cybertrucks per year. . News Featured Tesla Tesla Cybertruck

Texas 114

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai expansion project moves forward with new approval


A portion of Tesla’s manufacturing expansion project was officially commissioned by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment on July 22, nearly a month after Tesla completed the construction of the second phase of the project.

Tesla launches live Sentry Mode Camera Access with 2021.36.8


Tesla has officially launched Live Camera Access for the Sentry Mode security feature with Software Update 2021.36.8. Sentry Mode is a security feature available to Tesla owners which helps record events that happen near a vehicle.

Tesla 114

Tesla Model Y tops list of best-selling SUVs in China in June

CN EV Post

Tesla Model Y retail sales in China in June were 52,150 units, well above the second place BYD Song's 31,787 units. The post Tesla Model Y tops list of best-selling SUVs in China in June appeared first on CnEVPost. Tesla CPCA Tesla Model Y

BYD 99

Tesla enables in-car upgrade purchases with new software update


Tesla has enabled drivers and owners to purchase upgrades for their vehicles in their cars with the rollout of Software Update 2021.40.6. Upgrades for Tesla have been available for years in many different forms. Tesla created a refund program for these instances.