Idaho National Lab and Bloom Energy produce hydrogen at record-setting efficiencies

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Bloom Energy announced the initial results of its ongoing demonstration with Idaho National Laboratory (INL). —John Wagner, director, Idaho National Labs. With nearly 500 hours of full-load operation completed at the laboratory, Bloom’s high-temperature electrolyzer is producing hydrogen more efficiently than other commercially available electrolyzers, including PEM and alkaline.

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Valley Regional Transit in Idaho to purchase 8 Proterra Catalyst electric buses and charging systems; leasing batteries

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Valley Regional Transit (VRT) in Idaho has agreed to purchase eight Proterra Catalyst 35-foot E2 electric buses and eight Proterra 125 kW plug-in charging systems. VRT is Proterra’s first customer in Idaho and the first transit agency in Idaho to bring electric buses to its community. Proterra vehicles are now in 42 US states and Canadian provinces, with buses operating in diverse climates and terrains from coast to coast.

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Bloom Energy and Idaho National Laboratory to test use of nuclear generation to power solid-oxide electrolyzer for H2 production

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Bloom Energy announced an agreement with Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to test the use of nuclear energy to produce clean hydrogen through Bloom Energy’s solid-oxide, high-temperature electrolyzer. INL will test Bloom Energy’s electrolyzers at the Dynamic Energy Testing and Integration Laboratory in Idaho where researchers can simulate steam and load following conditions as if it were already integrated with a nuclear power station.

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Jervois to acquire SMP nickel & cobalt refinery in Brazil; concentrate from Idaho for refining, cobalt metal back to US

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Jervois currently is a cobalt company with nickel and copper exposure, with mining assets in Idaho, Uganda, and Australia. Jervois intends for the SMP acquisition to transform it into a vertically integrated producer when the Idaho Cobalt Operations (ICO) commences commercial production.

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Idaho National Laboratory low-energy electrochemical process could eliminate need for steam cracking of hydrocarbons

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A team of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) researchers, with colleagues at Georgia Tech, has pioneered an electrochemical process that could eliminate the need for high-energy steam cracking. In an open-access paper in the RSC journal Energy and Environmental Science , the researchers suggest that their study provides a disruptive approach for petrochemical manufacturing, shifting the paradigm from thermal chemical practice to a clean energy regime.

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Watch Rivian R1T Drive Into Idaho's Bear Lake To Launch Boat


To avoid waiting in line at the few boat marinas available, this owner decided to launch his boat from the beach shore

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Dynexus licenses Idaho Lab’s IMB technology for forecasting battery health

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The 2011 R&D 100 Award-winning Impedance Measurement Box (IMB) was invented by INL’s Energy Storage Group in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with support from the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office. Under an exclusive licensing agreement, Dynexus Technology will commercialize INL’s embedded wideband impedance technology for analyzing and forecasting the health, aging and safety characteristics of advanced energy storage devices.

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DOE to support possible siting of NuScale-designed small modular reactor at Idaho National Lab

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced that an agreement has been reached to support possible siting of an innovative small modular reactor (SMR) project within DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) site. This Site Use Permit has been granted to Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems ( UAMPS ) to support possible siting of an innovative small modular reactor (SMR) project within the boundary of DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) site.

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Wood River Inn & Suites Installs New SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

Sema Connect

The Green Hotel Leader Installs Another Sustainable Amenity for Visitors to Idaho’s Sun Valley and Wood River Valley. Press Releases idaho new installation

OriginOil in CRADA with Idaho National Lab for algae processing standards

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the developer of a technology to extract oil from algae, announced the funding of a new research agreement with the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL). OriginOil, Inc., Under the terms of the new Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), OriginOil will provide INL with its Single Step Extraction technology, and contribute its knowledge of how to stimulate oil production and pre-treat for consistent extraction of the algae and its co-products.

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OriginOil and Idaho National Lab to develop direct conversion of algae into renewable crude oil for existing oil refineries

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the developer of a technology to extract oil from algae, plans to co-develop an integrated system with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) for direct conversion of raw algae into a renewable crude oil that can be used by existing petroleum refineries. OriginOil, Inc.,

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US DOE Offers $2B Conditional Loan Guarantee for Front End Nuclear Facility in Idaho

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The $2-billion loan guarantee will support AREVA’s Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility near Idaho Falls, Idaho, which will supply uranium enrichment services for the US nuclear power industry. The Idaho Falls facility will use advanced centrifuge technology instead of the more energy-intensive gaseous diffusion process.

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Idaho National Lab Nominates Supercritical/Solid Catalyst for Biodiesel Production for R&D 100 Awards

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Idaho National Laboratory has nominated its supercritical/solid catalyst for biodiesel production from waste fats, oils and greases for the R&D 100 Awards. scaled SSC in a successful demonstration of the technology at a pilot plant in American Falls, Idaho. The lab also nominated medical imaging from better radioisotope production, and significantly improved gun sight optics. INL has won 41 R&D 100 Awards since 1986.

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Live in Idaho and Want an Electric Car? You're In For a Long Wait

Green Car Reports

According to the Idaho Business Review, Idaho could be that state, with both the 2012 Chevrolet Volt and 2012 Nissan Leaf unavailable at present. If California is the undisputed capital of electric cars in North America, which state is its antithesis? Worse still, Nissan won’t be even making its all-electric Leaf available in the state until

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Exide Technologies, SRNL and University of Idaho to Collaborate to Advance Lead-Acid Battery Chemistry

Green Car Congress

Exide Technologies entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and the University of Idaho to develop and commercialize improvements on lead-acid battery technology for applications including hybrid electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The chemical engineering team at the University of Idaho, led by Dean Edwards, Ph.D.,

Live in Idaho and Want an Electric Car? You're In For a Long Wait

All Cars Electric

According to the Idaho Business Review, Idaho could be that state, with both the 2012 Chevrolet Volt and 2012 Nissan Leaf unavailable at present. If California is the undisputed capital of electric cars in North America, which state is its antithesis? Worse still, Nissan won’t be even making its all-electric Leaf available in the state until

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Idaho National Laboratory Co-Sponsors Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Conference

All Cars Electric

The Idaho National Laboratory co-sponsored a conference in Seattle just weeks ago titled, "Beyond Oil: The Sustainable Communities Initiative." The focus of the conference was to discuss the future of electric vehicles and their related infrastructure. Those in attendance for the event included more than 300 individuals including at least 50

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J&M Sanitation deploys two BYD, Amrep electric refuse trucks

Green Car Congress

J&M Sanitation, a family-owned business serving Kuna, Idaho, has deployed two all-electric Class 8 refuse trucks, the first such battery-electric, zero-emission vehicles in Idaho.

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Volvo Cars, Starbucks begin installing ChargePoint EV fast chargers at stores between Denver and Seattle

Green Car Congress

Idaho Springs, CO. Volvo Cars, in cooperation with Starbucks Corporation, announced the first Starbucks stores where new electric vehicle (EV) chargers, powered by ChargePoint, will be available to customers and members of the public.

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Tim Cook goes for a ride in Rivian electric pickup at Sun Valley ‘summer camp for billionaires’


As reported earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Sun Valley Conference this week in Idaho , often referred to as a “summer camp for billionaires.”

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Solar-powered prototype could be the road of the future

Green Cars News

Idaho-based Solar Roadways came up with [.]. Green credentials Federal Highways Idaho renewable road solar power Solar RoadwaysRoads which have the power to melt snow and ice or power the vehicles which run on them could be a step closer as US firm Solar Roadways announces it has been granted $750,000 from the Federal Highways Administration to produce a prototype version of just such a road.

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DOE funding opportunity for nuclear-coupled hydrogen production and use

Green Car Congress

The DOE Idaho Operations Office issued this amendment (Amendment No. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking applications for projects in “Nuclear Coupled Hydrogen Production and Use.” This just-announced amendment to an existing funding opportunity aims to support the development of nuclear plant thermal integration that would be required for high-temperature hydrogen production or hydrogen-coupled end uses for nuclear energy.

DOE awards Core Power and MIT Energy Initiative funding for floating nuclear power research project

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The US Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program ( NEUP ) has awarded research funds to the MIT Energy Initiative, CORE POWER, and the Idaho National Laboratory for a three-year study into the development of offshore floating nuclear power generation in the US.

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DoD selects BWXT to build Project Pele prototype advanced microreactor; delivery to INL in 2024

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The Project Pele full-scale transportable microreactor prototype will be completed and delivered in 2024 for testing at the Idaho National Laboratory. Once fueled, the system will undergo up to three years of testing at Idaho National Laboratory to confirm performance and operability. BWX Technologies, Inc. BWXT) will build the first advanced nuclear microreactor in the United States under a contract awarded by the US Department of Defense (DoD) Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO).

Independent lab confirms high specific energy and high power of Zenlabs’ new large format electric aviation battery cells

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Previously, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) validated over 1,000 dynamic stress test (DST) cycles and rapid charging in Zenlabs’ 315 Wh/Kg electric vehicle cells, which were developed in a program with the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC).

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INL validates 1000 charge-discharge cycles from Zenlabs’ Si anode Li-ion cells; USABC program

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Zenlabs Energy, an advanced lithium-ion cell company, announced that Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has successfully tested more than 1,000 charge-discharge cycles from its high-energy Silicon anode pouch cells.

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DOE awards $20M to project to produce clean hydrogen from nuclear power

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PNW Hydrogen, LLC will be the primary recipient of the DOE award and will collaborate with multiple stakeholders in research, academia, industry and state-level government including Idaho National Laboratory, National Energy Technology Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, OxEon, Electric Power Research Institute, Arizona State University, University of California Irvine, Siemens, Xcel Energy, Energy Harbor and the LA Department of Water and Power.

UC Davis study: roadkill declines as COVID-19 continues

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Using traffic and collision data collected from California, Idaho and Maine, the researchers found that wildlife-vehicle conflict has declined by 21-56 percent from early March to mid-April, following government stay-at-home orders. large wild animals were killed daily by vehicles in Idaho.

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DOE Study: Focus Charging Around Homes, Workplaces, ‘Hot Spots’

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That’s one potentially surprising conclusion resulting from a new analysis of charging habits, released by the Idaho National Laboratory this week. Public charging infrastructure isn’t actually needed everywhere to accomplish wider electric-vehicle adoption. The results from the U.S. Department of Energy lab are based around the. Charger charging Fast Charging

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Plug-in hybrids clock up one million miles

Green Cars News

Thanks to the Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity at the Idaho National Laboratory, the US Department of Energy has now clocked up one million miles under its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle testing. Speaking about the testing results obtained so far, Jim Francfort from the Idaho National Laboratory talked about how driver behaviour, changing frequency and environmental conditions could all impact the vehicles’ efficiency and miles per gallon results.

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Could Solar Roads Meet Our Power Needs? Crowdfunding Project Begins

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Idaho-based Solar Roadways aims to do just that, and is crowdfunding a project to manufacture its interlocking solar panels on a wider If there''s one big problem with centralized solar power facilities it''s that finding the space to build them is quite difficult. But what if you could take existing infrastructure and put it to other uses?

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INL team designs tailored superfast charging methods

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Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory have used machine learning techniques that incorporate charging data to create unique charging protocols for superfast charging methods tailored to different types of electric vehicle batteries. The researchers presented their results at the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

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ANSI to develop roadmap of standards and codes for EVs at scale

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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) is the lead lab for the codes and standards pillar, supported by consortium members National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has launched an initiative to develop a roadmap of standards and codes for electric vehicles (EVs) at scale.

INL cuts fuel consumption by 20 per cent

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Idaho International Laboratory (INL) is celebrating some remarkable fuel consumption figures having reduced its fuel use by 20.2 Tags: Green cars Latest news cutting fuel use fuel consumption Idaho National Laboratory per cent during the first nine months of Fiscal Year 2009. In all this amounts to 167,000 gallons less than during the same period in 2006 with INL pointing to four key tactics that have helped achieve the success.

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DOE awards $500K to mitigate residual stress and improve corrosion resistance for molten salt reactors

Green Car Congress

Dr. Lian, the principle investigator of the project, will be joined by collaborators Rahul Rahul, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Suvranu De, Florida A&M University-Florida State University; Lu Cai, Idaho National Laboratory Program; Patrick Shower, GE Global Research Center; and Eric Brown, US Army Benét Laboratory.

Mack LR Electric Class 8 refuse truck now in serial production

Green Car Congress

TEC Equipment Fontana, California, and Northwest Equipment Sales in Boise, Idaho, were the first two Mack dealers to achieve Certified Electric Vehicle Dealer status.

Battery500 Consortium awarded $75M for Phase 2 of research

Green Car Congress

Beyond PNNL, collaborators continuing from Phase 1 are Brookhaven National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Binghamton University, the University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, the University of California at San Diego, and the University of Washington. The Battery500 Consortium has been awarded $75 million—or $15 million each year over the next five years subject to appropriations—for a second phase of research.

Critical Materials Institute manufactures magnets entirely from US-sourced rare earths

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CMI member institution Idaho National Laboratory sourced the raw materials and refined the oxides; CMI Industry member Infinium produced the metal ingots from those oxides, which in turn were processed into magnets at CMI’s home research institution at Ames Laboratory. The research team consisted of Critical Materials Institute researchers Ikenna Nlebedim from Ames Laboratory, Scott Herbst from Idaho National Laboratory, and Matt Earlham from Infinium.

2017 150

New Flyer selected for the State of Oregon Transit Bus Cooperative Agreement

Green Car Congress

We are excited to continue supporting Oregon’s leading transit agencies in delivering sustainable, accessible, and efficient transportation solutions, and also look forward to expanded mobility in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. New Flyer of America Inc.

2020 252

State Farm and Ford team up to introduce usage-based insurance to new connected vehicle owners

Green Car Congress

State Farm will debut Drive Safe & Save Connected Car in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Oregon, for policies effective on or after 27 Feb. State Farm and Ford launched Drive Safe & Save Connected Car for customers with eligible connected Ford or Lincoln vehicles, to benefit from usage-based insurance (UBI).

Los Alamos Lab to lead $9.25M project to model materials behavior in molten salt reactors

Green Car Congress

The team comprising experts from LANL, Idaho National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and Carnegie Mellon University will lead the five-year partnership.

Xcel Energy, INL to use nuclear energy for clean hydrogen production; HTSE

Green Car Congress

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy will work with Idaho National Laboratory to demonstrate a system that uses a nuclear plant’s steam and electricity to split water.

2020 390

DOE report highlights opportunities of hybrid energy systems

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) released a new report, Hybrid Energy Systems: Opportunities for Coordinated Research , highlighting innovative opportunities to spur joint research on hybrid energy systems (HES).

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