Anaheim Transportation Network orders 40 BYD electric buses; 57% electric fleet by 2020

Green Car Congress

The Anaheim Transportation Network has awarded an order for 40 battery-electric buses to BYD. The ATN fleet order will increase the number of BYD electric buses the agency can deploy to serve one of the nation’s busiest tourism and employment regions. The buses range in size from the 30-foot BYD K7M to the articulated 60-foot K11M. One-half of the order will be the popular 40-foot BYD K9M.

2019 90

BYD introducing second-generation battery-electric yard tractor

Green Car Congress

BYD’s second-generation yard tractor features improvements that directly reflect feedback on the first generation.

2019 105

BYD unveils new electric airport GSE tow tractor models

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BYD unveiled two new electric tow tractor models, or tugs, this month. BYD tugs offer greater energy and productivity efficiencies as well as lower operating costs and easier maintenance, as compared to its diesel, gas or lead acid battery counterparts.

2018 115

BYD produces 300th electric bus in Lancaster; AVTA nears 1M emission-free miles

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BYD has produced its 300 th bus at its Lancaster, Calif. BYD is celebrating the milestone with its highly valued customer and neighbor Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA). The 300th bus is a 35-foot BYD K9S model transit bus. AVTA was one of BYD’s first customers. When BYD opened its Lancaster manufacturing plant in 2013, it had a handful of employees working on 10 buses in a 106,000-square-foot building that once housed a motorhome manufacturing facility.

2019 103

Build My Dreams, BYD

Plugs and Cars

The announcement that BYD, the Chinese battery giant turned automaker, has actually begun selling its plug-in hybrid, is pretty big news. As most automakers plan for lower sales in 2009, BYD plans to double its sales to 350,000 units, including 10,000 plug-in hybrids.

2008 130

Fleet of 10 BYD electric buses operating on Okinawa

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A fleet of 10 battery-electric buses manufactured by Chinese new energy technology company BYD started operating on the Japanese island of Okinawa, marking the beginning of the island’s electrified public transportation initiative.

2017 96

BYD debuts E-SEED GT concept car, Song Pro SUV and e Series at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

Green Car Congress

BYD debuted its E-SEED GT concept car and Song Pro SUV alongside its all-new e-series models at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. To meet the arrival of complete electrification, BYD has formulated a series of strategies, and is well prepared.

2019 88

BYD launches two new all-electric sedans for Chinese market

Green Car Reports

Chinese automaker BYD may be largely invisible in the U.S., Aiming to expand on that success for 2016, BYD is introducing two new electric cars for the Chinese market. China BYD plug-in cars BYD Qinbut it's thriving in its home market. Last year, the company sold more highway-capable electric cars and plug-in hybrids than any other company in the world. DON'T MISS: Who Sold.

BYD 63

BYD opens 24 GWh battery factory in Western China; targeting 60 GWh by 2020

Green Car Congress

BYD opened a 24 GWh power battery factory in Western China’s Qinghai province; the company is preparing to increase its total production capacity to 60 GWh by 2020. It is BYD’s third battery factory in China after Shenzhen and Huizhou. —BYD President and Chairman Wang Chuanfu.

2018 83

BYD invests $5M in new warehouse facility in US; greater efficiencies and production capacity for battery-electric buses

Green Car Congress

BYD has completed its latest US investment, a new $5-million 100,000-square-foot warehouse for its Lancaster manufacturing plant. It also frees up space on BYD’s adjacent massive 450,000-square-foot manufacturing plant floor, allowing for greater production and operational efficiencies. —Bobby Hill, Vice President of BYD North America, Coach and Bus. BYD North America has more in the works.

2018 97

UberX Drivers To Test BYD e6 Chinese Electric Cars In Chicago

Green Car Reports

The BYD e6 wagon is the battery-electric car that never quite made it onto the U.S. Very quietly, that''s now changing; the company hopes to lease around 200 BYD e6 electric cars for use by UberX drivers in Chicago. Green BYD BYD e6 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Chicago China Chinese Uber fleet plug-in cars market. Despite various plans and announcements over the last five years, the e6 was never offered for retail sale in North America.

E6 81

BYD: tiny electric cars for China could be 75 percent of sales

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Chinese automaker BYD was the world's largest producer of plug-in electric cars last year, and the outlook for new markets in its home country are quite healthy, suggesting strong continued growth. BYD plans to tackle the country's inland cities, viewed as a new frontier for automakers, with a small and very affordable electric car. China minicar BYD plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

BYD 69

2016 BYD e6 electric taxi gets range increase to 187 miles: Forbidden Fruit

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China forbidden fruit BYD plug-in cars BYD e6 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV How would you like an all-electric wagon with five seats, a rear liftgate, and 187 miles of EPA-rated range? Sounds pretty good, right? You'd think such a vehicle might sell well, since it would have more rated range than any other electric cars on the market except the Chevy Bolt EV and anything from Tesla. Well, such a car has been certified by.

2016 72

Can GM beat Chinese BYD as global electric-car leader? It plans to try

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It was BYD, the Chinese carmaker notably backed by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. BYD sold just over 60,000 battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids last year, with the vast majority going to customers in its home country. China General Motors Plug-In Hybrids BYD plug-in carsThe automaker that sold the most plug-in electric cars last year wasn't a U.S., Japanese, or European firm.

BYD 82

BYD unveils first 45' battery-electric commuter coach bus

Green Car Congress

BYD, North America’s largest electric bus manufacturer, unveiled the first 45-foot battery-electric commuter coach bus at this year’s APTA Expo. Additionally, BYD hosted the largest electric vehicle display at APTA Expo. BYD has more than 27,000 electric buses in service around the globe. BYD offers seven battery-electric coach and bus models, more than any other manufacturer in the North American market today. BYD’s APTA Expo 2017 vehicle display included: 60 ft.

2017 64

BYD electric cars coming to London

Green Cars News

That’s because BYD Auto has signed a memorandum of understanding with Green Tomato Cars to bring [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Boris Johnson BYD BYD e6 electric cars electric taxi green cars London

BYD 78

Chinese maker BYD plans U.S. expansion into other electric industrial vehicles

Green Car Reports

It's been several years since Chinese electric-car maker BYD retreated from plans to sell cars in the United States, but now it may be ready to get more serious about the market. BYD has found success in building and selling electric buses for public transportation agencies, but it has not yet launched a vehicle for private consumers. China BYD Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Public transport

BYD 66

BYD partners with U.S. firm to launch all-electric garbage truck

Green Car Reports

emissions China Trucks BYD plug-in cars Commercial vehicleHere's an electric vehicle that really, truly stinks. While automakers are moving in the direction of more electric cars, several companies are also making efforts to electrify commercial vehicles. The humble garbage truck will be the next to be electrified—which, if nothing else, will eliminate the unpleasant noise from huge diesel trucks.

BYD 87

Rotterdam using BYD e6 for electric taxi fleet

Green Car Congress

Rotterdam Taxi Centre (RTC), one of the biggest taxi operators in the Netherlands, is switching to electric taxis and has put into service two BYD e6 models, following successful extensive operation with an e6 model.

E6 128

Two BYD electric terminal trucks deploy at Port of San Diego

Green Car Congress

Two BYD Y electric intermodal cargo tractors were deployed at the Port of San Diego recently as part of a project funded by the California Energy Commission to accelerate the port’s transition to zero-emission transportation.

BYD unveils 60' articulated battery-electric bus

Green Car Congress

At the 2014 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo in Houston, BYD Motors unveiled a 60-foot, articulated battery-electric bus offering a range of 170+ miles with a passenger load of up to 120 passengers. —Brendan Riley, BYD Motors Fleet Sales Vice President. Also on display at the BYD APTA exhibit was a 40-foot, battery-electric Transit bus from Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA).

BYD 76

BYD deploying 48V vehicle platform

Green Car Congress

At Auto Shanghai, BYD introduced its “Green Hybrid” initiative; among the technologies included in that effort is the use of a 48 VDC vehicle voltage platform using BYD’s internally developed Li-ion batteries (versus 12VDC Lead-Acid technologies). 48VDC systems are not hindered by the line/harness power losses experienced with normal lower-voltage systems, BYD notes.

BYD 76

BYD wins first major ebus contract in Israel

Green Car Congress

BYD has secured its first major pure electric bus order in Israel. The buses were purchased after BYD won a competitive tender process. The success follows trials of a BYD single-decker which has been operating in Tel Aviv, Israel’s second largest city, since 2013. This is a very significant development for BYD – a new country for us which recognizes the strength of the BYD product. —Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe.

BYD aims to triple electric car sales

Green Cars News

China’s BYD (Build Your Dreams) carmaker is betting on being able to more than triple its electric vehicle sales this year to more than 8,000 vehicles, including more than 2,000 electric buses. Electric cars BYD China electric car Sales

BYD 73

Bogotá to test BYD electric buses

Green Car Congress

Express del Futuro, a partner-operator of Transmilenio, and BYD unveiled plans for an electric bus fleet in Bogotá, Colombia. The BYD K9 all-electric buses will be placed into trial service as of Q2 2013 in the Colombian capital. In December 2012, BYD Ltd and Praco Didacol (BYD’s Colombian distribution partner) announced that BYD e6s would being placed into Taxi service in Q1 2013 in the Colombian capital as a pilot.

BYD 86

BYD shares recover after mid-year blip

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Chinese electric car maker BYD saw shares drop 8% this week after posting worse than expected mid-year earnings. Electric cars BYD The Shenzhen-based company announced that net profit for the six months to June fell by 15.5% to $58.6m (£35.3m).

BYD 59

BYD to reveal electric vehicle launch plans

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Chinese automaker BYD has announced that it will reveal its plans for US-ready electric drive vehicles and clean energy products at the upcoming 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Electric cars Green cars Latest news BYD BYD Auto BYD Company BYD e6 Premier BYD F3DM low carbon BYD K9 e-Bus BYD S6DM SUV North American International Auto Show 2011 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

BYD 44

Electric bus wins: BYD in Nottingham, Irizar in Bilbao

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The Chinese-built BYD eBuses will run on the CentreLink and EcoLink routes which have been designed to cut the amount of traffic entering the city centre.

2016 104

BYD Doubles Down On Electric Car, Bus Investment For China

Green Car Reports

Manufacturing China BYD plug-in cars Buses Despite several years of early disinterest from consumers, sales of both hybrids and plug-in electric cars in China are on the rise. Aggressive government incentives in some areas hadn''t seemed to entice customers, but caps on new-vehicle registrations may have started to do the trick late last year. China overtook the U.S. in monthly electric-car.

BYD 80

First BYD electric bus trial in Turkey

Green Car Congress

A BYD electric transit bus is entering service in the Turkish capital for a one-month trial. When compared to conventional diesel or natural gas fueled buses, the BYD electric bus has demonstrated a significant reduction (from 80 – 90%) in operating and maintenance costs. BYD will be coming to BusWorld Turkey in May to display the full line of battery-electric buses including the 12 meter, 7 meter, and 18 meter articulated and double-decker models.

BYD arrives in Europe

Green Cars News

Chinese carmaker BYD has certainly garnered its fair share of media attention since it received backing from Warren Buffet – and now it is finally bringing its e6 vehicles to Europe. The company has reached an agreement with Rotterdam city to deliver BYD’s all-electric e6 vehicles as part of the Netherlands’ green transportation project 75-EV-RO. [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news BYD BYD e6 electric vehicles Rotterdam

BYD 49

BYD reveals plug-in testing results

Green Cars News

After introducing an all-electric vehicle taxi test fleet one year ago, BYD has now announced the results of its pilot scheme featuring the F3DM, e6 and the eBus-12. As a result of the trial, BYD plug-in vehicles have accumulated more than 1.769million all-electric miles and have shown no diminished range or capacity as a result [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news BYD BYD e6 BYD eBus-12 BYD F3DM plug-in cars plug-in hybrid cars

BYD 49

BYD supplying Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage to Green Charge

Green Car Congress

BYD is now supplying Li-ion batteries to Green Charge, an ENGIE Company. Green Charge’s first installation of BYD batteries will be for the recently announced six-megawatt-hour system adjacent to ENGIE’s Mt. To date, BYD has installed more than 550 MWh of energy storage systems worldwide. In addition, BYD is the largest consumer electric vehicle and electric bus manufacturer in the world.

2017 64

BYD reveals turbocharged engine

Green Cars News

Chinese automaker BYD Auto has been relatively quiet in recent months after the Warren Buffet backed business was a real headline grabber back in 2009. Green credentials Latest news Auto Shanghai 2011 BYD BYD Auto Green cars new BYD engineHowever, at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show it revealed plans for a new turbocharged engine. The company has designed a 1.5litre engine and paired it with a six-speed Tiptronic dual [.].

BYD 43

Production of BYD-Daimler DENZA EV begins in China

Green Car Congress

The DENZA EV is manufactured by a Sino-German joint venture of BYD and Daimler in Shenzhen. Click to enlarge.

2014 128

BYD electric bus completes another trial in Bogotá

Green Car Congress

BYD’s electric bus Andino-12 (the 40-foot BYD all-electric bus) has successfully concluded two weeks of testing and evaluation in Bogotá, Columbia, according to third-party test results released by Sistemas Sustentables and ISSRC. BYD Andino-12 Click to enlarge.

2013 102

BYD to halt electric car plans

Green Cars News

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from China’s BYD Auto – and now we may know why. According to a report in China Business News which cited Wang Jianjun, the deputy general manager of BYD Automotive Sales Company, the firm has decided not to put the F3e electric vehicle into production believing [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news BYD BYD Auto BYD F3DM plug-in hybrid BYD F3e BYD F3e electric vehicle China

BYD 43

BYD unveils battery-electric over-the-road coach bus; two more models to launch this year

Green Car Congress

BYD Motors Inc. This first electric coach—the BYD C9—is a two-axle, 40'' coach with the seating capacity to carry 47 people at highway speed for more than 190 miles. The BYD C9 is the first of three battery-electric coaches the company will launch globally this year. BYD is taking orders for all three of the coaches starting now. BYD projects the battery capacity will remain above 80% after 12 years of use. The C9. Click to enlarge.

2015 119

BYD unveils North America’s largest electric bus factory; capacity for up to 1,500 vehicles annually

Green Car Congress

BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, unveiled its expanded battery-electric bus manufacturing facility in Lancaster, California—North America’s largest. The growth of BYD Coach and Bus reflects a rapid transition to electric transportation and will allow BYD to build up to 1,500 battery-electric buses annually. Rex Parris and BYD leadership including Chairman Wang Chuanfu, President Stella Li and Senior Vice President Macy Neshati.

BorgWarner providing BYD Auto with turbo technology for hybrids

Green Car Congress

BorgWarner is supplying its advanced wastegate turbocharging technology for numerous hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) from BYD Auto Industry Company Limited. The turbochargers boost BYD Auto’s 1.5-liter direct injection gasoline engine in its Qin, Song and Yuan HEVs as well as the 2.0-liter direct injection gasoline engine in its Tang and Song HEVs. In addition, BorgWarner also delivers its technology for numerous gasoline powered vehicles of BYD Auto.

2016 71

Transport for London launches first all-electric, long-range double-decker BYD buses into service

Green Car Congress

Transport for London (TfL) has introduced the first long-range, battery-electric BYD Double-Decker buses into revenue service routes. TfL and Metroline will receive support from BYD with the installation of fast charging equipment at Metroline’s Willesden Bus Garage in north London.

2016 99

BYD’s Qin plug-in hybrid the best selling automotive EV in China

Green Car Congress

BYD’s second-generation Dual-Mode, plug-in hybrid electric sedan Qin has posted a second month of strong sales in February. BYD’s Qin. The overall drive efficiency of DM II has increased by 7%, according to BYD. BYD says that fuel consumption is 1.6

2014 138

BYD electric car available now in China

Green Cars News

It has seemingly been talked about for years – but now the BYD e6 electric vehicle has finally been made available for consumer purchases in China. Electric cars Green cars Latest news BYD e6 BYD e6 electric car BYD electric cars China ShenzhenThe E6, which was previously available for fleet purchases, will cost US$38,430 thanks to a substantial government subsidy in Shenzhen of around US$18,000, reducing its initial price tag of [.].