Honda patents electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Honda patents electric motorcycle. Honda patented electric motorcycle. Honda, the world’s famous and market leader has filed a patent for its fully mini electric motorcycle. It shows a mini-bike concept with an electric powertrain.

Hayasa Vijay 2000 electric motorcycle launched

Electric Vehicles India

Hayasa Vijay 2000 electric motorcycle launched. A Nashik based electric vehicles company Hayasa E-Mobility India Pvt Ltd has launched its make in India electric motorcycle Vijay 2000. The company aims to provide its electric bikes at an affordable price.

2000 87

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Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Benelli QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle. The Italian manufacturer Benelli’s China-based sister company QJMotor has a number of new products in its portfolio and now the company has showcased the QJ7000D fully electric motorcycle at an event in China.

Tarform begins delivering its slick-looking US-built electric motorcycles


Brooklyn, New York-based Tarform Motorcycles began sketching out designs for its slick-looking electric motorcycles almost five years ago. Despite pandemic-related setbacks that delayed production, the company is now beginning deliveries on its first electric motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle debuts

Electric Vehicles India

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One electric motorcycle debuts. Harley-Davidson has announced the launch of its first electric motorcycle under the all-electric brand LiveWire. It will be the most stylish electric bike ever with its styling cues and colour pattern.

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed 

Electric Vehicles India

NawaRacer hybrid electric motorcycle revealed . Nawa Technologies has revealed a zero-emission motorcycle NAWA Racer a hybrid electric motorcycle. The electric motorcycle is being developed in association with YSY Group, Pronergy, FAAR and AKKA Technologies.

Sweden’s stylish RGNT retro-themed electric motorcycles now available for order in the US


The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer RGNT has now opened orders to US riders, finally bringing its retro-styled electric motorcycles stateside.

BMW’s new partnership should bring more affordable electric motorcycles


Electric motorcycle prices may be dropping slightly , but they still cost a premium over gas-powered motorcycles. The German manufacturer has just announced that its partnership with Indian motorcycle maker TVS will expand to include work on electric motorcycles.

Damon Motors unveils new 170 mph HyperFighter electric motorcycle line


Canadian startup Damon Motors has taken to CES 2022 to show off plans for a second electric motorcycle line known as the HyperFighter Colossus. more… The post Damon Motors unveils new 170 mph HyperFighter electric motorcycle line appeared first on Electrek.

MPH 94

Kawasaki confirms it will launch three electric motorcycles next year


Kawasaki may not be leading the pack when it comes to electric motorcycle innovation, but recent plans at least indicate that the company won’t be the last major motorcycle manufacturer to embrace the future of electric transportation.

Voge ER10 electric motorcycle

Electric Vehicles India

Voge ER10 electric motorcycle. Voge is one such motorcycle manufacturer who is in news with the announcement of its ER10 motorcycle in Italy. Now it’s time for us to know more about Voge ER10 electric motorcycle. .

NIU RQi electric motorcycle teased & launched details

Electric Vehicles India

NIU RQi electric motorcycle teased & launched details. NIU is not a new brand for electric vehicles, it is a well-known brand for electric two-wheelers NQI-Series, MQI-Series and UQI Series are some of the products of its portfolio. NIU RQi electric motorcycle.

Kawasaki expected to unveil electric motorcycle next week


At the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show next week, Kawasaki is expected to unveil three new motorcycles. more… The post Kawasaki expected to unveil electric motorcycle next week appeared first on Electrek.

Agreement reached to standardize swappable batteries for electric motorcycles

Green Car Congress

The Swappable Battery Consortium for Electric Motorcycles has reached an agreement to standardize swappable batteries and replacement systems, allowing battery sharing and paving the way for increased adoption of electric motorcycles in Japan. in April 2019, aimed at increasing the adoption of electric motorcycles in Japan. Batteries Electric (Battery) Japan

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire to become first publicly traded electric motorcycle company


Thanks to a new merger deal, Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle company known as LiveWire will become the first publicly traded electric motorcycle company in the US.

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid take on Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle in quietest drag race ever


A Tesla Model S Plaid lined up for a drag race with a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle earlier this week in the first known case of this EV matchup.

$120,000 Arc Vector electric motorcycle back from the dead, preparing for deliveries


The Arc Vector luxury electric motorcycle’s development has been tumultuous, but good news appears to be on the horizon. more… The post $120,000 Arc Vector electric motorcycle back from the dead, preparing for deliveries appeared first on Electrek.

Ducati confirms its upcoming racing electric motorcycle to lead to electric Ducati street bikes


Ducati’s upcoming racing electric motorcycle designed for the FIM MotoE racing series will be used to further develop the company’s street offerings for consumers.

Revolt Motors to reopen bookings of its electric motorcycle 

Electric Vehicles India

Revolt Motors to reopen bookings of its electric motorcycle . RatanIndia Enterprises recently acquired the electric two-wheeler manufacturer, Revolt Motors will invest to expand its network of service centres and dealers across 35 cities.

These were the top 5 biggest electric motorcycle news stories of 2021


You may not have known it, but 2021 was a huge year for electric motorcycles. While Asia has traditionally been responsible for many of the electric motorcycles we’ve seen before, 2021 welcomed several new US entries in the market.

US-made fat-tire electric motorcycle Volcon Grunt begins shipping


Volcon Powersports burst onto the scene in late 2020 with lofty goals to build a fancy, funny-looking yet reasonably priced fat tire electric motorcycle in the US. more… The post US-made fat-tire electric motorcycle Volcon Grunt begins shipping appeared first on Electrek.

US electric motorcycle and UTV maker Volcon announces global expansion, stock rises 20%


Volcon, the Texas-based manufacturer of the Grunt electric motorcycle , has just announced plans for global expansion. more… The post US electric motorcycle and UTV maker Volcon announces global expansion, stock rises 20% appeared first on Electrek.

Texas 114

Super73 pulls out of CES amid growing Omicron concerns, delays potential electric motorcycle


Electric bicycle manufacturer Super73 has become the latest company to pull out CES 2022. The news calls into question the potential unveiling of an electric motorcycle from the company.

Zero Motorcycles launches limited-edition race-inspired ‘Quickstrike’ electric motorcycles


Zero Motorcycles has just announced a new Quickstrike series of limited-edition electric motorcycles, with only 100 units being produced worldwide.

This 283 mph electric motorcycle just broke a bunch of land speed records, including its own


The last time we covered Max Biaggi and his Voxman Wattman electric motorcycle, he had just set a new land speed record for electric motorcycles at 254 mph (408 km/h).

MPH 110

These new work-ready electric motorcycles from CAKE are perfect for deliveries, handymen


Swedish electric motorcycle company CAKE is unveiling its new CAKE :work line of electric motorcycles today at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show.

North America’s most affordable 70+ mph electric motorcycle is already here and no one noticed


As someone who rides, reviews and covers news on electric motorcycles, I hear the same thing all the time: “I’d love an electric motorcycle, but they’re all so expensive. Electric motorcycles really are expensive.

Electric motorcycles are gaining momentum

Plug in America

This year, electric motorcycle momentum has been hot! Electric motorcycle companies have been reporting an increase in sales. There is also a new streaming series focused on electric motorcycles. Yes, you heard correctly: Harley-Davidson has gone electric! .

2020 82

IDTechEx: Sales of electric motorcycles in Europe grew 50% y-o-y in 2020

Green Car Congress

IDTechEx expects electric motorcycle sales in Europe to have grown at least 50% year-on-year in 2020, building on the momentum of recent years. Growth is also being boosted by consumer awareness and acceptance in Europe of the benefits of electric motorcycles.

SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle re-opens orders at low $5,000 price


The SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle’s reservation window had previously closed for new pre-orders. more… The post SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle re-opens orders at low $5,000 price appeared first on Electrek.

Uber partners with Opibus to deploy up to 3,000 electric motorcycles in Africa by 2022


As part of the agreement, Opibus will provide 3,000 of its unique electric motorcycles to support Uber’s growing demand for emissions-free drivers across the continent.

Africa 114

Exclusive: First look at the production-ready SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle


The long-awaited SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle is now ready for production, and we have an exclusive first look for you ahead of the bike’s LA Auto Show unveiling.

Zero releases early reveal of 2022 updates to its electric motorcycle models


Zero Motorcycles already operates the world’s largest electric motorcycle network thanks to the company’s wide distribution of dealerships. Now those electric motorcycles are receiving some key updates as Zero unveils its MY2022 upgrades ahead of schedule.

Bangkok’s noisy scooter-filled streets may quiet down with new electric motorcycle trial


The Thai government is starting a new trial in Bangkok that will see electric scooters replace their gas counterparts for motorcycle taxis in the city.

Taxi 114

Super Soco to debut premium electric motorcycle brand for US, European market


Super Soco electric motorcycles are known for being lightweight, affordable, and plentiful. But now the company is hoping to add the word “premium” to the list by starting a new brand of higher-end electric motorcycles for the US and European markets.

2018 electric motorcycle buyers guide

Green Car Reports

The variety of electric motorcycles on the market has increased dramatically in 2018, and we've seen some significant price drops by two competitive brands. Zero Motorcycles continues to. Harley-Davidson KTM electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Energica Alta MotorsBoth Alta Motors and Energica cut the prices of their bikes significantly, bringing them closer to being cost-competitive with their gas-powered counterparts.

2018 86

Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle to go into production

Green Car Reports

Back in 2014, Harley-Davidson made a lot of noise about its silent electric Livewire motorcycle concept. At the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, on Wednesday, the company finally announced official plans to build the Livewire, after years of. Harley-Davidson electric motorcyclesBut the company's been mum ever since about whether it ever planned to build it—until now.

2018 131

Special forces testing Black Hawk helicopter with side-mounted electric motorcycles


Electric two-wheelers have become an area of intense research and testing for special operations forces around the world. The latest example we’re seeing is a novel application of a helicopter outfitted with a pair of electric motorcycles for stealthy insertion.

Super Charger for Electric Motorcycles!

Electric Cars are for Girls

charging for electric motorcycles like the Zero, using the j-plug we're all so familiar with. Oh, this is brilliant. Level 2.5 You can charge your Zero in about an hour! I *want* this for my LEAF, sigh

2015 182

Ducati unveils another electric scooter, still claims it can build 150 mph electric motorcycles


Ducati has unveiled yet another electric scooter, the PRO-III, but its specs are nowhere near the electric motorcycles that the company claims it can build.

MPH 111

US-built electric motorcycle company Volcon unveils nationwide dealership plan, stock soars


Volcon appears to be shipping its first electric motorcycle model as fast as it can produce them in its Texas factory. more… The post US-built electric motorcycle company Volcon unveils nationwide dealership plan, stock soars appeared first on Electrek.

Exclusive: SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle updates, better seat, passenger footpegs


The SONDORS Metacycle is slated to become the first low-cost highway-capable electric motorcycle released in the US. more… The post Exclusive: SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle updates, better seat, passenger footpegs appeared first on Electrek.

SONDORS claims its $5,000 Metacycle electric motorcycle outsold Zero and Harley-Davidson


Electric bike company SONDORS has claimed that its low-cost electric motorcycle is outselling the largest electric motorcycle manufacturers in the US: Zero Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire.