Porsche Digital develops artificial intelligence for noise detection

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Porsche Digital is expanding its product portfolio. —Patricia Rennert, Head of Industry Solutions at Porsche Digital. Porsche Digital is responsible for operating the technology. Porsche Digital is the technology and digital unit of Porsche AG.

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2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo due for US deliveries this summer

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Porsche Taycans weren’t born to be garage queens. Although they can definitely do track time and a pulse-quickening weekend drive, they can handle all the daily driving in between.


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Would a Porsche Taycan Turbo confuse the Mission for sports-car brand's electric car?

Green Car Reports

The Porsche Taycan—since way back in its early 2015 Mission E Concept days—has been discussed by Porsche in two distinct ways. And on the other hand it’s at the lead of a big part of Porsche’s future, as it. Porsche Mission E Porsche Turbo ChargingOn one hand it’s a Tesla rival, capable of meeting higher standards of performance than the Model S or Model 3.

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Synthetically fueled cars can be as clean as EVs, Porsche claims

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Porsche is launching electric cars, but the automaker is still looking for ways to keep internal-combustion engines from extinction. Synthetic fuels will deliver an 85% reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions, Dr. Frank Walliser, Porsche vice president of motorsport

2021 Porsche Taycan: Base $81,250 RWD version arrives soon

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Porsche announced the availability of a base rear-wheel-drive version of the Taycan electric car for the U.S. on Tuesday. The Taycan in that form costs $81,250 with the 79.2-kwh Performance Battery, or $87,030 with the 93.4-kwh Performance Battery Plus.

Road-trip mission: 2020 Porsche Taycan charging is free and very fast

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As Porsche is finding out with its Taycan electric car, it’s not always easy being the first—or the fastest. The 2020 Porsche Taycan will be the first production model built on an entirely new 800-volt architecture that helps allow much faster road-trip charging than any other electric car—with the potential to add more than 60. Porsche EV Electrify America Porsche Turbo Charging

2019 75

Electric coupe inspired by classic Porsche 356 showcases niche-EV skateboard platform

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based Watt Electric Vehicle Company has developed a flexible skateboard platform for low-volume manufacturers, and to show it off the company created an electric coupe inspired by the classic Porsche 356 sports car.

2021 Porsche Taycan can add features over the air, fast-charge without fuss

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Adding features to the Porsche Taycan electric car soon won’t necessarily be a matter of which boxes you check in the configurator, or which options were included in the one you hand-picked at the dealership. And while Porsche

2020 102

2020 Porsche Taycan electric car: Seven things we didn't expect

Green Car Reports

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the German sports-car maker’s first all-electric car. Porsche Mission EIt’s also the most serious competitor yet to the Tesla Model S, the groundbreaking luxury electric car that’s in its seventh year on sale. A good deal of information about the Taycan electric sedan has already been released or leaked. Much of its.

2019 68

Porsche presents 3D-printing technology for bucket seats

Green Car Congress

Porsche has presented an innovative alternative to conventional bucket seat upholstery with the concept study “3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat”. Source: Porsche. —Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for Research and Development at Porsche. Source: Porsche. The “3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat” will be available from Porsche Tequipment as a driver’s seat for the 911 and 718 ranges from as early as May 2020.

2020 87

2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo will start at $92,250, e-bikes not included

Green Car Reports

Combine all of those cars in one, and there’s just a single model that fits the bill: the 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Want a luxurious high-performance wagon with shooting-brake styling? A fully electric car that’s capable of serious track time?

Porsche produces prototype complete housing for an electric drive using 3D printing

Green Car Congress

Porsche has produced its first complete housing for an electric drive using 3D printing. —Falk Heilfort, Project Manager in the Powertrain Advance Development department at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach.

2020 131

Porsche Taycan “alternative” Super Bowl ad: Do you get the feels for electric cars?

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One of the most memorable new EV ads of the year features the Porsche Taycan, and it won’t air during the Super Bowl. It’s called "Mr.


Porsche officially drops diesel for future models

Green Car Congress

On Sunday, Porsche AG announced that it will in the future no longer offer diesel-powered models. By 2022, Porsche will have invested more than €6 billion (US$7 billion) in e-mobility, creating the basis for sustainable growth into the future. Interest in hybrid Porsche models is already taking off; 63% of the Panameras sold in Europe, for example, are hybrid models. In 2017, the diesel share of worldwide Porsches was 12%. Porsche is not demonizing diesel.

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Porsche 3D-printing innovative pistons for increased power and efficiency

Green Car Congress

Porsche already uses 3D printing technology in prototype construction, manufacturing spare parts for classic sports cars and in other areas. Now, in cooperation with its partners MAHLE and Trumpf, Porsche is now establishing a new milestone in the use of additive manufacturing processes for highly-stressed drive components. —Frank Ickinger from the advance drive development department at Porsche. Porsche already uses additive manufacturing processes in several areas.

2020 95

Porsche Mission E to be called Porsche Taycan

Green Car Reports

Porsche announced Friday that its long-running Mission E electric sedan will be called the Porsche Taycan when it starts production next year. The 2020 Porsche Taycan (pronounced "tie-con") takes its name from the horse on the Porsche crest, according to the automaker, which itself was taken from the Stuttgart coat of arms.

2018 62

Video review: Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Green Cars News

First and foremost, Porsche wanted to create a new sports car that looks great, is completely unique and just happens to be electric

Porsche Mission E electric sedan to offer 300 miles of range, 400 hp, at minimum

Green Car Reports

Though generally mum on details, Porsche has been trickling out tidbits on its forthcoming MIssion E electric sedan since it first unveiled the concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Porsche let slip another detail in late December. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission E

2018 76

Porsche Taycan electric-car interior revealed: Five screens, but driver-focused

Green Car Reports

Porsche on Thursday revealed a set of images for us to see what’s inside the upcoming Taycan electric car. Porsche Mission EAnd while the Taycan’s interface and instrument panel look poised to make the 800-volt future leap we’re expecting, it’s also easy to see that this is also soundly grounded in the storied sports-car brand’s.

2019 61

Porsche launches carbon offset program in US

Green Car Congress

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. PCNA) has enrolled all cars at its two Experience Centers—sand its fleet in the monthly subscription pilot, Porsche Passport—sin Porsche Impact. Impact is a new program from Porsche Digital that enables owners to calculate emissions individually per car and then offset them by supporting environmentally friendly projects in the US and worldwide.

2019 74

Porsche extends all-electric Taycan model range with new entry-level model with rear-wheel drive

Green Car Congress

Porsche has introduced the fourth variant of its first all-electric sports sedan. Currently, this is possible for the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keeping Assist and Porsche InnoDrive functions.

2020 Porsche Panamera: Facelift ushers in new drivetrains and performance tweaks

Green Cars News

Say hello to the facelifted Porsche Panamera

2020 56

2020 Porsche Taycan preview: Fast, electric, expensive

Green Car Reports

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the German maker’s sixth model line, its first-ever electric car, and remarkably expensive, starting at $152,250 for the Turbo and $186,350 for the Turbo S. Those are prices comparable to the similarly named models of the 911, its legendary sport coupe. It rides on an entirely new platform, code-named J1, that will

2019 74

Half of all Porsches will plug in by 2025, showing importance of electric cars

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Its customers and employees know, but the rest of the world may not quite have realized that Porsche now sells six separate plug-in hybrid models. They span three different vehicles—the Porsche Panamera large sedan, the Panamera Sport Turismo shooting brake, and the Cayenne sport utility vehicle—and a pair of powertrains for each. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission E Panamera S e-Hybrid Performance Car

2017 74

Porsche renews plan to make Macan crossover a "fully battery-powered model series"

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Porsche is continuing plans to make the Macan crossover all-electric. It's a significant move, as the Macan is currently Porsche's bestselling model. In a report of its 2019 financial results, Porsche reiterated that the Macan will be the "second, fully battery-powered model series"—after the Taycan. The automaker previously said the

2020 79

Porsche's 800-Volt fast charging for electric cars: why it matters

Green Car Reports

ChaDeMo quick-charge standard charging infrastructure Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS) Porsche Mission EThe future of electric cars for practical transportation relies to some degree on the future of DC fast charging, and how it develops over the next decade. As in other spheres of electrifying transport, Tesla Motors has pointed the way to one vision of the future with its expanding network of Supercharger fast-charging sites. But Tesla's network.

2016 87

Porsche prototype 350-kw electric car fast-charging station installed

Green Car Reports

Porsche has big plans to expand the capability of the Combined Charging System (CCS) DC standard into much higher voltages to allow much faster electric-car charging. Now, it's completed a first step: at the brand's new branch office in Berlin-Adlershof, Porsche has installed a prototype 350-kilowatt, 800-volt charging station. Europe plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Charging station charging infrastructure Fast Charging Combined Charging Standard (CCS) Porsche Mission

2017 62

Porsche doesn't see Tesla as a rival, R&D boss explains

Green Car Reports

By combining electric powertrains with impressive performance and a modicum of convenience features, Tesla has taken aim at established luxury automakers, particularly the German quartet of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. But while it is now launching electric cars of its own, Porsche does not see Tesla as a direct rival, R&D boss

2020 65

Concepts Preview Shared Platform For Porsche, Audi Premium EVs?

Green Car Reports

And there are some strong hints in the Porsche Mission E concept car from the Frankfurt. Plug-In Hybrids EVs concepts Porsche EVTo those who want a luxury vehicle with an all-electric powertrain, California’s Tesla Motors has had the market under wraps for many years. But that’s slated to change quite soon, as each of the German automakers prepare all-electric vehicles.

2015 87

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept: second electric model previewed

Green Car Reports

A design study for the second version of the Porsche Mission E electric sport sedan broke cover Tuesday at the Geneva auto show. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission EThe closely guarded concept car is effectively a shooting brake version of the low-slung Mission E sedan that debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt show and will go on sale by 2020. Paralleling the Gran Turismo version of the.

2018 61

Porsche Mission E electric car concept design video

Green Car Reports

The Porsche Mission E that debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show isn't just another concept car. It previews a production electric car Porsche plans to launch before the end of the decade. Just like its powertrain, the Mission E's styling is quite different from that of today's Porsche production cars. DON'T MISS: 2018 Porsche Mission E: 600-HP. Videos plug-in cars Porsche Mission E

2016 63

MEB electric catamaran, Porsche-inspired sports car, carbon fiber and range: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

A niche EV company teases its skateboard platform with a Porsche 356 tribute. Nissan looks at reducing its manufacturing footprint, and Jaguar Land Rover aims at freeing up more space and weight for an EV range boost.

Porsche Digital spins off e-mobility company “&Charge” to promote electric mobility

Green Car Congress

Porsche Digital has spun off its own company in the field of e-mobility, thereby expanding its digital business portfolio. Porsche Digital is the technological and digital forge of the Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer.

2020 108

Biden and EVs, base Porsche Taycan, 5-minute fast-charging: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Porsche revealed a rear-wheel-drive version of the Taycan. Climate gains from EVs are being offset by SUVs. The five-minute fast-charge might be just a few years away. And the Biden Presidency will likely help foster the growth of the electric-vehicle sector.

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Porsche Mission E electric sedan buyers want, expect fast "Turbo Charging"

Green Car Reports

Possibly no German carmaker was more shocked by the emergence of the Tesla Model S in 2012 than Porsche. Each of Porsche's models was a top performer in its segment for power, handling, and features, and sold at highly profitable prices. Future Cars plug-in cars sport sedans Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Fast Charging Porsche Mission EThen came the Tesla Model S, a five-seat hatchback sedan that offered striking looks and stunning performance.

2018 66

Porsche Mission E electric sport sedan: 200-mile recharge in 15 minutes

Green Car Reports

And what could prove the most potent of them all—the production version of the stunning Porsche Mission E concept car revealed two years ago—won't go into. Future Cars plug-in cars sport sedans Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission EWhile there have been lots of concept cars and production announcements, the first serious German competitor to the Tesla Model S and Model X won't arrive for at least another year.

2017 75

Porsche builds highest-power charging station in Europe—and Teslas are invited

Green Car Reports

Porsche announced last Wednesday that it opened what amounts to Europe’s most powerful charging station yet. The charging station taps into 7 MW of energy from all-renewable sources, and it’s a showcase for Porsche Turbo Charger units, developed by Porsche Engineering and showcased over recent years as part of its plans for Taycan and

2020 72

Porsche launches developer competition with Mission E Cross Turismo data

Green Car Congress

Porsche is inviting developers from around the world to work on digital mobility solutions for future Porsche sports cars with the launch of the second edition of the “Porsche Next OI” developer competition. The competition gives contestants the chance to build and test their applications and services for Porsche sports cars using simulated connected car APIs. The winning team will have the exclusive opportunity to work directly on their prototype with Porsche experts.

2019 87

Porsche product manager trash-talks Tesla over Ludicrous mode performance

Green Car Reports

Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche are each planning long-range electric cars aimed at combating the American upstart. And if it wasn't clear that the upcoming Porsche Mission E sedan will target the. Performance Tesla Motors plug-in cars Porsche Mission EAfter several years of dismissing the Silicon Valley carmaker, established German luxury carmakers now seem to be taking Tesla Motors seriously.

2016 61

Porsche Mission E electric car to cost less than Panamera sedan

Green Car Reports

Porsche's most ardent fans no longer complain about the expansion of the German sports-car maker's lineup into sedans and, even worse, sport-utility vehicles. The large Panamera sedan and the Cayenne and Macan SUVs are not only some of Porsche's more popular models, but fund its development of the fabled 911 rear-engine sport coupe and the Boxster. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission E

2017 69

Which battery will Porsche Mission E electric car use?

Green Car Reports

The Porsche Mission E electric car, which debuted as a concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, will start production before the end of the decade, its maker says. That being the case, it's time for Porsche to pick a battery supplier. Batteries plug-in cars Bosch Panasonic Porsche Mission EThe German carmaker has narrowed the field down to two contenders, including one that already has a strong.

2016 63

Porsche, Siemens Energy and partners advance climate-neutral eFuels development; Haru Oni pilot in Chile

Green Car Congress

Porsche, Siemens Energy and partners are developing and implementing a pilot project—the “Haru Oni” project—in Chile that is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels (eFuels).

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2021 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid models get more plug-in range

Green Car Reports

The 2021 Porsche Cayenne plug-in hybrid models are expected to get more electric range thanks to a larger battery pack now confirmed. Called the Cayenne E-Hybrid, these versions get a 17.9-kilowatt-hour battery pack, up from 14.1 kwh before.

2020 71