Portland’s sequel to Electric Avenue asks: How will we charge big electric trucks?

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Earlier this month, Portland General Electric and Daimler Trucks North America, which is headquartered in Portland, established a charging testbed for medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks.

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Nissan trialing eNV200 in Portland

Green Car Congress

Nissan is working in collaboration with Portland (Oregon) General Electric (PGE) on a six-week trial to help determine the viability of an electric commercial vehicle in the US market. Portland is one of the first markets to receive Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” promotion, which provides two years of no-cost public charging to customers who purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF beginning 1 April 2014.


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First UPS US delivery eBike debuts in Portland, Oregon

Green Car Congress

This new electrically-assisted tricycle began delivering packages in Portland, Oregon, on 21 November 21. That model serves as a guidepost for the company’s new program in Portland. Portland was a logical choice for the first US deployment as UPS already uses traditional bicycles for delivery seasonally in the city. UPS has introduced its first eBike in the US.

Portland's Electric Avenue Relocates, Adds DC Fast Chargers

Green Car Reports

It’s already been four years since Portland really charged ahead in its commitment to electric cars with Electric Avenue, a project that designated a city block of parking spots plug-in-only, peppered the block with a variety of charger hardware, and let EV owners have at it. That original project, a partnership between Portland General. Electric Car portland plug-in cars charging Electric Avenue youtube Fast Charging

TriMet puts first Xcelsior CHARGE electric bus into operation; powered by Portland General Electric renewable energy

Green Car Congress

TriMet partnered with Portland General Electric (PGE) to purchase, own, and maintain six ABB chargers and the related infrastructure. TriMet is operating the forty-foot Xcelsior CHARGE bus on Line 62-Murray Blvd in the Portland, Oregon metro area. TriMet connects people in the Portland, Oregon surrounding areas, providing more than 97 million trips per year. New Flyer of America Inc.

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Car2Go Cutting Out Portland's Lower-Income, Racially Diverse Areas?

Green Car Reports

The Daimler-owned car-sharing operation Car2Go recently announced that it was massively reducing its coverage area around Portland, Oregon. portland Car Sharing car2goAccording to the company, it’s simply a smart business move, one that will keep cars in areas where they’ll be more likely to be used frequently, and less likely to be ‘stranded.’ ’ DON'T.

Portland Car2Go Car-Sharing Fleet To Get Bike Racks

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For Portlanders, that will soon be a real possibility, as 250 vehicles in its Car2Go fleet will get bike racks. Portland was one of the first U.S. bike bicycle portland Car Sharing car2go youtube Oregon Would you be more likely to use car-sharing if you could bring your bike along? cities with significant car-sharing fleets; and it was one of the first North American cities, after Austin, where Car2Go.

Go Forth Electric Vehicle Showcase in Portland: lessons learned

Green Car Reports

sales portland plug-in cars education OregonOne of the challenges in getting car shoppers to consider plug-in electric vehicles is the education required. Tesla attacked this problem head on, opening its stores in malls and other sites where potential future buyers could dip their toes in and start to learn about electric cars without being pressured to sign on the line. But at all other.

Uber urges Portland drivers to lease electric cars

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In the wake of numerous recent PR setbacks, Uber may be able to help clean up its image with the launch of the Uber EV initiative in Portland, which supports the city’s green vision for the future. portland plug-in cars ridesharing Oregon UberWhen you think of electric mobility, California might be the first state to come to mind—but Oregon is not far behind. It's one of 13.

Zipcar places Honda Fit EVs into Portland fleet

Green Car Congress

has introduced the battery-electric 2013 Honda Fit EV ( earlier post ) into the Zipcar Portland fleet, with the first vehicles located at Portland State University (PSU). Through Zipcar’s program with ECOtality, members who reserve Honda Fit EVs in Portland will have full access to ECOtality’s Blink Network of charging stations located throughout the Portland area if they are in need of a charge during their reservation. Zipcar, Inc.

Most electric-car-friendly U.S. cities: latest rankings: Portland on top

Green Car Reports

portland plug-in cars cities transportation policy charging infrastructure OregonSince modern electric cars went on sale in volume five years ago, some cities have been more eager to promote them than others. Officials in those cities find electric cars attractive for their ability to reduce pollution,among other reasons. And those officials do everything from expanding charging infrastructure to implementing incentives like.

Federal funds to back Portland storefront for electric-car marketing, pop-up roadshows

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The advocacy group plans to set up a permanent storefront in downtown Portland that will showcase a variety of electric. Marketing Department of Energy portland DOE plug-in cars education OregonThe U.S. Department of Energy announced Monday that it would award almost $1 million to Drive Oregon over three years, to fund a regional marketing campaign that will promote the benefits of electric cars to regional consumers.

car2go adding 30 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles to Portland operations

Green Car Congress

car2go North America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler North America Corporation, will add 30 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles (EV) to the car2go Portland, Oregon carsharing network. The EVs will join the 250 smart fortwo cars that were introduced when car2go launched in Portland on 31 March 2012. The company has registered more than 6,000 new members within the first 100 days of operations in Portland. —Mayor Sam Adams of The City of Portland.

Car2Go leaving Portland, Denver, other US cities due to "highly volatile" market

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Portland, Oregon is one of many larger cities in the U.S. currently undergoing a transportation shakeup that’s still confusing even to some transportation groups and policy wonks. It certainly seems puzzling as well to Share Now—that’s the combined company formed by BMW and Daimler, from their car-sharing operations that has been. Car Sharing Mobility

Ford and Portland General Electric Partner to Prepare Region for EVs

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company and Portland General Electric will collaborate to help prepare the city of Portland and the Pacific Northwest for the operation of electric vehicles. Vehicle incentives and an easy charging station permitting process are considered to be two key to elements to electric vehicle acceptance in Portland and across the country.

How to Find EV Incentives in Portland, Oregon EV Incentives: Make Your Investment Even Smarter

EV Connect

For businesses based in Portland, Oregon, EV incentives are available at both the state and local level, and are among the most attractive and encompassing benefits in the entire country.

Portland Welcomes Electric Avenue, Showcases Charging Stations

Green Car Reports

These are just two of the questions Portland State University and Portland General Electric Co. Which electric car charging station is the best? And just how are public charging stations getting used? are hoping to answer with a two-year research project into electric car charging stations and their usage. Rather than concentrate on just one

BMW Electric SUV, Natural-Gas Taxes, Portland's Electric Avenue: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, BMW mulls an all-electric SUV, Congress passes fairer tax rules for natural gas, and Portland's Electric Avenue electric-car charging area moves and expands. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We have more information on Toyota's plans to expand California hydrogen fueling infrastructure for the 2016 Mirai. Congress passes new tax. Today in Car News

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Tesla Trips Limousine Service Approved In Portland, Will Use Model S Sedans

Green Car Reports

If you live in Portland, you''ll now be able to do so in the back of a Tesla Model S, thanks to Tesla Trips. The company, which normally organizes road trips around Oregon in the cars, applied back in April for a license to serve Portland as an executive limo service. The City of Portland has now Want to move around the city with minimal stress?

Portland Tests BYD K9 All-Electric Passenger Bus: Quick Ride

Green Car Reports

If Warren Buffett needed to catch a ride across town, we suspect he might do it exactly the way that we did this past week: in an all-electric BYD bus. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway famously invested big in China’s BYD Motors in late 2008 -- likely spurred by the company’s innovative battery technology, bullish plans for electric

Curbside EV Charging Comes to Portland OR

Plugs and Cars

Curbside EV Charging Stations are sprouting in Portland Oregon. Full story here. Hat tip to David W

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Portland, Dallas Have Most Electric Car Charging Stations Per Head

Green Car Reports

According to PlugShare (via good.is), however, Portland, Oregon and Dallas, Texas top the list. Ask most Americans to name the cities with the most public charging stations for electric cars per head of population, and they’ll likely mention Los Angeles and perhaps San Francisco. PlugShare, the social network devoted to finding and sharing

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Best-Selling Nissan In Portland: Leaf Electric Car--Due To Electric Highway?

Green Car Reports

Not Corollas or Ford Focus countrywide, of course--but apparently every other Nissan vehicle in March, in Portland, Oregon. We''ve already asked whether the Tesla Model S sells more units than the equivalent BMW, Audi or Mercedes--and now Nissan is outselling regular vehicles with its Leaf. With Jukes, Sentras, Versas and other affordable vehicles

Ford to prepare electric vehicles for Portland

Green Cars News

The city of Portland in Oregon will soon reap the rewards of a new collaboration between one of its leading utilities and the Ford Motor Company. The car manufacturer has teamed up with Portland General Electric to prepare the city for the operation of electric vehicles. Tags: Electric cars Ford Green cars Latest news electric vehicles Ford electric vehicles Ford Focus electric Ford Transit Electric Oregon Portland Portland General Electric

Portland's Electric Avenue Charger Project Aims To Take It Higher

Green Car Reports

In what we see as a shrewd move to help keep Portland, Oregon at the forefront of the electric-car movement, the city has dedicated a full city block, called Electric Avenue, to electric vehicle charging. At a ceremony yesterday, Portland mayor Sam Adams plugged in the first car and dedicated a street lined with chargers, in the company of

Notes from the road: a guest post from Portland

Revenge of the Electric Car

As Portland, OR gears up for yet another screening of Revenge, local EV'er and filmmaker J Bills recounts the scene at the Portland premiere back in November: Here in Portland, we still talk about the last time Chris Paine rolled through town with a movie; an early screening of 2006’s seminal “Who Killed the Electric Car?” But the evening and the film undoubtedly left its mark on Portland and has given us another epic night to talk about for years to come.

Fast-Charging Adds Appeal To Electric Cars—Especially In Portland

Green Car Reports

If you plan to get a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i (or already have one), and you live in Portland, Oregon, consider yourself fortunate. The same goes for a handful of places including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and certain corridors in Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas—as well as, perhaps, the Chicago and Detroit areas. Because all of these

Going to the Portland Better Living Show

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I spent over seven hours on my feet at the Portland Better Living Show displaying the 914. Yesterday was a long day. My throat was hoarse at the end of the day from answering the same questions many times. Overall, people were very interested and I'm hoping a few will show up at the next OEVA meeting. Many thanks to Gary Graunke (who set this whole thing up), Ken (forgot his last name) and Joe Williams (on the left) for hanging out with me during the nine hour show.

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Portland, Oregon: Why Is It A Leading Electric Vehicle Market?

All Cars Electric

No question about it, Portland, Oregon, is an early-adopter market for electric vehicles, and one of the leading EV markets in the U.S. The Rose City, as it's nicknamed, is already home to the first—and only, with the Vacaville, California charger down—publicly accessible Level 3 quick-charging station in the U.S., allowing more than

Electric Island: See First Charging Site Designed For Big Trucks


It's located on Swan Island in Portland, near Daimler Trucks North America headquarters

Navistar First Launching eStar All-Electric Truck Sales in Portland, Oregon

Green Car Congress

Portland, Oregon will be the initial launch market for Navistar’s new eStar electric truck. Earlier post.). Navistar also announced its eStar dealer for the Pacific Northwest market: Cascadia International Trucks of Tacoma, Wash. The eStar all-electric truck is the first medium-duty commercial vehicle to receive US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification as a clean fuel fleet vehicle as well as California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification as a zero-emissions vehicle.

Portland approves electric-vehicle friendly plan

National Green Transportation

The Portland Oregon city council voted yesterday to approve policies meant to speed up electric vehicle adoption. This adopts proposals in a report titled "Electric Vehicles: The Portland Way". Oregon is a hotbed of electric

Daimler unveils new ‘first of its kind’ electric truck charging station


Daimler and Portland General Electric (PGE) have unveiled today a new ‘first of its kind’ electric truck charging station in Portland, Oregon.

Brammo and VA Tech win TTXGP at Portland Raceway, after MotoCzysz pulls out

National Green Transportation

This weekend the TTXGP electric motorcycle race series came to Portland International Raceway, for not only electric motorcycle racing action, but as a showcase for green technologies, and green transportation choices. As a first in the TTXGP

Car2go adds electric cars as Portland membership soar

Green Cars News

Over in Portland in the USA, one of the most recent cities to join the club, the car2go has seen more than [.]. It feels like we never stop talking about the car2go car club-but then it is hard to deny that the service has witnessed phenomenal growth since it first launched in Germany in 2009. Green credentials car club Car2go Daimler smart USA

Mitsubishi Confirms i MiEV headed for US; Oregon and Portland General Electric Join Partnership Program

Green Car Congress

Kurihara also announced that the State of Oregon and Portland General Electric (PGE) are joining Mitsubishi in the i MiEV partnership program. At the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), Mitsubishi Motors North America President and CEO Shinichi Kurihara confirmed that the company is developing the i MiEV for sale in world markets, including the United States. Fleet sales of the electric vehicle begin this July in Japan.

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Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery Company Approved to Receive $6.8M in Loans and Tax Credits from the State of Oregon and City of Portland

Green Car Congress

ReVolt Technology, LLC, a company that is developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries ( earlier post ), has been approved to receive a package of loans and tax credits from Oregon and Portland authorities totaling approximately $6.8 ReVolt has selected a site in Portland’s Airport Way Urban Renewal Area to serve as its headquarters and expects to begin battery development and HQ operations there in October, supporting approximately 150 jobs between 2010 and 2015.

Tesla Opens Portland Store, Passes A Million Visitors So Far In 2012

Green Car Reports

By the sales numbers—even if you consider the 20,000 Model S sedans (which Green Car Reports drove this week, with a first drive review and video post) the company hopes to sell annually—Tesla Motors [NYSE: TSLA] is a small niche automaker. But based on what the upstart electric automaker has seen so far this year, there’s a lot

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Electric cars and public charging: hot dog and bun, not chicken or egg?

Green Car Reports

portland plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stationsIt's an old cliche used to indicate an unsolvable problem: which came first, the chicken or the egg? Sometimes it's applied to the challenge of electric-car charging stations: which comes first, sales of the cars or installation of public charging to support them? Well, Jeff Allen isn't having any of it. He wants to talk about hot dogs, and buns.

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Oregon's Pitch To Electric-Car Industry: Come Test New Stuff Here!

Green Car Reports

portland plug-in cars state laws transportation policy OregonWhen it comes to raw numbers of electric cars sold, California leads. However, just to the north, the small state of Oregon has long been a pioneer and a trendsetter when it comes to electric mobility. Drive Oregon, the nonprofit trade association that has led much of this work over the past few years, recently unveiled a new campaign inviting.

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Brammo and VA Tech win TTXGP at Portland Raceway, after MotoCzysz pulls out

National Green Transportation

This weekend the TTXGP electric motorcycle race series came to Portland International Raceway, for not only electric motorcycle racing action, but as a showcase for green technologies, and green transportation choices. As a first in the TTXGP

Electric-car discovery, education centers are now a thing

Green Car Reports

portland plug-in cars charging education Shopping Advice Charging stations TorontoBreaking with routine and tradition is never easy, especially when it comes to buying, owning, and operating a vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine. Around the world, roughly 1 billion vehicle owners stop at fuel stations and keep cars powered by fossil fuels running—and have done for a century now. Inevitably, it will take more.

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Electric-Car Incentive Considered In Oregon: $3,000 "Cash On The Hood"

Green Car Reports

Incentives and Rebates Oregon portland Oregon has quite the reputation for being electric-vehicle friendly. That reputation holds true if you already own an EV—the state’s a wonderland in terms of charging infrastructure—but for those who want to replace the fossil-fuel burner, the state hasn’t helped make the path to EV ownership any easier. WATCH: Energica Ego.

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