Simple, Cheap and Portable: A Filter-free Desalination System for a Thirsty World

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A Portable Desalination System Makes Water Potable—Without a Filter Payal Dhar (Freelance Blogger) MIT researchers have developed a prototype of a suitcase-size device that can turn seawater into safe drinking water. So we can go [straight] from seawater to drinkable water.”

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Berkeley team develops host-guest nanowires for efficient water splitting and solar energy storage

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The team reports on their host-guest system of Ta:TiO 2 |BiVO 4 as a photoanode for use in solar water splitting cells in an open-access paper in the journal ACS Central Science. The host–guest nanowire architecture allows for simultaneously high light absorption and carrier collection efficiency for efficient solar water oxidation. Harnessing energy from sunlight is a means of meeting the large global energy demand in a cost-effective and environmentally benign manner.

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An abundant and inexpensive water-splitting photocatalyst with low toxicity active in visible light

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Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) have discovered a new photocatalyst, Sn 3 O 4 , which facilitates the production of hydrogen fuel from water, using sunlight as an energy source. Many water-splitting photocatalysts, such as titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ), can decompose water and produce hydrogen fuel when absorbing ultraviolet light.

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EPFL/Technion team develops “champion” nanostructures for efficient solar water-splitting to produce hydrogen

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Fe 2 O 3 (hematite) electrodes that achieve the highest photocurrent of any metal oxide photoanode for photoelectrochemical water-splitting under 100?mW?cm global sunlight. The whole point of our approach is to use an exceptionally abundant, stable and cheap material: rust. Leroy, Maurin Cornuz, Francesco Stellacci, Cécile Hébert, Avner Rothschild and Michael Grätzel (2013) Identifying champion nanostructures for solar water-splitting.

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BNL Researchers develop low-cost, efficient, non-noble metal electrocatalyst to produce hydrogen from water

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A team of researchers led by Dr. James Muckerman at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) have developed a new class of high-activity, low-cost, non-noble metal electrocatalyst that generates hydrogen gas from water. Splitting water (H 2 O) into oxygen (O 2 ) and hydrogen (H 2 ), requires external electricity and an efficient catalyst to break chemical bonds while shifting around protons and electrons.

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Global Bioenergies plans to acquire Dutch start-up Syngip; gaseous carbon feedstocks for renewable isobutene process

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Global Bioenergies, the developer of a process to convert renewable resources into light olefin hydrocarbons via fermentation (with an initial focus on isobutene) ( earlier post ), signed a contribution agreement with the shareholders of Syngip B.V. to transfer all Syngip shares to Global Bioenergies S.A. Global Bioenergies has set the diversification of feedstocks usable in its isobutene process as its new R&D frontier. just using water, H 2 , CO 2 and sunlight.

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BNEF report finds hydrogen promising decarbonization pathway, but carbon prices and emissions policies required

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Hydrogen Economy Outlook , a new and independent global study from research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF), finds that clean hydrogen could be deployed in the decades to come to cut up to 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and industry at a manageable cost.

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CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

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Their goal is to test an innovative electrolyzer concept for the cheap production of green (CO 2 -free) hydrogen for a decarbonized future. is creating a streamlined manufacturing process for silicon solar photovoltaic cells that requires only 10% of the silicon, half of the operating and equipment cost, and a quarter of the energy of incumbent technology, enabling sustainable solar manufacturing that will combat climate change by meeting global demand for solar.

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KPMG study identifies 10 sustainability “megaforces” with accelerating impacts on business; imperative of sustainability changing the automotive business radically

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In a new study, KPMG International has identified 10 “megaforces” that will significantly affect corporate growth globally over the next two decades. The KPMG study, “Expect the Unexpected: Building Business Value in a Changing World”, explores issues such as climate change, energy and fuel volatility, water availability and cost and resource availability, as well as population growth spawning new urban centers. Global food prices are predicted to rise 70 to 90 percent by 2030.

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New plasma synthesis process for one-step conversion of CO2 and methane into higher value fuel and chemicals

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Moreover, it is a cheap carbon source which can increase the atom utilization of CO 2 hydrogenation due to the stoichiometric ratio of C and O atoms, as well as reducing the formation of water. … The one-step room-temperature synthesis of liquid fuels and chemicals from the direct reforming of CO 2 with CH 4 was achieved by using a novel atmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasma reactor with a water electrode and a low energy input.

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Could Sucking Up the Seafloor Solve Battery Shortage?

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Reeling from a crushing shortage of semiconductor chips for vehicles, carmakers also face another looming crisis: producing enough batteries to drive the global pivot towards electric vehicles. China processes about 80 percent of battery raw materials, creating a chokehold on global supplies.

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Europe/US team: transitioning to a low-carbon world will create new rivalries, winners and losers

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This scenario assumes a full global consensus for action on climate change. A wave of green globalization allows all countries to share in the benefits of decarbonization. Petro-states are compensated to transition smoothly to a sustainable economy, avoiding a last-ditch attempt to flood the world with cheap oil and gas. Some national oil companies go bankrupt and others consolidate into a handful of global energy giants.

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UTA researchers demonstrate one-step solar process to convert CO2 and H2O directly into renewable liquid hydrocarbon fuels

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We are the first to use both light and heat to synthesize liquid hydrocarbons in a single stage reactor from carbon dioxide and water. The process uses cheap and earth-abundant catalytic materials. This simple and inexpensive new sustainable fuels technology could potentially help limit global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make fuel.

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The Technical Failure That Could Clear The Oil Glut In A Matter Of Weeks

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The skepticism shown by a majority of financial analysts and oil commentators about the real threat to global oil (and gas) production volumes was countered by the news that the production at Saudi Aramco’s main offshore oil field, Manifa, has been hit by technical problems. At present, the main issue being reported on is that there has been corrosion of the water injection system, which is used to keep pressure in the reservoir. Amin Nasser’s aim is to go beyond global oil markets.

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Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

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The lithium, found in salty water, or brines, is the most cost-effective on the market; it’s cheap and easy to extract, giving competing battery gigafactories new, affordable American lithium resources that will be a global game-changer. At the end of the day, Nevada has enough lithium brine to earn it a place among the key global venues—a list that for now includes the “Lithium Triangle” of Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, as well as China.

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Joint ASU, Tel Aviv Univ. project to improve algal hydrogen production to industrial scale

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If we could replace even a part of that with algal biohydrogen that is made via light and water, it would have a substantial impact. We thought that some radically different approaches needed to be taken — thus, our crazy idea of hooking up the hydrogenase enzyme directly to Photosystem I in order to divert a large fraction of the electrons from water splitting (by Photosystem II) to make molecular hydrogen.

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IBM Research discovers new class of industrial polymers; cheaper, lighter, stronger and recyclable thermosets for aerospace, automotive and others

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New materials innovation is critical to addressing major global challenges, developing new products and emerging disruptive technologies. IBM Research’s computational chemistry efforts can take out a lot of this guesswork and accelerate a whole new range of potential applications from developing a disease-specific drugs or cheap, light, tough and completely recyclable panels on a car.

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QUB spin-out to commercialize to technique for production of MOFs; storage for natural gas vehicles

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Professor Stuart James in Queen’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering patented a novel technique for the synthesis of MOFs without using any solvents, even water, and on greatly reduced timescales, by making use of mechanochemistry. By simply grinding together two cheap precursors in a basic milling machine, the MOF material is produced in a matter of minutes, in a powder form, ready for applications without further treatment, and without generating solvent waste.

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Does the US Senate Have The Balls To Stand Up For Your Children? Not Without YOU Forcing Them To

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But if you care about our children and our childrens’ children, then do not count on the members of today’s United States Senate to do the ethical, moral or honest thing when it comes to global warming because they will not. The current bill in the Senate is half-assed and filled with blatant giveaways to the very people who are lying and cheating while they pollute our air and water and melt the glaciers and ice caps.

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ADB draft report says 3B Asians could become affluent by 2050; significant challenges

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The draft report says that as the global economy’s center of gravity shifts toward Asia, the region could account for about half of global output in 2050, up from the current 27%, as well as half of global trade and investment. In the more optimistic Asian Century scenario, the region’s gross domestic product (GDP) would soar to $148 trillion and account for 51% of global output in 2050.

2011 170

Naysayer Alert – the hydrogen red herring

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The only by products are water and a fair degree of heat, the latter indicating a degree of inefficiency and wasted energy. Hence its supply would not be cheap, renewable nor sustainable in the long term. 2015) The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future.

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Perspective: Despite Solyndra’s death, the future of solar energy is sunny

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With subsidies long in place for nuclear, coal and gas in the US along with the cheap cost of production for coal and natural gas, solar is essentially competing with that $0.10/kWh average cost of electricity in the United States and globally. Increases in carbon dioxide concentration along with global surface temperatures are showing a decline in agricultural yields due to climate change. [ The global solar market is expected to install 22 MW of electricity in 2011.

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Analysis: What’s the Best Way to Market EVs?

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LiveWire motorcycles are not really Harleys, the thought goes, although they will share engineering, production facilities, a supply chain and global logistics. Not easy or cheap, but it has worked so far. They’ll never be marketed like refrigerators or water heaters.

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Harvard team demonstrates new metal-free organic–inorganic aqueous flow battery; potential breakthrough for low-cost grid-scale storage

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Furthermore, this electrode permits higher charging voltages by suppressing the parasitic water-splitting reactions. The quinones are dissolved in water, which prevents them from catching fire. I think the chemistry we have right now might be the best that’s out there for stationary storage and quite possibly cheap enough to make it in the marketplace, but we have ideas that could lead to huge improvements. Cell schematic.

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Perspective: Drive Star Conversion Program Could Cut US Oil Use in Half by 2020

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Even on land, getting oil from tar sands depletes water and other resources and doubles oil’s carbon footprint. And oil only seems cheap. The US can lead in a new, profitable, global business opportunity. We can add carbon filters to diesel trucks to get rid of black carbon—soot, which is another global health and climate problem. But let’s realize: defending our nation is never cheap. Perspective by Felix Kramer, Founder, CalCars.

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Devil In The Details: Is Copenhagens 2 ºC Guardrail Obsolete?

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Global 2ºC maximal warming limit as compared to past and. The 2 ºC maximal warming limit was cited at the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, and revisited several decades later, in 1995, by the Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Globale Unweltveränderungen (WGBU), Germany’s national advisory council on climate change. Synthesis Report From “Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges, And Decisions”, 2009. [ by Jack Rosebro.

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

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Experts predict that by the year 2060 global warming, if left unchecked, could result in a temperature rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than temperatures before the Industrial Revolution when man started widespread use of coal and other fossil fuels. US intelligence and defense agencies say such environmental changes can lead to energy insecurity, water and food shortages, and social instability. According to the IEA, global energy demand will grow 55% by 2030.

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

A Perfect Storm for Water Counting Calories and Counting Carbon: The Role of. Early Days in the Obama Administration An Address I'd Like to Hear Global Warming Solutions Included in Transportatio. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally San Francisco City Carbon Collobarative 18th and 1. And yes, buy cheap (night) sell high (day) and sell local (remember there are HUGE line losses in the common interstate grids- more so in daytime high power draw hours.

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Perspective: Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs May be the Solution

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Environmentalists and industries resurrected the idea in recent years as a centerpiece of measures to address global warming and growing oil imports. The United States must reduce its global warming pollution emissions at least 80 percent below 2000 levels by 2050 to avoid some of the worst effects of global warming. global warming pollution, as well as fossil fuel emissions from the agriculture, commercial and residential sectors. Perspective by Brian J.

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Region Business Technology Science Health Sports Opinion Arts Style Travel Jobs Real Estate Autos Search Business Financial Tools Select a Financial Tool Analysis Tools Stock and Fund Screener Portfolio Alerts More in Business » Global Business Markets Economy DealBook Media & Advertising Small Business Your Money Energy & Environment April 10, 2009, 8:16 am Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You By Nick Chambers Nick Chambers Oregon Gov.

Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News

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Smart-grid technologies can help utilities better integrate renewable energy sources and run the transmission grid more efficiently, said Allan Schurr, the vice president of strategy and development at IBMs Global Energy and Utilities practice, which is participating in about 50 projects. at the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Create cheap clean energy, new badly needed green jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

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Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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So, the used batteries are almost arbitrarily cheap since an arbitrarily large fraction of their cost of production can be loaded on their use in transportation. Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt Report Says Cap-and-Trade Is a Must for Canada’s Economic Survival From Carbon Footprints to Water Footprints Are Old Tires Fuel or Solid Waste? Home Page Todays Paper Video Most Popular Times Topics Search All Energy & Environment World U.S.

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