Hyundai Motor Group deepens partnership with Grab to accelerate EV adoption in Southeast Asia

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are enhancing their ongoing strategic partnership in mobility services to focus on accelerating EV adoption in Southeast Asia. Both parties will also develop a joint EV roadmap to accelerate adoption in Southeast Asia. Since the initial partnership was announced in 2018, both parties have launched a series of EV pilots in Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore in 2019 and Indonesia in 2020. Hyundai Motor Group and Grab Holdings Inc.

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ATC Drivetrain launches remanufacturing solutions for electric vehicles in North America and Asia

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ATC Drivetrain, an independent global remanufacturer of automotive powertrain and drivetrain systems, is launching remanufacturing capabilities for electric vehicle systems at its Oklahoma City, OK facility to serve the North American automotive market and at its Zhangjiang, China facility to serve the Asian automotive market.


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Neste and ANA collaborate on first supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Asia

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Neste and All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and a 5-Star airline, are entering a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply agreement. ANA will become the first airline to use SAF on flights departing from Japan; the agreement also represents Neste’s first SAF supply to an Asian airline. Initial operations will begin from October 2020 as ANA plans SAF-fueled flights from both Haneda International airport and Narita International Airport.

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Asia-Pacific EV Charging Infrastructure 2022


The post Asia-Pacific EV Charging Infrastructure 2022 appeared first on Driivz. Events EV charging management EV charging platform

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There Are 12 Tesla-Carrying Ships Now Headed To Europe And Asia


Trackers identified 2 ships heading from California to Asia and 10 en route from Shanghai to Europe

Asia 114

Ford reorganizes Asia Pacific markets; establishes stand-alone China business

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Ford Motor Company is reorganizing its Asia Pacific operations. Peter Fleet, president Ford Asia Pacific, will facilitate the transition of Chen into his new position as leader of the Ford operations in China. Fleet will also oversee the establishment of a new International Markets business unit, which will initially comprise Ford’s existing Asia Pacific businesses outside of China and other markets globally—the subject of a future announcement.

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GAF Energy moves its solar manufacturing from Asia to the US


Roof-integrated solar company GAF Energy announced today that it will move all of its manufacturing from Asia to a facility in Silicon Valley. It’s a reversal of the solar industry trend of manufacturing solar panels in Asia due to lower labor costs.

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Tesla Q4 deliveries teased with 12 export ships to Asia and Europe


Tesla export ship trackers have identified at least 12 ships traveling to Europe and Asia for Q4, delivering vehicles from the Fremont Factory and Giga Shanghai. Two of the identified Tesla ships are carrying cars from Fremont to Asia.

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EIA projects nearly 50% increase in world energy usage by 2050, led by growth in Asia

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EIA projects most of this growth will come from regions where the consumption of energy is driven by strong economic growth, particularly in non-OECD Asia. Energy consumption was greater in Asia than in any other region in 2018, and we project that consumption will almost double between 2018 and 2050, making Asia both the largest and fastest-growing region in the world for energy consumption.

2019 192

Mobileye and WILLER partner to launch autonomous robotaxi service in Japan, Southeast Asia

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Mobileye, an Intel Company, and WILLER, one of the largest transportation operators in Japan, Taiwan and the Southeast Asian region, have formed a strategic collaboration to launch an autonomous robotaxi service in Japan and markets across Southeast Asia, including Taiwan.

2020 179

GM expands landfill-free efforts in Asia

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General Motors’ Rayong engine plant in Thailand and Cheongna proving ground in Korea are now landfill-free , bringing the company’s total to 33 sites throughout Asia that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all of their daily waste. GM’s landfill-free facility count in Asia compares to 45 in North America and 22 in Europe. 70% of waste at GM manufacturing plants in Asia is packaging materials such as wood and cardboard.

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BMW Group and NTU Singapore launch US$965K electromobility research program; Electromobility in Asia and Smart Materials

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This new research program will be conducted at the Future Mobility Research Lab located on the NTU campus, which is the BMW Group’s first joint lab in Southeast Asia. The new research program will focus on two new areas, Electromobility in Asia and also Smart Materials. —Axel Pannes, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia. Driver Assistance Systems Electric (Battery) Materials Other Asia Plug-ins Urban mobility

2015 216

GlobalData: China to account for 44% of Asia’s crude oil refining capacity in 2023

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China will drive the majority of growth in the crude oil refining industry in Asia between 2018 and 2023, contributing 44% of Asia’s crude oil refining capacity in 2023, according to GlobalData. The company’s report: ‘ China Crude Oil Refinery Outlook to 2023 ’ finds that the total refining capacity of China in 2018 was 15,994 thousand barrels per day (mbd)—46% of Asia’s total refining capacity in 2018.

2019 203

Roskill: Europe will still need to import more than 50% of Li-ion cathode materials from Asia by 2025

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The EU says it could be self-sufficient in EV batteries by 2025. However, despite Europe’s fast-expanding capacity of Li-ion battery production, its cathode materials production capacity is struggling to keep up.

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SK Group to invest $1.5B in Plug Power; strategic partnership and JV to accelerate H2 economy in Asia

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The combination of SK Group’s significant presence and leadership throughout Asia’s energy industry and its strategic direction on portfolio transformation to green via hydrogen economy with Plug Power’s leadership in hydrogen fuel cell systems, fueling stations and green hydrogen generation represents a powerful team to accelerate the growth of hydrogen economy in Asian markets, the new partners said. Plug Power Inc.,

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CNOOC takes delivery of Asia’s first LNG tug

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China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has taken delivery of Asia’s first tugboat Hai Yang Shi You 525 , designed to operate solely on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as ship’s fuel. Hai Yang Shi You 525 , the first of two tugs built by the Zhenjiang shipyard for CNOOC, features a propulsion package based on twin Rolls-Royce Bergen C26:33L9PG engines and a pair of Rolls-Royce US 205 CP azimuth thrusters to ensure the tugs have rapid maneuvering and strong bollard pull capabilities.

2015 184

Honda studying collaboration with Grab for motorcycle sharing services in Southeast Asia

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to begin discussion toward collaboration in the area of motorcycle sharing services in Southeast Asia. Within this trend, signs of the oncoming structural change which will shift emphasis from “ownership” to “shared use” of products has become increasingly visible in the motorcycle market in Southeast Asia as well. Honda Motor Co., recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Grab Inc.,

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Malaysia Airlines flies first flight in Malaysia using sustainable aviation fuel

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Aviation & Aerospace Bio-hydrocarbons Fuels Other AsiaMalaysia Airlines, the national carrier of Malaysia, operated its inaugural flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in partnership with PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) and Neste.

As Demand Soars, Tesla Launches Largest Delivery Center In Asia


While everything's bigger in Texas, China seems to be stealing that thunder when it comes to EVs

Asia 79

Tesla Opens First Supercharging Station In Southeast Asia


It's also the first Supercharger in Singapore

Toyota begins collaboration with Grab on ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia; MSPF

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Grab), the largest ride-hailing service company in Southeast Asia, are collaborating to provide ride-hailing services throughout Southeast Asia. This project will now be extended to Southeast Asia for the first time. Grab offers the widest range of on-demand transportation services in the most markets in Southeast Asia, with more than 55 million app downloads and more than 1.2

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ABI Research: 16B ride-hailing trips completed globally in 2017, 24B expected in 2018; 70% in Asia

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The results showed that just more than 70% of ride-hailing trips were completed in Asia alone, with the next biggest markets being North America and Latin America, with only 5% of trips being completed in Western Europe due to stricter regulation. It hasn’t been all success stories for those operating in Asia, however. Some foreign companies, such as Uber, have struggled in the region, leading to its exit out of China and South-East Asia.

2018 183

Toyota develops tropospheric ozone-concentration simulator for South and East Asia

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have developed a simulator able to predict tropospheric ozone concentrations across the whole of South and East Asia. The simulator is expected to contribute with efforts to reduce energy consumption and limit emissions of the substances in South and East Asia that cause atmospheric pollution—one factor in global warming—and thereby bring about significant benefits worldwide. China Emissions India Other Asia

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Audi opens Research & Development Center for Asia in Beijing, China

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Audi AG has opened its new Audi R&D Center Asia in Beijing, China. The head of the Audi R&D Center Asia is Lorenz Fuehrlinger. The teams get their inspiration from trends in Asia and will transfer new perspectives back to the headquarters in Ingolstadt, where the global design is created. The center is part of Audi’s global R&D and will closely cooperate with the development departments of FAW-Volkswagen.

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PNNL: increases in aerosols from East Asia decreased effects of reductions in US emissions in western states by 25%

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A study led by scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that, in the western United States, increases in aerosols from East Asia decreased the radiative warming effect induced by reductions in US emissions by 25% from 1980-2014. Researchers found that increases in emissions from East Asia decreased the warming effect (e.g.,

2018 174

Bosch offering range of complete powertrains for two-wheelers; Asia and smartphones

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Asia is a driver of growth. The company has developed an electronically controlled fuel injection system that can be adapted to any vehicle—allowing Bosch to offer solutions ranging from the cheapest single-cylinder two-wheeler in Asia to the high-performance bikes prevalent in Europe and North America. Just as it is for cars, Asia is a driver of growth in the two-wheeler segment. Bosch intends to apply its unified systems approach to low-cost models in Asia.

2014 219

VW brings E-Bugster concept to Beijing for Asia premier

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Volkswagen is showing the E-Bugster electric vehicle concept, unveiled earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show ( earlier post ) at Auto China in Beijing for its premiere in Asia. The two-seat Beetle speedster, features an 85 kW electric motor or 38.3 kWh battery pack, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds. Volkswagen calls the complete electric drive unit “Blue-e-Motion”.

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Scuderi Group expands operations to Asia

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There are more than 43 million internal combustion engines produced in Asia every year, with a majority of these engines produced for automotive applications where automakers continue to struggle to achieve higher fuel economy targets. Scuderi Group, the developer of a split-cycle and engine and air-hybrid variant, has opened a Japan office and hired a Director of Asian Operations, Deryk Langlais.

Asia 170

Study finds shipping emissions in East Asia contribute to up to 37.5K premature deaths each year

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A study by a team of researchers from China and the US has shown that shipping emissions in East Asia accounted for 16% of global shipping CO 2 in 2013, compared to only 4–7% in 2002–2005. Asia’s share of world seaborne trade reached 38.7% for goods loaded and unloaded in 2013, and eight of the top ten global container ports are located in East Asia, as the region continues to dominate the league table for port throughput.

2016 150

UNEP Asia Pacific: compelling case for green economy

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To prosper over the remainder of the 21st Century, the countries of the Asia Pacific need a new “green” industrial revolution to drive dramatic improvements in resource efficiency, according to a major international report to be released in Canberra next week. This research and its significance for the Asia Pacific region will be discussed at the Australian launch of the report on Tuesday, 27 September at the Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra.

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Airbus forecasts Asia-Pacific will need ~11,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years

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Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region will lead global demand for larger and more eco-efficient aircraft over the next 20 years, according to Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast (GMF). In value terms, the region will account for 42% of the global market for new airliners, reflecting the higher proportion of widebody aircraft required in Asia-Pacific. Increasing urbanization from already high levels in the region means that 25 of the 89 mega cities in 2032 will be in Asia-Pacific.

2014 205

New analysis finds Asia produces twice as much mercury emissions as previously thought

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New analysis by an international team led by MIT researchers shows that Asia now releases a surprisingly large amount of anthropogenic mercury. While its increased burning of coal was known to exacerbate mercury emissions and air pollution, the MIT-led team estimates that Asia produces more than double the mercury emissions previously estimated. It wasn’t an out-of-the-ballpark result, but it does give you some pause to think about how much mercury could be coming out of Asia.

Study finds unprecedented urbanization and urban expansion in East-Southeast Asia from 2000 to 2010

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In an open-access paper published in the journal Environmental Research Letters , researchers find that urban populations across the whole of East-Southeast Asia have grown more rapidly than the expansion of urban areas, leading to increased population densities in some of the most populated yet vulnerable regions in the world. Our results have shown that East-Southeast Asia is undergoing unprecedented urbanization and urban expansion.

2015 185

Greenlots and BMW Group Asia Partner to provide Singapore???s first electric vehicle network

Green Car Congress

California-based Greenlots, a global provider of open standards-based technology solutions for electric vehicle (EV) networks, has partnered with BMW Group Asia to provide Singapore with its first Home and Public Charging network as part of BMWs 360 ELECTRIC program. This partnership and rollout has been synchronized with BMW is first market launch in Southeast Asia and the first publicly available commercial EV to hit Singapore streets.

2014 200

Pike forecasts Asia-Pacific to be largest PEV market, with more than 1.2M units by 2015; China to represent 53% of total sales

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Total PEV sales in Asia-Pacific. According to a new report from Pike Research, the various national-level initiatives and programs to promote the awareness of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Asia-Pacific region will help make the region the largest market worldwide for electrified vehicles, led by strong demand in China, Japan, and Korea. Unit sales of all electrified vehicles in Asia-Pacific will surpass 1.2 Click to enlarge.

Asia 204

Mitsui and Inbicon Sign Cellulosic Ethanol Licensing Agreement for Biomass Refineries in Southeast Asia

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The agreement grants Mitsui the right to build a number of biomass refineries in Southeast Asia using Inbicon’s technology. With the agreement, we have taken an important step towards the establishing of a plant engineering business for the production of second-generation ethanol in Southeast Asia. Tags: Cellulosic ethanol Other Asia Inbicon biomass refinery. Click to enlarge.

Asia 170

HaloIPT signs manufacturing deals in UK and Asia

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HaloIPT will work with Chargemaster PLC in Europe and Evida Power Ltd in Asia to bring IPT charging to the worldwide electric vehicle industry within the next 18 months. Evida, which has operations in Europe, Israel and China, is working with HaloIPT to explore the feasibility of manufacturing 40,000 HaloIPT systems in Asia over a five-year period.

Asia 175

BioAmber and CJ CheilJedang plan JV for bio-succinic acid production in Asia

Green Car Congress

Under the terms of the agreement, BioAmber and CJCJ plan to establish a joint venture in China to produce up to 36,000 metric tons of bio-succinic acid annually and commercialize the output in Asia. BioAmber Inc. has signed a non-binding letter of intent with South Korean-based CJ CheilJedang Corporation (CJCJ).

2016 150

Albemarle signs definitive agreement to acquire lithium salts production assets in Asia

Green Car Congress

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate conversion assets and supporting business functions currently operated by Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Science and Technology Co. The transaction includes manufacturing assets located in both Jiangxi and Sichuan, China focused on the production of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

2016 174

Audi showcasing R8 e-tron piloted driving EV at CES Asia; piloted driving Audi A7 Sportback

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At CES Asia 2015 in Shanghai, Audi is showcasing a piloted driving technology study version of its new R8 e-tron battery-electric sports car, introduced earlier this year at the Geneva show. The brand’s appearance at CES Asia represents the initial results of the company’s collaboration in China. Journalists at CES Asia can ride along in the piloted driving Audi A7 Sportback prototype over an approximately 15 km (9.3

2015 179

Plug Power and Hyundai Hysco sign MOU to form fuel cell JV in Asia

Green Car Congress

Hysco) to create a joint venture partnership to develop and to sell hydrogen fuel cells in countries throughout Asia using Hysco’s advanced stack and plate technology. Plug Power Inc. signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hyundai Hysco Co. Specifically, the proposed five-year joint venture will develop, manufacture and sell fuel cell solutions, products and stacks for applications in Asian markets.

2014 191

Nissan to expand Thailand-based Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA)

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Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., plans to expand Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA), its regional research and development function, to accelerate Nissan’s R&D activities in the ASEAN region. NTCSEA is the R&D function under Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., in Thailand. A broadened scope of responsibility, the addition of new facilities and an increase of staff will significantly contribute to better addressing the needs of customers in the region, the company said.

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Concord Energy and cellulosic biogasoline company Cool Plant to establish JV in Asia-Pacific region

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Concord Energy, one of Singapore’s leading crude oil and refined petroleum product trading companies, has signed an agreement with cellulosic biogasoline company Cool Planet Energy Systems ( earlier post ) to establish a joint venture in the Asia-Pacific Region.

2013 192