Alaska is getting its own electric vehicle charging network

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Alaska is slated to get its own EV charging network, making EV ownership more viable on the Last Frontier. By summer, the state-run Alaska Energy Authority plans to install DC fast-charging stations along the state's main highway corridor, according to a recent Anchorage Daily News report.

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Alaska Air Group collaborating with ZeroAvia to develop hydrogen powertrain for 76-seat zero-emission aircraft

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ZeroAvia announced a development collaboration with Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines, for a hydrogen-electric powertrain capable of flying 76-seat regional aircraft in excess of 500 NM.

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Tesla deploys big 37-Megapack project in Alaska to replace gas turbines


Tesla has now deployed and unveiled a big 37-Megapack project in Alaska that will help replace gas turbines with a more sustainable solution. The post Tesla deploys big 37-Megapack project in Alaska to replace gas turbines appeared first on Electrek.

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BP to sell Alaska business to Hilcorp for $5.6B

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BP has agreed to sell its entire business in Alaska to Hilcorp Alaska, based in Anchorage, Alaska. The sale will include BP’s entire upstream and midstream business in the state, including BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., that owns all of BP’s upstream oil and gas interests in Alaska, and BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.’s s interest in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Our exit from Alaska does not in any way diminish BP’s commitment to America.

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First Electric Bus Entered Service In Alaska


Proterra ZX5, manufactured in California, entered service in Alaska

Tesla expands Supercharger network to Alaska, now in all 50 states


Tesla has deployed a new Supercharger station in Alaska. more… The post Tesla expands Supercharger network to Alaska, now in all 50 states appeared first on Electrek. It’s the first in the state and now means there is a Supercharger station in every state.

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Alaska Air and ZeroAvia are developing a 500-mile range hydrogen-electric plane


Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines, is collaborating with ZeroAvia to develop a hydrogen-electric powertrain that will be implemented on a 76 passenger plane.

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Alaska’s First Electric School Bus Is Managing Minus 40 Temps With Ease


Alaska’s first (and currently only) all-electric school bus is getting the job done regardless of the temperature

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Tritium & ReCharge Alaska Engineer Electric Vehicle Charging Solution Capable of Surviving Sub-Arctic Temperatures

EV Obssesion

The post Tritium & ReCharge Alaska Engineer Electric Vehicle Charging Solution Capable of Surviving Sub-Arctic Temperatures appeared first on EV Obsession. EV Charging Stations Specific Technologies Golden Valley Electric Association ReCharge Alaska

Here’s how Alaska’s only electric school bus is performing in temps as low as -40F


In October 2020, Electrek reported that the state of Alaska got its very first electric school bus. more… The post Here’s how Alaska’s only electric school bus is performing in temps as low as -40F appeared first on Electrek.

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Tesla Builds First Supercharging Station In Alaska


It will be the northernmost North American location so far

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Caelus confirms large-scale oil discovery on the North Slope of Alaska

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Caelus Energy Alaska, LLC, a privately held independent exploration and production company, announced that its subsidiary, Caelus Energy Alaska Smith Bay LLC, has made a significant light oil discovery on its Smith Bay state leases on the North Slope of Alaska. This discovery could be really exciting for the State of Alaska. Without the state tax credit programs, none of this would’ve happened, and I’m not sure Caelus would’ve come to explore in Alaska.

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Ford used Alaska’s trickiest terrain to test the F-150 Lightning’s all-season capability


The F-150 Lightning spent two weeks with Ford engineers in Alaska, providing the vehicle with some of its toughest and trickiest tests to date. Alaska was an ideal choice, especially as it offered extreme scenarios of what the truck will see on a daily basis.

Base Polestar range, Acura EVs, Alaska charging: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Polestar earns a respectable range rating for its most affordable model. Alaskans will have enough fast-chargers for road trips along one route in the state. And Honda’s premium Acura brand will put more focus on EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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ConocoPhillips puts Alaska Chukchi Sea exploration on hold

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ConocoPhillips will put its 2014 Alaska Chukchi Sea exploration drilling plans on hold given what it called “the uncertainties of evolving federal regulatory requirements and operational permitting standards. —Trond-Erik Johansen, President, ConocoPhillips Alaska. A recent Department of the Interior (DOI) report called on industry and government to work together to develop an Arctic-specific model for offshore oil and gas exploration in Alaska.

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Alaska Railroad to demo hauling LNG in intermodal containers; 1st railroad permitted to haul LNG

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The Alaska Railroad (ARRC) will demonstrate the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in intermodal LNG ISO containers from southcentral to interior Alaska during a month-long operational performance project in early fall 2016. The containers are manufactured by Hitachi, one of several T75-compliant ISO tank makers interested in Alaska’s LNG market.

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Tesla Launches First Supercharger In Alaska


It has four 250 kW stalls

Alaska Airlines to buy sustainable biofuel from Hawai`i BioEnergy

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Alaska Airlines and Hawai`i BioEnergy LLC signed an agreement for the carrier to purchase sustainable biofuel for its aircraft. Alaska Airlines is Hawai`i BioEnergy’s second customer, and the first airline to sign a contract. Hawai`i BioEnergy will ramp up production of the sustainable fuels within five years of regulatory approval, allowing Alaska Airlines to begin procuring sustainable jet fuel for its Hawai`i flights possibly as soon as fall 2018.

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Shell backs out of Alaska for foreseeable future with financial hit

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Shell announced on Monday that it will cease further exploration activity in offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future. The company said the decision reflects the results from Burger J exploration well located in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea; the high costs associated with the project; and the “ challenging and unpredictable ” federal regulatory environment in offshore Alaska. The balance sheet carrying value of Shell’s Alaska position is approximately $3.0

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EGEB: Biden administration freezes oil, gas leases in Alaska wildlife refuge


more… The post EGEB: Biden administration freezes oil, gas leases in Alaska wildlife refuge appeared first on Electrek. In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The US Department of the Interior suspends oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Watch Ford’s F-150 Lightning cut through snow and ice at a military base in Alaska [Video]


The trove of footage was gathered over two weeks in Alaska, where Ford engineers fine tuned the all-electric pickup in -30? The post Watch Ford’s F-150 Lightning cut through snow and ice at a military base in Alaska [Video] appeared first on Electrek. Ahead of deliveries this spring, Ford Motor Company has shared footage of its highly anticipated F-150 Lightning enduring winter testing through snow and ice.

Alaska Governor proposes $355M financial package for LNG plant on North Slope

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Alaska Governor Sean Parnell proposed a $355-million financial package for construction of a natural gas liquefaction plant on Alaska’s North Slope and a Fairbanks-area natural gas distribution system through the private sector, and an area-wide utility. A North Slope LNG plant has the potential to deliver gas via truck to Fairbanks and to provide access to gas for road and river communities, as well as Southcentral Alaska.

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Alaska LNG Project partners select lead terminal location

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ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips and TransCanada have selected a site in the Nikiski area on the Kenai Peninsula as the lead site for the proposed Alaska LNG project''s natural gas liquefaction plant and terminal. Alaska Governor Sean Parnell welcomed the selection of Nikiski as the lead site for a terminus of an all-Alaska natural gas pipeline.

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Ford F-150 Lightning Takes On Alaska For Cold Weather Testing


Ford takes the F-150 Lightning up North for some final validation ahead of its springtime launch

Linc Energy acquires more UCG coal exploration acreage in Alaska

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Linc Energy Ltd has acquired the grant of 181,414 acres of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) coal exploration licences in Alaska from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority following a competitive bidding process. This is an excellent outcome for Linc Energy which greatly advances our strategic goal to bring commercial UCG development to Alaska and become a significant part of the USA domestic energy market.

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Repsol, Armstrong Energy make largest US onshore oil discovery in 30 years; 1.2B barrels in Alaska

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billion barrels of recoverable light oil in the Nanushuk play in Alaska’s North Slope. The contingent resources identified with the existing data in Repsol and Armstrong Energy’s blocks in the Nanushuk play in Alaska could amount to approximately 1.2 Spain-based integrated global energy company Repsol has been actively exploring Alaska since 2008, and since 2011 the company has drilled multiple consecutive discoveries on the North Slope along with partner Armstrong.

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ICCT updates US airline fuel efficiency rankings; Alaska stays on top, American on bottom

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Key findings of the updated study include: Alaska, Spirit, Frontier, and Southwest Airlines remained the top four most fuel-efficient airlines on US domestic operations in 2014. On average, Alaska has operated the most efficient US domestic flights for five years running since 2010. America Airlines ranked last for the third year in a row, burning 25% more fuel than Alaska to provide a comparable level of transport service.

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Way cleared for major Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline project

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Proposed route for the Alaska Pipeline project. Alaska Governor Sean Parnell announced that two major milestones have been met in the state’s effort to bring Alaska’s North Slope natural gas to Alaskans and markets beyond. First, the State of Alaska resolved its long-running litigation with ExxonMobil and other leaseholders regarding the Point Thomson field, which holds almost a quarter of the North Slope’s known natural gas. Alaska Pipeline Project.

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Fully Emission-Free Container Ship, Alaska Charging Station Corridor, Largest Battery All-Electric Double-Decker Motor Coach

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billion investment — largest to date — in clean cars, trucks, mobility options Lightning eMotors Develops Largest Battery All-Electric Double-Decker Motor Coach Available Charging Stations AS the number of electric vehicles grows in Alaska, a charging […].

IHS Markit: Alaska North Slope a super basin ready for resurgence; production to grow 40% in 8 years

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The Alaska North Slope (ANS) Basin—a prolific source of US oil production previously limited by a number of barriers to entry including cost and access—is poised to re-emerge as a major source of US energy production, with crude oil output potentially increasing as much as 40% during the next eight years, according to new energy research from IHS Markit.

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EPIC Fuels supports Alaska Airlines and Gevo commercial aviation flights with alcohol-to-jet fuel

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EPIC Fuels , a fuel supplier to the general and commercial aviation industries, provided expertise in fuel blending as well as technical and logistical support to Alaska and Gevo, Inc., Alaska Airlines selected EPIC Fuels as a partner to ensure project success based on EPIC’s extensive experience in renewable fuel operations. The results met the required specifications for ASTM 1655 jet fuel and were cleared for use on two Boeing 737s in Alaska’s fleet.

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Alaska EV company seeking crowd-funding for low-volume production AWD electric roadster

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Ethos Electric Vehicles, a small, Alaska-based company building custom electric motorcycles and automobiles, has launched a $100,000 crowd-funding campaign for reworking an existing internal combustion engine kit car—the Graber Cars’ La Bala —into a low-volume production, all-wheel drive (AWD) electric roadster.

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Alaska Airlines to be Gevo’s commercial launch partner for renewable alcohol-based jet fuel

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Gevo has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Alaska Airlines to purchase Gevo’s renewable jet fuel and fly the first commercial flight on alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ). Alaska Airlines was the first US airline to fly multiple commercial passenger flights using a biofuel from used cooking oil. Earlier post.). The single demonstration flight is expected to occur after Gevo receives ASTM International certification for its fuel, sometime in mid- to late-2015.

2015 195

US DOE seeking accelerated development of unconventional energy resources in Alaska’s Arctic

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Under the MOU , DNR and DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy will work together—and with potential investors—to study unconventional energy resources in Alaska’s Arctic. The Alaska North Slope has two of the largest conventional oil fields in North America (Prudhoe Bay and Kuparuk) as well as several other smaller but still significant fields. Alaska will also participate in periodic reviews of all scientific data and reports collected or created during the course of the MOU.

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Alaska state senators propose $475M in incentives for xTL plants

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Alaska state senator Lesil McGuire has introduced a bill ( Senate Bill 109 ) that would grant $475 million in state investment tax credits toward development of plants converting natural gas-, coal- or biomass-to-liquids products (GTL, CTL or BTL = xTL) on the state’s North Slope. The $475 million credit against state corporate income tax liability would be for each plant built in Alaska, although the credit cannot exceed 60 of the total cost of the facility.

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Proterra electric bus to begin 4-month trial in Anchorage, Alaska next week

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The Municipality of Anchorage’s (MOA) Public Transportation Department (PTD) will put a new 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 electric/battery powered bus on trial next week. The bus will begin serving routes for the general public for a four-month trial period. The four-month trial period will test how the bus performs in winter weather, how cold temperatures affect the battery life and whether it’s feasible to pursue an electric bus fleet in the future.

2018 174

New Findings Show Increased Ocean Acidification in Alaska Waters

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Alaska’s oceans are becoming increasingly acidic, which could damage Alaska’s king crab and salmon fisheries, according to new findings by a University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist. This spring, chemical oceanographer Jeremy Mathis returned from a cruise armed with seawater samples collected from the depths of the Gulf of Alaska. They show that ocean acidification is likely more severe and is happening more rapidly in Alaska than in tropical waters.

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Alaska Airlines Test Flight of RNP Approach Lowered Emissions By 35% Compared to Conventional Landing

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Source: Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines demonstrated next-generation flight procedures this week during a test flight over Puget Sound that burned less fuel and reduced emissions by 35% compared to a conventional landing. Alaska Airlines estimates the new procedures at Sea-Tac will cut fuel consumption by 2.1 Ben Minicucci, Alaska’s chief operating officer. Alaska Airlines RNP display. Source: Alaska Airlines.

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USGS releases first shale-oil and shale-gas resource potential assessment for the Alaska North Slope

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The US Geological Survey has released its first estimate of the potential of undiscovered, technically recoverable onshore shale oil and gas resources in Alaska’s North Slope. Northern Alaska province showing boundaries of assessment units (AU). Three source rocks of the Alaska North Slope were assessed in this study: the Triassic Shublik Formation, the lower part of the Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Kingak Shale, and the Cretaceous pebble shale unit-Hue Shale.

2012 195

Tesla Megapacks Help Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Reduce Its Reliance On Fossil Fuels


The Megapack battery energy storage system will have to withstand temperatures as low as -30°F (-34.4

Alaska Pipeline Project partners progressing on massive LNG export project; total cost between $45 to 65+ billion

Green Car Congress

Concept of the Alaska Southcentral LNG Project. The partners in the Alaska Pipeline Project (APP)—ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP, and TransCanada— submitted a letter to Alaska Governor Sean Parnell describing their companies’ progress in advancing an Alaska liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project. Clearly, they have fully shifted their efforts to an Alaska LNG project. Click to enlarge.

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TransCanada and ExxonMobil To Work Together on Alaska Gas Pipeline

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TransCanada Corporation and ExxonMobil have reached an agreement to work together on an Alaska gas pipeline. In November 2007, TransCanada Alaska and Foothills jointly submitted an application under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) to build a 4.5 In December 2008, TransCanada was awarded the AGIA license after an open and transparent competitive bid process and receiving the approval of the Alaska legislature.

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Port of Seattle, Boeing and Alaska Airlines release aviation biofuel infrastructure findings

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​The Port of Seattle, Boeing and Alaska Airlines released a first-of-its-kind study that identifies the best infrastructure options for delivering aviation biofuel to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. In pursuit of its goal to power every flight at Sea-Tac with sustainable aviation biofuel, Sea-Tac is among the first airports in North America to work with aviation, energy and research partners to systematically evaluate all aspects to developing a commercial-scale program from scratch.

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