Chalmers team identifies two main challenges for bio-hydrocarbon fuel production from cheap sources

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Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have identified two main challenges for renewable biofuel production from cheap sources: lowering the cost of developing microbial cell factories; and establishing more efficient methods for hydrolysis of biomass to sugars for fermentation. The International Energy Agency projects that by 2050, 27 percent of global transport fuels will be biofuels.

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Oil is cheap, so Kuwait raised its own gas price to compensate

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Cheap gasoline is good news for the economies of most countries, but not those that rely on oil exports. The sustained fall in global prices has led oil-producing countries to search for ways to keep their revenues up. In some cases, that means cutting back on cheap gas for their own citizens. DON'T MISS: Even Saudi Arabia vows to end its. oil Middle East energy policy United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia


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Era Of Cheap, Subsidized Gasoline To End In United Arab Emirates

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Global oil prices have remained fairly low for most of this year, which should be good news for people in most of the industrialized world. But that's not the case in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The continued slump in prices has prodded the seven-state federation to make a somewhat radical change in policy. DON'T MISS: IMF: Fossil Fuels. oil Middle East energy policy United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia

RIP natural-gas cars, doomed by cheap gas and electric cars

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Their promise appeared to grow near the height of the global financial crisis, when gas prices hovered around $4 per gallon across much of the United States. Natural gas vehicles were first promoted starting in about 2000 as a way to reduce reliance on imported oil and cut tailpipe emissions. The domestic fuel promised to cut carbon-dioxide. natural gas LPG alternative fuel vehicles natural gas vehicle

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BNEF ups forecast for global investment in stationary energy storage, sees majority of capacity likely to be grid-scale

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Global cumulative energy storage installations. The report goes on to model the impact of this on a global electricity system increasingly penetrated by low-cost wind and solar. Just 10 countries are on course to represent almost three quarters of the global market in gigawatt terms, according to BNEF’s forecast.

2019 200

Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

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The arrival of cheap battery storage will mean that it becomes increasingly possible to finesse the delivery of electricity from wind and solar, so that these technologies can help meet demand even when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. trillion being invested globally in new power generation capacity between 2018 and 2050, with $8.4 Gas-fired generation is seen rising 15% between 2017 and 2050, although its share of global electricity declines from 21% to 15%.

2018 197

Global Bioenergies plans to acquire Dutch start-up Syngip; gaseous carbon feedstocks for renewable isobutene process

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Global Bioenergies, the developer of a process to convert renewable resources into light olefin hydrocarbons via fermentation (with an initial focus on isobutene) ( earlier post ), signed a contribution agreement with the shareholders of Syngip B.V. to transfer all Syngip shares to Global Bioenergies S.A. Global Bioenergies has set the diversification of feedstocks usable in its isobutene process as its new R&D frontier. shares to Global Bioenergies S.A.

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Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

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Some expect both to remain steady due to global economic conditions while others point to the return of $3/gallon gas (in the states) fueled mainly by an increase in foreign demand. In a 2009 interview, AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson voiced his opinion that gasoline is too cheap and that the United States government should consider a gas tax to make sure the price does not fall below roughly $3.50

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BMW, Daimler and VW Propose Global e-mobility Standardization on Vehicle2Grid Communication, Harmonization of Chargers

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BMW, Daimler and VW are proposing a global OSI-Layer based standardization of smart charge communication. In a joint presentation at the California Air Resource Board ZEV Technology Symposium last week, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen proposed global standardization for the e-mobility charging infrastructure, including one worldwide standard for smart charge communication, as well as a proposed pathway for harmonizing the two main standards for AC chargers and infrastructure.

2009 220

BNEF: producing battery materials in the DRC could lower supply-chain emissions and add value to the country’s cobalt

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The DRC’s cost competitiveness comes from its relatively cheap access to land and low engineering, procurement and construction, or EPC, cost compared to the US, Poland and China. We are only at the beginning of the path to achieving net-zero emissions globally.

BNEF: steel industry set to pivot to hydrogen in green push; additional $278B for clean capacity and retrofits

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The report “Decarbonizing Steel: A Net-Zero Pathway” outlines the path to making profitable, low-emissions steel and describes how a combination of falling hydrogen costs, cheap clean power, and increased recycling could reduce emissions to net zero, even while total output increases.

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2020 Top 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution

EV Sales

This is a global challenge, to which different countries can contribute in different ways, and the big picture must be in view. Since the general auto market remained slumped, global EV market share increased nicely from 2.8% Globally ~14k Ioniq BEVs were sold.

2020 52

Roskill: surge in electrodeposited copper foil projects to meet projected EV demand

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From January to May 2021, more than a dozen new projects and expansions have been reported globally, Roskill said. The primary factors determining the siting of new foil capacity include proximity to EV battery making customers; a site suitable for multiple expansion phases; locally available supplies of high-grade copper scrap (the primary raw material) and finally, a cheap and reliable electricity supply (the main manufacturing cost), Roskill said.

IDTechEx: Sales of electric motorcycles in Europe grew 50% y-o-y in 2020

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In contrast, low energy, cheap LFP packs sourced from China can be used for the low energy needs of electric scooters. Zero Motorcycles, the global market leader for electric motorcycles based out of California, is a good example, according to IDTechEx.

BNEF report finds hydrogen promising decarbonization pathway, but carbon prices and emissions policies required

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Hydrogen Economy Outlook , a new and independent global study from research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF), finds that clean hydrogen could be deployed in the decades to come to cut up to 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and industry at a manageable cost.

2020 212

Next-Gen Mazda2 Will Return 70 MPG, Without An Electric Motor

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is just getting its first taste of the funky Mazda2, a car that has helped rewrite the rulebook on affordable hatchbacks by showing that cheap doesn’t have to mean drab and boring to drive. However, the next-generation of Mazda’s global small car is currently in the works and is set for debut in Japan as early as the first The U.S.

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After calling Teslas a “toy” years ago, Hyundai’s belief in hydrogen is being tested


But refueling stations are lacking, and the maintenance costs [for parts such as hydrogen tanks] are huge, which is probably why they’re so cheap in the used-car market.

New gel-based non-noble-metal electrocatalyst for fuel cells

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ne of the biggest challenges for materials science is to design facile routes to structurally complex materials, which is particularly important for global applications such as fuel cells. Unlike platinum, which is rare, our new material is made up of the abundant and cheap elements, iron and magnesium. The key is that the gelatin material is not only cheap, but it’s extremely easy to make.

2013 203

CRU: Lithium prices plunging as hype meets reality; impact of new supply, disappointing BEV sales

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Weaker-than-expected demand in China is partly responsible, but the main driver has been the ongoing avalanche of new supply into the market, as plentiful cheap spodumene meets ample conversional capacity in China, the CRU analysts said. China is the world’s largest user of lithium, accounting for 57% of global demand in 2019, and is also the biggest supplier of lithium converted products.

2019 218

Delivery of renewable isooctane to Audi tips interesting potential non-biomass pathway for biogasoline; “e-benzin” as solar fuel

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Last week, Audi and its partner Global Bioenergies announced that the first batch of renewable isooctane—which Audi calls “e-benzin”—using Global Bioenergies’ fermentative isobutene pathway (sugar→isobutene→isooctane) had been produced and presented to Audi by Global Bioenergies. Global Bioenergies, founded in 2008, has developed a synthetic isobutene pathway that, when implanted in a micro-organism, enables the organism to convert sugars (e.g.,

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2022 GMC Hummer EV: the biggest, baddest, butchest EV to hit the market?


The Hummer SUV sat silently behind Doug Parks, GM’s executive vice president of global product development, during his segments.

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MAN propane-fueled ME-LGIP to power Chinese VLGC

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Methanol and LPG carriers have already operated at sea for many years and many more LPG tankers are currently being built as the global LPG infrastructure grows. With a viable, convenient and comparatively cheap fuel already onboard, it makes sense to use a fraction of the cargo to power the vessel with an important, side-benefit being its positive, environmental performance.

2019 261

Facebook Steps Toward Cryptocurrencies

Cars That Think

And while marrying this with a home-grown cryptocurrency might reduce its processing costs, the real ambition is to become the main payments intermediary for it's enormous global user base.

Tips: How to Make Money from Your Old Car

Clean Fleet Report

The global market for used vehicles stood at $1.323 billion in 2019, with a projected growth rate of 5.5 You don’t need a complete vehicle overhaul as a simple DIY quick fix and cleaning can transform a cheap piece into a priceless collector item.

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Could Sucking Up the Seafloor Solve Battery Shortage?

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Reeling from a crushing shortage of semiconductor chips for vehicles, carmakers also face another looming crisis: producing enough batteries to drive the global pivot towards electric vehicles. China processes about 80 percent of battery raw materials, creating a chokehold on global supplies.

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Algenol closes on additional $25M internal equity financing

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This technology has the best chance of actually reducing carbon emissions while producing cheap fuel in the process. With this investment, more than $260 million dollars have been invested in and granted to Algenol from BioFields and Reliance Industries, a Fortune Global 500 company based in Mumbai, India, as well as the US Department of Energy and Lee County, Florida.

2015 183

CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

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Their goal is to test an innovative electrolyzer concept for the cheap production of green (CO 2 -free) hydrogen for a decarbonized future. is creating a streamlined manufacturing process for silicon solar photovoltaic cells that requires only 10% of the silicon, half of the operating and equipment cost, and a quarter of the energy of incumbent technology, enabling sustainable solar manufacturing that will combat climate change by meeting global demand for solar.

2020 294

Tesla targets 2022 to finalize India manufacturing plans: analyst


Mandal sees India as perhaps one of the largest beneficiaries of the ongoing EV movement globally, and the analyst believes Tesla is well aware of this fact.

India 76

Mad Power thoughts

EV Info

Gas turbines are fairly flexible to switch on and off as wind varies, they’re relatively cheap, highly efficient and much lower in emissions than wood, coal or oil. Had it not been so exceptionally calm in the run up to this autumn equinox, one could call the energy crisis a perfect storm.

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Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2: EV cousins offer different takes on “premium”


It’s called the XC40 Recharge, and the earliest versions aren’t cheap, priced from about $55,000 including delivery. Polestar itself is in the process of setting up its company stores, a process obviously affected by the global COVID pandemic now entering its second year.

Renault and Powervault in EV battery “second-life” partnership trial

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Thanks to this home energy storage partnership with Powervault, Renault is adding a new element into its global strategy for second life batteries, which already covers a large number of usages from industrial to residential building and districts. In the UK, Renault and Powervault are partnering to re-use electric vehicle (EV) batteries in home energy storage units.

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Why Is Facebook Getting Into Cryptocurrency?

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They're pointing to a legitimate problem," says Lee Reiners , executive director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University.

Europe/US team: transitioning to a low-carbon world will create new rivalries, winners and losers

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This scenario assumes a full global consensus for action on climate change. A wave of green globalization allows all countries to share in the benefits of decarbonization. Petro-states are compensated to transition smoothly to a sustainable economy, avoiding a last-ditch attempt to flood the world with cheap oil and gas. Some national oil companies go bankrupt and others consolidate into a handful of global energy giants.

2019 188

First snapshots of CO2 molecules trapped in MOFs shed new light on carbon capture

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According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, limiting global temperature increases to 1.5 It has high commercial potential because it’s very cheap and easy to synthesize. Scientists from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have taken the first images of carbon dioxide molecules within a molecular cage—part of a metal-organic framework (MOF), with great potential for separating and storing gases and liquids.

2019 197

Alibaba’s One Wheeled Magic! Single Wheeled Electric Motor Cycle

Get Electric Vehicle

A conventional IC engine powered vehicle is an engineering marvel no matter how cheap the car is. Companies are now introducing new models in response to the high demand for electric vehicles on the global market.

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Solar and Battery Companies Rattle Utility Powerhouses

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Over the last five to 10 years we have seen an uptick in new entrants providing retail energy services," says Albert Cheung, head of global analysis at BloombergNEF. "It

An abundant and inexpensive water-splitting photocatalyst with low toxicity active in visible light

Green Car Congress

While the development of new photocatalysts that can split water by absorbing visible light has been worked on globally, there are cost- and environment-related issues because many of the available photocatalysts contain expensive rare metals, such as tantalum, or high concentrations of lead, which is very toxic. Sn 3 O 4 has great potential as an abundant, cheap, and environmentally benign solar-energy conversion catalyst.

2014 163

Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

Green Car Congress

The lithium, found in salty water, or brines, is the most cost-effective on the market; it’s cheap and easy to extract, giving competing battery gigafactories new, affordable American lithium resources that will be a global game-changer. At the end of the day, Nevada has enough lithium brine to earn it a place among the key global venues—a list that for now includes the “Lithium Triangle” of Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, as well as China.

2015 220

Berkeley team develops host-guest nanowires for efficient water splitting and solar energy storage

Green Car Congress

Harnessing energy from sunlight is a means of meeting the large global energy demand in a cost-effective and environmentally benign manner. BiVO4 is a newly introduced material that is among the best ones for absorbing light and performing the water splitting reaction, but does not carry charge well while TiO 2 is stable, cheap and an efficient charge carrier but does not absorb light well.

2016 174

The Turbulent Past and Uncertain Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Today, even as AI is revolutionizing industries and threatening to upend the global labor market, many experts are wondering if today's AI is reaching its limits.

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Third, be especially careful with aftermarket batteries and chargers, even ones that carry a familiar brand name, because counterfeiting has become more and more common , and incentives to do so will only increase during a global emergency. Likewise, cheap chargers can create overheating by delivering too much current, which can create a similar fire risk for your batteries.

2020 40

KPMG study identifies 10 sustainability “megaforces” with accelerating impacts on business; imperative of sustainability changing the automotive business radically

Green Car Congress

In a new study, KPMG International has identified 10 “megaforces” that will significantly affect corporate growth globally over the next two decades. The analysis examines how these global forces may impact business and industry; calculates the environmental costs to business; and calls for business and policymakers to work more closely to mitigate future business risk and act on opportunities. It is predicted that by 2030, the global demand for freshwater will exceed supply by 40%.

2012 256

MAN Diesel & Turbo announces new ME-LGI dual-fuel engine for methanol and LPG; Waterfront Shipping signs LOI for four units

Green Car Congress

Methanol and LPG carriers have already operated at sea for many years and many more LPG tankers are currently being built as the global LPG infrastructure grows. With a viable, convenient and comparatively cheap fuel already onboard, it makes sense to use a fraction of the cargo to power the vessel. Waterfront Shipping, a wholly owned subsidiary of Methanex Corporation, is a global marine transportation company specializing in the transport of bulk chemicals and petroleum products.

2013 197