Groupe Renault and Google Cloud partner to accelerate Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault and Google Cloud announced a new industrial and technology partnership to accelerate the digitization of Groupe Renault’s industrial system and of Industry 4.0 This new partnership with Google Cloud aims, among other things, at optimizing Groupe Renault’s wholly-owned and independently operated industrial data management platform.

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Google Maps adds electric-car charging locations

Green Car Reports

In a banner day for electric-car drivers, Google announced on Wednesday that it will add electric-car charging stations to Google Maps. The app will now show Tesla Supercharging stations as well as ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink, and SemaConnect networks in the U.S. as well as networks in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. It will not include. Charging Networks

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2020 BMW i4, Google Maps chargers, Jaguar I-Pace efficiency, Tesla factory: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Google Maps adds electric-car charging locations. Google MapsTesla acquires land in Shanghai. Jaguar releases MPGe and range numbers for its new I-Pace electric crossover. And BMW reveals details of its upcoming electric i4. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla announced it has now acquired the land in Shanghai to build its long-awaited second.

Hey Google! Lets Reinvent Detroit Together Using Our Creative Greenius Before The Opportunivors Scavenge It

Creative Greenius

No this is a job for the company I’ve long been a stockholder of – Google. Because Google is smart enough to not only see the opportunity and have the wherewithal to seize it, they also know what to do with it. Google sees what the Greenius groks – that Detroit may be bankrupt but it still has tremendous assets already in place. Google dudes, you have my gmail address.

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Fourth Tesla Model X Said To Go To Google Founder Sergey Brin

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Many Tesla supporters dismiss the company's continuing financial losses, claiming that Google could use its vast cash horde to rescue Tesla Motors, if need be. A biography of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, published earlier this year, claims a deal was struck with Google co-founder Sergey Brin to rescue Tesla at a time when the automaker was struggling to. Elon Musk Tesla Motors Google plug-in cars

Google Street View car used to spot, quantify methane leaks

Green Car Reports

Now, a Google Street View car has allowed researchers to pinpoint and quantify the severity of natural-gas leaks in five different. emissions natural gas Google Street View MethaneNatural gas is growing as a part of the world's grid mix, because its carbon per kilowatt-hour is much lower. But methane leaks that emit large volumes of climate-change gas into the air may offset that advantage.

Maybe Apple and Google won't take over the car industry after all?

Green Car Reports

Apple Autonomous cars Google plug-in cars Silicon Valley self-driving carsOver the past few years, a common refrain among analysts and pundits has been that the future of the U.S. car industry lies not in Detroit, but in Silicon Valley. With their nimbleness and more aggressive attitudes, as well as expertise with emerging technologies related to autonomous driving and connectivity, tech companies will soon give.

Mercedes-Benz integrates with Google Assistant

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz announced its integration with the Google Assistant on Google Home. Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant, makes it possible to interact with the Mercedes-Benz vehicle from home. The collaboration with the Google Assistant is part of Mercedes-Benz’ long-term goal of creating an intelligent ecosystem around cars, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to make everyday life more convenient for their customers.

Electric Volvo XC40 features new infotainment system powered by Android with Google technologies built-in

Green Car Congress

Powered by Android, the new infotainment system offers customers unprecedented personalization, improved levels of intuitiveness and new embedded Google technology and services. Volvo Car Group is the first company to team up with Google on integrating an infotainment system powered by Android, with the Google Assistant, Google Maps and the Google Play Store built-in. The Google Assistant also allows a driver to interact with smart-home devices from the car.

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Google teaching autonomous vehicles to share road safely with cyclists

Green Car Congress

In the latest monthly report on its autonomous driving project, Google engineers outlined some of the steps they are taking to teach their self-driving cars to share the road safely with cyclists. Google currently has 24 Lexus RX450h SUVs and 34 prototype vehicles on the road with autonomous driving capability. The Google autonomous fleet has so far racked up 1,725,911 miles driven in autonomous mode, with 1,158,921 miles driven manually.

Playing with Google Sketchup

Open Source Civic EV Kit

I thought I would take the afternoon to see if I could draw some battery boxes with Google Sketchup. You can get the Google Sketchup files for these at the Civic-EV Google Group in the files section I was surprised by how easy the program was to use. Here are some tentative 3/16" polypropylene battery boxes for the Civic-EV design: This is the front (headlight) battery box that holds four batteries.

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Google’s technology campaign for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

Search engine giant Google is looking for partners within in the auto industry to help launch one of the most significant applications of artificial technology over the next several years, the self-driving car. In a keynote address to the SAE 2012 World Congress on 25 April 2012, Anthony Levandowski, Business Lead for Google’s Self Driving Car Project provided an overview of Google’s autonomous vehicle program and requested that the auto industry partner with Google on the implementation.

Could Google Buy Tesla? Should It?

Green Car Reports

But last week, a Forbes contributor suggested an intriguing notion: Should search giant Google buy Tesla? Speculating on what will happen to Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] can be endlessly entertaining, and the discussions have taken up terabytes of server space already. The conventional wisdom has been that ultimately, Tesla''s backers and board will

Daimler and Google deepen strategic partnership

Green Car Congress

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Daimler and Google announced a deepening of their strategic partnership to provide Daimler with access to the Google Maps API (application programming interface) for Business for the use of cloud-based, map-related applications in Daimler vehicles and early access to other new APIs as they are developed. Google and Daimler have been working in close partnership for many years.

Google spins off self-driving car efforts into new Alphabet business, Waymo

Green Car Congress

Google has spun off its self-driving car (SDC) efforts in a new Alphabet (Google’s parent company) business called Waymo. In a post introducing Waymo, John Krafcik noted that since 2009, Google SDC prototypes have spent the equivalent of 300 years of driving time on the road. Since the early days of the project, our work has been shaped by feedback we’ve heard from the communities that will most benefit from self-driving cars.

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Google Ogles Plug Ins

Plug In Partners

Philanthropy Google’s Way: Not the Usual By KATIE HAFNER New York Times Published: September 14, 2006 SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13 — The ambitious founders of Google , the popular search engine company, have set up a philanthropy, giving it seed money of about $1 billion and a mandate to tackle poverty, disease and global warming. snip) Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin , believe for-profit status will greatly increase their philanthropy’s range and flexibility.

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How Google's Self-Driving Car Works

Green Car Reports

Once a secret project, Google's autonomous vehicles are now out in the open, quite literally, with the company test-driving them on public roads and, on one occasion, even inviting people to ride inside one of the robot cars as it raced around a closed course. Google's fleet of robotic Toyota Priuses has now logged more than 190,000 miles (about

Google Adds Bike Directions in US to Google Maps

Green Car Congress

Google has added biking directions in the US to Google Maps. This has been the most requested addition to Google Maps, according to the company, which unveiled the new feature at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC. The new bicycling layer for Google Maps, accessible via the “More…” drop down menu at the top of the map, will display an overlay of the various bike-friendly roads and trails around town.

Google announces first fully functional build of self-driving prototype

Green Car Congress

In a post on Google+, Google engineers announced that they have assembled a fully functional prototype for fully autonomous driving; the vehicle unveiled earlier this year was an “early mockup”. The prototype is headed for Google’s test track; engineers are targeting road-testing in Northern California in 2015.

Infineon and Google ATAP developing technology for gesture sensing and presence detection; automotive applications

Green Car Congress

Infineon Technologies AG is working with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP) to develop a sensing solution. First implementations which provide gesture recognition and presence detection capability for a range of future devices were demonstrated by Google ATAP this week at its Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco. Potential applications include wearables, internet of things and automotive applications.

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Hyundai collaborates with Google Assistant in further connecting homes to cars

Green Car Congress

At CES 2017, Hyundai is demonstrating compatibility with the company’s Blue Link Agent for the Google Assistant. These commands include “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to start my Santa Fe and set the temperature to 72 degrees”, “Ok Google, Tell Blue Link to send the address of the Mandarin Oriental, in Las Vegas to my Sonata”, and “Ok Google, ask Blue Link to lock my car”. Hyundai will have more features before launching this Action on Google Home into production.

2017 60

Google and IEEE launch $1M challenge for downsized inverters

Green Car Congress

Google and the IEEE have launched the Littlebox Challenge—an open competition to design and build a small kW-scale inverter with the highest power density (of at least 50 W/in 3 , or 3.05 Google and IEEE are emphasizing size reduction in their challenge, without targeting a specific application area such as automotive. —Google FAQ on the challenge.

Volvo Cars in strategic partnership with Google to build Android into next generation connected cars

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars announced a “close” partnership with Google to develop the next generation of in-car infotainment and connectivity solution based on Android, offering access to a wide array of apps and services. The large catalog of popular Android apps—developed by Google, Volvo, or third party app developer—will offer connected and predictive services in and around the car. We are making an important strategic step with the Google partnership.

2017 60

Google self-drive cars approved in California

Green Cars News

Signed into law yesterday by the California Governor Jerry Brown, Google with now be able to test its fleet of modified Toyota Priuses as long as there is still a human being behind the wheel, [.]. Green credentials Cars Google self drivingSelf-driving cars have come a step closer to reality as a new legislation in California approved the use autonomous vehicles.

Google Maps acquires mapping analytics startup Urban Engines; improved urban mobility

Green Car Congress

Google Maps has acquired mapping analytics startup Urban Engines. Urban Engines, two of whose four co-founders were originally at Google, has developed a mapping, visualization, analytics, and optimization platform that uses the information from the billions of movement data points each day to provide a better understanding of how traffic flows change throughout the day and over time. Location analytics is an important focus for both Urban Engines and Google.

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Google begins talks with automakers to bring self-driving cars to market eventually

Green Car Congress

Chris Urmson, director of self-driving cars at Google, said at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit that the company has started talks with most of the world’s top automakers and assembled a team of global suppliers to speed its push to bring self-driving cars to market. Urmson confirmed that Roush, the Michigan-based engineering and specialty manufacturing company, built the podlike two-seater that Google plans to start testing on public roads this year.

2015 88

Google spurs electric car videos

Plugs and Cars ,'s campaign for plug-in cars, has issued a call for short videos. If you've got one, explain how it works for you. If you want one, explain why. Videos are beginning to show up on youtube. Jeff U'ren drove an EV1 for three years.well, the vid tells the tale.

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Google goes green

Green Cars News

It’s probably the most famous name on the internet - yes even ahead of - and now Google is going green. Its Google StreetView, which is usually built from images captured by a car driving around with a multi-directional camera, will be replaced on the roads where cars can’t go by a special StreetView Trike that only specially trained Google employees and contractors can ride.

IHS Automotive sees Google leading technology, testing, software development for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

Google is the current technology leader in this arena, according to a report from industry analysts IHS Automotive: “Google Self-Driving Car Strategy and Implications”. IHS estimates suggest Google has invested nearly $60 million so far in autonomous vehicle research and development, at a run rate of nearly $30 million per year. This provides Google researchers additional expertise not available directly to traditional OEMs.

2015 83

Volkswagen Group, Google partnering on quantum computing; traffic optimization, batteries, AI

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group and Google will partner on research in the field of quantum computing. As part of this collaboration, a team of specialists from Volkswagen and Google will work together using a Google quantum computer. Volkswagen Group IT wants to make progress in three development areas on the Google quantum computer. Thanks to our cooperation with Google, we have taken a major step towards this goal.

2017 60

Crowdsourcing Electric-Car Innovation: Design Inverter, Win $1 Million From Google

Green Car Reports

It''s rewarding too, for any one entering the Google and IEEE ''Littlebox Challenge''--a competition to design a smaller, high power density inverter. Improving the modern electric drivetrain isn''t easy, but it''s certainly worthwhile. The prize? One million dollars. The idea behind the competition is mainly to reduce the size of inverters, according

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Google to sponsor NASA Green Flight Challenge

Green Car Congress

The CAFE Foundation announced that Google will sponsor the NASA Centennial Challenge flight competition known as the Green Flight Challenge (GFC). The aircraft in the Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google represent a diverse mix of singular prototypes created expressly for the competition by some of the world’s top designers. This recharging will occur at the CAFE Flight Test Center’s first-ever Electric Aircraft Charging Station sponsored by Google.

Now Electric-Car Drivers Can Use Google Glass To Find Charging Stations

Green Car Reports

Google Glass has taken the tech sector by storm--and now it''s giving electric-car drivers a reason to pay attention as well. Charging-station operator SemaConnect has developed an app (via BWWGeeksWorld) for the wearable computer that helps drivers find places to charge. The app allows drivers to locate the nearest charging station within a

2014 87

Daimler and Google team up for car technology

Green Cars News

Internet giant Google and German carmaker Daimler have announced that their strategic partnership will now run a little deeper. Speaking at the International Consumer Electronics Show, it was revealed that Google will provide Daimler with access to the Google Maps application programming interface (API) that will bring map-related applications directly to Daimler vehicles, while also [.].

Google Gets It - It's the Plug, Stupid

Plugs and Cars

With Google's street cred (Wall Street and your street,) intellectual prowess and financial clout, electricity may at long last get a seat at the table. Just as Toyota announces delays on the next-generation (read plug-in hybrid) Prius and Honda cancels its hybrid Accord, Google has thrown down the gauntlet. Finally an entity is stepping up and saying unambiguously it's about electricity.

2007 100

Google Gets Chevy Spark EV Electric Cars For Ride-Sharing Test

Green Car Reports

While Google''s self-driving car program continues to make headlines, it''s hardly the only automotive project the company is involved in. Among the items in General Motors'' recently-released sustainability report is a ride-sharing pilot program to be conducted in partnership with the tech giant. The pilot program will use Chevrolet Spark EV

2014 86

Aclima partnering with Google to map outdoor air quality with Street View vehicles

Green Car Congress

a San Francisco-based company that designs and deploys environmental sensor networks, is partnering with Google Earth Outreach to map and better to understand urban air quality. Google Street View cars can be equipped with Aclima’s mobile sensing platform to measure nitrogen dioxide; nitric oxide; ozone; carbon monoxide; carbon dioxide; methane; black carbon; particulate matter; and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Aclima, Inc.,

2015 81

Daimler joins with Google to research the application of quantum computing to mobility

Green Car Congress

Daimler is pursuing strategic research partnerships in the field of quantum computing, and has signed a cooperation agreement with Google in this area. The design of Google’s recent 72?qubit Bristlecone is Google’s newest quantum processor (left). Source: Google. This cooperation agreement allows specialist teams from Daimler Group Research and IT to use quantum computers from Google in order to pursue concrete issues relating to the future shape of mobility.

2018 60

Harman demonstrates Google Glass integrated with proprietary advanced driver assistance system

Green Car Congress

Harman, the premium global audio and infotainment group is demonstrating the integration of Google Glass with its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) engine at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The system uses an Android camera feed and image processing to analyze in real-time camera the potential road risks provide alerts through the Google Glass.

2014 89

Google's Electric, Autonomous Test Car Looks Happy, Has No Steering Wheel

Green Car Reports

But it is Google''s latest, dedicated test vehicle for its autonomous car technology--an electric, steering-wheel and This is probably not the car you''ll be whisked around cities in, in the future. Which is either a good or bad thing, depending on how much you like cars that look like koala bears on a substance recently legalized in Colorado.

2014 83

Researchers use Google Street View cars for high-resolution air pollution mapping

Green Car Congress

The team equipped two Google Street View vehicles with the fast-response Aclima Ei measurement and data acquisition platform and repeatedly sampled every street in a 30-km 2 area of Oakland, CA, over the course of a year, developing the largest urban air quality data set of its type. Driving more than 14,000 miles, the Google cars collected 3 million measurements of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and black carbon pollutants in Oakland.

2017 65

FCA and Google collaborate on a Uconnect system concept powered by Android OS

Green Car Congress

FCA is collaborating with Google on next-generation connected car systems enabled by the power of an open platform and the ecosystem of the Android open-source operating system. At CES 2017 this week, FCA and Google will demonstrate a seamless integration of the Uconnect 8.4-inch connected vehicle system with Android inside a Chrysler 300 sedan. Android is an open source software stack for a wide range of mobile devices and a corresponding open source project led by Google.

2017 60

Google test driver-less Prius

Green Cars News

Google is testing a self-driving car and has so far clocked up a total of 140,000 miles of driving without human intervention. Tags: Green credentials cameras DARPA Challenge driver-less Google prius trials Nonetheless the search engine firm claims that the car is still very much in an ‘experimental stage’ as it collaborates with Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University to further develop driver-less car technology. According [.].