Isuzu and Cummins collaborating on prototype medium-duty electric trucks

Green Car Congress

Cummins and Isuzu Motors announced an agreement to create a prototype medium-duty, battery-electric truck to demonstrate in North America. This truck represents the first zero-emissions solution facilitated by the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership (ICPP) formed in May 2019.

Isuzu 343

Anadolu Isuzu and Proterra partner on next-generation Citi VOLT battery-electric buses in Europe

Green Car Congress

Anadolu Isuzu, Turkey’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, and Proterra announced a new collaboration to power the new generation of Anadolu Isuzu’s all-electric Citi VOLT public transportation buses with Proterra’s commercial vehicle battery technology.

Isuzu 321

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Isuzu, Hino and Toyota to accelerate bus electrification efforts

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Motors, Hino Motors and Toyota Motor plan to strengthen their efforts to electrify buses. Isuzu and Hino to begin production of BEV flat-floor route buses in FY2024. Isuzu and Hino plan to begin production of battery-electric vehicle (BEV) flat-floor route buses in 2024 at Isuzu-Hino joint venture J-Bus Ltd. Isuzu and Hino have been collaborating in the bus business since 2002 and have been precisely responding to the requirements of bus operators in Japan.

Isuzu 174

XL Fleet Introduces hybrid electric drive system upfit for Isuzu NPR-HD

Green Car Congress

announced that its XL Hybrid electric drive system is now available as an upfit solution for the new Isuzu NPR-HD. XL Fleet’s hybrid electric drive system on the Isuzu NPR-HD. XL Fleet’s hybrid system on the Isuzu NPR-HD is now available for purchase throughout North America.

Isuzu 226

Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors sign final agreements to form strategic alliance; cooperation on EVs included

Green Car Congress

The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors signed binding agreements to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles in order to capture the opportunities in the ongoing industry transformation, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2019. The agreements include Isuzu Motor’s acquisition of UD Trucks from the Volvo Group for an enterprise value of ¥243 billion (approx. Isuzu Motors is one of the world-leaders in the segment of 3.5

2020 253

Cummins and Isuzu announce global mid-range diesel powertrain and advanced engineering collaboration

Green Car Congress

and Isuzu Motors Limited announced agreements for a global mid-range diesel powertrain and an advanced engineering collaboration, marking another step forward in the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership (ICPP). Under this global mid-range diesel collaboration agreement, Cummins will provide Isuzu mid-range B6.7 Cummins and Isuzu will closely work together to integrate the engine with Isuzu’s chassis and to meet Japan’s emission regulations. Cummins Inc.

Isuzu 159

Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors intend to form strategic alliance; Volvo to transfer UD Trucks to Isuzu

Green Car Congress

The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles in order to capture the opportunities in the ongoing transformation of the industry. In a first step, the intention is to establish a global technology partnership and to create a stronger, combined heavy-duty truck business for Isuzu Motors and UD Trucks in Japan and across international markets.

Isuzu 174

Woven Alpha, Isuzu and Hino begin exploring the use of automated mapping platform

Green Car Congress

a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, Isuzu Motors Limited, and Hino Motors, Ltd. With the aim of realizing smarter and safer logistics through automated driving and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) using HD maps, Isuzu and Hino will examine the potential application of AMP on the domain of small commercial-purpose trucks. Woven Alpha, Inc., a group company of Woven Planet Holdings, Inc.,

Isuzu 167

Mazda and Isuzu enter pick-up truck collaboration agreement

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation and Isuzu Motors Limited have reached a basic agreement on next-generation pick-up truck collaboration, under which Isuzu will produce next-generation pick-up trucks for Mazda, based on Isuzu’s pick-up truck model, for sale worldwide, with the exception of North America. The partners said that the deal will allow Isuzu to enhance its product competitiveness and Mazda to strengthen its product line-up and maintain own-brand market coverage.

Isuzu 150

Cummins-Powered Isuzu Electric Truck To Start US Trials In 2022


Isuzu's F-Series medium-duty truck will be modified to accommodate Cummins' PowerDrive6000 electric powertrain

Isuzu 86

GM and Isuzu investing $175M for plant for diesel engine components

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Isuzu announced a $175-million investment through their DMAX joint venture to build an all-new, diesel engine components plant in Brookville, Ohio. DMAX is 60% owned by GM, 40% owned by Isuzu Diesel Services of America, Inc.

2019 217

Isuzu and GM enter commercial vehicle collaboration agreement in the US; new low cab forward trucks

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Isuzu Motors reached an agreement on a US commercial vehicle collaboration, allowing Isuzu to strengthen its product lineup and GM to expand its commercial vehicle portfolio. Isuzu will produce low cab forward (LCF) models for GM, based off of the Isuzu N-Series. The Isuzu LCF N-Series in the US offers a choice of two diesel engines or a gasoline engine. V-8 gasoline engine and six-speed automatic transmission, or the Isuzu-sourced 3.0L

2015 188

Mobility services company MONET forms partnerships with Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu & Mazda; Hino & Honda make additional investments

Green Car Congress

has concluded capital and business partnership agreements with Isuzu Motors Limited , Suzuki Motor Corporation, Subaru Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu and Mazda each plan to invest in MONET by August 2019 and acquire approximately 2% of its shares. Mobility services company MONET Technologies Inc. and Mazda Motor Corporation (“Mazda”), respectively.

2019 213

Isuzu and Honda to conduct joint research on fuel-cell-powered heavy-duty trucks

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Motors Limited and Honda R&D Co., As a commercial vehicle manufacturer committed to support transportation, Isuzu has been striving to promote the utilization of low-carbon and sustainable energy. To that end, Isuzu has been researching and developing various powertrains including clean diesel engine, engines for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, which accommodate a broad range of customer needs and how vehicles are used.

2020 150

Report: Isuzu, GM to partner globally on pickup trucks, engines

Green Car Congress

The Nikkei reports that Isuzu Motors Ltd. The new tie-up will likely be formalized in a meeting in the US late this month between Isuzu President Susumu Hosoi and GM Chairman Daniel F. The two firms will continue their discussions on the possibility of the American company taking a stake in Isuzu again. GM and Isuzu have had an alliance that has waxed and waned since 1971, when GM signed an initial capital agreement with the Japanese company. stake in Isuzu.

Isuzu 186

Isuzu signs agreement with GM for joint development of next-generation midsize pickup; not for US or Canada

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Motors Limited and General Motors Company signed a formal agreement jointly to develop a next-generation midsize pickup. Isuzu and GM previously developed two generations of pickups that have been popular in more than 100 countries around the world due to their strong performance, fuel efficiency and durability. The project is intended to strengthen the light commercial vehicle business of GM and Isuzu, whose pickup represents the basis for the new model.

2014 194

All-new Isuzu D-Max set for March arrival

Green Cars News

The all-new Isuzu D-Max will arrive in the UK in March, introducing new styling, improved safety tech and enhanced off-road performance

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Fujitsu and Isuzu agree to jointly research next-generation vehicle systems for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Fujitsu Limited and Isuzu Motors reached an agreement to conduct joint research on future technologies with regard to safety, comfort and the environment, to be applied to the commercial vehicles Isuzu markets worldwide. Fujitsu and Isuzu have a relationship that goes back to 1990 when they formed the joint venture, TRANSTRON Inc.,

2015 174

Nikkei: Isuzu, Mitsubishi Motors and Mazda weakening ties with Europe

Green Car Congress

The Nikkei reports that Isuzu Motors Ltd., Isuzu will halt development of a next-generation diesel for Opel AG. Isuzu is currently in talks with GM to pull out of their Polish joint venture, in which it owns a roughly 40% stake, according to the report. Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. are calling off joint development projects and procurement deals with partners in Europe as a result of the region’s debt problems.

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GM-Isuzu JV DMAX invests $60 million in Ohio diesel engine plant

Green Car Congress

The GM-Isuzu joint venture DMAX, Ltd. GM owns 60% and Isuzu owns 40% of the venture that makes the Duramax diesel for heavy-duty trucks. will invest $60 million in its Ohio diesel engine plant to make design changes that meet future emissions requirements. Established in 1998, DMAX has produced almost 1.6 million engines since opening in 2000. DMAX, Ltd. has invested $760 million in the DMAX facility since 2000. DMAX is home to the Duramax 6.6L

2014 198

Honda and Isuzu, Lucid Air, cleaner EVs from less coal: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

With a passenger-car hydrogen infrastructure moving slowly but development on hydrogen fuel-cell stacks advancing rapidly, Honda and Isuzu have announced that. Coal plants closed and electric cars got greener. Honda looks to trucks for its fuel-cell technology.

2020 80

Report: GM, Isuzu to start talks on another capital, business tie-up

Green Car Congress

will enter talks with Isuzu Motors Ltd. GM is looking to acquire a stake of roughly 10% in Isuzu, according to the report. GM and Isuzu have had an alliance that has waxed and waned since 1971, when GM signed an initial capital agreement with the Japanese company. stake in Isuzu in 2006. stake, and cooperates with Isuzu in its operations in Thailand. If the talks prove fruitful, GM may become Isuzu’s largest shareholder.

Isuzu 180

IMPCO Automotive selected to provide CNG conversions in new Isuzu ship-through process

Green Car Congress

announced that Isuzu commercial vehicle dealers can now select IMPCO as a ship-through option more quickly to convert or to modify gasoline-powered NPR-HD (14,500-lb. As part of the ship-through process, Isuzu trucks built at the Charlotte, Michigan plant will be transported to IMPCO’s OEM Automotive conversion facility in Union City, Indiana for CNG system installation. IMPCO Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc.,

Isuzu 186

Honda and Isuzu join forces to build fuel-cell commercial trucks

Green Car Reports

Honda and Isuzu Motors have signed an agreement to work together in developing commercial trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the companies announced Wednesday. This would be the first time that Honda has provided its fuel cells to another company or given them access to fuel-cell vehicle development. It might also be the first time Honda. Infrastructure

2020 71

GM and Isuzu sign MOU on jointly developing next-gen pickup truck

Green Car Congress

GM and Isuzu have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to start negotiations towards jointly developing a next generation pick-up truck. Moving forward, both companies will discuss specifics regarding the project, according to statements from both companies. The Nikkei had earlier reported that some agreement on pickup truck cooperation was in the works. Earlier post.). Brief

Isuzu 180

Isuzu open order books for new generation D-Max pick-up

Green Cars News

Isuzu’s range of pick-up trucks have long had a reputation for toughness and durability, and with a new D-Max arriving in Spring drivers will get to e. Isuzu D-Max Pick-ups

Isuzu 32

Isuzu supporting up to B20 in all MY2011 and forward commercial diesel trucks in US

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America is supporting the use of B20 (20% biodiesel blend) in all of its new 2011 and forward model year diesel engines, including its four popular N-Series truck models as well as the new Isuzu Reach. Isuzu Commercial Truck is the first Asian manufacturer to approve B20 for US market spec engines. Isuzu Commercial Truck holds a 73–75% market share of the low cab-forward medium-duty truck market in the US.

Isuzu 174

New generation Isuzu D-Max to be revealed in April

Green Cars News

Ahead of its spring launch, Isuzu will reveal the new generation D-Max at the CV Show at the end of April. Along with a fresh set of cosmetic and feat

Isuzu 32

DOE awards $5M to Achates Power to develop next-generation medium-duty opposed-piston engine for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Achates Power will work with Isuzu Technical Center of America (ITCA), Clemson University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as project members. Working with the world-class teams at Clemson, Wisconsin, and Isuzu, the project helps lead us towards more sustainable transportation.

Isuzu 247

DHL Express deploys nearly 100 new Lightning Electric delivery vans in US

Green Car Congress

In addition to Transit passenger and cargo vans, Lightning’s products include all-electric vehicles based on the Ford E-450 shuttle bus and cutaway models, Ford F-53/59, Ford F-550 cargo trucks and buses, GM, Isuzu, and Hino Class 6 trucks.

Isuzu 428

XL Fleet offering hybrid electric upfit for Ram 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty pickups

Green Car Congress

XL Fleet’s newest product represents the fourth OEM platform on which its electrification systems are compatible, which also includes hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric drive solutions for Ford, General Motors and Isuzu fleet vehicles. XL Fleet Corp.

Isuzu 217

Fukushima Prefecture and Toyota begin discussions aimed at building a hydrogen-based city of the future

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Motors Limited. Fukushima Prefecture and Toyota Motor Corporation have commenced discussions with various partners over building a city for a new future that makes use of hydrogen and technologies produced in Fukushima Prefecture.

Euglena completes demo-scale algae biorefinery for renewable jet and diesel

Green Car Congress

euglena has also been partnering with Isuzu Motors to test the renewable diesel for on-road use. Japan-based biotechnology company euglena ( earlier post ) has completed the construction of its demonstration-scale biorefinery in Yokohama for the production of renewable jet and diesel fuels from algae and waste oil.

2018 219

Suzuki and Daihatsu join CJP to apply CASE technologies in mini-commercial vehicles in Japan

Green Car Congress

CJP was launched in April this year to accelerate societal implementation and dissemination of CASE technologies and services by combining the commercial business foundations cultivated by Isuzu Motors Limited (Isuzu) and Hino Motors Limited (Hino) with the CASE technologies of Toyota while helping address various challenges facing the transportation industry as well as contribute to the achievement of a carbon-neutral society. Suzuki Motor Corporation and Daihatsu Motor Co.,

Suzuki 167

Commercial Citroën ë-Berlingo Van, Stellantis Accelerating Electrification, Currently EV Charging, Rimac Technology

EV Obssesion

Isuzu 56

XL Hybrids XL3 powertrain technology now available on diesel commercial van

Green Car Congress

announced its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is now available on the Reach commercial van from Isuzu and Utilimaster. inch wheelbase and the high efficiency 3.0L, 150 HP, Isuzu DOHC I-4 diesel engine. XL Hybrids, Inc. This marks the first diesel-powered vehicle with the XL3 powertrain. Earlier post.).

2015 174

Volvo Group creates Volvo Energy business are to focus on batteries and infrastructure

Green Car Congress

Starting in February 2021, he will lead the effort to create Volvo Energy while also continuing to run UD Trucks and preparing the transfer of UD Trucks ownership to Isuzu Motors as part of the previously communicated strategic alliance between the Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors. The Volvo Group has created the new business area Volvo Energy to strengthen the Volvo Group’s business flow of batteries over the life cycle as well as the customer offer for charging infrastructure.

Volvo 167

XL Fleet going public via merger with SPAC Pivotal Investment Corporation II; expanding fleet portfolio to all-electric solutions

Green Car Congress

XL systems are currently available on a wide variety of Class 2-6 vehicles manufactured by Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Isuzu, and the company is on track to provide its systems in Class 7-8 vehicles in 2022.

2020 351

Tesla: Worth More Than Fiat, Which Is 100 Times Its Size?

Green Car Reports

Not to mention more than Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Isuzu--the last two of which no longer sell cars in the U.S.? Is startup electric-car maker Tesla really worth more than century-old Italian carmaker Fiat? The Italian maker sells roughly 2 million cars a year globally (plus 1.6 million more from Chrysler, which it controls). Tesla hopes to

2013 90

euglena planning commercial production of biojet and renewable diesel from algae in Japan

Green Car Congress

Isuzu Motors and All Nippon Airways (ANA). The company has been investigating the production of biojet from the microalgae Euglena since May 2010 ( earlier post ) and has also partnered with Isuzu in research on next-generation (i.e. Isuzu will evaluate the renewable diesel, and ANA will evaluate the biojet. Japan-based euglena Co.

2015 150

2-millionth Duramax Diesel engine rolls off the line in Ohio

Green Car Congress

GM owns 60 percent and Isuzu owns 40 percent of the joint venture. The 2 millionth Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel engine has rolled off the line at the DMAX plant in Moraine, Ohio. Groundbreaking for the DMAX, Ltd. plant began in 1998, with the first engine rolling off the line July 17, 2000. DMAX, Ltd. was established in 1998. DMAX makes the Duramax diesel engines for heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.

2017 150

Alliance Autogas showcases converted F650/F-750 LPG bi-fuel truck

Green Car Congress

Alliance AutoGas is also developing a Ford Explorer police vehicle, a Ford Transit (close to EPA certification) and an Isuzu NPR with the same Bi Fuel Autogas System warranty and efficient plug and play system installation. Alliance AutoGas showcased a Ford F-650/F-750 tractor featuring a Bi-Fuel AutoGas System at the recent AutoGas Pavilion at the NPGA Propane Expo in Atlanta.

2015 186

Suzuki Motor Corp and Daihatsu partners for smaller electric cars 

Electric Vehicles India

As per the partnership, the Suzuki and Daihatsu will own 10 per cent stake in the joint venture, with the other stakeholders such as Isuzu Motors and Hino Motors while Toyota will have 60 per cent of stake in the partnership. Suzuki Motor Corp and Daihatsu partners for smaller electric cars .