March, 2022

DOE researchers suggest solid-state batteries may not be a safety slam-dunk; thermodynamic models evaluate solid-state and Li-ion safety

Green Car Congress

Recent battery fires have renewed investigation of the safety of Li-ion batteries. One possible path to battery safety is a solid-state battery that replaces the volatile and flammable liquid electrolyte with a non-flammable solid electrolyte.

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Filling vs. charging: Gas vehicles cost up to six times more than EVs

Green Car Reports

In the United States, electric cars are cheaper to drive per mile the their gasoline counterparts, according to recent analysis from the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA).


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Tesla’s Elon Musk cites popular Eminem rap song in latest response to SEC


Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s legal skirmish with the US Securities and Exchange Commission continues, with the executive invoking popular rapper Eminem in a filing submitted to a Manhattan federal court on Tuesday.

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Electric cars are now three to six times cheaper to drive in the US as gas prices rise


Electric cars are now three to six times cheaper to drive in the US as gas prices are getting higher and more volatile. more…. The post Electric cars are now three to six times cheaper to drive in the US as gas prices rise appeared first on Electrek.

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OLA S1 Electric Scooter Ownership Blog

Plug In India

By Kamlesh I'm Kamlesh and i got my OLA S1 electric scooter here in Pune. I hope to document my findings here as i use this ground breaking electric scooter from OLA Electric. I used an electric car for 8 years from 2013 to 2021. My blog unearthed a lot of the inner workings on that vehicle.

Powering Municipal Aggregation with Offshore Wind

Green Energy Consumers

Last week, with a resounding vote of 144-12, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the Offshore Wind and Clean Ener g y bill. It will now go to the State Senate.

Wind 101

OMV says it will stop oil and gas production by 2050 in transformation to net-zero

Green Car Congress

Austria-based OMV, an international, integrated oil, gas and chemicals company, announced its intention to become a net-zero (Scope 1, 2 and 3) company by no later than 2050.

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Tesla begins inviting 15,000 guests to ‘Cyber Rodeo’ at Gigafactory Texas


Tesla has officially started inviting the 15,000 guests to its “Cyber Rodeo” event at Gigafactory Texas on April 7, as CEO Elon Musk published a photo of a virtual invitation to the event last night.

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Keanu Reeves’ motorcycle company ARCH floats idea of building an electric motorcycle


ARCH Motorcycle Company, founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, is known for its bespoke sport cruiser motorcycle production. But while those bikes have always featured internal combustion engines, the duo behind ARCH recently floated the possibility of adding electric power to their lineup.

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OLA Electric Scooter Ownership Blog - Dark Knight

Plug In India

Guest Post By Parvez Scott eBike and OLA electric scooter owner Patiala, PB Here is my ownership blog of the OLA S1 Pro. ​Ola S1 Pro : A Locked ? Potential !! Ola S1 Pro : A Locked ? Potential !!

Direct Sales Bill Passes Out of Committee

EV Club of CT

SB-214 has at minimum 19 votes Final tallies have not been posted on the Transportation Committee website as of this writing on the evening of March 24th, but as of the roll call vote, there. Read more. Advocacy Blog Electric Vehicles News EV Club CT EV Direct Sales Lucid Rivian SB 214 Tesla

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StoreDot achieves 1250 cycles on silicon-dominant fast-charging cell

Green Car Congress

StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, reports being the first company to test silicon-dominant cells for more than 1000 cycles.

Report: US policy shift to EVs, renewable energy could save $1.2 trillion in health costs

Green Car Reports

A rapid shift of new-vehicle sales to all-electric would bring tremendous health and climate benefits, according to the latest periodic report from the American Lung Association (ALA).

Tesla’s crazy laser windshield wipers have been published by the US Patent Office


Tesla’s idea for a crazy windshield wiper that would clear debris from a driver’s line of sight using a laser beam has been officially published by the United States Patent Office. Tesla filed the application for the patent in May 2019, and it finally was granted in late 2021.

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In a US first, California will pilot solar-panel canopies over canals


Nearly a year ago, Electrek reported that scientists published a feasibility study about the benefits of erecting solar panels over canals. That study is about to become a reality in a pilot project in California. more….

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Crypto Mining for a More Stable Grid?

Energy Institute at HAAS

Is cryptocurrency the magical route to resource adequacy? Or just magical thinking? Of all the proposals to avoid another Texas electricity crisis like February 2021, surely the most outside-the-box is … Continue Reading Crypto Mining for a More Stable Grid? Uncategorized featured

Grid 97

The Tribulations of Buying An EV From A Dealership – Lived Experience

EV Club of CT

This is an email that was sent to the EV Club on March 9, 2022 by a member, Svetlana Wasserman, from Greenwich. It is the text of a letter that she sent to her CT. Read more. Advocacy Blog Policy Buying an EV from a dealership EV Direct Sales SB 214

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EIA: Petroleum and natural gas will be the most-used fuels in the US through 2050

Green Car Congress

The US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) Annual Energy Outlook 2022 (AEO2022) Reference case forecasts that US energy consumption will grow through 2050, primarily driven by population and economic growth.

Gas 359

Poll finds bipartisan support for policies supporting EV adoption

Green Car Reports

The increasingly partisan divide in Congress over electric-vehicle-related policy spending may be disconnected from reality.

Tesla pushes several trim levels for Model Y, Model X back to 2023 delivery


Tesla has pushed delivery wait times for several trim levels of the Model Y and Model X back to 2023 as demand for the automaker’s vehicles continues to exceed the company’s production capabilities.

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Tesla is tripling your Model Y delivery time if you don’t add on the $12,000 FSD option


A recent update to Tesla’s website configurator reveals that it is prioritizing reservations that include the $12,000 full self-driving (FSD) option, at least for the Model Y and Model 3.

Tesla 112

A Silver Lining to the Oil Price Cloud

Energy Institute at HAAS

Russia’s war on Ukraine will likely accelerate reductions in transportation emissions. This week’s blog is co-authored with Erich Muehlegger and David Rapson of UC Davis. On the growing list of … Continue Reading A Silver Lining to the Oil Price Cloud. Uncategorized featured

Jeep and RAM Introducing EVs To Their Line-Up

Drive Electric

Jeep and RAM are stepping away from stuffing ludicrously giant engines into 4x4s, instead, deploying all-electric power. The first ever all-electric Jeep has been announced, and it will be launched in early 2023. Not only that, there will also be an all-electric RAM – two of them, in fact.

Jeep 87

Ford using autonomous mobile robot to operate 3D printers at Advanced Manufacturing Center

Green Car Congress

At Ford’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, a mobile robot from KUKA operates the 3D printers completely on its own.

EV affordability threatened by cobalt prices: Did the US let resource control lapse over oil?

Green Car Reports

Just as the Middle East has been a strategic center in global oil politics, the Democratic Republic of Congo has become the epicenter for the raw materials needed for electric vehicles—especially cobalt.

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Elon Musk is projected to become the World’s First Trillionaire in 2024


Elon Musk is currently the richest person in the world, taking over former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last year to claim the title.

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Washington passes bill to target all EV sales by 2030 – for real this time (Updated)


Washington state has set a target that all vehicles of model year 2030 or later sold, purchased or registered in Washington state be electric vehicles. The bill was signed today by Gov. Inslee, making Washington the state with the earliest all-electric new car target in the nation. more….

The Value of Energy Security

Energy Institute at HAAS

After incredulously watching Russian military shoot at Europe’s largest nuclear facility, which supplies 20% of Ukraine’s electricity, I am having a hard time concentrating on anything like writing a blog … Continue Reading The Value of Energy Security

Plug In America partnering with National Automobile Drivers Association to train dealers nationwide

Plug in America

On March 11, at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in Las Vegas, Plug In America announced that it is partnering with NADA and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to educate franchised auto dealerships nationwide on electric vehicles.

DOE: cobalt is the most expensive material used in lithium-ion battery cathodes

Green Car Congress

With the accelerating transition to electric vehicles (EVs), demand for the materials used to produce batteries will increase significantly and rapidly.

Mustang Mach-E electric SUV demand so strong Ford might not take your order

Green Car Reports

Earlier this month, Ford suddenly stopped taking orders for two especially popular versions of the Ford Mustang Mach-E—the Premium and California Route 1.

SUV 162

Tesla surges to $1 trillion valuation once again following 16 percent rally in one week


Update 12:25 PM EST: Paragraph 5 revised to include quote from Wedbush’s Dan Ives. Tesla stock ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) has surged past the $1 trillion valuation mark once again for the first time since mid-January, following a nearly 16 percent rally in the past five trading days.

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Tesla confirms deliveries of German-built Model Ys are starting on March 22


Tesla has confirmed that deliveries of Model Y vehicles built at Gigafactory Berlin in Germany are starting on March 22. more…. The post Tesla confirms deliveries of German-built Model Ys are starting on March 22 appeared first on Electrek.

Small Actions Matter for Reducing Oil Consumption

Energy Institute at HAAS

Right now even modest steps taken to use less gasoline and diesel would have a big impact on prices. With or without formal sanctions, oil buyers are shunning Russian crude, … Continue Reading Small Actions Matter for Reducing Oil Consumption. Uncategorized featured

Vauxhall To Go All-Electric In Record Time

Drive Electric

Vauxhall is to become an all-electric brand by 2028, seven years ahead of the 2035 UK Government ban on the sale of plug-in hybrids, which follows on from the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

Toyota develops storage module for 70 MPa automotive hydrogen tanks; transportation of H2, other applications

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a storage module that integrates multiple 70 MPa automotive hydrogen tanks—already proven in the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCEV)—and safety devices such as a hydrogen detector and an automatic shut-off switch.

GM wants future EVs to be home power banks—and it starts with a California pilot program

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicles have the potential to be more than just transportation—by using their battery packs for supplemental home energy and grid stabilization.

Grid 160