Tesla Model S Plaid Welcomes Challenge From 1,200-HP Shelby GT500


Will the souped-up Shelby GT500's horsepower and weight advantage be enough to defeat the Tesla Model S Plaid

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Renovo shows production prototype of Shelby-based electric supercar

Green Car Congress

Using a factory-modified Shelby American CSX9000 rolling chassis (“Cobra Daytona Coupe”), Renovo’s eponymous coupe features twin mid-mounted sequential axial-flux motors producing more than 370 kW (500 hp) and 1,000 lb-ft (1,356 N·m) of torque, with a 0-60 mph time of less than 3.4 Renovo Coupe Click to enlarge. Renovo Motors , Inc. unveiled a production prototype of its Renovo Coupe electric supercar at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance.

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Tesla motor, Shelby Cobra body, Kia battery: watch electric Cobra stun a race crowd

Green Car Reports

In 1962, a 39-year-old Carroll Shelby stuffed a Ford V-8 into an AC Ace to create one of the most sought after performance cars ever made, the AC Cobra. Some 50 years later, a group of engineers from British Columbia, Canada has brought Shelby's idea—small two-seat sports car, very big power—into a new age.

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Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Absolutely Destroy Ford Mustang Shelby GT


The Mustang driver appears to barely leave the starting line as the Model S crosses the finish line

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Shelby GT500 In Roll Races


1,000+ HP appears to be enough to beat the Plaid

Meet The Robots Driving The Ford Mustang Mach-E For A Living


Nicknamed Shelby and Miles, these robots are especially used when simulating tedious altitude tests

GadgetGeekBlog.com " Blog Archive " 1,000hp Electric Car? - Rumors of the New Shelby Aero EV

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Rumors of the New Shelby Aero EV Foxit’s eSlick Reader Mac Book Mini LG GD910 3G Watch Advertisement Recent Comments moshbrian on Wear Ur World with the New Sixth Sense That is freakin awesome weather it is for the head. Rumors of the New Shelby Aero EV You got my attention now. Rumors of the New Shelby Aero EV January 29th, 2009 Back in November, Shelby Supercars was already making some pretty incredible claims about it’s upcoming electric supercar.

Curtiss-Wright delivers flight test hardware for Eviation’s Alice all-electric aircraft

Green Car Congress

Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures its electric actuation products at its Shelby, NC facility. Curtiss-Wright Corporation has delivered the primary flight control actuators and control electronics to Eviation Aircraft for the all-electric Alice aircraft, as it prepares for first flight. Curtiss-Wright’s high-power density electromechanical actuators (EMA) provide Eviation with a modular, distributed solution that enables a flexible control architecture.

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Wheels Combine Carbon, Aluminum For Strength, Lighter Weight

Green Car Reports

There are already some aftermarket carbon-fiber wheels available, but now Ford will offer them as standard equipment on its sportiest new Mustang model--the Shelby GT350R. It seems carbon fiber is starting to show up everywhere in cars to cut weight, with wheels being one of the latest examples. Performance cars aren't the only ones that could. Wheels Carbon Fiber aluminum weight reduction

2015 111

Rivian R1T’s first real-world towing test shows 62% range loss


Gideontherivian ‘s real-world towing test involves an open trailer with a Shelby Mustang GT on it, according to DriveTeslaCanada , who originally reported the story. The Rivian R1T just began deliveries before 2021’s third quarter ended.

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Ford’s first mass-produced carbon fiber wheels

Green Car Congress

To source the new lightweight track-capable carbon fiber wheels that are standard on the new Shelby GT350R Mustang, Ford partnered with Australia-based Carbon Revolution. Although Carbon Revolution has been the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber wheels, both Ford and the supplier recognized significant innovation was needed to meet Shelby GT350R program needs. The wheels of Shelby GT350R are designed to be stiff, light and resilient.

Mafic USA and Materials Group partner to increase use of basalt fiber in automotive industry

Green Car Congress

Mafic recently began operations at the world’s largest basalt fiber production facility in Shelby, NC. Mafic USA and The Materials Group (TMG) have allied to increase the use of basalt fiber compounded into injection molded thermoplastics within the automotive industry. TMG, located in Rockford, MI, is a thermoplastics manufacturer, distributor and leader within the automotive industry in sustainable plastics directly serving the Auto OEMS and their Tier manufacturing suppliers.

2020 174

Elio Motors releases body framing and engine cradle design to suppliers for E-Series engineering prototype builds

Green Car Congress

He included Schwab Industries of Shelby Township, Mich., which will provide stamping and fabrication services; and The Paslin Company of Shelby Township, which is providing welding systems and fixtures for construction of the E-Series prototypes.

2016 150

Ford puts the pedal down on performance … but not with electric drive technology right now

Green Car Congress

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this week, Ford delivered first proof of that focus with the reveal of the new Ford GT carbon-fiber supercar, as well as the new F-150 Raptor based on the new aluminum F-150 and the Shelby GT350R Mustang. Shelby GT350R Mustang. Ford called the newly unveiled Shelby GT350R Mustang the most track-ready road-going production Mustang ever built. Shelby GT350R has been optimized for aerodynamic excellence.

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ORNL, Strangpresse sign additive manufacturing patent license agreement

Green Car Congress

The additive manufacturing agreement is the latest in a series of ORNL advances following printing of a Shelby Cobra at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Strangpresse LLC of Youngstown, Ohio, have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement on a portfolio of ORNL patents related to large-scale additive manufacturing. Under the agreement, Strangpresse, a Hapco Inc.

2017 150

Renovo to show electric supercar prototype at CES

Green Car Congress

Using a factory-modified Shelby American CSX9000 rolling chassis (“Cobra Daytona Coupe”), Renovo’s eponymous coupe features twin mid-mounted sequential axial-flux motors producing more than 370 kW (500 hp) and 1,000 lb-ft (1,356 N·m) of torque, with a 0-60 mph time of less than 3.4 Renovo Motors, Inc., will offer the first public viewing of its electric supercar prototype at the upcoming 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. Earlier post.).

2014 203

Ford and Webasto unveil ultra-high-performance battery electric Mustang fastback prototype

Green Car Congress

Additional features include Ford Performance’s Track Handling Pack and strut tower brace, Brembo six-piston front brakes from the Shelby GT350R, Sankuer Composite Technologies side splitters and rear diffuser, plus Webasto hood with see-through polycarbonate windows, TurboDX charging solution and TurboCord portable charger. At SEMA, Ford and Webasto revealed Mustang Lithium, an ultra-high-performance battery electric Mustang fastback prototype.

2019 236

ORNL, Strangpresse sign additive manufacturing patent license agreement

Green Car Congress

The additive manufacturing agreement is the latest in a series of ORNL advances following printing of a Shelby Cobra at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL. Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Strangpresse LLC of Youngstown, Ohio, have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement on a portfolio of ORNL patents related to large-scale additive manufacturing.

2015 188

Ford returning to Le Mans in 2016 with Ford GT

Green Car Congress

The Ford Performance lineup includes Ford GT, Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT350R, Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Ford will return to Le Mans in 2016 with the all-new Ford GT supercar ( earlier post ) to compete in the LM GTE Pro class, commemorating the 50 th anniversary of Ford’s 1966 overall victory. Ford GT is company’s showcase for aerodynamics and lightweight carbon fiber construction, along with the new twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6.

2015 188

Ford using high-tech plasma coating process for recycling old engines

Green Car Congress

We have taken a process that was originally developed to enhance performance models such as the all-new Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350R and used it to remanufacture engines that might otherwise be scrapped. Ford is recycling old engines so they can be used again with the help of a special Ford-patented plasma coating technology. The process delivers a 50% reduction in CO 2 emissions compared with producing a new engine.

2015 174

ORNL, Cincinnati Incorporated sign additive manufacturing patent license agreement

Green Car Congress

The additive manufacturing agreement is the latest in a series of ORNL advances that include the production of a 3-D printed vehicles at DOE’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, at ORNL, including a reproduction Shelby Cobra that debuted in early 2015. The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Cincinnati Incorporated have signed a nonexclusive licensing agreement on ORNL patents related to large-scale additive manufacturing.

2016 163

Tesla Model S matches gas cars by going 320 miles at average speeds of 75 mph


The range of the Model S Long Range Plus is comparable to the Mustang Shelby GT500, which has a 16-gallon fuel tank and the Jeep Renegade, which has a 12.7-gallon fuel tank.

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DOE announces $139M in funding for 55 projects to advance innovative vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

Shelby County Government. Advancing Climate and Innovation Goals of Memphis and Shelby County: Electrification of key fleet vehicles to capture cost savings and climate benefits. US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette announced $139 million in federal funding for 55 projects across the country that will support new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies (DE-FOA-0002197, earlier post ).

2020 207

Mitsubishi Evo To Go Plug-In Hybrid? World's Tuners Feel Faint

Green Car Reports

Once in a while, we like to toss in big honkin' performance cars, like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. We can't help it. And even screaming smaller tuner sedans , like the 2010 Subaru STi WRC and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. But now comes news to rock the world: The next generation of the Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer, the STI's arch-enemy

BP acquiring upstream portion of Clean Energy’s renewable gas business for $155M

Green Car Congress

and North Shelby, Tenn. BP will acquire the upstream portion of Clean Energy’s renewable natural gas business and sign a long-term supply contract with Clean Energy to support the firm’s continuing downstream renewable natural gas business. The deal enables both companies to accelerate the growth in renewable natural gas supply and meet the growing demand of the natural gas vehicle fuel market. Renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel—biomethane—is produced entirely from organic waste.

2017 163

Magna and Ford developing prototype carbon fiber composite subframe; mass reduction of 34%

Green Car Congress

The company launched a carbon fiber hood for the Cadillac CTS/ATS-V series, followed by a carbon fiber grille opening reinforcement for the Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500. In pursuit of lower vehicle weight to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency, Magna International Inc., in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, developed a prototype carbon fiber composite subframe which reduces mass by 34% compared to making a stamped steel equivalent.

2017 214

Audi power-dense 2.5L TFSI engine with electric biturbo delivers 591 hp from 2,480 cc; 48V subsystem for the turbo

Green Car Congress

By comparison: The new Ford Shelby GT 350 will feature a naturally aspirated 5.2L The 2014 Ford Shelby GT500 is powered by an aluminum 5.8-liter supercharged V8 producing 494 kW (662 hp) and 856 N·m (631 lb-ft) of torque, or 85 kW/L and 148 N·m/L. At the Wörthersee festival, Audi is showcasing the Audi TT clubsport turbo technology concept equipped with a new 2.5

2015 209

New lightweight, lower-cost Uni-Chassis targeting plug-in hybrids and EVs

Green Car Congress

Theodore expects to have a complete, running Uni-Chassis vehicle, built around Ford GT parts and housed in a modified Shelby Cobra 427 body, for evaluation this fall. Theodore and Associates is unveiling the Uni-Chassis, a frameless body-on-chassis design that is lighter in weight, lower investment and lower cost compared to traditional body-on-frame and unibody designs, at the 2011 SAE World Congress in Detroit this week.

2011 183

Road Test: 2021 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium

Clean Fleet Report

High-powered Mustang GT, Mach1 and Shelby GT500 versions are well-known, with the latter model pumping-out 760 pin-you-back-in-your-seat horsepower. Shelby GT500 $74,095. High-Performance Turbo Manual Transmission Fun.

Clean 77

Plasan and Toray partner on carbon fiber reinforced composites for automotive markets; Toray acquires 20% interest in Plasan

Green Car Congress

Established in 2006, PCC began production of automotive carbon fiber composites, beginning with the Corvette Z06 fenders and followed by Corvette ZR1 exterior components, as well as Viper ACR exterior components and a limited edition Ford Shelby Mustang hood.

2013 163

Feature: Muscle Cars Are Speeding into the Future

Clean Fleet Report

The Mustang has many iterations, but the earliest designs are the pinnacle of classic cars, spawning the Shelby GT and Boss 302. Classics Continue But New Kinds of Electric Muscle Are Hitting the Highway. Cars are a necessity in today’s world.

Clean 79

Ford’s math on hybrid fuel economy; standing by the C-MAX EPA ratings, acknowledging large real-world variance

Green Car Congress

So when I drive that hybrid the way I drive my Shelby GT500, I typically lose about 12 mpg. Raj Nair outlining factors affecting real-world fuel economy in hybrids. Click to enlarge.

2012 207

Ford / AVL study concludes mid-level ethanol blend attractive as a long-term future fuel for use in optimized engines in US

Green Car Congress

Shelby, M., Shelby, M., A study by a team from Ford Motor Company and AVL has concluded that a mid-level ethanol blend—greater than E20 but less than E40—appears to be attractive as a long-term future fuel for the US for use in engines optimized for the higher octane blend. The team presented a paper on their work at the 2013 SAE World Congress in Detroit.

2013 219

Ford CEO: Ford to focus on 5 key areas of innovation: mobility, autonomy, connectivity, customer experience and performance

Green Car Congress

Focus RS will join Ford’s existing performance lineup, including Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Shelby GT350 Mustang and F-150 Raptor. In a pre-Christmas media event, Ford president and CEO Mark Fields said while 2014 was a good year for the company, 2015 has the potential to be a “ breakthrough year ”.

2014 228

GM OnStar and RelayRides introduce peer-to-peer car sharing for GM vehicles

Green Car Congress

Shelby Clark, RelayRides founder and Chief Community Officer. RelayRides reservation app. Click to enlarge. General Motors’ OnStar subscribers can now rent out their idle vehicles through the RelayRides marketplace, leveraging OnStar connectivity already active in their vehicles ( Earlier post ), and with no need to hand over their keys. RelayRides’ renters can unlock reserved OnStar-enabled cars simply by using their smart phones.

2012 221

Team from GM, Ford, FCA reviews how to calculate engine efficiency benefits of high octane fuels

Green Car Congress

Shelby, and William M. A team of engineers from GM Powertrain, Ford and FCA have published a detailed review of how to estimate the engine efficiency benefits of higher octane fuel—e.g., fuel with higher ethanol content—for part- and full-load operation for different engine types and fuel assumptions. Their paper is published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology.

2015 188

Ford to Introduce 9 New or Upgraded Engines and Six New Transmissions in North America This Year

Green Car Congress

5.4-liter Shelby GT 500 V-8. Ford will introduce nine new or upgraded engines and six new transmissions in North America this year as part of a five-year effort to overhaul its entire global powertrain portfolio. Earlier post.) By the end of 2010, nearly all of Ford’s North American engines will have been upgraded or replaced since 2008, according to Barb Samardzich, Ford vice president, Powertrain Engineering.

2010 174

Ford Announces 2.0L EcoBoost Engine; First Production EcoBoost with TI-VCT

Green Car Congress

2010 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 Ti-VCT. Click to enlarge. Ford has officially announced the second member of its turbocharged, gasoline direct-injection EcoBoost family, a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder version that will go on sale next year. The first engine in the EcoBoost line, a 3.5L, V6 engine ( earlier post ), is being applied in the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and Flex and Lincoln MKS and MKT. At the debut of the 3.5L

2009 150

Concept: AET Reaches Final Development Stage of OX2 Barrel Engine

Green Car Congress

Advanced Engine Technologies was incorporated in 1996 to commercialize the OX2, with automotive racing pioneer Carroll Shelby on its Board of Directors and involved in the engine development. Exploded view. of the OX2 Engine. Click to enlarge. Advanced Engine Technologies.

2009 163

Ford announces second member of EcoBoost family

Green Cars News

2010 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500. The green innovations continue to come thick and fast from the leading car manufacturers with Ford announcing the second member of its turbocharged, petrol direct-injection EcoBoost family. A 2.0litre, four-cylinder version is scheduled to go sale next year and follows in the footsteps of a 3.5l, V6 engine that is applied in the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and the Lincoln MKS. When the 3.5l

2010 35

Developing Fords EcoBoost Combustion System

Green Car Congress

Jianwen Yi, Brad VanDerWege, Corey Weaver, Zheng Xu, George Davis, Brett Hinds, Andreas Schamel, Steven Wooldridge, Gary Coulson, James Hilditch, Claudia Iyer, Peter Moilanen, George Papaioannou, David Reiche, Michael Shelby. Configuration of the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Combustion System. A 6-hole fuel injector is mounted between intake ports. The spark plug is at the center of the chamber. The piston has a shallow bowl designed to ensure stable combustion during engine cold-start operations.

2009 183

2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Change Is Good Punch and the PP4 prototype represent an impressive midpoint in development, but Reichenbach (formerly head engineer for the Ford GT and Shelby 350 GT programs at Ford) says that only about 30 percent of what we see in PP4 will be in the final production version.

2009 52

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Carmakers Say. Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us How Carmakers are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity If you ask, "have major auto-makers come around on PHEVs?", todays answer is "Yes -- but not yet."

2009 39