New Emissions Analytics study suggests pollution from tire wear now 1,850 times worse than exhaust emissions

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In early 2020, UK-based independent testing firm Emissions Analytics published a study claiming that tire particulate wear emissions were 1,000 times worse than exhaust emissions ( earlier post ). The next stage is then to take that chemical profile and study the toxicity of each.

Study finds reduction of low-frequency noise from transition to electric buses improved residents’ health

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Accompanying the lower noise levels from bus traffic was a reduction of fatigue, day time sleepiness and low mood, a study at the University of Gothenburg shows. Study report (in Swedish).

2019 359

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NOAA study finds reducing particulate air pollution in N America & Europe increases hurricanes in N Atlantic

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A new NOAA study covering four decades of tropical cyclones found that reducing particulate air pollution in Europe and North America has contributed to an increase in the number of tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic basin and a decrease in the number of these storms in the Southern Hemisphere.

Independent study confirms cost savings & emissions advantages for heavy-duty trucks running ClearFlame’s engine technology

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The study was conducted by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) and commissioned by ClearFlame, whose investors include Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy Ventures, John Deere, Mercuria, and Clean Energy Ventures. —Patrick Couch,, GNA study author.

PG&E launches comprehensive study on hydrogen’s feasibility within gas pipelines; H2?

Green Car Congress

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is launching the US’ most comprehensive end-to-end hydrogen study and demonstration facility, which will examine the future potential of the zero-carbon fuel hydrogen as a renewable energy source for not only PG&E customers but the entire global natural gas industry. The centerpiece of the study, known as Hydrogen to Infinity (H 2 ?),

Three-part catalyst study advances conversion of CO2 to ethanol

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The study, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society , lays out a roadmap for successfully navigating this challenging reaction and provides a picture of the full reaction sequence using theoretical modeling and experimental characterization.

Study finds twice as many cellulose fibers as microplastics in the Atlantic Ocean

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A study by three French institutes—Ifremer, the University of Bordeaux and the IRD (a public research institution)—has found that the surface water of the Atlantic Ocean is twice as polluted by cellulose fibers as it is by microplastics.

Study finds limiting warming to 2 °C would require at least a $200/t carbon tax globally

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A study by University of Chicago economist Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, the Glen A. To achieve the Agreement’s goal to limit warming below 2 °C over the current century would require setting at least a $200 per ton carbon tax throughout the world, according to the study.

Tax 311

NEDO appoints Toyota and partners to study developing large-scale hydrogen supply chain in Chubu Region

Green Car Congress

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has appointed Sumitomo, Chiyoda, Toyota Motor, Japan Research Institute and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking to conduct a feasibility study on the receiving and distribution business of hydrogen in Chubu Region.

Alumobility study: aluminum top hat provides automakers a lighter, sustainable alternative

Green Car Congress

Introduced at Automotive Circle’s annual EuroCarBody conference, the study’s aluminum top hat achieved 42% weight savings compared to the reference top hat of the current Audi e-tron electric SUV, which uses advanced (AHSS) and ultra-high-strength steels (UHSS).

Audi 351

Rice study suggests stress among misaligned particles in LiFePO4 cathodes limits flow

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As an important battery cathode material, reaction distribution in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4 ) has been extensively studied in dispersed particle systems, but remains poorly understood for mesoscopic agglomerates (or secondary particles) that are used in most commercial batteries.

Emissions Analytics study shows GPFs make a big difference

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A recent study by leading UK-based independent emissions testing company Emissions Analytics tested four apparently similar pairs of gasoline-fueled vehicles between the US (without gasoline particulate filters (GPFs)) and Europe (with GPFs).

Tell your friends about EVs: Study suggests automakers still aren’t getting the word out

Green Car Reports

Electric Vehicle Consideration Study indicate, a lot of American consumers still need to simply get a ride in an EV. The firm, in the study Electric vehicles make a lot of sense for the pragmatic aspects: their ownership costs and environmental advantages.

Bigger batteries in EVs could lead to colossal boost in particulate emissions—from tires, study suggests

Green Car Reports

Putting bigger battery packs in EVs can boost range, but a new study suggests it could also lead to a major increase in particulate emissions—from tires. The study comes from Emissions Analytics, a U.K.-based

2020 130

Study: Global Recession Negatively Impacting EV Sales (Duh)

The Truth About Cars

Today’s study comes straight from the memoirs of Captain Obvious. The post Study: Global Recession Negatively Impacting EV Sales (Duh) appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

2020 52

HEI study links fossil fuel combustion with more than 1 million deaths globally

Green Car Congress

The study team, led by Dr. Erin McDuffie and Dr. Randall Martin of Washington University in St.

Global 369

Keliber says studies show its lithium hydroxide will have smaller carbon footprint than most of the competition

Green Car Congress

Keliber, a Finnish mining and battery chemical company that aims to start the sustainable production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, has analyzed the CO 2 emissions generated by its future production using two studies.

Carbon 334

RSB & Bioledger release biofuels blockchain case study

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The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) and software company Bioledger released a case study on the potential of a blockchain database to support traceability of biofuel and its feedstocks and overcome the vulnerabilities identified in securing the supply of sustainable renewables.

Bentley launches 3-year research study on EV powertrains: OCTOPUS

Green Car Congress

Bentley Motors has launched a three-year research study on electric vehicle powertrains, utilizing a fully integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that supports electric vehicle architectures.

2020 351

NREL and Hyundai Supernal collaborating with LA to study aerial mobility

Green Car Congress

To inform the plans for a first-of-its-kind public eVTOL network, Supernal and NREL are collaborating with the city of Los Angeles to study this innovative aerial transit mode.

DOE labs study on costs and benefits of new transportation technologies the most comprehensive to date

Green Car Congress

A new study published by US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory offers the most complete understanding yet of the costs of owning and operating a vehicle, and how those costs vary by powertrain, from the conventional to the cutting-edge.

UC Davis study: roadkill declines as COVID-19 continues

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Fewer wild animals, including threatened mountain lions, are becoming roadkill during shelter-in-place orders, according to a study on three states from the University of California, Davis. Traffic on all roads in Idaho decreased up to 63% during the study period.

Davis 343

Hino to join hydrogen demo study in California ports with Class 8 trucks

Green Car Congress

This joint study will run through March 2026 and is a collaboration project with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Toyota Tsusho America Inc.,

Baker Institute report: China has positioned itself as a gatekeeper to the energy transition; nickel case study

Green Car Congress

In our report and case study we examine tensions in nickel supply and value chains within the context of broad aspirations to electrify transport.

China 332

Ford, U Mich study finds greater greenhouse gas reductions for pickup truck electrification than for other light-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

This is an important study to inform and encourage climate action. This study expands upon previous studies that have focused on comparing battery-electric vehicle sedans to their internal-combustion-engine or hybrid counterparts.

Light 323

OSU, Ford study provides insight into more efficient use of Rhodium in TWC applications

Green Car Congress

A study by a team from The Ohio State University and Ford is providing insight into the deactivation mechanism of rhodium in three-way catalysts (TWC) for automotive emissions control. This study was funded by the OSU-Ford Alliance Project.

Study links fine particulate tailpipe pollution to dementia, Alzheimer's

Green Car Reports

A University of Washington study has found an association between higher levels of air pollution and higher risk for dementia. First spotted by Inhabitat, the study was based on data from two existing studies, one tracking levels of air pollution in the Puget Sound.

New study shows a rapid increase of diesel-fueled backup generators across California

Green Car Congress

M.Cubed’s study highlights that many of these generators are in communities that the California Environmental Protection Agency identifies as “disadvantaged,” according to CalEnviroScreen.

Diesel 370

MIT study attributes > 50% of Li-ion rapid cost decline to investment in materials & chemistry R&D

Green Car Congress

The study took advantage of an analytical approach that Trancik and her team initially developed to analyze the similarly precipitous drop in costs of silicon solar panels over the last few decades.

Li-ion 351

Tesla tops study of home charging experience—again

Green Car Reports

Electric Vehicle Experience Home Charging Study, released Thursday. The study measures EV owners' satisfaction across Level 1 portable, Level 2 portable, and Level 2 permanently-mounted home charging stations. Tesla topped J.D. Power's second annual U.S.

Arcola Energy to lead hydrogen road freight study in Scotland; green hydrogen refueling

Green Car Congress

The project partners include NewCold, which will provide a deep-dive study on cold chain logistics; The Scottish Wholesale Association; St Andrews University; BOC; and Scottish Power.

Argonne study finds rare earth supply disruptions can have long-range impacts

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In a new study, scientists at Argonne National Laboratory highlighted which rare earth elements may be particularly vulnerable to disruptions such as mine shutdowns. —Allison Bennett Irion, study co-author and chair of Argonne’s Advanced Supply Chain Analytics initiative.

Another Study Shows Consumers Hesitant to Embrace Mobility

The Truth About Cars

But every study we’ve encountered suggests the exact opposite. The post Another Study Shows Consumers Hesitant to Embrace Mobility appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

2019 54

Study finds direct seawater splitting has substantial drawbacks to conventional water splitting, offers almost no advantage

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A study by a team of researchers from Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft has found that direct seawater splitting for hydrogen production has substantial drawbacks compared to conventional water splitting and offers almost no advantage.

Water 390

NREL study finds most depot charging could accomodate short-haul heavy-duty electric trucks without upgrades

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This study shows that charging requirements could be met at power levels in line with current light-duty charging technology (?100 100 kW/vehicle) for the fleets studied.

Study finds future-fuel demand for shipping industry equal to entire current global production of renewables

Green Car Congress

A new study , commissioned by the International Chamber of Shipping and prepared by Professor Dr. Stefan Ulreich from Germany’s University of Applied Sciences, finds that the global shipping industry will require the equivalent of the world’s entire current renewable energy demand in order to replace fossil fuel use.

KIT studying production of MEAs for heavy-duty fuel cell vehicle systems

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Within the KliMEA project, researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will study drive systems of heavy duty vehicles and fuel cell technology to find ways how future production of fuel cell components can be adapted to these expected new emissions requirements.

2020 386

Study finds Tula dDSF software reduced NOx 41% and CO2 9.5% in Leibherr D966 diesel

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At the International Engine Congress in Baden-Baden (Germany), Liebherr-Components AG and US-based Tula Technology presented the results of their joint study on heavy machinery.

CO2 226

Study: air pollution caused 1.1M deaths across Africa in 2019, toll from outdoor pollution rising

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The team studied trends in air pollution in Africa to determine impacts on human health and economic development in 54 African countries. In addition to the toll on human health, air pollution imposes economic costs, the study found. Air pollution was responsible for 1.1

Africa 323

ICCT study finds tankering could undermine EU SAF mandate

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In a new study , a team from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) concludes that tankering saves airlines money, but increases systemwide fuel use and emissions and could reduce sales of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) under a mandate.

Study finds particulates are even more dangerous than previously thought

Green Car Congress

Previous studies have analyzed the particulate matter with mass spectrometers to see what it consists of. —Peter Aaron Alpert, first author of the new PSI study. If this is confirmed in further studies, we urgently need to adapt our models and critical values with regard to air quality. Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have for the first time observed photochemical processes inside organic aerosol particles containing iron.

USC study shows promising potential for giant-kelp-based biofuel with depth-cycling approach

Green Car Congress

Scientists at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Santa Catalina Island, working with private industry, report that a new aquaculture technique on the California coast significantly increases kelp growth, yielding four times more biomass than natural processes.

Utah 351

MIT study finds materials risk exposure increases significantly with vehicle electrification

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Now, a study by a team from MIT’s Materials Systems Laboratory, with support from Ford, provides insight into how electrification is changing vehicle composition and how that change is driving supply risk vulnerability. The study, published in Environmental Science & Technology , provides the first comprehensive, high-resolution (elemental- and compound-level) snapshot of material use in both conventional and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) using a consistent methodology.

MIT 305