Alumobility study: aluminum top hat provides automakers a lighter, sustainable alternative

Green Car Congress

Introduced at Automotive Circle’s annual EuroCarBody conference, the study’s aluminum top hat achieved 42% weight savings compared to the reference top hat of the current Audi e-tron electric SUV, which uses advanced (AHSS) and ultra-high-strength steels (UHSS).

Audi 342

Three-part catalyst study advances conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

The study, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society , lays out a roadmap for successfully navigating this challenging reaction and provides a picture of the full reaction sequence using theoretical modeling and experimental characterization.


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NEDO appoints Toyota and partners to study developing large-scale hydrogen supply chain in Chubu Region

Green Car Congress

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has appointed Sumitomo, Chiyoda, Toyota Motor, Japan Research Institute and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking to conduct a feasibility study on the receiving and distribution business of hydrogen in Chubu Region.

Study: air pollution caused 1.1M deaths across Africa in 2019, toll from outdoor pollution rising

Green Car Congress

The team studied trends in air pollution in Africa to determine impacts on human health and economic development in 54 African countries. In addition to the toll on human health, air pollution imposes economic costs, the study found. Air pollution was responsible for 1.1

Africa 294

Study links fine particulate tailpipe pollution to dementia, Alzheimer's

Green Car Reports

A University of Washington study has found an association between higher levels of air pollution and higher risk for dementia. First spotted by Inhabitat, the study was based on data from two existing studies, one tracking levels of air pollution in the Puget Sound.

DOE labs study on costs and benefits of new transportation technologies the most comprehensive to date

Green Car Congress

A new study published by US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory offers the most complete understanding yet of the costs of owning and operating a vehicle, and how those costs vary by powertrain, from the conventional to the cutting-edge.

Arcola Energy to lead hydrogen road freight study in Scotland; green hydrogen refueling

Green Car Congress

The project partners include NewCold, which will provide a deep-dive study on cold chain logistics; The Scottish Wholesale Association; St Andrews University; BOC; and Scottish Power.

HEI study in Europe finds evidence of health effects at lower levels of air pollution

Green Car Congress

A major new Health Effects Institute (HEI) report presents a study examining associations between exposures to relatively low levels of air pollution and several health outcomes among participants in 22 European cohorts. This study contributes evidence of significant associations between exposures to relatively low levels of air pollution over many years and several important health outcomes.

Europe 255

Study: Global Recession Negatively Impacting EV Sales (Duh)

The Truth About Cars

Today’s study comes straight from the memoirs of Captain Obvious. The post Study: Global Recession Negatively Impacting EV Sales (Duh) appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

2020 52

Bentley launches 3-year research study on EV powertrains: OCTOPUS

Green Car Congress

Bentley Motors has launched a three-year research study on electric vehicle powertrains, utilizing a fully integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that supports electric vehicle architectures.

2020 358

Study: annual climate impact of wild pigs could be greater than 1.1M cars

Green Car Congress

million cars, according to a new study by an international team led by researchers from The University of Queensland and The University of Canterbury. Their study appears in Global Change Biology. By uprooting carbon trapped in soil, wild pigs (feral swine), are releasing around 4.9

NREL study finds most depot charging could accomodate short-haul heavy-duty electric trucks without upgrades

Green Car Congress

This study shows that charging requirements could be met at power levels in line with current light-duty charging technology (?100 100 kW/vehicle) for the fleets studied.

Study finds direct seawater splitting has substantial drawbacks to conventional water splitting, offers almost no advantage

Green Car Congress

A study by a team of researchers from Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft has found that direct seawater splitting for hydrogen production has substantial drawbacks compared to conventional water splitting and offers almost no advantage.

Water 394

MIT study finds materials risk exposure increases significantly with vehicle electrification

Green Car Congress

Now, a study by a team from MIT’s Materials Systems Laboratory, with support from Ford, provides insight into how electrification is changing vehicle composition and how that change is driving supply risk vulnerability. The study, published in Environmental Science & Technology , provides the first comprehensive, high-resolution (elemental- and compound-level) snapshot of material use in both conventional and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) using a consistent methodology.

MIT 307

Argonne study finds rare earth supply disruptions can have long-range impacts

Green Car Congress

In a new study, scientists at Argonne National Laboratory highlighted which rare earth elements may be particularly vulnerable to disruptions such as mine shutdowns. —Allison Bennett Irion, study co-author and chair of Argonne’s Advanced Supply Chain Analytics initiative.

UC Davis study: roadkill declines as COVID-19 continues

Green Car Congress

Fewer wild animals, including threatened mountain lions, are becoming roadkill during shelter-in-place orders, according to a study on three states from the University of California, Davis. Traffic on all roads in Idaho decreased up to 63% during the study period.

Davis 349

New study shows a rapid increase of diesel-fueled backup generators across California

Green Car Congress

M.Cubed’s study highlights that many of these generators are in communities that the California Environmental Protection Agency identifies as “disadvantaged,” according to CalEnviroScreen.

Diesel 255

Argonne study finds BEVs can have lowest scheduled maintenance costs, but highest cost of driving

Green Car Congress

This study, which considers these additional cost components, provides a more holistic and comprehensive perspective of TCO for a wider range of vehicle sizes, types, and vocations than have previously been analyzed.

ICCT study finds tankering could undermine EU SAF mandate

Green Car Congress

In a new study , a team from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) concludes that tankering saves airlines money, but increases systemwide fuel use and emissions and could reduce sales of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) under a mandate.

MIT, Scripps study examines behavior of midwater sediment plumes from deep-sea nodule mining

Green Car Congress

Now, oceanographers at MIT, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and elsewhere have carried out an experiment at sea for the first time to study the turbulent sediment plume that mining vessels would potentially release back into the ocean.

MIT 326

Study: Taking Uber or Lyft costs society and environment more than driving yourself

Green Car Reports

Using ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft leads to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion than driving personal cars, according to a new study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Study finds particulates are even more dangerous than previously thought

Green Car Congress

Previous studies have analyzed the particulate matter with mass spectrometers to see what it consists of. —Peter Aaron Alpert, first author of the new PSI study. If this is confirmed in further studies, we urgently need to adapt our models and critical values with regard to air quality. Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have for the first time observed photochemical processes inside organic aerosol particles containing iron.

USC study shows promising potential for giant-kelp-based biofuel with depth-cycling approach

Green Car Congress

Scientists at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies on Santa Catalina Island, working with private industry, report that a new aquaculture technique on the California coast significantly increases kelp growth, yielding four times more biomass than natural processes.

Utah 358

KIT studying production of MEAs for heavy-duty fuel cell vehicle systems

Green Car Congress

Within the KliMEA project, researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will study drive systems of heavy duty vehicles and fuel cell technology to find ways how future production of fuel cell components can be adapted to these expected new emissions requirements.

2020 391

Monash study on solar-driven electrolysis for green hydrogen production cautions on life-cycle emissions and EROI

Green Car Congress

The open-access paper on the study is published in the RSC journal Energy & Environmental Science. Key results from the study were: For both baseline scenarios, the GHG emission intensity is around a quarter that of H 2 produced from SMR.

Solar 366

GEV signs MOU with the HyEnergy project to study green hydrogen exports from Australia

Green Car Congress

The scope of the study includes transport from the onshore hydrogen gas production facility to an offshore ship loading buoy and then on to nominated Asia-Pacific markets utilizing GEV’s compressed hydrogen shipping solution.

Tesla Autopilot results in decreased driver attention, new study finds


A new study based on MIT Advanced Vehicle Technology data found that Tesla Autopilot results in a noticeable decrease in driver attention when activated. more… The post Tesla Autopilot results in decreased driver attention, new study finds appeared first on Electrek.

MIT 112

Another Study Shows Consumers Hesitant to Embrace Mobility

The Truth About Cars

But every study we’ve encountered suggests the exact opposite. The post Another Study Shows Consumers Hesitant to Embrace Mobility appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

2019 54

Argonne study compares life cycle emissions of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide from brines and ores

Green Car Congress

An open-access paper on the study is published in the journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling. This study establishes a baseline for current practices and shows us potential areas for improvement. This study provides crucial insights into the electric mobility value chain.

Study: EVs use less raw material than gasoline vehicles

Green Car Reports

Electric cars use much less raw material than internal-combustion vehicles, according to a new study from European advocacy group Transport & Environment, providing yet more evidence that their overall carbon footprint is lower.

Study: EVs cannot succeed without developing parallel supercharging networks

Green Car Congress

These are the observations in an in-depth study of the industry by management professors at the University of California, Davis, and Dartmouth College. Electric vehicles cannot succeed without developing a nationwide network of fast-charging networks in parallel with the cars. Current EV business models are doomed unless manufacturers that have bet their futures on them, such as General Motors and VW, invest in or coordinate on a robust supercharger network.

Davis 269

Plug Power partners with Airbus on study to decarbonize air travel & airport operations with green hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Plug Power announced a strategic partnership with Airbus to study the feasibility of bringing green hydrogen to future aircraft and airports worldwide. As part of its goal of bringing zero-emission aircraft to market by 2035, Airbus has identified green hydrogen as one of the most promising options to decarbonize air travel and will be working closely with Plug Power on a joint study and roadmap that could deliver green hydrogen to aircraft and the airport ecosystem in the coming years.

Alumobility study shows next-generation aluminum doors can offer automakers an affordable, lightweight solution

Green Car Congress

The results of the study show the new aluminum door design meets or exceeds safety and other customer performance criteria to reach 45% weight savings. While the study focuses on a mid-size SUV door, Alumobility expects comparable results for other door architectures.

Study finds advanced driver assistance systems not always reliable in long-term operation

Green Car Congress

For the study, the experts used lane keeping assistants (LKA) as an example to investigate the specific impact of age-related wear and tear, damage to the system, and accidents or a lack of calibration of cameras when replacing windshields on the function of assistance systems.

Study finds GHG emissions from corn ethanol now 46% lower than gasoline

Green Car Congress

A new study by a team from Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) has found that greenhouse gas emissions from corn ethanol are 46% lower than those from gasoline—a decrease in emissions from the estimated 39% done by previous modeling.

Rio Tinto and ARENA to study hydrogen calcination to reduce carbon emissions in alumina refining

Green Car Congress

Rio Tinto has partnered with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to study whether hydrogen can replace natural gas in alumina refineries to reduce emissions. Once complete, the study will inform the viability of a potential demonstration project.

IIHS study finds drivers significantly more likely to speed while using adaptive cruise control

Green Car Congress

Drivers are using adaptive cruise control (ACC) as a tool for speeding, possibly undermining the feature’s potential safety benefits, according to a new study by researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) with colleagues from MIT.

MPH 326

Global study shows uneven urbanization among large cities in the last two decades

Green Car Congress

Due to the rapid economic growth in the study period, China invested a large amount of resources into infrastructure construction for advancing the urban living environment. Of the 841 cities studied, 325 showed significant greening with more than 10% of greening BUAs.

Global 348

Rio Tinto advances studies for underground mining at Kennecott copper with $108M investment; testing underground BEVs

Green Car Congress

Rio Tinto has approved a $108-million investment in underground development to enable early orebody access and undertake orebody characterisation studies for underground mining at the Kennecott copper operations in the United States. The investment builds on $25 million approved in early-2020 to complete a pre-feasibility study to determine the viability of underground mining operations at Kennecott.

Study found highly elevated PM2.5 in pre-COVID-19 subway air in NE US; NYC the worst

Green Car Congress

This figure is comparable to sooty contamination from forest fires and building demolition, the study authors said. Although iron is largely nontoxic, some forms of organic carbon have been linked to increased risk of asthma, lung cancer, and heart disease, the study authors say.

Argonne study shows range of GHG reductions for electrofuel Fischer-Tropsch; up to 108% reduction

Green Car Congress

This study highlights the sensitivity of the carbon intensity of FT fuels to the system boundary selection (i.e.,

Aspen 335

Zemo hydrogen well-to-wheel study highlights need for inclusion of life cycle energy & GHGs in net-zero plans

Green Car Congress

A new study by the UK-based Zemo Partnership recommends that UK Government policy should increase its focus on the well-to-wheel (WTW) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and overall energy efficiency performance of new fuels for transport.

CMU-led study finds that when Uber and Lyft enter cities, vehicle ownership increases

Green Car Congress

on average, increasing even more in car-dependent cities, according to a new study led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. When ridesourcing companies Uber and Lyft show up in urban areas, vehicle registrations per capita increase by 0.7%