NCKU in Taiwan unveils hydrogen hybrid scooter

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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan recently unveiled its first hydrogen-fueled electric hybrid scooter “Pegasus One”. Overall range of the scooter will be more than 160 km (99 miles), said Dr. Wei-Hsiang Lai, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at NCKU. Pegasus One.

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Taiwan’s Aleees, Sony and Siemens team on electric buses

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Taiwan-based Aleees , a supplier of nano-crystalline lithium iron phosphate cathode materials , has entered into an agreement to team up with Sony to advance electric buses in conjunction with Siemens.

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Efficient Drivetrain collaborates with Master Transportation on first Made-in-Taiwan e-bus; EDI PowerDrive EV 6000

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The initial bus will be completed in Q4 of 2017, and is the first of its kind to meet the “made in Taiwan” policy—a government initiative created to establish local supply chain, requiring that at least 70% of the components be from manufacturers in Taiwan.

Taiwan team engineers E. coli to produce n-butanol from glycerol

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Researchers at Feng Chia University in Taiwan have engineered the bacterium Escherichia coli to produce n-butanol from crude glycerol—a byproduct of the production of biodiesel. In an open-access paper in the journal Biotechnology for Biofuels , they report that under microaerobic conditions, the engineered strain produced 6.9 g/L n-butanol from 20 g/L crude glycerol. The conversion yield and the productivity reached 87% of the theoretical yield and 0.18 g/L/h, respectively.

Taiwan study on production of hydrogen from rice straw

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Researchers in Taiwan report on the production of hydrogen from rice straw fed into a microwave plasma system in a paper in the journal Fuel. They evaluated the conversion rate according to the concentration of hydrogen and other gas products (CO 2 and CO). When feed rice straws into the microwave plasma system at 800 W, 900 W, and 1000 W using an upstream method, the concentrations of hydrogen production were 48%, 53%, and 56%, respectively.

New hybrid electric ferry launches in Taiwan with Visedo electric propulsion system

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It heralds Asia’s first hybrid electric ferry and, if successful, the Kaohsiung City Government plans to retrofit the rest of its diesel fleet to help reduce pollution levels around Taiwan’s largest harbor. The Taiwanese harbor city of Kaohsiung has launched a new hybrid electric ferry.

Ford launches Hsuehshan Tunnel Transformer Challenge in Taiwan; Mobility Challenge Series 2.0

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in 2014 ( earlier post ), Ford has launched the Hsuehshan Tunnel Transformer Challenge in Taiwan, which asks developers to submit traffic-busting solutions for the main highway artery between Taipei and popular tourist destination Yilan.

Mitsubishi Motors to promote EVs with Hsinchu County in Taiwan

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s business partner in Taiwan China Motors Corp (CMC), Mitsubishi Corporation, (MC) and the Hsinchu County government in northwestern Taiwan have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs). The Hsinchu County government will introduce the i-MiEVs at the Taiwan High Speed Rail line’s Hsinchu Station as a taxi.

Toyota Camry Hybrid heads to Taiwan

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It is Toyota’s seventh hybrid car production area outside Japan – Taiwan has now started production and sales of the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Toyota green cars hybrid cars Taiwan Toyota CamryProduction of the vehicle is taking place at Kuozui’s Kuanying Plant with an initial annual production capacity set at 7,000 vehicles. The hybrid cars will be targeted specifically at the domestic market. [.].

Taiwan Doubles Biodiesel Requirement from 1% to 2%

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The government of Taiwan is doubling the biodiesel component in diesel fuel for automobiles from 1% to 2% this year, according to the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs. There are currently 10 certified biodiesel producers in Taiwan, with a combined total output of 105 million liters a year, according to FocusTaiwan.

Taiwan’s ITRI introduces cellulosic bio-butanol production technology; pathway with highest carbon conversion yield

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ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), a Taiwan-based high-tech applied research institution, is introducing ButyFix, a technology for cellulosic bio-butanol production with a negative carbon footprint.

Tesla Vs Porsche, Green-Car Deals, No Bolt For U.K., Taiwan Thunder: Today's Car News

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We're back from the Frankfurt Motor Show, and we've been thinking about what upcoming German electric luxury cars mean for Tesla Motors. We also compare some sporty compact cars, tell you about a new hatchback coming up, and lay out this month's best green-car deals. All this and more on Green Car Reports. GM executive Dan Ammann calls the. Today in Car News

Smith Electric Vehicles signs LOI for Joint Venture in Taiwan; 5,000 vehicles in first 3 years

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Medium-duty electric truck manufacturer Smith Electric Vehicles has signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture with Taikang Technology Corporation in Taiwan. Taikang Technology Corporation, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Taiwan, has twenty-five years of automotive experience and has expertise in upfitting specialized municipal commercial vehicles. The JV agreement will also cover the creation of a new manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Luxgen Launches World's First Electric MPV

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That's because it's based in Taiwan and currently only has two models to its name, the Luxgen 7 MPV and Luxgen 7 SUV, both of which are sold in just a few countries in Asia. Most readers wouldn't be familiar with the Luxgen brand. However, Luxgen is steaming ahead with the launch of its third model, a new all-electric version of its Luxgen 7 MPV

SK signs MOU with Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics for stationary Li-ion energy storage systems

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Formosa Plastics Group is the largest company in Taiwan and the largest private petrochemical company in Asia. JoongAng Daily. SK Energy and Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop stationary Li-ion energy storage systems. Under the MOU, a cathode developed and produced by Formosa will be used in an energy storage system (ESS) from SK. The two companies will then complete work on the system together.

Taiwan to Increase Government Support of Li-ion Technology for EV Market

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will increase its support of the country’s lithium-ion battery industry, with a focus on high-power and high-safety cells for application in electric vehicles. To promote Taiwan’s electric car industry, the MOEA wants to speed up the development of such cells to make Taiwan into a key parts supplier for EVs.

Renault-Nissan Alliance, Yulon-Nissan and Taichung City, Taiwan Partner on EVs

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance, Yulon-Nissan Motor (YNM) and Taiwan’s Taichung City entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote electric cars. Nissan, YNM and the city will work together to study the Electronic Vehicles (EV) Connection Program in Taichung City to make the city EV-friendly.

E-One Moli Energy Building New Li-ion Plant in Taiwan

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Taiwan-based E-One Moli Energy Corp. Molicel) is building a new lithium-ion battery plant in Taiwan with a monthly production capacity of 12 million units. The new plant is located next to its first plant in the Southern Taiwan Science Park; construction work is slated for completion by the end of 2009. The expansion will make E-One Moli one of the world’s top manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries.

Taiwanese Gogoro Brings Back Battery Swapping, For Scooters, Not Cars

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plug-in cars Taiwan scooters Electric Scooter Battery SwappingAlthough it's been held up by some as a possible solution to the problem of long charging times, battery swapping hasn't really worked out for electric cars so far. But what about a different type of electric vehicle? Analysts predict sales of electric scooters will soar in the coming years. They're a good solution for crowded urban areas, where.

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Eaton Delivers 30 Hybrid Power Systems for City Buses in Taiwan; More Than 1,000 Now Operating in Asia-Pacific Region

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and Capital Bus Group, has delivered 30 hybrid-powered city buses in Taipei, Taiwan. Eaton Corporation, together with Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing Ltd. The buses will operate in normal passenger transit duty in Taipei and are expected to generate fuel savings of 25 to 30% along with similar reductions in particulate and nitrogen oxide (NO x ) emissions.

Car maker to introduce electric MPV

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LUXGEN is an automobile brand established by Taiwan’s Yulon Group. The company actually began manufacturing back in 1953 and is Taiwan’s [.]. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric MPVs Luxgen LUXGEN 7 MPV EV+ Taiwan The surge in development of electric cars has thrown plenty of new names forward in the automotive industry – from Tesla to Fisker – and now you can add another to the list: LUXGEN.

Gogoro introduces VIVA ultralight electric smartscooter; battery swapping

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The Gogoro VIVA Smartscooter will be available in Taiwan in October for $1,800 and will begin rolling out to some global markets beginning in 2020. There are more than 1,400 GoStation battery swapping stations in Taiwan; these support more than 125,000 battery swaps per day.

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Electric scooter battery swapping system to come to the UK?

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It appears it already is in Taiwan, where a battery exchange system is already up and running in the country’s second largest city. On display at the Taiwan [.].

HALO research aircraft measuring the emissions of megacities in EmeRGe project

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HALO in-hangar in Taiwan. The specially equipped HALO takes off from Tainan Airport in Taiwan to conduct measurement flights over the various Asian cities and conurbations. Chou, as well as the National Taiwan University, especially Po-Hsiung Lin.

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ITRI Founds High Safety Lithium-ion Battery STOBA Consortium and Unveils STOBA Trademark

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Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has established the High Safety Lithium Battery STOBA Consortium and also unveiled a STOBA logo. It also aims to allow the smooth entry of Taiwan companies into the supply side of global system manufacturers.

Taiwanese Automaker Introduces Electric MPV

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Taiwan-based LUXGEN has introduced a battery-electric MPV, the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+. LUXGEN, an automobile brand established by Taiwan’s Yulon Group, is a full automobile manufacturer and a dedicated integrator of automotive and smart IT technology. Working with AC Propulsion (ACP), LUXGEN developed the core technologies for the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+ including the 180 kW (240 hp) and 265 N·m (196 lb-ft) torque AC induction motor. Components of the LUXGEN7 MPV EV+. Click to enlarge.

Imec produces prototype solid-state Li-ion battery with 200 Wh/L; solid electrolyte applied as a liquid

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Imec, a global research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics, energy and digital technologies, has fabricated an innovative type of solid-state Li-ion battery achieving an energy density of 200 Wh/liter at a charging speed of 0.5C (2 hours).

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Bubble car is back as a range-extended EV

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Featuring front-entry access like the old BMW Isetta, for ease of access, the model went on display at the Taiwan EV show last week, as its creators look to take the model to an international au[.].

Tier IV raises $9M from Quanta Computer to develop reference model for ECUs for autonomous driving

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Founded in 1988, Quanta Computer is headquartered in Taiwan with major operation facilities set up in Asia, Canada, North America, South America, and Europe. Tier IV , Inc. has raised about $9 million from Quanta Computer, Inc. in a Series A extension round following the previous $100+ million Series A funding. This latest funding engages Quanta Computer and Tier IV to develop a new reference model of electronic control units (ECUs) for autonomous driving.

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Stanford team develops ultra-fast aluminum-ion battery with stability over thousands of cycles

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Other co-lead authors of the study affiliated with Stanford are visiting scientists Meng-Chang Lin from the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Bingan Lu from Hunan University, and postdoctoral scholar Yingpeng Wu.

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Visedo introducing new SRPM motor design for buses; 10% increase in power, better cooling

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The new design is also optimized for high volume manufacture using Visedo’s facilities in both Finland and Taiwan. Visedo recently started a project with Ledgent Technology in Taiwan, and further announcement in the Chinese, Asian and South-East Asian markets are expected in coming months.

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Tatung Fine Chemicals terminates patent agreement with LiFePO4 Licensing AG

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Taiwan-based Tatung Fine Chemicals (TFC) has terminated its lithium iron phosphate patent agreement with LiFePO4+C Licensing AG—the organization established in 2011 by the patent holders to handle licensing of the widely used cathode material for Li-ion batteries.

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KAUST team alters atomic composition of MoS2 to boost performance as water-splitting catalyst for H2 production

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Lain-Jong Li, Professor of Material Science and Engineering at KAUST, with colleagues from the National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) and the National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan created their molybdenum disulfide using a process called chemical vapor deposition.

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China Steel Corporation making $46M investment in LanzaTech commercial waste-gas-to-ethanol project

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Taiwan’s largest integrated steel maker, China Steel Corporation (CSC), has announced formal Board approval of a 1400-million TWD (US$46 million) capital investment in a LanzaTech commercial ethanol facility.

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Chery and BenQ Forming JV for Li-ion Separator Films

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China-based Chery Automobile and Taiwan-based BenQ Corp. are establishing a 50:50 joint venture to produce lithium-ion battery separator films. Construction on the plant, to be based in Wuhu in east China’s Anhui province, where Chery is based, will start in 2011. BenQ is a leading provider of IT and digital lifestyle devices and technologies; 2008 revenues exceeded US$1.54 billion.

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Taiwanese Island Of Liuqiu Going Electric Vehicle Only

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Liuqiu, an island off the southern coast of Taiwan, will spend as much as $15.5 Billion over the next three years to replace all gas cars and scooters with electric vehicles. By the end of that period, all vehicles on the island will be required by law to be emissions-free. The plan covers buses, cars and scooters and is intended to make the

Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance

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ARB posts 5 new LCFS pathways; two renewable diesel

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Taiwan NJC Corporation (Taiwan NJC), which operates a biodiesel plant in Chiayi County 621, Taiwan, also worked with ARB staff to develop a LCFS pathway covering the production of biodiesel from UCO in Taiwan. This pathway was developed using standard LCFS UCO biodiesel production inputs, along with specific inputs for electrical energy generation, UCO processing energy, biodiesel production energy, and transportation distances applicable to Taiwan.

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Bosch launches eScooter sharing service under new Coup brand

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Gogoro introduced the Gogoro Smartscooter EV and the Gogoro Energy Network at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2015 and launched in Taipei Taiwan in August 2015. Bosch is launching its new Coup eScooter sharing service in Berlin.

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Global Gas Prices | Hybrid Sales

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Taiwan. sales of hybrid SUVs and other fuel efficient vehicles will prove interesting to watch this year, especially if fuel prices remain relatively low. Expert predictions about where oil and gas prices are headed vary widely.

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Mercedes-Benz delivers its four-millionth SUV; SUV sales up 40% in August

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Unit sales in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan were higher than ever before in the month of August. Mercedes-Benz was the market leader among the premium manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan last month. Mercedes-Benz delivered more than 156,000 vehicles to customers in August—an increase of 11.8%.

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Tencent buys 5% stake in Tesla for $1.8 billion

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In 2015, Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd., China-based Tencent Holdings Ltd. has acquired a 5% stake (8,167,544 shares) in Tesla for an aggregate price of $1,777,842,836 (including commission), according to a Schedule 13G form filed by Tesla with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Tencent acquired the shares through Tesla’s latest registered offering of common stock (17 March 2017, earlier post ) and through open market purchases.

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Ioxus expands distributor network to China, Asia-Pacific; demand in wind turbine and hybrid bus markets

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Through its recently formed Ioxus Distributor Network, the company is providing technical and marketing support to distributors such as Secotec Ltd, Sinotek, Beijing Favor and Asiacom Technology in China and Lucky Presage and Can-Think in Taiwan. Ioxus’ sales support and training program have helped us identify more than 20 potential prospects in less than a month, including wind turbine and electric bus applications in China and a redundant power application in Taiwan.