Maryland city deploys BYD electric Class 6 refuse truck

Green Car Congress

Hyattsville, Maryland, is deploying a BYD 6R Class 6 electric refuse truck, one of several fully-electric or hybrid vehicles in the City’s fleet, and the first commercially deployed Class 6 refuse truck in the country, according to BYD.

Maryland, Georgia suspend state gasoline and diesel tax

Green Car Congress

On Friday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed emergency bipartisan legislation ( SB1010 / HB1486 ) to suspend immediately the state of Maryland’s gasoline and diesel tax for 30 days. This is, of course, not a cure-all, and market instability will continue to lead to fluctuations in prices, but we will continue to use every tool at our disposal to provide relief for Marylanders.


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Tesla Insurance expanding to Maryland next


The Maryland Insurance Administration told Teslarati that the Balboa Insurance Company changed its name to Tesla Insurance earlier this year, hinting at the service’s arrival in Maryland. The post Tesla Insurance expanding to Maryland next appeared first on TESLARATI.

AlphaStruxure and Montgomery County, Maryland, announce integrated microgrid and electric bus charging infrastructure project; EaaS

Green Car Congress

AlphaStruxure , a provider of Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions, announced an agreement to deploy an integrated microgrid and electric bus charging infrastructure project for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Sonic Automotive buys Audi retailer in Maryland from AutoNation

Baua Electric

The post Sonic Automotive buys Audi retailer in Maryland from AutoNation appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News. The Audi Owings Mills acquisition follows Sonic’s January buy of Solar Chevrolet in Chittenango, N.Y.

Maryland school board approves purchase of 326 electric school buses; Thomas Built e-buses powered by Proterra

Green Car Congress

Converting the school bus fleet will reduce carbon emissions by 25,000 tons per year while cutting diesel pollution harmful to human health, contributing to both Maryland and Montgomery County goals.

Hyattsville Begins Operation of First Fully-Electric Trash Truck in Maryland

EV Obssesion

9/30/2021) – The City of Hyattsville’s battery-electric, zero-emission refuse truck, the first of its kind in Maryland, will begin service this October. The post Hyattsville Begins Operation of First Fully-Electric Trash Truck in Maryland appeared first on EV Obsession.

EGEB: Maryland will spend $3.7M on electric car chargers


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Maryland is funding 36 public fast chargers and 145 workplace charging ports. more… The post EGEB: Maryland will spend $3.7M

Maryland’s Skipjack Wind 1 offshore wind farm leaps forward with a $20M facility


Ørsted’s Skipjack Wind 1 will be a 120-megawatt (MW) offshore wind farm in Maryland that will power 40,000 homes once it goes live in the second half of 2026. more… The post Maryland’s Skipjack Wind 1 offshore wind farm leaps forward with a $20M facility appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla Sales Now Legal As Little Maryland Goes Big On Electric Cars

Green Car Reports

The Maryland General Assembly has reversed a ban on direct sales by Tesla, which displays its cars in Tesla Store and "gallery" facilities it operates. Green Maryland Politics Tesla Motors dealers dealerships plug-in cars state laws Well, add one more to the list of states where Tesla Motors can legally sell its electric cars--and do so without having to use franchised dealers.

Maryland governor releases final Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan

Green Car Congress

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley released the state’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act Plan with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25% by 2020 from a 2006 baseline. Key programs in the plan include: Maryland Clean Cars Program: This program directly regulates carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles. EmPOWER Maryland: This program is designed to reduce both Maryland’s per capita total electricity consumption and peak load demand by 15% by 2015.

Cardin Tours Bowie-based SemaConnect in Latest Made in Maryland Business Visit

Sema Connect

The post Cardin Tours Bowie-based SemaConnect in Latest Made in Maryland Business Visit appeared first on Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. Minority-Owned Small Business Manufactures and Distributes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

How Maryland's Tesla Sales Bill Really Got Passed: Its Sponsor Tells The Story (Video)

Green Car Reports

Last week, barely minutes before it adjourned, the Maryland House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing Tesla Motors to sell its electric cars from up to four stores in the state. Politics sales dealers Tesla Motors New car sales state laws Maryland Now, courtesy of a video sent in by a reader, we can hear that bill''s sponsor describe the process that led to the bill--and why he cared about Tesla in the first.

Chevrolet to begin selling Spark EV in Maryland

Green Car Congress

Chevrolet will start selling the Spark EV in Maryland this spring, the electric mini-car’s first entry into the East Coast market. Spark EV is priced as low as $17,845, after federal and Maryland tax credits, and it features a locally sourced electric motor and drive unit, manufactured at General Motors’ Baltimore Operations facility in White Marsh, Md.

NASA selects Amprius and U Maryland for two new battery projects; silicon anode and Li-S

Green Car Congress

University of Maryland, College Park: Garnet Electrolyte Based Safe, Lithium-Sulfur Energy Storage. NASA’s Game Changing Development (GCD) program has selected two proposals for Phase II awards targeted toward developing new energy storage technologies to replace the battery systems currently used by America’s space program. Addressing several high priority challenges, NASA is making significant investments to achieve safe and affordable deep space exploration.

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If you can charge them, they will come; Maryland plans 5,000 EV chargers

Green Car Reports

Maryland plans to deploy a new tool in the race to get automakers to sell more electric cars in states outside California: The state plans to install 5,000 electric-car chargers across the tiny state. Last week, the state's public utilities commission approved a proposal by four of its largest utilities to install the 5,000 chargers in an effort. Electric Car Chargers

2019 129

Dept. of Interior to auction nearly 80,000 acres offshore Maryland for wind energy development

Green Car Congress

The US Department of the Interior (DOI) will offer nearly 80,000 acres offshore Maryland for commercial wind energy development in a 19 August 2014 competitive lease sale. Offshore Maryland lease areas. Sixteen companies have qualified to participate in the auction for the Maryland Wind Energy Area. The Wind Energy Area is located about 10 nautical miles off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. Bluewater Wind Maryland, LLC. Maryland Offshore Wind, LLC.

2014 180

Maryland approves nearly $100M for 172 New Flyer new diesel buses; $800K for hybrid bus retrofits

Green Car Congress

The Maryland Transit Administration is now in line to receive $97,845,148 to invest in 172 40-foot advanced clean diesel buses after receiving approval from the Maryland’s Board of Public Works. The Maryland Transit Administration contracted a price of $556,774 per bus New Flyer Industries, plus additional costs for services such as training.

2016 183

University of Maryland wins 2012 Hydrogen Student Design Contest

Green Car Congress

The team of the University of Maryland is the winner of the 2012 Hydrogen Student Design Contest, announced on Sunday by the US Department of Energy at the Young Scientist Symposium of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012 in Toronto, Canada. A panel of 16 judges from industry, government and national laboratories awarded the team of the University of Maryland 91% of available points, declaring it the Grand Prize winner.

2012 210

State of Maryland Names SemaConnect an Approved Provider for Public Purchasing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Sema Connect

The post State of Maryland Names SemaConnect an Approved Provider for Public Purchasing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment appeared first on Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

Prince George’s County, Maryland converts 5 cargo vans with XL Hybrids’ Systems

Green Car Congress

XL Hybrids ( earlier post ) announced the successful installation of its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System in Prince George’s County, Maryland cargo vans. The upfitted hybrid vans are part of the County’s Sustainable Energy Program, which aims to reduce government fleet vehicle petroleum consumption by 20%. With more than four thousand fleet vehicles in our County, we are continuously identifying opportunities to make an impact on the overall sustainability goals.

2016 186

Auto Alliance pushing for passage of Maryland SB 1234 that would require state purchase of ZEVs; 50% of LDVs by 2026

Green Car Congress

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) is strongly supporting the passage of Maryland’s SB 1234 , a bill that would require the State of Maryland to purchase zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) for state fleets. Maryland is one of nine states that has adopted California’s ZEV Mandate. While the mandate requires that 15% of all vehicles sold in the state by 2025 be ZEV, as of today less than one percent (0.65%) of vehicles sold in Maryland meet that standard.

2018 180

University of Maryland team creates solid-state Li-ion battery out of one material

Green Car Congress

Credit: Maryland NanoCenter Click to enlarge. Engineers at the University of Maryland have created a solid-state Li-ion battery that is made entirely out of one material. Chunsheng Wang, a professor in the University of Maryland’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and his team have made a single material that incorporates the properties of both electrodes (cathode and anode) and electrolyte.

2015 188

U of Maryland inventors receive patent for cellulose-digesting bacteria that make ethanol; looking for licensees

Green Car Congress

Kohn and Seon-Woo Kim are faculty members at the University of Maryland where the organisms were first discovered. The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent Nº 9,193,979 for ethanol-tolerant microorganisms that convert cellulosic biomass to ethanol. Inventors Richard A. Earlier post.) The patent describes using the microorganisms to produce ethanol from crop or waste biomass like food waste, crop residues (e.g. corn stalks), algae, or leaves.

2015 150

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV To Go On Sale In Maryland This Spring

Green Car Reports

General Motors said today that it will begin selling its 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV in the state of Maryland this spring, the first East Coast state in which the electric minicar will be available. The Spark EV has a connection to the state: Both its 105-kilowatt (140-horsepower) electric motor and its drive unit are manufactured at a GM plant in

2015 124

U. Maryland and Redox Power partnering to commercialize low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells for distributed generation and transportation

Green Car Congress

University of Maryland researchers have partnered with Redox Power Systems LLC to commercialize low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (LT-SOFC) technology for distributed generation—and ultimately transportation—applications at about one-tenth the cost and one-tenth the size of current commercial fuel cell systems. The fuel cells, based upon patented technology developed by professor Eric Wachsman, director of the University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) in the A.

2013 240

U Maryland and US Army Research Lab furthering “water-in-salt” electrolyte Li-ion battery; targeting EV use

Green Car Congress

University of Maryland (UMD) and US Army Research Lab (ARL) researchers are spearheading a public-private sector collaboration to further develop a lithium-ion battery that would be safer to operate and less costly to dispose of than those currently available on the market.

2016 163

U Maryland team devises new method to stabilize high-capacity Si anodes for Li-ion batteries: interfacial oxygen

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Maryland have improved the cycle life of silicon/carbon matrix-composite electrodes by 300%, even at mass loadings, solely by the chemical tailoring of the interface between the silicon and the carbon with atomic oxygen. Interfacial oxygen between the silicon and carbon improves electrode performance. Credit: ACS, Son et al. Click to enlarge.

2014 211

NSF awards Univ. of Maryland and Genovation $438K to develop novel hybrid energy storage system for EVs

Green Car Congress

The National Science Foundation has selected a project by researchers at the University of Maryland and their partners from Genovation Cars ( earlier post ) for a $438,418 GOALI (Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry) award to develop a novel hybrid energy storage system for electric vehicles. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, with Steven Rogers, president and CTO of Genovation Cars.

2013 196

Univ. of Maryland team develops promising sodium-ion cathode material: FePO4/nanotube composite

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a nanocomposite material of amorphous, porous FePO 4 nanoparticles electrically wired by single-wall carbon nanotubes as a potential cathode material for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Systematic diagram for the nanocomposite of SWNT?amorphous amorphous porous FePO 4. nanoparticles. Right. cycling stability at 50 mA/g. Credit: ACS, Liu et al. Click to enlarge.

Maryland, DOE and Daimler Trucks North America begin deployment of 143 heavy-duty hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic trucks

Green Car Congress

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) with the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has launched the deployment of 143 heavy-duty Freightliner hybrid electric and Freightliner Custom Chassis hybrid hydraulic trucks under the Maryland Hybrid Truck Initiative ( MHTI ).

2011 196

GM Now Building Chevy Spark EV Electric-Car Motors In Maryland

Green Car Reports

Now, that motor is officially in production at the company''s Baltimore Operations plant in White Marsh, Maryland--along with the associated final-drive unit--fulfilling a promise originally made in January 2010 Eighteen months ago, GM announced that it would build the electric motor for its upcoming Chevrolet Spark EV electric car in the U.S.

2013 108

Univ. of Maryland researchers using modified Tobacco Mosaic Virus as template for Li-ion electrodes

Green Car Congress

Funding for the research comes from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland. Micrograph of electrode and image of individual nanorod showing core/shell structure. Credit: ACS, Chen et al. Click to enlarge. An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Maryland’s A.

Univ. of Maryland team develops tin-film on wood fiber anode for Na-ion batteries; targeting grid storage

Green Car Congress

A team at the University of Maryland has demonstrated that a material consisting of a thin tin (Sn) film deposited on a hierarchical conductive wood fiber substrate is an effective anode for a sodium-ion (Na-ion) battery, and addresses some of the limitations of other Na-ion anodes such as capacity fade due to pulverization. Electrochemical performance of the Sn anodes. (a) a) Galvanostatic charge/discharge voltage profiles at a rate of C/10. (b)

2013 174

Is this the country's first Chevrolet Bolt EV police car?

Green Car Reports

Now, the small Maryland city of Hyattsville, a suburb of Washington, D.C., police Chevy Police car plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Maryland Drive Electric WeekUsing electric cars as police vehicles has some distinct advantages. Among them are near-silent operation, maximum acceleration from 0 rpm, and a novelty factor that can lead to friendly, beneficial interactions between officers and citizens. has a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.

2017 102

Penske to Provide Electric Light-Duty Fleet

Green Fleet Magazine

These vehicles will be used for regional product deliveries in California, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington state

Ballard, Univ. of Maryland and Army Research Lab Partner on Fuel Processing Technology for Operation of Fuel Cells With Non-Hydrogen Fuels

Green Car Congress

Fuel cell designer and manufacturer Ballard Power Systems, with founding partners University of Maryland (UMD) and US Department of Defense Army Research Laboratory (ARL), has launched a new center of excellence for the advancement of fuel processing technology. The new center—named FuelWorks—will be located at the University of Maryland in College Park.

2010 159

President Biden Clears Way for States to Curb Vehicle Pollution

EV Obssesion

Originally published on the NRDC Expert Blog. By Luke Tonachel President Biden is following through on his promise to re-establish the long-held authority of governors to adopt vehicle pollution regulations to protect the health and welfare of people in their states.

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV Price Cut To $25,995; $139 Lease, No Money Down

Green Car Reports

California incentives Pricing plug-in cars Prices Maryland Chevy Spark Spark EV compliance car Oregon The suggested retail price of the 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV electric car will be cut by $1,650, to $25,995, GM announced today. Chevrolet''s chief global marketing officer, Tim Mahoney, announced the price cut today in a luncheon speech at the Washington Automotive Press Association. Mahoney also said Chevy will offer the Spark EV electric minicar on.

2015 130

Kia Soul EV Sales Expand Again, To Four Northeast States

Green Car Reports

Green Connecticut Maryland New Jersey New York plug-in carsWhen it first went on sale, the Kia Soul EV electric car was only available at select dealers in California. But Kia later followed up on a promise to expand sales when it determined that there was significant interest. Earlier this year, Kia announced the expansion of sales to Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Texas, and Hawaii. DON'T MISS: 2016 Kia.

2015 117

Free Electric-Car Charging For Ford C-Max Energi Owners (For 3 Years)

Green Car Reports

California incentives plug-in cars charging Maryland eVgo charging networkCharging an electric car is already much cheaper than paying for gasoline, but free charging can be even more attractive. Tesla offers its free network of Supercharger DC fast-charging stations and Level 2 AC stations, and Nissan has offered free charging as a promotion to drive showroom traffic. Now, Ford is jumping on the free-charging bandwagon.

2015 113

Low-budget Chevy Bolt EV dealer ad normalizes electric cars

Green Car Reports

Advertising Videos Chevy Dealership plug-in cars MarylandAh, local car-dealer ads on television. You've likely seen them, usually during the local ad minute on national shows, often late at night or in the cheaper slots. They're mostly formulaic, but each one mixes several elements for its own unique blend of attention-grabbing pitch. DON'T MISS: This family has 2 Chevy Bolt EV electric cars, uses no.

2017 88

Greenius Will Meet With Al Gore To Talk Climate Reality

Creative Greenius

From Washington DC as I return from an LED lighting retrofit at the giraffe house in the Maryland Zoo , a project site visit to the waterways of Maryland’s oyster restoration efforts , and meetings with elected officials, nonprofit organizations and potential EcoMedia advertisers. . EcoMedia President and Founder, Paul Polizzotto (far right) at the Maryland Zoo Giraffe House on Wednesday, July 25 for ribbon cutting event celebrating new LED lighting retrofit.